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select comfort could be paying for heart surgery! haha

I have read through many of the complaints on here and I have an original. :) My sleep number adjustable bed...

poor quality

I recently purchased the I9 bed from Sleep Number. The bed was not the quality of bed used in their store/showrooms. The bed was very cheaply made and caused my husband and I both back and neck problems. The mattress pad zipper was broken within 2 days of use...the air chambers would not hold their settings for anytime and you would have to adjust them. You could feel the foam side and center walls under you. When my husband got into the bed I felt as if I were laying on a giant air bubble (like an old waterbed) and it wasn't supposed to do that since we had separate air chambers. We were so dissatisfied with this bed we contacted customer service after 4 nights to ship it back...we were told we HAD to sleep on it for a FULL 30 nights before we could return it. We (after the 3rd complaint) were finally given the RMA # to return it. We had to pay out of our own pocket nearly $500 shipping to return the bed. This has been the worst shopping experience EVER. Please don't make the same mistakes we did!!! Don't buy their product...it is NOT the quality you see in store.

  • Ka
    Kathy Keith Sep 17, 2010

    We purchased the sleep number bed and after a few nights, ended up sleeping on our guest bed because we were told we had to sleep on it for 30 days. Finally, we were able to reurn it after a return fee of $180.00. We were so so disssatified with such a advertising gimick. Don't buy this bed! We purchased a regular mattress from Beauty Rest and are very happy.

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  • Ma
    Marilyn Silverman Sep 03, 2012

    I purchased a sleep number bed and the quality is so poor! After sleeping on it for six months I decided to zip open the mattress top and found the form bed topper was already tearing in the area where I sleep mostly. Sleep number sent me a new pad but same cheap form so I am sure it will happen again. It was a real pain trying to replace the form pad and trying to get the old pad back in the box to return to sleep number. MY ADVICE IS DON"T BUY ANY SLEEP NUMBER BEDS!!!

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worn out in several spots hurts back worse than before

I purchased my bed 2 years ago and it is worn out in several places. i have tried replacing the foam from one...


One thing you must know BEFORE you purchase a Sleep Number bed (SNB) is there is NO REPAIR SERVICE if...

bad pump & crushed side rail

We purchased a Select Comfort Queen 5000 3 years ago. We spent over $2000. The bed was making a squeaking noise. Upon inspection, the side rail was crushed at the corner at the head of the bed. They considered this a bed defect. To replace it is $42. The pump went out and to replace it- $126. The warrenty is pro rated. A bed costing over $2000 should last longer than 3 years. At the time, we also purchased 2 - 3000 full size beds and a 3000 twin. Would never recommend this bed/company.

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advertisement is a scam

Purchased approximately $2000 King size bed from Select Comfort in January of 2009. Cannot get mattress to stay properly inflated and bed shows depressions caused by the body on either side. Cannot get the hard center line out of the mattress. Have installed lifts under the air chambers to no avail. Numerous complaints to Customer Service and have elevated to managers(at least that is what I have been told) with no resolution for the problem. I consider the advertisement to be not truthful and that the warranty is usless. I am a very unhappy client. Someone in Select Comfort needs to contact me and resolve this situation now!!!

led numbers on sending unit for pump


We bought our Sleep Number bed( Expanded Queen with two sending units to the pump) in April 2005. Several of my friends bought beds too, and they also are very happy. The bed has been a godsend for our sleep. In October of 2007, we noticed the LCD on both number sending units (as did my friends) was only showing part of the numbers. Thankfully that unit was recalled for all of us and you all replaced them.

Last week, May 7th, we noticed the LCD on the replaced unit (one sending unit only) was again fading and only showing part of the numbers. It is very hard to believe that for such an awesome product that these parts are failing again. Will you please explain why?

Please help me get this rectified. I called your customer care folks – who were very nice but we were not satisfied that they said that this warranty on this pump unit we got in October 2007 reverted back to the original date the bed was bought. Parts replaced on our car or for our washing machine are given warranty from the date it was replaced. We also were told if we purchase a new pump unit with the now remote number senders, it will have a 30 day warranty. Our concern is this unit will also start to fail.

