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Complaints & Reviews

Order canceled

I order a camera online . added it to my cart and it came up way less than the price so i went ahead and order it . got a conformation email and when i would received my email . then the next day they send me and email telling me my order was canceled .

HI *********

this is to inform you that the below item(s) on your order has been cancelled due to the following reason:

We are currently unable to advise you of an estimated ship date

Order Number: SW10101000101

Product: HDRXR550V
Product Description: Full HD 240GB HDD Camcorder
Quantity cancelled: 1

delay of repair

i bought a laptop this April, and it was broken 15days ago, i do not know what is the reason, it just...

Poor Tech Support

it seems lots of customers and suffering from Sony Ericsson Customer Service and no one is taking care. therefore i have sent my Email to Sweden team trusting their capabilities and professionalism,

I have purchased Sony Ericsson Mobil W902 since one year 08/07/2009 from dealer (as experts in Mobil technology) in Egypt trusting that I will get the best products quality and technical support service to save my time with professional & trained team. Then, I have faced low signal coverage problem which is appear in most of the areas and seems to be out of coverage where I have other Mobil different type with full coverage.

I have sent my Sony Ericsson Mobil to Sony Ericsson service Center in Egypt (Delta – allocated in Mohandissen), they have repair it for the first time, but after I left the office I found the same coverage problem still existing. I have repeated the same complain to the same service Center 3 times but they are not able to solve it.

Finally and before the warranty expirations, I have requested the service center to have a better care in order not to deliver wrong indications about Sony Ericsson products and service as a reputable brand and named brand and trustable products.

NOW I am very disappointed and not sure how can I trust Sony Ericsson team. I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO AND HOW TO TRUST!!!

I have doubt now if the service center target is to wait till the Mobil become out of warranty in order to do the proper/right repair and charge the customer!!!

Till date my Mobil still with the service center and Here the last WO# 54903 dated 03/07/2010 (Warranty Expiry Date 08/07/2010) which you can use it to view the Mobil history with Sony Ericsson service center.
IMEI #:- [protected]
Ticket# [protected]

After more than 3 month, I received email from Sony Ericsson Customer Service Representative that they can’t do any thing and I have to take my Mobil and accept the fact. And I may go for another repair with charges incase the problem is existing!!!

In addition to that, i am not able to reach any of service center management and your operators refuse to give any of their phone numbers which is not a professional way.

Now I have no choice other than to complain to Egyptian NTRA and Sony Ericsson Sweden which they really know how to handel the customer complain in a professional manner.



Service received by an authoried service centre.

I, Mr.Vishwas Kesbhat (Mobile no +[protected]) has given my mobile handset for repair purpose at Sony Ericsson's authorised service centre.

Its address is,
New Tirupati cellulars
Shop No.2&3, Esteem Towers, Mumbai Pune Road,
Near Surya Hotel, Kharalwadi, Pune-411 018.
Ph No.020-[protected]

Now the real scene is,
I have given my said handset for repair purpose on 29 Sept 2010.
Orally I was told that you will get it repaired within 3 days.OK.

On the third day when I have called to given no, I received an answer that it is still under repairs( and currently it is going on).Again I was answered by one gentlemen that it will take another 3 days.So again I have given a call on 5th Oct 2010, again I was fooled by ditto same answer.

Again without loosing my patience, I have called up the crew on 7th Oct 2010. Then I was assured that I will get my handset on or after Monday, 11th Oct 2010.

Finally I have received it on 13 th Oct 2010.
But I was shocked that, the upper cover of my handset was broken.
When interogetted, again I was shocked by the answer that the said cover is not new any more(means there is wear and tear).

When asked to the crew member to get it as it was before to drop it for repairs, I have got it cleared with some adhesive applied.

Now, I want an explanation on that, beacuse I have a copy of service tag(received on 1st day) showing no details about date of delivery. But the details of fine if I changed my mind, & not get it repaired.

Kindly support.

Encl: Copy of Service Tag.

