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poor quality

Cheap piece of crap for $2, 750 and they will not discuss a return. They immediately offered a piece of foam to fix one complaint so obviously this is an ongoing problem for them. Wrote letters to the CEO and he did not respond.

  • Sl
    sleepnumberjim Feb 19, 2010

    Hi, I work for Select Comfort in customer service. We’re very sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with your bed. Not knowing which model you own, or how long you’ve had it, I can’t speak specifically to the return policy as some of our beds have a 30 night in-home trial and some beds such as our closeout models, are exchange-only. Because our beds allow two people to set the firmness to their own preference, if one likes it very soft and the other likes it very firm, this can understandably create a “high” and “low” side. To correct this we have foam inserts that will level out the two sides. We don’t send these out with every bed because most couples don’t need them, but if someone calls us and informs us of a high side/low side situation, it’s the first thing we recommend.

    We do take the feedback of our customers very seriously at Select Comfort, and will do all we can to resolve your issues and get you sleeping better. Please give us a call at 1-800-472-7185 so we can help.

    Jim Freund

    Select Comfort Customer Service

    I’m a 40!

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black mold

Thanks to SEVERAL other reviews on the Select Comfort Sleep Number beds that indicated the BLACK MOLD...

defective product

I bought my bed from a mattress firm. They told me that the bed was exactly the same as the sleep number but it is not. The bed had torn in three spots after 5 months of owning it

At first, the bed just wasn't comfortable and we can't figure out why.. we went to the sleep number store, got our numbers (which were wrong from mattress firm) and we were sleeping better but the bed wasn't quite right..

Bed started deflating every night - 2 years into it (of course when the warranty was pro-rated) I am not giving them any more money.. so now.. we are stuck with a broken pump - plastic rotted and tubes finally fell out, two air chambers that don't hold air.. one has a hole (which we didn't put in it).. (have a pillow top impossible to penetrate), box spring is broken, the wood has cracked and it slopes inward, the stiching has wripped out of the bed and the bottom of the box spring.. it is such a mess that we don't sleep on the bed anymore, 4, 250 down the drain.

sorry bed over priced

My husband and myself purchased a sleep number bed. It was the top of the line. This bed has never been what...

return policy

My husbands father ordered a Sleep Number Bed. He had it for the 30-day in home trial period. Two weeks into his "ownership", he died of a sudden heart attack while doing yard work. My husband is very distressed by his fathers passing and has been assigned to handle his fathers estate matters. He contacted the company soon after his fathers passing and was basically told that the contract stands and unless they have ALL of the appropriate paperwork from the courts, and that we are held liable for the bed and payments. The courts and estate settlements take a "process" and there is no way to have all of the documentation this company requires, in such a short period of time. (Not to mention the fact that we live over 1, 000 miles away from the estate.) This company lacks ANY compassion for our situation.

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deceptive &free& in home trial

We decided to try this "Free" in home trial. We were very disappointed. Did not like having to check the air pressure constantly. They dont tell you until after you get it in your home that the air pressure may flutuate up to 10 lbs. Then when we decided that we no longer wanted a bed we could not just jump in to and sleep we called to return it. They charge you $59.99 to have it shipped to your home and on the receipt you sign they state you have to pay for shipping if it is returned. Not only do you pay the shipping to your home but they charge you to ship it back at $29.99 per box which came to over $150.00. Also do not let them talk you in to a Luxlayer top because it is NOT part of the mattress and considered an assessory so you will be stuck with it.

the bed does not work!!!

First of all the remote stops on any given number so that my 87 yr old grandmother cannot even use the bed. My husband got her the bed so that so could get in and out of the bed easier on her own.

My grandmother is quite mobile. However, when a company promises all that they have in this bed and it doesn't do its job it is completely useless, horrible, unbearable for my grandmother.

In addition, when my grandmother called your company to try and resolve the issues w / her bed your agent on the phone told my 87 yr old grandmother to: unzip the bed, push some buttons and release all of the air out of the bed to start the bed all over again!!!