  • Da
    Davis K Jul 07, 2009

    I completely agree, I am on my second remote, and that is also fading its LCD display, and Sleep number will not cover it fully. This is a serious problem, and I am not sure what causes the issue, as the remotes are not used that often.

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can't sleep; pain

My parents bought themselves, and me, sleep number beds a couple years ago. Their's has a thick pillow top, mine does not.
I have held my complaints in because I dodn't want to seem ungrateful. But, I lose more and more sleep, and wake up in more and more pain. I have to let it out.
I have the Queen Size, 3000 model. There is minimal padding between you and the air chaimbers, therefore if your 'sleep number' is l0w because you like a soft matress, the heaviest parts of your body rest on the plastic 'box spring.' It causes uneccessary pain on your hips and lower back. The same thing occurs if you raise the 'sleep number, ' because then it is too firm and putting pressure where you don't need any.
Although the pain starts at the lower back, it rises to the shoulders and neck before long.
At first, I was going to try and order a pillow top to solve my issues (since my fols have one and don't complain) but the Select Comfort Reps told me it would cost $700, because the pillow top can't be sold seperately, meaning you have to buy the whole shell.
Forget that noise. I can get a great whole matress for that kind of cash and sleep like a baby.
Also, you tend to rolls towards the middle of the bed, which provokes more discomfort if sleeping with a partner.
Please don't be fooled, guys. You can go out and spend $50 on a regular air matress and be more comfortable than you can on the Sleep Number.

  • Li
    LINDA LOMBARDI Sep 30, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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worst bed on the market

I purchase this product to replace a water bed. I wanted the flexibility that the sleep number system should give.

About 24 months after purchasing the product the bottom literaly fell out of the bed. Once entire side had ripped loose. I called Select Comfort and that used the warantee to replace the under cover with a small charge.

Now another 18 mnoths has gone by and the top zipper has broken as well as the bottom being torn out again. The bed is now held together with good old duct tape. (picture attached).

You might ask how this happened. I do not have the bed in a full frame, just on a support sold to me by the dealer. This support can allows the mattress to slide. Moving the mattress back onto the frame

In short, to use this system does require a Hollywood type frame, or a water bed frame.

bed sucks cant sleep

my husband and i purchased this miserable bed because he had lumbar fusion surgery and thought if he could...

8 comments Islip Terrace Mattresses

bad product

One thing you must know BEFORE you purchase a Sleep Number bed (SNB) is there is NO REPAIR SERVICE if something goes wrong with your bed. If something breaks they will send you the part(s) but you have to make the repair yourself. I own a King size SNB (7000 series). Even before you get any new parts YOU have to diagnose the problem by crawling under your bed and troubleshooting. If you are disabled like I am and no one else in the household to do this for you that is difficult. I called the home office in Minniapolis (Bill McGlaughlin is the CEO) and his assistant (Chad, employee #89638 and it was his choice to tell me his employee number; I didn't ask and he was not very nice) had a very canned statement about the repair of my bed and it was, if it's broke and you can't fix it, TOUGH! They are happy to send out parts but if you want someone to come fix it they will call the people that delivered and set up the bed and it will cost $150 each time they have to come out. As far as the comfort of this bed; we have had it about a year; it tends to sink in the place where you lay and then there are higher places on each side of where you lay so if you don't get right back in the rut your body had made you do roll back into that spot because of the hill on each side of you. My husband is terminally ill with cancer and I purchased this bed so he could hopefully have ultimate comfort during his struggle--it was a bad-expensive idea. Keep this in mind if you are thinking about purchasing one of these beds--folks they are NOT WORTH IT! PS: the problem with my bed is the chambers will not hold the air. We put it on the setting we want and in a few days the air has gone down. Even if they sent me new chambers, they come in a small box; I would have to inflate (??how) them and on a King Size bed they are huge once inflated, disassemble the bed (zippers padding, foam), put the chambers in the bed, reassemble the bed--it's a lot of hard work. IT TOOK TWO YOUNG MEN TO ASSEMBLE THE BED TO BEGIN WITH (and that's another story, they knocked a TV off of a table with one of the air chambers when they installed the bed and caused over $1, 000 damage to my home), what makes them think that a disabled person could do this alone.

