Southwest Airlinesunable to make flight home from burbank ca. to birmingham, al customer service

C Sep 02, 2018

On August 11, 2018 I was dropped of at the Burbank airport around 11am to check in for flight 5961 to Dallas, Tx. scheduled to leave at 1:30. I was told then that the plane was late getting to Burbank but I would still make my connection in Dallas on SW flight 5706 to Birmingham as that plane was late also. I told them I had a 55 mine connection time in Dallas but they told me no problem as the two gates were close. My sister and her husband had already driven to their home which was 3 hrs. from Burbank. So I waited with everyone else for the plane to get to Burbank.
I was in seating B and as seating A started boarding around 3:30pm to Dallas, another passenger and I going to Birmingham were told we would not be able to make our connection in Dallas. I asked for other flights to Birmingham and this is when the supervisor on duty that day for SW (name: T Detrot) or something like that stepped in. He checked if anymore flights leaving from LAX were available to Birmingham and said their were not. He hands me two vouchers on SW to be used this year. He said he could book me on a flight the next morning at 8:05 am (#5659). I said can you book me on anther airline to Birmingham today and he said they did not do that. I asked what he expected me to do for the next 17 hours stranded in the airport. His reply was "I can't tell you what you can do". I knew nobody in Burbank, am 73 years old, and am getting no help for a problem I did not cause nor was I offered why the Burbank plane was 2 hours late getting in. I then asked if he could put me up in a hotel nearby overnight. He said they did not do that!. Once again I asked what he wanted me to do until 8am the next day. He again said he could not tell me what to do! He said I gave you two vouchers on SW and I said I probably will not fly SW again after being treated this way. He changed my ticket for the next morning flight. Once I walked out the airport to see if there was a hotel nearby I found out I could not get back into the safe TSA part of the airport because my ticket was for the next day. Around 5pm I saw several security guards leaving the airport lobby and I asked where they were going and they told me home. That left me in the front part of the Burbank airport with just one police person around and everything in that part of the airport started closing down. They told me everything would be closed by 9pm. So I called the Marriott Hotel across the street and asked them to come pick me up. They did and when I got to the hotel they told me they were sorry but they had no rooms for the night! But they offered to call close by hotels to see if anyone had a room No luck. They were very nice and told me I could stay in their lobby overnight and they would take me over to the airport in the morning to catch my flight. The Marriott personnel were so much nicer and helpful than SW supervisor!They brought me water and even found a phone charger for my phone as all I had with me was my purse. Bags had gone on to Birmingham.
I have always bragged about SW airlines to people but this episode was uncalled for and handled very unprofessionally by SW. They could have put me on earlier flights out of Burbank to Birmingham instead of waiting until the middle of the afternoon and we were boarding #5961 and then tell me I can't make my connection in Dallas and I am stranded by myself in the Burbank Airport which was closing and not safe for me alone. I am filling this complaint because I do not want this to happen to another SW passenger. I am a subscriber to CR and am sending them this complaint also.
The other passenger going to Birmingham lived in Burbank so he said he would go back home. He said he could not believe how they had treated me and left me stranded. By the time I got to Birmingham the next day everyone in the Las Vegas airport (plane late again #3527) had heard about the way SW had treated me. Constance Schorr Finch

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