If that is how you are going to run your company. . . Why don't you send your 80 yr old grandmother or father out to repair all of these beds?

i10 mattress

We just spent our first night on our new bed. We chose to set it up ourselves and while the set up was simple, we did encounter a few problems. We have an expensive wooden 4 poster king size frame with a center board. Our bed came with a king size coverlet for the foundation which will not work with our bed frame. We need 2 twin XL coverlets. The foundation is in 2 pieces, why not the coverlet? We also did not receive all the foam which is placed on top of the air bladder. I called customer service this morning and waited 10 minutes before I was able to speak with someone. I explained the problems and was told the missing foam would be sent and should arrive in 7 to 10 days. The customer service rep. agreed to exchange the coverlet and then told me I would have to pay the UPS charge to ship the old coverlet back. I then suggested he could have his $5000 bed shipped back and the UPS charge disappeared. I asked if UPS would pick up the old coverlet and was told I could take it to a UPS store or pay $10 for UPS pickup. I live 25 miles away from the closest UPS store. Also, I set my side at 60, my husband at 45, when we woke, my side was 45 and my husbands was 25. I have just finished reading a LOT of testimonials that are not complimentary of the bed or the company. At this point, I have to agree with the poor customer service comments. I am still on the fence about the bed. Hopefully I have not made a $5000 mistake.

prorate warranty

It has been almost 3 years now and our dual air chambers have separated leaving a gap in the middle with no...

worst bed ever

My i8 double bed (one chamber)was delivered on Sept. 1, 2009 and the pains in my neck and shoulders started the first night. First off, I was very disappointed on how cheap the mattress looked; very thin and not at all like the nice plush one like I tried at the store. That was bad but the pain and lack of sleep was the worst part.
I could not figure out how the bed was so comfortable as I fell asleep only to wake up in pain several times a night until I started checking my number remote. That is when I found out the numbers were going up or down on their own and I do not mean a small fluctuation. My number was 30 and one night it was up to 90 and one morning it was at 0. It went everywhere between too. The bed was not near an outside wall or a air condition vent either. It was just possessed.
In the first 21 days I called the store I bought it from twice and the main office twice. I was told a lot of advice on fixing the problem from keeping a sleep journal to setting the number and unplugging the pump. I did it all but nothing worked. On the 21st day I could not take it another night and called to return the mattress as the contract states you can. Well, I was informed after a long discussion that I HAD to sleep on it for 30 days before I could return it. I told the rep that I was in serious pain and was sleeping 3 to 4 hours a night and I could not take it. She said sorry you have to wait until Oct 1. That is what I did and today they finally came to take it away 40 horrible nights later! I would have danced for joy if I wasn't in so much pain still. Beware that if you do purchase a mattress from Select Comfort you will have to keep it 30 days no matter what. I have learned my lesson and I am truly looking forward to sleeping on my new inner spring mattress tonight!

  • Da
    Dave Ladely Aug 01, 2011

    Sleep number has upgraded their mattresses in early 2011. They added a dual zipper which keeps the bladders together, which pretty much eliminated the depressed area that had existed in the middle. An earlier upgrade was an improvement of the remote control, which stabilized the settings. I added a 2" king sized memory foam topper, installed it over both bladders of my queen size bed, and extended it down the sides, so that it was a continuous topper underneath the quilted mattress cover; since it covered the foam sides, the feel of the sides disappeared. Now, the bed feels very much like a high quality traditional mattress, but with the ability to alter the firmness. I have a place in southern Mexico that I may get another bed for, since it doesn't feel hot, and is very light for taking as baggage, though now with fees.

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matress pad not fire code compliant

I called the sleep number company to ask about replacing the main mattress pad & slipcover. Its $800+. They...

poor product

I bought a queen size sleep number bed at our local mall from the Select Comfort store. Worst $1800 I have ever spent. I was disappointed to find out you had to pay shipping UPS and set it up yourself unless you wanted to still pay more money after the purchase price. Set up was complicated, bad directions, pics didn't help any. My bed keeps adjusting the pressure up and down even after double clicking as the guide says to keep the level at that rate. You can go to bed at a 60 and wake up at 15 or 90. I find myself still moving from bed to bed in our house because I hate this overpriced air mattress. Whatever side I lay on - my hip aches after a few hours. I did not get a 3o day trial as they said this was a SPECIAL deal, price, etc. I could only trade up. So bottom line, $1800 gone, no trial period, and stuck with a mattress that I wouldn't even let my guest sleep on as a air mattress.

