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delayed cancellation

I tried to cancel my Sprint/Nextel cellular service today. Sprint/Nextel refuses to cancel as requested and states they will delay the cancellation to the end of the billing cycle. I insisted that they cancel my service effective immediately only to get hung up on by their customer service rep. I called back later and insisted they cancel effective immediately, guess what - was hung up on again. This is a scam by Sprint/Nextel to charge for cancelled services. If you choose to do business with Sprint/Nextel, good luck trying to cancel. I would strongly suggest you do your homework - there are numerous complaints about this company when it comes to the ability to cancel. My contract wasw fulfilled and they still refuse to cancel as requested. There are good cellular companies out there, no one needs to put up with this garbage. If this company tries to attack your credit, dispute it with TRW (there is mention on the web by one patron that TRW is aware of Sprint/Nextel's faulty business practices and will work with you on removing this from your credit report).

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    avintel Jun 03, 2016

    Sprint automatically started charging me for text messages and data after 2 years of it being included in my plan. I have called them 34 times over the past 8 months since i found out. they only show records of 3 calls since I made them from land lines and I have my phone bill as proof. they show no record of *2 calls, nor do they show on your sprint bill (convenient for sprint). all calls last 1hr30min. then they disconnect me. I have made it through twice to find out that i have been charge $151 EXTRA every month for a year. I have been complaining & they tell me they will fix it and the next month, the same thing happens. AND they never issue the credit.

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  • Sh
    Shannon36535 Jun 03, 2016

    sprint has won the worst customer service in america a number of times. I switched to alltel and loved them now they have been bought out by verizon . so far so good.

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    Rob A Jun 03, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Sprint/Nextel has degenerated to a third-world quality phone service. It's gone down the drain since the merger in 2005. Avoid them at all costs!

    Watch this humorous video that includes an actual voice mail greeting by a frustrated Sprint/Nextel customer:

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  • An
    Anna0778 Jun 03, 2016

    Sprint sent me a jabra headset which I did not order. I sent the headset back with the return kit they sent me.

    It is 8/20 and they are telling me they never received it. I told them the tracking number and now they are telling me it does not match. They are very lazy and don't even go the extra step to call their warehouse to find the package.
    They are horrible and I am writing a letter to BBB about this issue.

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Resolved buyer beware!

To: Mr. Gary D. Forsee Chairman and CEO Sprint Nextel 2001 Edmund Halley Drive Reston, VA 20191 Dear Mr...

Resolved sprint pcs and overcharges

My trouble with Sprint PCS started the very first day I received my 3 phones in the mail and contacted Sprint to begin service. My account was horribly messed up. One phone was set up on account all its own while the other two were on the same account. More recently, I called to make a payment over the phone using my checking account. The amount of this payment was to be $100.00. The agent that took my payment debited my checking account twice each for $100.00. I immediately called Sprint and spoke to a supervisor who assured me that my money would be back in my account within 48 hours. 48 hours I call because of course the money has not been returned to my account. I was them informed that person gave me an empty promise because, in her words "we can't just snap our fingers and put money in your checking account" EXCUSE ME? They sure did snap their fingers and remove the money from my account. I was told a check would be mailed to me. I have now been waiting 9 days on my check. Yesterday, November 26, 2007 I try to send a text message and it will not go through. My phone is disconnected!!! Once again I called the wonderful customer service agents at Sprint and ask my service (all 3 phones) are disconnected. I was informed that my bill was $595.00 which was over my $375.00 spending limit. Of course I know there has to be a mistake some where because I had paid a total of $300.00 on the account over the current month. The agent and I begin reviewing my account to find the problem. She told me that I had been charged $384.00 in text messaging charges. My account has and has ALWAYS had unlimited text messaging for $15-20 a month per line!! I am assured at 1:40 that a credit has been applied to my account and my service will resume in approximately 4 hours, it wasn't. I called again and was once again explained to that I was over my spending limit and the agent I was now speaking to had no notes indicating a credit had been approved. I repeated this process several times over the next 20 hours!!! Finally, I spoke to a supervisor who PROMISED me my service would be restored. This was at 9 am the next day. She kept her promise and my service was restored FOR 4 HOURS only to be disconnected again. When I called I was once again informed that I was over my spending limit and the notes on the account had no indication of a credit!!! I have called the corporate office only to be redirected back to call center for Sprint. Sprint is seriously making me NUTS! Each and every time that you call you can rest assured that you will receive a totally different story and/or explanation that you got the time before!! I intend to take my complaint to the highest level possible, this type of customer service is unacceptable as far as I am concerned. Sprint needs to realize that the best business for ANY company is word of mouth and I intend to use my voice to make sure that not another person I know signs up Sprint PCS service!

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    Nop Jun 15, 2009

    Complaints on Sprint Corp. Headquarters-File your complaint with the BBB at:

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Resolved fraud & cheating!

Sprint fraudulently stole money from my checking account! After they received a payment check, they copied my...

Resolved annoying calls from telemarketers

Hello i am robert gallery in maryland. I get a number of calls from sprint communications about free cell phones. I don't have a cell telephone from sprint and don't want one. Get very annoying calls from telemarketers about wanting to sell me a phone and there service. Please note that telemarketers don't know the english meaning of "no" what part of no don't they understand you are not interested.

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Resolved I have been scammed!

Sprint -

I received two phones through the Sprint website that were supposed to be free. I returned one because we were not satisfied with it and got a different one that also said free. A couple days later my service was turned off because I "exceeded my spending limit" when I checked my bill I found out I had been charged for all three phones and one of the reps there set my account up incorrectly so my bill was over $1000! (It is usually about $120) I called in way too many times to count and I experienced some of the worst treatment I have ever received from anyone! This issue is still not resolved I had to get another phone because of this.

I have called in, I wrote letters/emails, I went to the store and showed them receipts and confirmation from the post office. And all I keep hearing is "I am sorry you were given incorrect information". All I want is for Sprint to honor their word and I can't seem to get anyone at that company to do that. I feel like I have been scammed!

most frustrating customer service experience

I'm complaining about Sprint Cell Phone National Customer Service.