CC: Consumer Court, Pune .Maharashtra, India.(Wihin next 7 days)

Service received by an authoried service centre.

Improper charge/no refund

I have been a long time Sony pc loyal customer. I will never buy a Sony vao again!!! the computer is fine. the customer service is HORRIBLE!!! After five years my operating system was corrupted. I had to order a recovery disk from them. First blunder is I was charged $23.00 for fed-ex overnight delivery as per my request. when my cd did not arrive the next day, I called them and was told that they are updating their systems and do NOT OFFER OVERNIGHT DELIVERY. What?? why was I then charged for overnight delivery???? I have had customer service reps put me on hold and simply dont come back to the phone. Sometimes i spend close to two hours on hold and being bounced around. I was told my refund request for the overcharge on shipping was being forwarded to the "next level of customer service" on 10/04/2010 as of this writing, 10/20/ 2010 i am still waiting for my refund! Because of our poor economy that overcharge of $23, 00.00 was part of my food money for the week. When i complained to them they simply sir you to death and do nothing. i asked them where they are located and I wanted names. they tell me they are located in the phillipines. this is crazy. NOBODY CARES about customer satisfaction. My refund should have been expedited because of THEIR ERROR IN CHARGING ME FOR A SERVICE THEY DID NOt OFFER. Here is the sony parts and service number where my nightmare took place: [protected]. I woman who calls herself "john" originally took my order. A woman who calls herself "pat" told me to hold on and never came back to the phone to help me. A woman named "MYRA" in the next level of support at extension #5717 (she claims) is the one who sirs me to death with no results of my e-mail address is [protected] If SONY dares contact me to get the order number to verify everything I have written here. I WILL NEVER BUY A SONY VAO AGAIN!!!

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shutter button not working

i bought a sony cyber shot from sony center-tamil nadu-salem.i boudht my camera dsc-tx1/h-sony cyber shot on last march 16th, 2009we had a warenty card up to three years, but two weeks ago we got complint in our camer shutter button was not working, so i took camera to sony service center and gave my camera there with my warenty card first they said that there will not charges and then later the next day i got a call from sony service center and they said that there is a spare parts problem so it will cost a regular custemer of yours, that to i got it in instalmentand the instalment date is also not yet finished before that i got this problem...please enquire about this...i belive in sony ...please accept my complients and action soon... camera serial number-2306086 job number-8183


I have given my cell phone sony ericsson xperia x10 to sony ericsson servic center RT Outsourcing (Rippon Street) l1. 2, Rippon Stree, CMC building First floor, Opposite May Flower Nursing Home. The problem in the mobile phone was that it was not charging, but the charging light was on. I gave my phone in the service center on 25th september, 2010. The service people told me that i will get my cell phone back within 7 to 10 days. But i did not get my cell phone till now. They are just postponing day after day. I have already told them that i have to go out of station for my futher studies but they are not listening. I had a talk with Shuklal Das the incharge of the service center and he is misbehaving and not listening. My workorder number is SE310KRS15011. This is AAYUSH JAISWAL. My phone number is [protected]. My residential address is 15, MAHENDRA SARKAR STREET, KOLKATA-12.
Its my kind request to you all, please see into this matter as early as posible or else i have to take some strict action against them. Please see to it.

Non -English speaking customer service

I have tried 3 times to get an update via a USB flash drive from Sony. I called the support number and for the 3rd time a person that answered could hardly speak English. I am sick and tired of buying products that the manufacturer cannot support properly. All I wanted is the update for my TV's firmware to solve some issues, but at this time I may just sell this piece of ### and and try another manufacturer. I will call all the support numbers to see which manufactures support agents can SPEAK and UNDERSTAND ENGLISH. I bet I will not find any.