Another twist to this story, they knocked a TV off of a table, tore a hole in the window treatment on the door that the technician fell into with one of the air chambers when they inflated them and caused over $1, 000 (more like $1500) damage to my home---what makes them think that a disabled person could do this alone. Because I had the forsight to get in touch with the District Manager while the technicians were still in my home and because I put it all in writing while they were here and had them sign what they had done, I was able to recover money to replace the window treatment, not the TV as I could not find one like it since it was about 6 years old. They "reluctantly gave me a set of sheets" which are not what they are priced to be (they feel like sandpaper even though they say the thread count is high).

the stores and parts

i've been to several stores and none of them carry any replacement parts. first i have been having problems with one matress and the air pump. also the side supports are breaking down and starting to sag. i was going to at one time buy a new pillow top because the one i got i don't find all that comfortable. but as i can't find not one store that carries the tops . and with all the other parts breaking down im very disappointed. i was in florida when i first saw the sleep number bed. thought it was great and would help on my bad back. when the bed was of better quality and working right it was good. but now i dont find it all good, as i dont feel it is working up to what i had first bought. oh and by the way the remote doesn't work that great either (some times it does and some time it doesn't) sign disappointed in new hampshire

can't sleep can't return it!

We bought a $3000 Sleep Number bed and it's no better than out 10 year old Sealey Posturepedic. I read on their website to try it for 30 days then you have 15 days to return it. So we try it and within a week we aren't sleeping any better, actually we're sleeping worse! So 3 weeks in I call but they're closed on Sundays. Now the website say I have 15 days after the 30 days to call them for return so I give it another week. I call again and this time they're closed due to bad weather. I call a few day later and finally get some one on the phone. He says you needed to call on Monday and it's Saturday so they won't take it back! I said but the website said 45 days! Thats' the new policy, you bought it under the old policy I had to call within the 30 days, You bought it 1 day before the new policy started. Now keep in mind they don't delivery my bed for another 13 days, 12 days after the new policy kicks in. So I ask to speak to a supervisor, the guy says " I the highest person working today, there is no supervisor on duty. I tell Him I'll call back and talk to a supervisor on Monday. I'm so angry by now that I decide to try a different 800 number (remember I spent $3000 on this thing I expect better service than this). I get through and ask if a supervisor is on duty, this guy says yes one moment. A guy named John comes on and says he a supervisor can he help me. He says he'll take it back do I want to spend $199 to have them pick it up or ship it to them myself? I decide to pay the $200 to get it over with and he puts me on hold. Long story short he comes back online and says "you've had it more then 30 days and he won't take it back. What a jerk!
I hang up, call my credit card company and file a dispute. Never never buy from Select Comfort, once they got your money, they won't give it back.

poor quality

I purchased Sleep Number bed 4 years ago and have been sleeping in a hole for the past two years.

The king size mattress sags in the middle where the two air mattresses come together. There is a foam pad that is 2" thick that is between the mattresses.

I called customer service and they wanted to send me a "riser" for the middle of the bed. Are you kidding me!!

After two years, a mattress should not sag in the middle.

I wake up struggling to get to the "high" side of the bed, with my back hurting. Their claims for a perfect night sleep is a bunch of bull. I keep reading similar complaints, in fact the exact same problem.

Customer service made it sound like it was my fault because I sleep alone in a king bed. But, I sleep on the right side. I'm only forced in the middle by the sloping inward mattress!