On the evening of August 8th, 2007 I went online to because I was interested in getting a new phone, upgrading my plan and looking into a broadband card.

First I was greeted by an online chat associate. They were friendly but were unable to help me upgrade my phone since Web site was experiencing an error. She suggested I call the Sales Number.

I did so. I spent an hour on the phone with a SPRINT representative that helped set me up with a broadband card for 9.99 plus an equipment tax. Shipping and Handling was waived, and the activation fee was waved. He took my credit card info and said I would be billed for Ten Dollars and some cents. He asked me to hold one last time and I was disconnected.

I called back and a new representative answered the line. She explained to me that the order did not go through. I told her I was given a confirmation number and she said it did not show up on the screen as a completed order. We began the process over from scratch, but she was not able to offer me the same price. She said there would be a mail in rebate and that she I would be billed a total of $38. I did not understand why the price changed but at this point I was willing to pay an extra $20 to get off the phone. I had been on the phone for over 1.5 hours.

After hanging up the phone I decided to upgrade my cell phone via the Web site. I logged into my account, selected the LX160-LG. It said that I had an instant online savings of 150 so that the price of the phone would only be $30. I renewed my plan for 2-years and the shipping and activation fees were waived via the Web promotion.

So far everything was satisfactory. However on the morning of Thursday August 9th, my phone had been shut off due a charge of $307. My previous balance was $176.54 which I had sent payment in for.

I wanted to find out what the charge for $307 was for since it was not there the day before and it was not time for a new bill yet.

I dialed *2 and choose option 4. After a 45-minute wait a representative answered the phone and said she could not see what the charge was for. She said she would need to transfer me to billing. I waited on hold for 45-minutes longer without an answer and had to hang up.

I tried back one hour later. Dialed *2 than choose option 4. The representative told me that I would need to speak to someone in billing but that there was no way to transfer me. She instructed me to call [protected]. I hung up and called with my house phone. I came to same menu I came to when I dialed *2 on my cell phone. Again I chose option 4 to speak to a representative. This time I told them I would need to be transferred to billing. They told me the system was down and that I should call back in one hour.

One hour later I called back again and asked to be transferred to billing. The representative transferred my call and I waited on hold for 35-minutes before being disconnected.

I waited until 8:30 pm to call back. After speaking to a representative they told me again that I would need to be transferred to billing. I waited on hold for 25-minutes before my phone suddenly disconnected again.

I called back one more time at 9 pm and asked to be transferred to billing. Immediately someone picked up the phone. I explained that I had a mysterious charge of $304 and wanted to know what it was for. She said she would need to put me on hold to check. 10-minutes later she came back and she asked me what my name and phone number was. I explained my problem again and she said she would need to put me on hold again. She came back 10-minutes later and said she didn’t see any recent charges. I asked her why than my phone has been shut off and online and when I call in it says I owe $482? She said she would need to put me on hold again to check.

20-minutes later she picked up the line again and said my phone had been shut off because I had overdue balance of $174. I told her I understand that but wanted to know why a charge of $304 is showing online as “recent charges”. She said she would put me back on hold and go check.

At 9:50 pm she returned and said she did not know what the charges were for. I asked if I could please speak to a manager. I told her it was nothing personal I had just been dealing with since the morning. She said a manager would tell me the same thing she’s telling me. She said I could pay $174 to turn the phone back on and I could wait until my new bill arrived to determine what the $307 charges were for. It took another 15-minutes to process my credit card payment. I was put on hold between each question. Credit card number, address, city, zip code, expiration, billing address, number again, zip code again.

It is now 10:15 pm and I have yet to speak to anyone that can answer me why there is a recent charge of $304 and why my phone has exceeded it’s $450 limit.

This is the most frustrating customer service experience I have ever had to deal with in my entire life. It seems impossible to get a hold of any human being that is even willing to try and help. The common practice I’ve noticed all day is to put someone on hold and then hang up on them. I have spent a full day trying to resolve this issue without any success.

I believe that the $307 charge was an accident on behalf of one of the representatives trying to take my order on the night of August 7th.

The phone system and your support staff is completely incompetent. It is absolutely ridiculous how so many people can be unwilling or unable to help a customer.

dropped calls problem

I have been having trouble with dropped call constantly with Sprint and when i report them to their tech support they always say my phone needs an update. I said my phone needs updated twice in one week? They don't seem to have an answer. They tell me to take the battery out count to ten put the battery back in. It still drops calls. They tell me to switch it to roaming... I said " i'm not paying roaming charges" they say no you have free roaming. Yeah i bet i do... another way for them to rob me. Anyhow, as i've told them and told them, i am dropping about 80% of the calls i make. That's ridiculous! So i call tech support after another dropped call Aug.1 at 10:30PM i am on hold for over 20 minutes.

I tell the tech about all my dropped calls and that my service is terrible i'm sick of it i want my service terminated. She put me on hold and she either hung up on me or again sprint drops another call her name was Sanya, so, i call again now I'm talking to Shaun he's listening to my complaint next thing i know silence. another dropped call? so, i call again this time i talk to someone in accounting who's name i did not get. Surprise that call drops too... I call again this time i talk to Nathan he also very friendly tells me i need to speak to accounting he transfers me to another line... i wait another 25 minutes. Then Katy comes on the line she is very nice but not as good as a liar as the others. She tells me that accounting is closed i need to call back tomorrow. I said really what time is accounting in she stumbles a bit and then says from 7am to 10:30 PM so i said oh when i talked to the guy in accounting at 11pm he was just working overtime... um umm ummmm... yeah maybe he was working overtime... i said i think you guys just don't want to deal with me. She says let me see if anyone is in accounting... On the phone comes Bryan... from accounting... hmmm i guess he's pullin' a late night huh? i tell him my plight he tells me he will terminate my service. I said i am not paying the $300.00 early termination fee either as i gave them every opportunity to fix my service i pay my bill on time every month and this is how they treat me? Then i sent an e-mail just to make sure they know about the termination and me not paying the termination fee. Attached is the e-mail i sent them and their reply to me and then my reply back again of which i haven't gotten a response yet.