Not Functioning- Dead

Respected Sir,
I had purchased a Sony product Home Theatre System : DAV – DZ777 on 26.09.2010 from one of the Showroom of my town “Prince Electronics, Udupi – 576 101”. After about 9 months of its good service, it suddenly stopped functioning altogether. I took it to your “Authorized Service Centre” (???), “Souza Service Centre (UDUPI)”, where the technician who attended my complaint told me that there is some problem in the circuit board (i.e. both Power Supply Board as well as Main Board), and requires some time, at least 15 days, for repair. When I revisited the service shop after about 20 days to enquire about the product, I got an answer that he could only repair its Power Supply board but its main board is beyond the repairable condition and he is still trying for it and is in touch with his senior technician from the company and promised me that if I give him another 15 days of time he will do something. He also ensured me that if nothing could be done for my faulty Main Board, then he will get me the new Board from the company and make my System function again, since the product is still Under the Warranty period. And Sir, after that it is really a hell for me till now. I think I have become a JOKER for your Authorized Technician. I keep visiting your Service shop once every fortnight for the last six months, and each time he only re-plays the same statement that he has informed the Company for sending a new Board, and your Company is not responding. He says he is helpless and he has done what all he could do. Dear Sir, he is your Authorized Technician, a representative of your company in my place????? and yours is the most reputed and responsible Global Company. How can it be like that ……how can your representative say like that??????...Then please tell me Sir whom I should consult for this????...Respected Sir, I wanted to know from you whether Sony’s responsibility gets over ones it sells its product to its consumer……then if something goes wrong we should throw the product to Arabian Ocean and go for the new one?????? it a writing Pen I purchase from you for some petty amount so that I use and throw it???...Sir, I have shelled out Rs. 25, 000/-, my hard earned money to have my price possession ( earlier I was under that impression, as I had a great admiration towards Sony Products and anything from Sony was a price possession for me). I am extremely sorry to say that we pay 20-30% extra money for your products in comparison to your rival company’s products of the same capacity just because we trust in your quality and commitment, but what about the service you provide?????...Your technician says that each and every spare, including even a screw, has to come from Japan or china and hence servicing takes a lot of time and sometimes even the spares are not available. Do you reveal it to your customer when they make purchase of your product???...definitely I wouldn’t have gone for Sony while purchasing this product if I had known it earlier. Sir, I am really frustrated with all this now and also feel helpless not knowing what to do?

Sir, When I expressed above feelings with your representative (Authorized Technician at Udupi – 576101), he told that he also feels the same and he can’t help me as his company is not properly responding to him and he is still trying for it. When I asked him whether I can report it to the company, he told carelessly and blatantly that I am free to do anything in this regard. And he also pointed out me that it has become a Daily routine for him to listen to such frustrations from almost every customers who come to his shop. This gives me an indication that almost every consumer of Sony will go though the same situation as of mine ones their Sony product starts giving troubles and hence the technician was not serious about my complaint as it has become an usual practice for him to deny the Services to his customers. Dear Sir, after exhausting all my option at my place, I am finally writing directly to you now. Please answer my doubts regarding the commitments of your Esteemed company towards its Indian Consumers.
1. Is it Sony’s policy is to Sell and Forget (Neglect) the Customers as part of marketing strategy in India?
2. Whether the problems such as I faced after purchasing your expensive product, has no solutions other than repenting the very decision of purchasing it, as I do now?
3. If at all there is a solution, then whom should I approach so that I can continue using the product in the hassle-free manner ?
4. Whether Sony trains its service technicians (placed at almost every cities as they mention in their Service Manual) properly and gives them the required spares so as to attend any type of faults the consumer faces ones he starts using such expensive products?
Sir, I hope you do have the capacity to solve my problem or at least answer the queries I raised above so that I can console myself and advice my fellow Sony Consumers (among my relatives and friends, with whom I was earlier aggressively campaigning in favor of your products when they were making their purchase decisions) so that they wont repeat the mistake I have done earlier and repent later.
I hope that you will respond for the above favorably at the earliest and oblige.
I am also attaching herewith, the scanned copy of the “Service Job Sheet” for your kind reference.
• Prakash K. Shetty,
• “Sham-Kamal”, P.O. Puttur,
• UDUPI – 576 105, KARNATAKA State, INDIA. Ph : [protected] (Landline), [protected] (Mobile)
• e-mail id : shettyprakashk @
Your Authorized Service Centre :
Behind KSRTC Bus Stand, R.R. Marg,
UDUPI – 576 101, KARNATAKA State, INDIA. Ph : [protected]

