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Empire Parking Services (EPS) Complaints & Reviews

Laz Parking & EPS Parking Services / Unethical Automobile Booting in Atlanta Public Parking Lots

7286 on May 4, 2017
On April 20, 2017 my vehicle was booted in a LAZ Public Parking lot after I had paid upfront when parking my car and placed the receipt on my dashboard as the signs instructed. I had not been to this particular lot in years and it was different, so I was very careful to read all posted...

Empire Parking Services (EPS) / My car was wrongfully booted

sgray56 on Feb 6, 2017
My sister and I parked our vehicles at the Marriott Marquis on 12-17-16 and she paid for both parking ticket and brought mine back to me to place on my windshield. The technician # 128 booted my car saying that it was swap tickets and he witnessed it. That was a lie. She paid for mine and...

Empire Parking Services (EPS) / My car was wrongfully booted

I care on Dec 9, 2016
I stepped away from my car to use the ATM machine at SunTrust which is located at the back of the building after hours. My car was parked in front of SunTrust. When I returned, my car was booted. I was told I was gone for 20 minutes. I was told that SunTrust has a parking deck for clients. I...

Empire Parking Services / Illegal booting of car

Courtney Daglis on Oct 1, 2016
GA law does not allow booting of vehicles on private property! I walked off the lot of a starbucks for 10 minutes and when I returned my car was booted! I was so stressed out (I was late for a wedding) that I tried to leave after paying the ransom (the eps guy was parked near my car waiting for...

Empire Parking Services (EPS) / Predatory practices and racism

Lilelizabeth on Jul 30, 2016
This evening, July 30th, we visited Atlanta Fish Market and my daughter 's boyfriend parked at the Pharr Road Shopping Center lot. He made an error and didn't see the low entrance signs which state the parking is open to the public after 6 p.M. Although open to the public, you still need...

Empire Parking Service (EPS) / Booting

pdemay on Jul 6, 2016
On July 4, 2016, my daughter visited a store, Cook's and Sherlock's, in Decatur, GA which has a lot that is shared with 2 other businesses. The other 2 businesses were closed for the 4th and there may have been 3 other cars (at least one was an employee's) in the lot. At...

Empire Parking Services / Vehicle Immobilization (Boot)

Crisdez on May 28, 2016
Date of incident: May 28, 2016 Location: Chipotle, 198 West Ponce de Leon, Decatur We have been regular customers to this downtown Decatur restaurant (198 West Ponce de Leon Ave), where we eat at least once a week. On Saturday, May 28th, we parked at the parking lot around 6:45PM, we bought...

Empire Parking Services / Boot

vacummings on Apr 27, 2016
I paid to park in the medical arts lot. I keyed in the rooftop parking rate $4 and paid the $4 at the machine. I arrived before 8am. At 4:30 I came to my car and there was a boot on the car. I verified that the parking ticket was displayed in the window. I then noticed on my receipt that...

Empire Parking Services / Car Booted

Reviewer73332 on Dec 23, 2015
My housing subdivision hired this company to maintain parking but they are scammers. Upon moving to my house I wasn't given a manual nor will they show evidence in a manual if you request to see it. My car was park properly and I had a residence parking pass on it but they informed me that...

Empire Parking Services / Unethical Business Practices / Fraudulent Charges / Predatory Business Practices

romulus1129 on Nov 29, 2015
On 11-28-2015, 1:05PM, I paid for parking in the Steamhouse Lounge lot on West Peachtree Street near 11th Street. I opted for two hour parking rather than 24 hour parking, which was the $3 charge. I returned at 3:05PM (on the dot) to exit the lot; to my surprise and dismay I found my car...

Empire Parking Services / Predatory practices/unlawful booting

KWest401 on Oct 28, 2015
On 10/21/2015, I parked at 438 Peachtree St. Their is a Public Parking sign as you enter the lot. There was no kiosk due to construction so I went across the street to the kiosk and purchase a full day of parking. Put my ticket on my dash and went into my work building. When I got back to...

Empire Parking Services / Unnecessary Car Booting

Reviewer51117 on Aug 27, 2015
This evening I paid for two hours of parking in stall #576 at Eagle Parking. I arrived at my car around 15 minutes past the expired time. I found Technician 117 walking away from my car, boots already set and in place. Now, I can fully understand being 45 minutes late, however I feel le...

Empire Parking Services / Predatory parking services

Rasheed harris on Jul 9, 2015
I recently went downtown atlanta to get an expedient passport from the Atlanta passport agency and was forced to use a paid parking lot near the building. Thankfully the service the agency did not take long and i end up only using the lot for about an hour. I came out to find my car booted...

EPS / Booted and Extorted for Money

EPS Parking Scam on Jun 5, 2015
Do not park in any of the lots in Atlanta, as a visitor to this city it is amazing that the City allows such predatory extortion to go on. We had a meeting with an Architectural firm, parked in the lot across the street, PAID for 3 hours. Our meeting was running a bit long so we came down...

EPS / Deceptive and Unethical Booting

Amythest2112 on Sep 4, 2012
Like one other victim on this post I too was booted at the Disco Kroger at Piedmont and Peachtree. I parked near the Kroger part of this huge parking lot. There was NO SIGNAGE WHATSOEVER WITHIN 200 FT. OR MORE OF MY CAR. I saw nothing to indicate I was going to be booted or towed. I walked...

Empire Parking Services / unethical parking boot charges

theaveragejoe on May 17, 2012
these guys are crooks, pure and simple!! we parked at lenox one evening and saw no visible signs regarding any parking restrictions. having eaten dinner we returned to our car with a boot on it, and within seconds, a shady looking guy came out of the shadows in a truck offering to take the...

Empire Parking Services / Fraudulent Vehicle Booting

mbpittsjr on Dec 14, 2011
My car was booted on 12/4/2011 at the EPS parking lot at 880 Peachtree St. NW even though I had paid the $5 parking fee. Had to pay $75 to remove. On December 3, 2011 at 9:30 p.m. I parked by 2001 Honda Civic, NC license ZSB 7664 in space 14 of the EPS lot at 880 Peachtree St. NW in Atlanta. I...

Empire Parking Services / Predatory, Fraudulent fees

MellD13 on Jan 27, 2011
Today, at approximately 11:40am, I was charged $75 by an unprofessional-looking man, in a white car with a magmatic 'Empire Parking Services' sign attached because he claimed I did not pay for my duration in Stall #92 at the 76 Forsyth Street parking garage. Being that I needed...

Empire Parking Service (EPS) / all the info u need to know to cost them money

1. these companies spend a fortune on the call service so call as much as you can and talk aslong as you can it's about a 1$ a minute to them. 2. You can always break the boot off but make sure you havnt called the boot guy already 3. Here is EPS Owners personal Cell (Chip) 404 396 3732...

Empire Parking Services / Racist Practices

On the 4th of July Empire came and booted everyone they could while we were watching fireworks in the parking lot. I was standing next to my car watching the fireworks and he put a boot on the tire right behind me. He said I violated the "left property" policy of the lot. How did I leave...

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