This bed and the warranty sucks! The company's profits must be so high that they don't need to find a solution. Just keep pumping out commercials of how great the product is to drown out the facts: 1) poor quality, 2) not durable, 3) warranty is not sufficient, 4) defects appear after 2 years where no shipping is paid and maybe the customer won't complain.

Nice try.

If anyone has this same problem, email me: [protected]@netscape.com I will gladly join you in a class action suit!

false advertising

I'v had a Sleep Number Bed AKA Select Comfort (why did they change the name of the company?) for almost four years & if I could sell it I would, but it seems no one in this small town wants one as I have advertised it twice and for a very low price. They all must have read this complaint board. You cannot sleep on this bed when one side is adjusted for firm & the other for soft, one partner is going to roll all night or keep a death grip on their side of the bed so they don't.
Also you can't snuggle as there is a very hard separater in the middle of the bed, it's a rip off to say the least...And if I have to watch that Lindsey Wagner on TV spewing garbage lies about how wonderful this bed is just one more time I think I'll pack mine up and send it to her!!!

  • Sw
    swtdf Aug 19, 2009

    I have had a sleep number bed for a little over three years. One side did not hold a steady pressure almost from day one. At about two months old, I called their service dept. and got the basic runaround ( baramatic pressure changes, body temp. changes, etc. ) I was told to keep a sleep log to solve the problem. I gave up with them and just lived with the problem, but for the last year or more I haven"t able to last the night on it. I finally broke down and called them again and was told that it would cost apx. $150.00 for a used part with no warranty.
    I was finally transferred to a supervisor with the only identification of (A J) and told me that they fulfilled their part of the contract, (shipping the bed) and I could not send them my beds control head for inspection and or repair because they don't repair them, but they would give me a thirty day warranty on one they refurbished for the $150 with tax and shipping even though the problem may be in the matress. Time for a new bed, and learn from a $2800 mistake instead waisting more money on such a poor product with such poor company support after the sale. Lets all ask Rush L., how its workin out for him now?

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20 year warranty

I bought a sleep number bed about 8 years ago, we loved the bed and promoted it to everyone that was looking...

poor product severe back pain

My husband and I bought a select comfort bed in 1998. The bed was fine for about a year or two then it started to have problems keeping air in the chambers especially my husbands side. The center began to sink leaving no support. Trying to pump more air into it did not help the matter at all. Now both sides are sinking in the middle.We bought two pumps, the second one was refurbished costing 120.00. still problems. These beds are not cheap ours cost about 1500 dollars.We have a multitude of back problems that are costing us money, their customer service people are extremely rude they are ripping people off bigtime. NO MORE SELECT COMFORT BEDS FOR US.

  • Pe
    Peter Dec 12, 2008

    Bought bed in Jan 2007. Since purchase have had to replace 2 pumps, 2 sleep chambers and placed some lift under mattress. Complete ripoff. Bed sleep experience has no consistency. The customer service people are like speaking to women from an alternate universe, they keep repeating over and over the same mantra of well sir we have done all we can to make your sleep experience as comfortable as possible. Basically their warranty is a hollow one that doesn't give two hoots if you are satisfied or not with the sleep experience. Don't buy one of these disasters!

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  • Ba
    bajaskier Dec 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They must have reduced the quality. W e bought ours in the fall of 2002 and it has been trouble free. I did hear that they have reduced the qulaity of the bladders.

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  • La
    Laurie Dec 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I love my Sleep Number bed, have not had any problems with it

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  • Ch
    Chicagoguy Feb 10, 2009

    I could not agree more! We purchased our bed less than 2 months ago, both long rails on the foundation buckled! My wife and I are normal sized people so no excuse. They set new standards for not caring about customers!

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  • Lo
    lorelei739 Feb 23, 2010

    This bed sucks! It sags terribly in the middle and doesn't hold air. I have tried calling and emailing these people to no avail. They tell me that because I am a single person that I should have bought the 'bed' design for a single person! PLEASE! there is supposedly a warranty, but they continue to say that I have to buy this, or buy that piece of extra foam - I hate this bed - unfortunately like the others that have commented here - it was so expensive, now I can afford another bed. DON'T BUY SELECT COMFORT!!!

