Snap Fitness Trowbridgemoney

N Sep 05, 2018

Hi, I am writing to make a complaint about Trowbridge Snap Fitness, I spoke to someone from there a few months ago and said I wanted to freeze my account the person said that's absolutely fine they would put my account on hold for as long as I need and to call back up when I wanted to start again, I have now been charged the full amount again. I have just rang up and spoken to the manager Dani who was quite frankly useless and clearly did not want to help at all. She told me that they only freeze the account for 6 months which is not what I have been told, she told me she would not be refundeing me and was very happy to loose me as a customer. I asked if I could cancel my membership and she told me I have to go into the gym to cancel I have got to my waste fuel going back to cancel which I'm not doing! I expect to be refunded this out of goodwill and a form emailed to me to cancel. I will be recommending anyone to not go to this gym from now on.
Nicola Jenner

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