  • Ca
    carlos Dec 04, 2008

    She probably stumbed with the hours of accounting because she more than likely was in a different time zone. Call centres are located all over the world, so she might have been trying to make out when it would be closed for you. When you questioned her about talking to the guy at 11pm, she probably became unsettled because she thought you might be thinking she's a liar now, or annoyed with her, whichever the case may be. Then she checks for you and realized she didn't get the time correct and switches you to the accounts rep.

    Sometimes drops call occur because, even though companies offer an extended area of coverage, it's impossible to cover everywhere. Unfortunately this makes some companies look worse than others in certain locations. There are also other factors such as the high buildings of NewYork and tall trees in rural areas which can block of signals depending on where the tower is located (this is why some companies work in areas that others don't). If you were on the phone that had the excessive call dropping that's probably why it seemed like everyone hung up on you. You can terminate your service without fee in a situation like this by confirming it with the phone company and switching companies.

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  • Da
    Dave Feb 21, 2009

    I fixed my sprint dropped calls I had to get a land line.
    When I bought the phone I looked @ sprints service map and it said "good to excellent" in the orchard..yeah I live next to one & that should of told me something... like you're a bunch of %$^@ I even went to that area in the orchard that denotes good to excellent service uhhh 1 bar 2 @ the most! my bars look something like an equalizer up down service no service tried switching to no roaming/roaming it doesn't help!
    When I called sprint customer unservice I asked where is the nearest tower..they have No idea.What about the dropped calls? i ask. they woman on the other end said "yeah they've had some complaints in this area.Well Do Something About it!Yeah I've been told to pull the battery out upgrade my firmware it doesn't work..just like sprint.
    My business depends on doing service for other people but I cant depend on sprint to get the job done.My customers need to get in touch w/ me not a dropped call @ my house, if they do they go somewhere else...just like I have too...verizon here I come
    I'll pay the early termination fee to get better service.
    As for getting your phone fixed good luck, I went out of town & my screens went out the morning of my flight, I figured I'd get a new phone when I got to where I was going. The service dept.109 S New Road Waco Texas told me "yup its broken" (as it was in a box all apart)can ya wait until you get home to have it fixed?If the "manager" there would of spent more time helping customers instead of surfing the net, something Might get done.Thanks you bunch of idiots, That kind of service is what is driving Sprint down.
    Why should I be loyal to a company that really doesn't care about the business they are in?
    Would we pay for something that kinda works or something That Does work when we need it(hope you don't need emergency services like 911)
    oops dropped call
    Sprint has no one to blame but itself & greed

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  • No
    Norberto De Castro Oct 24, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am in a similar situation, been having drop calls all day ! I have 4 lines with them and for several months now it's been a nightmare! spoke to loyalty department and all they can offer me is 15 dollars credit, I said are you kidding Me? I told them I use my phone for work, and my wife for her Real Estate business throughout the day and that's all they can do for us. Same excuse regarding their towers, and they have no set date on when they will be done. So I told them i'd rather cancel my service, she replied that if iI cancel I will have to pay over a thousand dollars for cancellation fee for all 4 lines, I told her that why should I pay for something they cant fix and it's been going on for months now, I've been paying them always on time since 2003, and this how they treat their customers, I'm done with Sprint and will spread the word, not that they don't know already how horrible Sprint service is, bottom line is I'm not asking any favors from Sprint, all I want is be fair !!!

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illegal automatic additional agreement

I am hoping someone could help me. I will try to make my situation as short as possible and maybe you could help me or point me in the right direction. I was a sprint customer for over 6 years. My contract ended 9/06. I did not renew. I did call in Dec 06 regarding my bill and to discuss my phone not working well after a 2-year period.

I changed service May 07. I shortly received a bill from Sprint for early cancellation; $200 per phone (I have 3 phone lines). I attempted to contact Sprint several times and was either disconnected, told the system was down for maintenance, or just could not get through because I did not have an account number.

I called a local store and was transferred to a talking person at Sprint. This manager told me that when I talked with them in Dec 06 and inquired about my phone that that conversation was an agreement to contract for additional 2-years. And that they sent a mailer regarding a 10% savings and because I did not respond to the mailer, that it was silent agreement that I contract with them for additional 2-years.

I am wondering if there is a class action suit and would like information on joining. I did not sign an agreement nor did I give verbal agreement for additional 2-years. When I originally signed on with Sprint, it was for a 2-year period. I was never explained about this "automatic" additional 2-year agreement.

Advise smb what to do!

  • Ga
    Gail wilde Aug 23, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am dealing with almost that same problem right now! However, I contacted Sprint several times got names and ID numbers of service reps who said they removed the INVOLUNTARY contract extension and I would NOT be charged a termination fee. I even got a email response from a rep. But guess what?? My bill came and there is the 200 termination fee!!! I wrote letters to their billing and customer service departments and am now going to send letters to as many "higher ups" I can locate!!! This is ridiculous!!!

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  • Ch
    Charlie Severson Sep 23, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I used to work for Sprint in the actual retail store. I can't speak for their current practices, but I can tell you some things from my experience there.

    1. About 5 years ago, they used to change plans without renewing contracts. They changed that policy while I worked there. At the time (again, I can't speak for now), the information regarding the contract renewal was included on all literature regarding plans, and it wasn't just in the fine print.

    2. Just having a conversation with them does not mean they renew your contract. However, when changing your plan, they do have a script they are supposed to read that includes the contract renewal. If you say yes after this script, they're covered.

    3. All reps are supposed to write a note in each account they access and provide a short description of why they accessed the account. Unfortunately, it's possible that some reps lie in the notes.

    4. When you change a plan in the computer, it automatically extends the contract, so any rep who tells you they can waive that probably hasn't been properly trained.

    I hope this helps! Good luck.