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back problems

I agree with everyone the bed is a piece of crap. I spent $3500.00 on the bed 3 years age the middle sinks in the left remote doesn't show the numbers, my back problems are worse my husband can't sleep and is grochy all the time. I hope they take it off the market soon, I made the mistake of telling my grandparents that I loved the bed after owning it for 4 months so she bought one too, now she has major sleep and health problems .

poorly manufactured

I have read many complaints and having experienced there customer service first hand I would never purchase...

awful product

This company should be put out of business. Please do not trouble yourself with this company. We purchased a Sleep Number 5000 on July 20, 2008 along with 2 pillows, and a mattress pad. We did not receive our bed until August 15, 2008. We were told delivery would be within 7 - 14 days. When they finally arrived to set up our bed, they informed me that the legs and headboard brackets were not on the truck, and that they would have to put the bed on the floor, and order them. Once they arrived, I would have to call customer service, and schedule a time to have them come install them. In the meantime, we had to use our new bed, on the floor, pushed away from the wall so the pump could be used. We have an infant, and it is very hard, and uncomfortable to get up and down off of a bed that is on the floor holding an infant. Especially for my husband who has had back surgery. So for the first 2 weeks, we were not feeling any benefits from this bed.
Finally on August 29th, they came back and put the legs on. That morning, in anticipation of the bed being taken apart anyway, I washed all the bedding, including the new mattress pad. After spending $299 on a mattress pad, you would expect it to last. Not so with this one. It started coming apart, and this was the first time it was washed. My husband called, and they agreed to replace it, but would not refund our money. I still have not opened the new one. I feel like we should receive a refund. I do not want to have to pay $299 for something that is so cheaply made and going to fall apart. All they will say is that they have a no refund policy.
Now, back to the bed problems. Even with the bed at the proper height, we have not been able to notice that it is helping. My husband has been waking up feeling worse than he did with our old innerspring mattress. When inflated all the way, it fills as if you are on a bubble of air. When you adjust it to find your sleep number, you fall into a hole, and can feel the plastic foundation below. You have to constantly adjust your sleep number to the position you are laying in. If you are laying on your side, and roll to your back, the number will change.
After deciding we did not want to pay all this money for such a horrible bed, we called to return it within our "30 Day Trial". Well folks, guess what. They never tell you that when they say the trial is risk free that they are full of it. When you call for a RMA number, you are informed that you are responsible for paying return shipping, or for paying for a pick up. And get this. They charged us $149 to deliver and set up, and take our old mattresses and dispose of them. They are charging us $200 to pick them up. OMG! Why is it more expensive for less work. I mean to pick up you don't have to dispose of my old mattresses again. I have looked through all of our paperwork, and nowhere does it state that we will be charged for return shipping should we decide during the trial that we do not like the bed. I did, however, finally find that statement. It was in the book that the delivery men left called "Welcome to Your Sleep Number Bed". Wasn't it nice of them to leave me the complete return policy, after delivery. We won't even go into the fine print on the warranty and how it is all prorated. So don't even let the 20 year warranty fool you.
Needless to say, I would not recommend anyone purchase a Sleep Number bed. Your money would be better spent on a traditional mattress.

  • Jo
    Jody Oct 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, we have the sleep number bed and the only way not to feel like your sleeping on a slope is to air the mattress up all the way. If you don't you feel as if you are both sinking towards the middle of the bed! (The outer foam sides are taller than the middle between the mattress) Don't waste your money(almost $1, 200 for ours) was wasted

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  • Je
    Jells Jan 30, 2011

    Personally, I think mine has been a great product, from the delivery and setup to now (2 years later).

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  • Je
    Jells Jan 30, 2011

    I think some people are paid by the competition to complain.

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  • Ma
    maximum Jun 24, 2011

    At least make some realistic complaints that are believeable. Select comfort beds are the best bed period!! gregory

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