  • Pr
    Prakash K. Shetty Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yeah Prakash...i agree with you,

    it is the practice of Sony Company in India...
    They sell all range of hi-fi products through their Grand Outlets spread all over India by luring the enthusiastic customers by giving rampant ads in print and electronic medias...but once the products goes faulty there will nobody to they have very very poor service networks almost everywhere in India...their technicians are ill-trained...I also hail from your Town...Udupi in karnataka...I also have a bitter experience with Sony Service center there...

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Product and Warranty

I purchased a new Sony TV in 12/13/2008, did not remove it from the box until May of 2009 as this was for my cabin and didn't used the cabin until May. The TV probably had about 50 hours on it and it wouldn't turn on. I called Nebraska Furniture Mart and they told me to call the warranty folks that handle the warranty as I purchased a 5 year extented in house coverge for 149.00 dollars. Aksarben TV came out and checked out the TV and found that the power unit was bad and they would order the part and call me when it came in to make an apponitment to install it. I waited three weeks and called Aksarben TV and they informed me that the warranty folks wanted to give me a replacement TV, they offered me a Model KDL32 300 Sony TV, I went to Nebraska Furniture Mart and look at the TV they wanted me to except as a replacement, it was not near the TV I bought and paid over $700.00 for, you could buy this TV on line for under $300.00; Nebraska Furniture Mart told me that the set I was buying was an additional 300.00 as it has sony components and not componets made in China and was a much higher resolution TV. The TV they wanted me to except as an equal was 60 HZ bottom of the line TV. I told them that was unaceptable, I thought they should have offered me a replacement (Sony told me the replacement for the TV was a 32-710 something) equal to the one I bought they offered me a cash settlement of $395.00, Aksarben told me that they would fix my TV for around $300.00 so I told the Warranty folks that I would take the money and fix my TV. They then informed me that I lose my warranty because they bought out the contract when I agreed to their offer, so I lost my $149.00 warranty for the next three years; no one mentioned that when I bought the warranty at Nebraska Furniiture Mart. Well what happened next I didn't expect. I took the TV to Aksarben TV to get it fixed and they charge me $52.00 fee before I could leave it . I paid it. Two days later they called me and said They couldn't repair my TV because they discontinued the parts. I told them I would pick up the TV and so I did ; didn't get my $52.00 back, they said it was to diagnose the TV problem which they did already under Warranty at my home.I can't believe you cannot get parts for my year and a half old TV. I feel that I have been unfairly treated by Sony and NFM and the warranty folks. By the way the part my TV needs was A-1547-027-A if anyone has one please let Aksarben TV know. Their # is [protected] and my Claim # is 50575.
Thank You
Terry Novotny

Sony Completely Unresponsive

Contacted Sony Customer Service back in July and complained about the amazing loud bellowing tone made by the TV when turned on. They admitted to receiving many complaints and said they would immediately send me a software driver to plug into the tv that would disable that annoying sound. By end of August had not received it ... so again contacted Sony and was advised it had never been sent! Was assured that delivery of it would be expedited that day. Called again today, September 23rd, still having not received it ... and was tossed around from person to person, department to department with no success (everyone claiming they were not the correct department to handle it). After circling continously all Sony's departments for help, sales, customer service, order status, technical support ... I went on line to rewrite my email with of course the lengthy data they required only to be told upon submitting it to them ... THEIR WEBSITE IS UNAVAILABLE. SHAME ON YOU SONY!

Here's just one example of Sony's NOT addressing the issue (containing yet another site for me to get assistance on that IS UNAVAILABLE):


I'm sorry to know that you've not yet received the firmware update for the TV. I understand that you have already called customer service to order the update multiple times.