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  • Ni
    Nikki Dec 04, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I was wondering if you had your issues resolved w/Sprint... How did it turn out. That sounds very similar to what I just went through w/ them. My husband and I have been w/ them for a lil' over 4 years. Last year we added a 3rd line; We did a transfer of liability and separated our lines. All along, I've had to call Sprint every other month for "unauthorized" add-ons... Text, etc. I made a habit of checking the bill every month and constantly had to call in for credits. The reps are very rude and unprofessional! They disconnect calls purposely! They added a 3rd line to my acct... One of the reps said she could not figure out who/what/when/where it happened. I had no calls showing TO or FROM that number. Now, how do you explain that. It took from July to Now for me to get this resolved. I had to file a dispute w/the BBB. I was given someone's number while the dispute was going on to have my bill placed on hold... I called numerous times and NEVER received a call back. It took over a month for me to finally speak to someone in that department! They ended up disconnecting my service! And now they are trying not to give me my deposit back which I am entitled to. I can not believe the unprofessionalism. The dishonesty! A large company like SPRINT and they are full of BS. I will not EVER do business w/them or any of their affiliates again! They made this process long and drawn out... They are HORRIBLE!!!

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  • Ro
    Roluc Jan 16, 2008
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    Verified customer


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  • We
    WestiesMA Apr 28, 2010

    I am in the same boat - I signed a 2-year agreement with Pivot in November 2007. Pivot went away in une 2010 and the accounts were moved to Sprint. I never got a new phone or signed anything, but they extended my contract to June 2010. I found this oput when I disconnected in February 2010 and was charged a $200 ETF. I disputed it, but they basically said pay it or we ruin your credit. I paid it because I do not have the time or energy to sit on the phone with them for hours about this and see my credit ruined. They have very shady business practices - how I can be in a 2-year agreement without clicking anytbing or signing anything is beyond me. They said once I used the phone I agreed to the 2-year agreement. I will NEVER do business with them again, no matter what. I will go without a cell phone rather than give them another dime.

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Resolved sprint is a scam!

I've read the message people wrote about sprint (i'm gonna be very polite in description) dishonest lousy business.

I am a victim my self for over as happened in 2003. Ended up with unauthorized charges for calls that i did not make. I fought the same way with them i even reported them to FCC and the attorney general. The whole point is that they do not move on a small claim small fish like I am.
BUT! I am bringing people together for a class action lawsuit and i think we will kick their butt they will pay dearly for ripping good people off.There is a consumer law about fraudulent business practices.

My confidence is coming from the fact that i have been studying and researching on my own for the big "rain" to come down on them. And it will if we file a joint complaint amongst others whom i also will write and you will get you money back and plus damages and plus what the law allows.
I am not an attorney nor looking for business other than take them to court and get mine and others money back.

  • Ive had this service for almost a mo. Ive bn lied to all the way arond! I guess i shldve staydcw/cricket i went to Sprint to get away from discrimination. Twrds me being on dIsablity&having 1eye mind u! But still am treated the but the want 3x's my $ a mo. For service & my daughter had her kindle n the store they promisd it was all included in my plan oh no, no hotpot here olny if i want 2shell out more $ Ridiculous... she is s upset then ive tt Sprint 3x's since 1st wk of july was promised free hotspot deice& lifeline cedit i have yet 2get pprwrk or hotspot! Tt another rep on 22, was told if i wasnt contactd by 25th which they were gona disconnect me! Got it on june 28th was pomised wldnt have 2pay til 3rd dah! Thats my payay. I swear thought i did the rte thing by switching. Cricket was only 43$now y wld i do that wth was i thinking thought was helpn me&family guess not! S.P.

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sprint allowed access to my account to some random person

I am writing to complain about sprints customer service and how inconsiderate the representatives are. My account was accessed by a person claiming to be my husband and sprint allowed the person to place a new phone upon my existing account without my consent, as the account holder. I am extremely angered that nobody at sprint has helped or even holding their employees liable for this error. I will be canceling one of my lines next week because I no longer want anything to do with the company or support it in any way. I have been a customer for many years and sad to say I would never recommend them to anyone.

billing problems and horrible customer service

I have been with Sprint PCS since 2003 and previously before that from [protected]. I have never had any issues other than long wait time for calling customer service up until 2 months ago. Everything has been awful. In April 2007 I added my boyfriend's phone line onto my account and took a family plan. We then each purchased a new phone. Upon purchasing the phone the sales rep. specifically asked, "is this phone for the phone line ending in 5477?" and "is this for the phone line ending in 7985?" Yes was my reply. When I switch my plan to the 550 min. family plan for $59.99 and added 300 texts messages for $5.00 per line, I was never told about anything other than all this I just mentioned. A couple of days later, when our phones came in, I called to activate them. The first call I made, I was on the phone with them for almost an hour and they were unable to activate my phone at that time, saying something about their systems refreshing or whatever terminology they use. They told me to call back in one hour. During this first call I was able to activate my boyfriend's phone (line ending in 7985). I didn't understand why mine couldn't be done. I call back a little over an hour later and during this call I find out that my phone has been programmed to another number-apparently a 3rd line that was added without my permission and without my knowledge. I told them that I was never told about this line. Also, come to find out that the $32.09 I paid isn't the only balance I owed. It wasn't free as I was told, it was only free with the 3rd line, in which I was NEVER told. So then they charged me the full $179.99 for the phone. They gave me my credit of $75 since I had my old phone for 1 yr. and another credit of $25 for the inconvenience of waiting 2 hours on the phone for them to figure out what happened. In total, I got a $100 credit. Everything was fine from that point, and my bill online showed I was in credit of $23 and some change. May's bill rolls in and I see I am being charged $566.31. WHAT!? Ok, my boyfriend and I understood that we went over on the texts and mins., but not $566.31 worth. I called to resolve this issue. I spoke to about 2 reps. I was told they pro-rated my texts, so in all reality I didn't receive 300 texts, and this was after I was asked if I wanted it to become effective immediately. No one told me they would do this. Then I had a charge of $198 and some change for the 3rd line I never used. The phone was only $179.99 and I had a $100 credit PLUS the $32.09 I already paid. I thought I paid the previous balance of $100 because I also knew I would be changing my plan. They told me I didn't and that was another reason why my bill was so high. but the credits were not applied to May's bill as they were supposed to, it was towards April's bill which was already in the middle of the billing cycle. No one did anything to resolve the issue, until I spoke to a gentleman around 5/15/2007. He told me that if I kept my balance under $180, he would waive the late fees PLUS $100. And all of this would be applied to June's bill. I changed my texts to unlimited in which he offered to me at $20 for both lines. Last week I receive my bill for June. The total due was $364.55. Are these people kidding me? I looked and I didn't go over my minutes or texts because texts are unlimited. I also didn't see my $100 credit like I was told. I called to get everything straightened out and I have spoken to 3 different reps and emailed 2-3 different reps as well. no one will help me, and they pretty much make it out to be like I am lying. But I even have this guys rep. number. I told them, "I don't have 2-3 hours of my time to sit here on hold or arguing over a phone bill." I was then told that my unlimited texting was prorated. How can you prorate something that is unlimited? I work as an assistant manager at an apartment community and we prorate a lot here. How is it possible? After that I found out that they were charging me $20 per line for unlimited texts and a few days prior, online showed $10.65 per line. When I asked about it, the $20 for all phone lines is for the 700 min. plan in which I was never told nor did it show up, like I said, a couple days prior it was $10.65 per line for unlimited texts. The whole point in getting a family plan is that when I was on the individual plan my bill ran about $65-$100 a month. Being on a family plan it would be about $50-$60 at the most per person. But in this case we have dished out almost $1000 in 2 months for reasons being unknown. The charges that they making up I presume. I am tired of blowing my money on this bill, even my rent is cheaper and I live in a luxury apartment community. This is just getting out of hand here. They are charging me out the wazoo and getting away with it. I have never paid so much money out to a cell phone company in such a little span of time. I have reported them to the FCC, FTC, and BBB. I shouldn't have to call every month to clear up a bill, they are just draining me of my money.

