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order not shipped/visa charged

My complaint is like many other. I ordered some products for a value of nearly $100 on June 23. My order has not come, and the company has not answered my numerous phone calls or e-mails. I did report them tp PayPal, but am wondering what else to do. They really need to be taken to court for this!

Sita, from California

never shipped my order

On May 5, 2009, I ordered Hempz products from totaling $187.91. My VISA card was debited...

haven't received products ordered

Placed an order for Alterna Anti- Aging Seasilk Volume Shampoo and Conditioner ( each 33.8 oz.) on March 23...


If you want to contact Alexander Bederoff personally call [protected]. This is his personal cell phone...

I eventually received ordered products!

After disputing the charges in the bank and threatening them (via email) with legal actions against them - AllState Beauty sent me ordered products. However, I lost my time and nerves going to the bank; writing a letter in order to dispute the charges; trying to contact the company and so on. Even though they eventually turned out not to be a fraud I DON'T RECOMMEND THEM.

  • Ja
    jan st.hill Jun 03, 2016

    order #24822

    Placed order for dinur products: ordered 2 Hydrocare face lotion, rec'd 1 hydrocare lotion. Also ordered: 1 Hydractive 24 (24 hour moisturizer), rec'd 1 hydractive eye and lip wrinle serum. Order was paid with American Express Gold Card.
    Lastly, the order was placed on 4/11/09 and received on May 20, 2009. When I went online to cancel the order a "disclaimer" popped up stating that Allstate Beauty has 4 months to finalize delivery of any orders. This disclaimer did not appear when I placed the order therefore the order was accepted but the terms were deceptive. There are other retailers that can provide the items I ordered. I would not have placed an order with a company that has a 4 month policy to deliver the goods. When ordered all above-mentioned items were listed as "in stock". The total for all the items was $135.66, for that amount of money, as a consumer I'm entitled to a reasonable delivery period and the correct items ordered as well as upfront and clear terms of the transaction.

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unauthorized charges

I ordered $55.00 worth of products. Suppose to receive free shipping on orders over $50.00. Placed my order...

terrible company

I purchased hair product from via Amazon on January 10, 2009. My credit card was charged and I have not received the product. I have sent several emails and tried contacting them via phone only to find that their mailbox is full and therefore cannot leave a message. After reading the other report of a consumer being ripped off I am afraid the same thing has happened to me. There is another company, All State Beauty Products, Inc., also in NY who is being hounded by consumers not receiving their products. is the company to go after - NOT 'All State Beauty Products, Inc.' I am also contacting Amazon to take them off of their supplier list.

  • Ms
    mstygirl Jun 09, 2016

    I ordered products and never received them. Of course when you call no one is ever there to answer phones, they do not respond to email. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, hopefully they will help me either get my products or my money back. What a bunch of crap. I should have investigated here before attempting to buy anything from them..

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  • Ms
    mstygirl Jun 09, 2016

    Same here, I filed with BBB, hopefully they will help. I threatened them with legal action and they still have not responded..

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  • Me
    Melina Jun 09, 2016

    My account was charged and I never received the products I ordered. They have not answered my calls, voicemail or emails...

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  • Ra
    RaNae Taylor Jun 09, 2016

    I ordered from Allstate Beauty on 6/23/09, was billed for product but I have yet to receive my order as of 8/18/09.

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  • Jm
    J.MOreno Jun 09, 2016

    I ordered several hair products from ALLState Beauty on4/9/09 and I haven't received it yet as of 04/27/09

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  • Dj
    dj-NE Jun 09, 2016

    I placed an order with allstate beauty. The website stated that the product was in stock and they would ship it the next day. My credit card was charged for the full amount and the product was never shipped. I contacted them via phone and email. Finally they responded to my email stating that they would cancel my order and refund my credit card in full, immediately. It is now 3 months later and I have yet to see a credit on my account. I have sent several other emails to them, asking about my credit, as well as disputing the amount with the credit card company. I would not suggest anyone do business with them! I believe this company is a fraud and they steal your money. If you look on the BBB site, they are not certified, but there is information about who the owner of the company is.

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  • Re
    Renee Jun 09, 2016

    Do not order products from this company!!! They charge you for products and then do not deliver or ship. There customer service line is non-existant and goes straight to voicemail. This is a scam. ORDER YOUR PRODUCTS FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE!

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  • Ca
    Carol Alcott Jun 09, 2016

    On 06/19/09 I sent an order for products totaling $61.05. After contacting them I received an e-mail stating that the order would not be shipped and I should look for a total refund to show up in my account within 5 to 7 business days. I am still waiting.

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