Our goal at Sony is to provide excellent customer service. Communication regarding such concerns are strictly handled by our Customer Relations Team and I would advise you to contact them again. If you feel that your situation is not being properly addressed by your customer service agent, you may ask that your conversation be escalated to the next level of support.

Please feel free to contact me in the future for any product information, troubleshooting or technical assistance.

Thank you for your time.

The Sony Email Response Team

  • Ma
    Marilyn B. Nov 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Contacted Sony Customer Service back in July and complained about the amazing loud bellowing tone made by the TV when turned on. They admitted to receiving many complaints and said they would immediately send me a software driver to plug into the tv that would disable that annoying sound. By end of August had not received it ... so again contacted Sony and was advised it had never been sent! Was assured that delivery of it would be expedited that day. Called again today, September 23rd, still having not received it ... and was tossed around from person to person, department to department with no success (everyone claiming they were not the correct department to handle it). After circling continously all Sony's departments for help, sales, customer service, order status, technical support ... I went on line to rewrite my email with of course the lengthy data they required only to be told upon submitting it to them ... THEIR WEBSITE IS UNAVAILABLE. SHAME ON YOU SONY!

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  • To
    Tony Easterby Feb 12, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased a Sony Bravia TV from Harvey Norman Joondalup Store in 2008 along with the extended warranty. About four weeks ago the TV went black on one side of the image. I contacted the warranty department who organised a local TV repair firm to fix the proble. After a week I cintacted the Repair Firm who said that they were waiting for a part to fix my TV. I said no one had been out to look at the TV. They informed me that the problem with my TV was a common problem. It has been four weeks since I reported the problem with my TV and nothing has been done. How much longer do I have to wait as I have lost a month out of my warranty just waiting for a part, so they say?

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Sony Vaio Laptop Replacement

Dear Sir,

I had purchased a Sony Vaio Laptop VPCEB24EN/BI in July, 2010 with serial no.7001060 in Kolkata. Upon the very first week of usage I found out that the speakers has some technical problems.

I had given it to the Harza Service Center for replacement of the speakers.

On 11st September, 2010 again there was some problems with the hardwares and had to be given to the same service centre.

They told me that the Touch Pad has stopped working and would be replaced in few days.

The Laptop is still lying with the service centre and has not been corrected yet. Also I am going out to UK next week, I dont know what I am going to do without the Laptop or with a Laptop which shows problems every now and then.

I would like to request for a complete replacement of my Laptop as I think it completely worthless to carry this laptop to UK. I am completely lost faith in Sony products.
Why arent all products tested completely before selling them in the markets?

Please interfere and replace as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Rohit Dassani

inability of service centre to repair

I had purchased an SONY LCD KLV-V40A10 -E12. Purchase date 15.10.2006
Some one month back it stopped working and immediately I contacted the sony service centre:
M/S.Vega Electroics, 91-22-[protected]. mobile [protected]. They have taken the LCD as soon as I compalined. They are not able to repair because the required part is not available in India. They say they are expecting from Singapore and it is difficult to get sapre parts for this model. My questions are as follows:
(1) It was the most expensive TV at that time. I paid around Rs.1, 50, 000 and today similar models are available around Rs.70000. The service centre says the repair cost can go upto Rs.18000/- If I want to sell on exchange I will get only Rs.5000/-
(2) This clearly indicates that Sony corproation is not bothered about the past customers who have paid high. Why we should pay such a big money for a spare part when the price of TV itself has come down. On the contrary, they should repair it free or for a nominal charge.

(3) Why they are not keeping sufficient spare parts in India?

(4) I request responsible officer of Sony to get in touch with me in my mail Kasi.[protected]

spaeker problem

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your knowledge that I had purchased a new Sony Ericsson mobile W-20 from Spice retails Limited situated at Kapoorthalla, Lucknow vide Invoice No - [protected] dated 21st August’2010 .