  • Ig
    Igor T. Dec 05, 2008

    I could write a book on my nightmare customer service experience with Sprint.

    I’ll give you the short version:

    1) I Made the mistake of buying a Blackberry from a Sprint Telemarketer. I travel extensively, and was in need of a new phone so I was actually glad the guy called. He told me that Sprint was offering a special price with rebates galore. Hey, Sign me up! I purchased the phone using a Visa card. The phone I ordered was the wrong one so I went to the Sprint store to excange it for an upgraded
    Blackberry World Phone. The store didn’t have one in stock, however the clerk kindly handed me their phone to order it from another department. The clerk then did an exchage using my Visa at the cash
    register, and my new phone arrived at my home two days later. Cool.

    2) Since I’m not exactly a tech-savvy phone genius, I returned to the Sprint store to get some help setting up my new Blackberry. They were marginally helpful, however they got me fixed up nonetheless.

    3) I chose the Blackberry World Phone because as I said, I travel extensively. I was leaving for China in a few days and just as I do every month, I dial *3 to pay my Sprint bill. I was a bit shocked when the lovely robo-woman told me that my new balance was $1100.00! As I said, I purchased one phone, exchanged it for another, all on my Visa card. My normal phone bill is around 100.00 per month, and now I’m looking at an $110.00 phone bill! I called “customer service” immediately to get to the bottom of it.

    Oh my God! I spent two days, and a total of 9 hours on the phone dealing with one idiot after another. In two days, I spoke with 29 different people. I was hung up on, mysteriously disconnected with, put on perma-hold, and treated like dirt by these evil mutants employed by Sprint. I was yelled at, called a liar, insulted in a half a dozen other ways, and still nobody could figure out why my phone bill was $1100.00.

    I had only two days to go until I’m on a plane for China, and I’m going through a living hell with Sprint!

    On the third day, I return to the Sprint store to try to resolve the issue. The manager of the store dialed some kind of secret magical number and handed me their phone to speak with some big chief, or the “King of Sprint”, or whatever. The guy was very pleasant, and tried to help me unravel the whole mess. Turns out, I was charged for three phones. They charged my Visa bill, and there were overlapping charges on my Sprint bill. He credited me for part of the damage, however I was told that the credit for $700.00 on my Sprint bill wouldn’t show up until my next montly statement.

    At this point, I was just happy to know that I had a working telephone to take to China, and I was glad to know that the issue was more or less resolved. Had I not been on such a hectic travel schedule, I would have dropped Sprint immediately.

    4) One month later: I return from China, dial *3 to pay my Sprint bill, only to hear robo-woman’s voice telling me that I’m past due for the amount of $700.00. Now, I’ve never been late with paying my Sprint bill. In fact, I usually pay early. I’ve been a loyal Sprint customer for eight years.I didn’t use my phone in China, except to answer annoying messages from Sprint which I was recieving daily.(Apparently, when you have an open dispute with them, they try to annoy you into submission by hounding you to death across the globe. You can run, but you can’t hide!)

    So once again, rather than go through another two days of degradation trying to resolve anything on the phone with “customer service”, I drive to the Sprint store. During my jet-lagged attempt to get some answers from the guy in the store, I was told that this was somehow my fault because “we told you it would take a month for the credit to show up on your statement”. He also suggested that I pay the bill, even though I don’t owe them money, and wait until yet another month goes by for the billing department to straighten it out. Rather than get violent with the guy, I marched out of there and promtly called “customer service” again to see if I could find some answers.

    Finally, I get someone who isn’t on drugs to speak with. The “supervisor” more or less got it straightened out.

    It’s been almost three months, and I’m still waiting for that rebate.
    Never did get that “special offer”. After the mental anguish Sprint put me through, they should give me free phones and free service for life. I would drop Sprint, however I’m in China again this month. As grueling as my travel schedule is, I don’t have time to change service right now. Whenever I can take a break, dropping Sprint is high on my
    to-do list!

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  • Valerie Jun 03, 2016

    My current account with you is billed electronically automatically.

    I ended my account for phone # 614-678-1152 a long time ago. After I closed the account I received a bill from you guys saying that I still owed money, even though I closed the account. I paid that bill with you guys telling me the account was closed and there would not be any more bills. Then months later I received another bill and again I inquired how I was getting billed when the account was closed and you guys said it was before the account was closed which I inquired why would I pay my ending balance and there still be a balance after the account closed. Without it making any sense as to why I was billed I paid it off to be done with. Then a couple of months pass and again I receive a bill, this time I'm pretty sure after two times there is no way I still owe money to you for a closed account that I repeatedly paid for and was told both times there was not any more balances due. So I call the collection agency and the guy threatens me with ruining my credit report and that Sprint is a large company that I can't fight. I tell him there is no way I owe any more money so he supposably tranfers me to Sprint. The sprint lady says I do have a remaining balance and I tell her that is not possible and she comes back and says it is from a balance before the account was closed, which by the way I was automatically billed to my credit card so there is no way I could have an outstanding balance, let alone twice. Now I am getting another bill, which there is no way I am paying this one.

