Sleep Number Corporationi10 split king bed with adjustable base

To who it may concern,

I am writing you because I purchased my bed in Oct 2018. I have had nothing but trouble with the bed. It looses all the air randomly, the bed app and remote I bought do not sync with the bed 90% of the time. Last night my foot warmer came on randomly and it was extremely hot. Hotter than it as ever gotten before. I had to put a blanket in between my feet and the bed. It was scary because I couldn't turn it off and couldn't reach the plug to unplug it. I have been unhappy with the bed since we have gotten it. The problems just keep getting worse. I would have returned the bed and frame but I was told that you would not return the frame. Well your sales person didn't tell us that. He told us as your commercials also say that it is a 100% money back guaranteed satisfaction. Which I was dumb enough to take him and your commercials at their word. My husband also has three compressed disc in his back. And this bed is extremely uncomfortable for him. It loses air in the middle of the night, makes him sleep in a V-shaped. Which is extremely harmful to his back. I would appreciate it if you guys would contact me regarding this issue.

Oct 08, 2019

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