Within a week I observed a problem in the speakers of my new Handset. Under the warranty when I went to the dealer they suggested me to submit my handset in service centre of Sony Ericsson.As per that on 15th september’2010 I Handed over my set to service centre of Sony Ericsson situated at LGF Shop No. 1, 2 Block B-2, Raja Ram Kumar Plaza, Hazratganj, Lucknow . The service point promised me to return back my mobile within 24 Hrs from date of receipt, but now they are saying that it will take a 10 to 15 days time to rectify the problem.

Here I would like to mention that I am a working woman and from past one week I am not able to contact anybody.

Therefore I request you to kindly replace my hand set and provide me a new set.

Waiting for an early action.


Shraddha Shukla
Mobile No. [protected]

LCD Pannel defective

I have purchased LCD Bravia from sony authorized dealer on Feb'09.
It got malfunctioned in Mar'09 and entire LCD pannel got replaced by service centre.
Now LCD pannel again got defective in Aug'10, i have registered complaint through customer care and mail to sony care. Till now it was not resolved. Sony service centre told me that your LCD pannel needs to be replaced, i doubt this time it will be rightly replaced or not or if this problem can come again.
LCD pannel is so expensive that i can purchase a new TV in that cost.
Today i have reached again to customer care and they have booked a new complaint and when i asked them for the escalation matrix of sony india, they refuse to give it to me.
I want to escalate this issue to the highest level of sony india so that they are aware about the quality of products and services they are offering here in India.


I purchased a blu ray player from Sony and come to find out, it does not play all blu ray movies unless you buy extra equipment.

Apparently BD live requires the use of an external flash drive. (more money) I don't want special features, I just want to watch the movie. Sony should sell a product that is complete and allows me to view movies.



LAST USE NO.[protected]
MAIL ID [protected]@YAHOO.CO.IN
LOST DATE -4-09-10
IMEI NO.[protected]


  • Jagatswarup Sharm Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sir my name is Jagatswarup Sharma i lost my mobile on 31/03/2010 and i complaint to [email protected]
    they said with in 24hrs trace my mobile till today no more replay come to my mail what is this pleas give me a solution or explanation and please trace my mobile
    all my detail are send to the...
    Name:Jagatswarup Sharma

    Address:Vill-Lachhipur, Tola-Japti


    Distt-Gorakhpur (U.P.)

    Pin No.-273007

    Phone model: Nokia N81

    Make: Nokia

    Last used No.: 9532588173

    E-mail for communication:[email protected]

    Missed date: 31/03/2010

    Time: 3:35pm

    IMEI No.: 356994/01/229526/1

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  • nikita tewari Aug 08, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear sir/mam,

    >My name :NIKITA TEWARI

    > Address :LD-121, SECTOR-D, LDA COLONY,

    > Phone model :SONY ERICSSON J105i
    > Last used No :9044542712
    > E-mail for communication :[email protected]
    > Missed date :08/08/2012
    > IMEI No :01224900-368283-7



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poor service centre in pondicherry max electronics

I went to service centre max electronics located in pondicherry needarajappayar street which They told me before servicing 400rs and while delivery of goods they are informing 700rs they are spoiling the name of sony we are in belief of your reputed service centre but they are cheating kindly take necessary steps to remove such cheating service centre, and avoid to spoil your name.

4th time my phone has been 'repaired' and replace in just a few months

My c905 has had so many problems with it in the last 4months, some problems I have tolerated as I wasn’t really happy about not having my phone for 3wweks while they repair it, but it got so bad I have sent it away 4times, on the 3rd time they replaced it for the same model but a brand new one, but surely enough after a few weeks that one went faulty, and I have heard that that type of model is just faulty.

my warranty will run out eventually and I will be left with a broken phone, I can’t keep sending it away, all together I have been without that phone for months, and have had to tolerate annoying problems from it-I would like it to be replaced with an different but equal model that is not known to be faulty-I paid for a contract with that phone I would like to be able to use it hassle free.
What can I do?