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  • St
    steve20000 Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    the same thing has happened to me twice...the first time a discontinued service on a landline and found out months later they never discontinued my service at all...and sprint ran up a big bill on me that went to collections and ruined my again...i discontinued service on a sprint usb connection for my computer and it took me 3 days and over 6 hours on the phone before i finally talked to a person that says she put my account to zero that i owe them...i asked for a clearance letter from sprint that excludes me from any further charges and she said she would get that out to me in the i get a letter saying i can make payments on the bill they say i owe???...omg...i cancelled my service feb 11 2012...the billing date they want my money for is from feb 20 untill march 19 they do this to everybody?...i was not even under contract with sprint for my computer connection and was told by sprint i could cancel my service anytime i wanted...what can an individual do?...i cant afford to be on the phone for 2 or 3 hours a day trying to make them understand my case which is actually very do they get away with this?

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very poor customer service, refund policy is a lie

I have been a loyal customer of sprints for 10years and so has my family. We was loyal to them because a couple of family members did work for them until they was let go due to cut backs. We continued with sprint regardless. My complaint with sprint started when i went into a sprint owned store and proceeded to wait for 20mins for a very young adult to assist me with my questions. I just bought a hp notebook laptop with a windows vista prem operating system. I was given prices as well as info on a wireless cards. I wrote all the answers down and left the store feeling very overwhelmed. I called the sprint customer service on my cell phone and spoke to a lady that was giving all kinds of conflicting information about the cards . Pricing, service... I then go back to the store with my 10 year old daughter and once again was required to wait. While i was waiting i called the sprint service on my cell and thought id have one of there reps speak to the man that i had seen and spoken to earlier to clear up who was right and who was wrong. While waiting with my daughter in hand i hear 3 sells people standing around talking about what had happened earlier with himself and one of the managers. The word *uck was coming out of his mouth because he was upset over the fact the mgr was making him work this weekend. I told my daughter lets get out of there. I couldn't take the trash talk in front of my kid so we left. Issues went unresolved. Thats only one of my issues. I the next day looked up locations of other sprint stores and found one that was located about 7miles away. I went there and walked into a completely different attitude sprint owned store. Very nice. I spoke to a sales person in regards to my thoughts and concerns about making such a expensive purchase. He cleared up everything from refunds, too exchanges, too canceling the service within 14days if i wasnt happy with the product. I make the 200 dollar purchase with cash. Take the item home and had the item activated. The signal was very poor from every location in my apartment. So i boxed the item up and took it back to the first store i had been too. It is just located 2mins from my place. I was pressed for time. I knew to some degree what i was in for by going to this sprint owned and operated store. I was told by a very very very rude black man by the name of william michaux (westport rd kansas city missouri 64111) who self proclaimed hiself as store manager. I never at any time raised my voice or did i use bad language. This person tells me that i have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for a refund. That he was only going to give me 75 dollars back and that its a take it or leave it deal. There is nothing posted in the store regarding the return policys nowhere. Other than the sales receipt that i got after i gave my money to him. I only had the item for less than 2hours. What the heck is this about. You give the money and then you are handed the rules after the purchase. I understand if it was bought by check or credit card but cash? I have never been so taken back by the attitude of someone who was this rude. First of all i was told by the sales person that at anytime during the 14days i could bring back for a full refund in cash that day. But if i waited too long the sprint company would charge me a prorated portion of the usage. Thats why i took it back so quickly. Once i left the store i called the customer care ( more like we dont give a ###). Asking to speak to a supervisor after waiting on hold for fifteen mins and then being subjected to 5mins of being asked what my telephone number was, password and name on the account. The man could barely speak english. Then was disconnected. I called back and spoke to another perosn with a very heavy accent. I give up.

  • An
    Ana Oct 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear, Sprint Nextel Top Management,
    Today i visit one of the sprint store that is located at
    Baldwin Park Marketplace
    14460 Merced Avenue, Unit 110
    Baldwin Park, CA 91706
    I just went to get information on my phone that I got water on. This young lady helped me at first but then started giving me attitude, i asked for another represenative and she rudly said she will but i had to wait 15 minutes. I was really upset that you guys would hire a citizen with no maners. i truly belive that she needs to be professional at her job and not give attitue to costumers. This young individuals named Desire had no right to give me the attitue just the way she did. I was speaking to her with profesionalism and i expect the same back. I hope i hear from you guys soon and i hope you guys adress the issue.

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  • Ka
    Kathy Rogers May 28, 2009

    I just visited a Sprint store in Knoxville, Tennessee and like everyone else, I too had to wait. I was told the wait would be 10 minutes. The only guy working today (I guess all the other employees quit) never looked up at me. He continued talking to the girl in front of me, telling her all about all the places he wants to visit, blah, blah, blah. Like most people, I HAD to go to the Sprint store on my lunch hour. After 25 minutes, and now several people waiting behind me, I ask him, how much longer. Not much. He then tries unsuccessfully to multitask and asks me why I am there. I tell him I accidently ran over my phone, he tells me the phone is $229.00 and I almost faint. I'm sorry but the phone isn't worth that and begin to ask him how much would it be to cancel my account. He then focuses on the first girl again. I then ask him where another store is again, without any eye contact or any type of concern that he is being really rude, he tells me the location and informs me that if I want service, I need to call ahead for an appointment. I should have never chosen Sprint as my carrier. Visiting this location confirms to me that this company has no professionalism, they can't seem to keep any long term employees and their phones are over priced. All I want now is to get out of my contract with this company.

