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I was given a coupon for $5 off the cost of a relaxer and on the coupon it stated that the relaxer included shampoo and cut so I am thinking I am about to spend 40 dollars but instead when I got to the register my total was 66.10. not only was I chard 44.95 for the relaxer, i was chard 14.95 for a wash and set and 5 dollars for the flat ironing plus and additional 7 for a scalp treatment I did not ask for, I will definitely be making my point know to someone real soon here in town.


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    Cheryl W Sep 22, 2009

    Awful Haircut I went into Smarts Style on 9/6/2009 to get a TRIM I told her a TRIM to me that means maybe an inch .My hair was long enough to pull back, just a little TRIM .This haircut was to be $ 17.95 when she was done washing my hair she asked me If I wanted conditioner, well I said yes I always use conditioner.She then asked me what would you like done? DUH!!! I just said a TRIM.She then started to cut my hair, she ran her come down the right side of my head and pulled my earring OUCH .She said oh I'm sorry .Back to the cutting, I could tell that this was going to be a not so good thing, she then caught the same earring again what the He## are you doing, once again she said I'm sorry "yeah right" what ever cut, cut I'm done .I get up to the register and she sez $ 20.95 I said WHAT? she said there is a $3.00 charge for conditioner.I said did you tell me that & she just looked at me like a stupid person would .Later that night when I was getting out of the shower my earring was GONE The second time she ripped it out & I did'nt realize it.I called the next day to see if they found an earring on the floor & they said no.I was so pi##ed I went in & talked to the mgr. I said look at this haircut & she acted like there was nothing wrong. I told her HELEN KELLER could have done a better job.( as the nucklehead that cut my hair the day before) was sitting right there.What do you do hire flunkies???????? How hard is it to trim someones hair. SOOOOOOOOOOOO the other girl tried to fix it end's up I lost about 4 inches.I said what about my earring & she just said NOTHING WE CAN DO ABOUT THAT .I wanted my money back but guess what NO CAN DO .I was so freakin mad I could have just taken a scissors to her hair.I will never never go there again.I can't believe they even stay in business I truly despise that girl Stupid plain stupid. Cheryl W from Lebanon Pa.

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