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fraud and shady business

Lost my phone and called report that. Took them 30 minutes to answer and I've asked the rep. to put a hold on my account. Also told them that I will be moving to Cingular and so don't want any changes to my account. The lady sounded very helpful and I had no idea that I was getting into a fraudster's game plan. She gave me all kinds of deals to stay w / Sprint... but... I never got the new Palm Treo 755p the next day, my account was never put on hold, and the subsequent calls back to the reps. was a total loss of time on my part.


do not go with sprint - they are a joke!

I have recently signed a 2 year contract with sprint... It was very easy to reach sales... Once I signed up, there was no reaching anybody... I just called "customer care" and was told that my wait would be 20 minutes! I waited 2 nights ago for half an hour.

Do not go with sprint!!! They are a joke.

  • Ta
    Taylor Dooley Aug 13, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm still on the phone with Sprint... it's been over 2 hours... well, to be fair, there was a 33 minute call this morning... who needs coffee... rage works better. Now I have been transferred to 4 people who say that they have fixed the problem... DON'T TAKE THE FREE PHONE... that credit will foul you for the rest of your life(or at least cause the phone to get disconnected every other day for a week.

    No one at sprint checks their notes... each call wastes 20 minutes on hold before you get to waste another 5 minutes verifying your account with someone who can't even help you... then it's a 5-10 minute wait for a manager... woo hoo... love that M Bolton playing... what switch it up to Kenny G...

    I have 10 hours 43 minutes since I was switched to Sprint from Nextel lats Tuesday (I switched due to poor customer service with Nextel... Ironic?)

    Now I'm on hold... pondering the possibility of a class action lawsuit with Sprint... any takers... let me know... It's now 4:52... been on this call for 2 hours and 12 min... today's total is now 2 hours and 45 min exactly... woo hoo again...

    Now, Jay with sprint... customer retention manager... has given me a 10% discount over the next 2 years and a $10 monthly credit... thats a savings of 660 per year... who cares when you can't use the phone... and my bill is still 147.50 with the discount...

    Oh but wait... I no longer have 4000 min... I I have 3000 for the same price... lets see what Jay will do to save the day..

    BTW... it's now 5:26pm(pacific). 3 hours 18 min...and counting. So now Jay has assured me that there will be no more problems with the account... Tune in next time for "Hold4... the lack of productivity" Guest stars will be Sprint... combined with nextel...

    A closing thought though... if all of their 50 million customers had my problem... the world would loose 575,000,000 work hours per week... thats 34.5 billion minutes per week... it's a thinker!!

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  • Sp
    Sprint/Nextel Nov 02, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Class Action Lawsuit for Authorized Dealers Against Sprint/Nextel

    I am one of the most well-known wireless leaders in Northern California providing wireless solutions for corporate accounts. The difference between my company and everyone else is my exceptional vision and leadership especially on the B2B side. Without sacrificing quality, integrity, and customer service, my abilities have gained me the knowledge and expertise to win numerous awards including top seller award for Northern California from a variety of wireless carriers. Having said that, I was approached by Nextel in 2002 to become one of their B2B Authorized Representatives as a result of my success from previous years. With my exceeding success through the B2B channel, Nextel approached me to do a joint venture on launching new retail locations in the Northern California market since there was no strong retail presence. With knowledge, experience, and expertise I put together one of the most dynamic teams of highly motivated and well qualified communication consultants. In 2003, my ex-colleague and dear friend was invited to join in this new vision. I launched eight locations in Northern California and I was invited to launch new locations in Arizona, Colorado, and Minnesota. In 2005, when the merger with Sprint occurred, the new management team: Mark Sadighian, Paul Harris, and Dennis McSweeney no longer shared the vision that Nextel had with my company. At the same time I found out that my partner was embezzling money and started a new wireless company with another carrier. When I approached Mark Sadighian with my new found news, the advise that I received was to separate our partnership and for me to start a new company under a new name. I was granted an exclusive dealer contract with Sprint/Nextel and their service center. Two months into my new company, I submitted six new retail locations that were denied to me for expansion, but at the same time were handed to someone else. Sprint/Nextel set me up for failure, after I invested hundred of thousands of dollars into the new company. Sprint/Nextel decided at that point not to support me in my visions, ideas, and ventures. As a result, I am seeking other dealers that have had a similar experience as me for a class action lawsuit. Before I posted my story online, I requested the immediate assistance from the CEO of Sprint, Daniel Hesse. He never responded to any of my emails, and at this point left me with no choice, but to put together a class action lawsuit for Authorized Dealers. I will not stop until my losses are compensated. If you are interested in contacting me with any questions, concerns, or to assist me in participating in this class action lawsuit please email me at: [email protected] or visit

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fraudulent charges to my account for something I did not order!

One day about 2 months ago a ups van pulled up to my home with a delivery for me. I refused the delivery after opening the package with the ups driver and found a cell phone inside I had not ordered. The driver said this was a regular problem for him as he had been through this before on many deliveries. He reseled the box, marked it return to sender, delivery refused and went on his way. Since that day I have, every month received a bill from sprint on a phone I don't, and never have possessed or activated. Every month I mark the bill "return to sender, not a sprint customer" but to no avail. Has anyone else out there had this problem? If so, how did you resolve it? Please feel free to email me as i'm tired of screwing around with this.

  • Jo
    Joslyn Gomoll Nov 07, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The exact same thing has happened to us. We were sent a "free" phone after explicitly telling a Sprint PCS salesperson we did not want their offer. Now, we have spent over 4 months trying to get this corrected as we have been billed over $60.00 a month for a phone we never ordered and have long since returned. The phone was apparently activated before it was ever delivered. We thought we had this corrected after spending over 2 hours on the phone with a supervisor from customer service. He agreed that this was a mistake and that we would be refunded the full amount we had been billed for the last 4 months. However, we just received a bill this month for a $200 cancellation fee plus surcharges and taxes on a phone we never requested from Sprint. Our attempts to resolve with Sprint's customer service was to no avail today - as usual their systems are down and cannot access our account for the next 2 weeks we were told. In the meantime, we do not have the ability to stop auto payments either due to the system downage, sow I need to work with the bank to block all auto payments submissions from Sprint from this point forward. I don't understand how Sprint is getting away with such business practice. They are virtually stealing from their customers and have absolutely no sense of customer service.

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I am done dealing with sprint!

I have a complaint regarding the service my fiance received from sprint pcs. He lost his phone and we went through the procedures needed to get the replacement phone, which would take 3-5 days to receive. On the 5th day he received the phone but you could not hear him speak through it, nor could he hear you others speaking to him. He uses his phone for business, as a sales rep, so he desperately needed the use of his phone, as lost calls, means lost money.

He took phone to a sprint store and they told him it would be ready in 45 minutes, so he left it there and went about doing other things. We went back to the store about 45 minutes before closing, I stayed in the car and he went in, and it took him a half hour to come out. I asked him if it was fixed, he said no they could not fix it and that he would have the call the insurance company sprint uses to have the mail another replacement in 3-5 days. He explained this as we drove away from the store. I was furious, and called the store (6622 Clayton Road, St. Louis, MO). I tried to explain what we needed and I was upset,but I guess the girl that answered was not willing to listen to me so she put me on hold without saying why she needed to do so. I held for ten minutes and I looked at the clock and realized it was 10 minutes until closing. So I hung up the phone and asked my fiance to take us back to the store. I get to the store within 3 minutes, the doors were locked. I knocked on the door and the young lady-named Marquita, opened it and by then I was steaming, so I asked her for the manager, she smirks and asks what is wrong.

I tell her that we are upset that we have to wait another 5 days for a defective phone, why can't they try to get it shipped over night or something as we can't go that long without service. I admit I was yelling at this point because of the fact that I was put on hold, and the doors were locked before store hours. I told her that I intend to not only cancel my fiance's service, but mine as well with them. She told me and I quote, "TWO DOWN 5 MILLION TO GO!". I was furious to the point that she and the repair lady, Areisha B., were not able to handle the request we were making.

When the manager, whose name tag said Lead, Brian M., joined in on the fun, he tried to calm me down, but basically told me that sprint has nothing to do with the insurance company that is used to replaced lost or stolen phones. I of course, had to find out how is it that sprint collects the premium from it's customers to pay for the equipment replacement coverage but somehow, have nothing to do with the insurance company. Needless to say, I typical sprint fashion, no one in the store was willing to take responsibility for the nonworking phone, for which we paid our $50 deductible to even be able to get it shipped out.

I am done dealing with Sprint they need to teach their people customer service skills, they are sorely lacking them. I would love to tell Marquita after she loses her job, "1 down 100,000 to go!".

trying to collect debt not owed

P.O. Box 3517
Bloomington IL 61702

Dear afni:

I am really and truly sick of all correspondence from Sprint/Nextel. I am appalled that I received the attached letter from you, a collection agency, when this was settled on May 30, 2006 with First Revenue Assurance, yet another collection agency, in the amount of $122.36.

Previous to that, I paid that sorry idiotic company they call Sprint, $75.00. All this was to get out of a contract that I never, and I mean NEVER had.

I was a happy customer with Nextel, their service and even their customer service. When that stupid company they call Sprint took over, everything went down the tubes. There was no sense complaining, because it would take a good 30-45 minutes to even get connected to some idiot who might listen. I had so many problems with my service, and I do work for a living, that I would’ve needed at least a week to solve the problem.

So I acquiesced to their crap, by paying off the penalty for a contract, oh did I mention I NEVER had a contract? And now, I am still again being harassed by that company they call Sprint. It’s a rip off and an embarrassment to this society and country. So why that totally inept company they call Sprint passed this so-called “debt” on to you is freaking astounding. Just another example of their ineptitude.

So here is my dispute, in writing, as you requested. I can’t believe they would waste my time and yours for a measly $15.76, of which I am not, and I mean NOT NOT NOT, going to pay. If anything, they owe me money for taking time out of my life to deal with this total crap from a crappy stupid company.

I have posted negative comments on the internet about that idiotic pathetic company. And, if I receive any more correspondence from that company they call Sprint, or from any collection agency, I will sue for many more dollars that $15.76.

You can call First Revenue Assurance at [protected], my account number is xxxxxxxx and check for yourself that it was in settlement of my supposed “contract” with that company they call Sprint. I have new service with a reputable mobile phone company that I respectfully call “T-Mobile”, where their service and customer service could teach to a lot to flunkies at that company they call Sprint.

I am going to post this letter on the internet and make sure that everyone I can reach knows what that company they call Sprint is up to. In two words “they suck.” So don’t write to me or call me because I will get a lawyer for the harassment if I need to. If there is anything negative in my credit report, someone will pay the price for it. I am proud of my credit rating and I plan to keep it that way. By the way my brother is a lawyer so it won’t cost me a dime. Do you think I’m angry enough about this petty crap?

CC: Sprint

sending jokes on my cell phone

I would like you to quit sending jokes on my cell phone. I cant afford it any longer. So i would appreciate it if Sprint would cancel it. I wish i did not sign up.

  • Pg
    P.Gibbens Oct 02, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We made the mistake of changing to sprint 4 months ago and we have had problems with our bill every month! I spend an average of 2 hours a month on the phone being transferred from one person to another and re-explaining my issues each time. The kicker is.......I worked for Sprint for 16 years until my job was relocated to INDIA! Then I was laid off, but the entire time that I was employed by them and offered a cell phone at a reduced rate I wouldn't take it because I knew how their customer service was! Stupid me! I thought maybe things had changed! Obviously, not! Now I'm locked into this stupid plan for another year and 8 months! All I can say is DON"T USE SPRINT! Let's see this company bite the dust!!!

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  • Sh
    shailesh c. jikamde Nov 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I would like you to quit sending jokes on my cell phone. I cant afford it any longer. So i would appreciate it if Sprint would cancel it. I wish i did not sign up.

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  • Li
    Linda herdle Nov 12, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I been a sprint customer for four year sprint customer service stink had a problem with my bill talk to some supervisor did not get any where the long of it is I was over charge so I cancel my service some one need to investigate sprint they are the worst cell phone company that I ever had to deal with

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Resolved unauthorized charges out of bank account!

I discovered unauthorized charges on my bank account on October 20, 2006, all coming from Sprint Wirele...