  • Cr
    Crazycontractor Feb 10, 2010

    Sounds to me like this product is WAY over priced. Yet your company takes a VERY laxed view regarding complaints! A product that cost this much money should have the merchant bending over backwards to completely satisfy the customer.

    I was prepaired to buy this bed until I read this article...NO WAY NOW! I will also discuss this topic with my friends considering this product. You guys are as bad as Toyota and all other business raping the public of what money we have left!! Be ashamed.

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  • Ke
    Keff912 Feb 20, 2010

    I plan to purchase the p2 model queen for my fiance and me this week. I cannot find a comfortable bed for the life of me. I had a 1500 dollar tempur pedic that flattened in the middle and turn me INTO a rock while trying to sleep instead of sleeping like a rock. It became impossible to turn once laying in it.

    So I perfectly understand why you are upset as I would be, as well. However, with logic in mind, did you accept the trade-up exchange to eliminate the possibility that it was that particular bed and/or simply a "lemon"?

    I know how much it sucks. Having Tempur Pedic tell me the warranty was good for years then come to find out that "normal wear" should be expect (surely w/ any bed, it is expected to depreciate in its comfort-providing efficiency--what bed doesn't-- but not after only 40 weeks!)
    TempurPedic uses (as per THEIR ADDS) material design technology utilized by NASA to withstand the extreme g-force experience during space shuttle to lift-off-to orbit (that's 8 minutes!), so that was my bad to overlook that. Its design has no built-in qualities aimed at maintaining its memory-cells' longevity, in my case. But I never bought a new one b/c its the same material.

    SC's beds come with different materials options. Give it a try. If you already have, how is the new one? I certainly don't want to be blowing 2 grand on another failure of a bed =) How did our early ancestors survive!

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  • Ma
    madonnab Oct 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I spent just under $1800 to discover I had a crap bed. NO RETURNS WHATSOEVER after 45 days, but no where does it say that! So you're left with the impression that a return would be possible. Buyer's remorse is all you will get from Select Comfort unless you are prepared to spend well over $2000 for a bed that may or may not work. The low end models don't even have a "sleep number" which is a point of hilarity when speaking to a CSR.

    Consumer be aware!

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  • Ka
    Kathy and Alan Jan 20, 2012

    My toper caved in and the air compressor went out, all they could say is it is out of warranty, Sleep Number beds SUCK

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  • Co
    Coastalks Jul 23, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We have a Sleep Number and paid dearly for it. This awful bed has caused me to have severe back pain and I find I cannot sleep on the bed all night. I complained to the company and they have offered to tell me what number I should use for sleeping. I have personally tried every number and they don't work. The lower numbers sag the bed the higher numbers make it harder then needed. There is no comfortable sleep number. They refuse to help further without me paying gobs of money and we have already spent over $3000. I would like people to know that the 'sleep number family' is crap and liars.

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hoax warranty

I paid almost $2000 for a 5000 series king size Select Comfort bed about 10 years ago. I was told repeatedly that it was a good investment because of their 20 year warranty. Well yesterday the pump failed and my bed deflated - flat. Select Comfort so called "customer service" was happy to inform me that their "limited warranty" covered 50% of the cost to replace the pump. How much is the pump?? $450.00, so I only had to pay $225 plus $20 shipping to get my bed back. What a hoax. This is a small, plastic, low pressure, electric air pump worth probably $75 retail. By comparision, I just replaced the core unit to my central vac system for $240. Last year I replaced the pump for my pool filter, $180. These are high power, high output pumps many times the power and pressure of this little plastic hunk of junk that Select Comforts has the audacityto say is worth $450. DON'T GET BENT OVER AND SCEWED. STAY A WAY FROM SELECT COMFORT - THEY ARE SMUG AND DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS.

cheaply made

These are cheap beds. Do not waste your time. Once you purchase, all of their "friendly" customer support dissapears. A sleep number bed is just an overpriced air mattress. You can not sleep next to the person in bed with you since the middle is a one foot section of foam that squishes down. The 30 day home trial means that you must keep the cheaply made over glorified camping air mattress for a minimum of 30 days before you can get it returned. Buyer Beware!

terrible bed

I purchased a select comfort 7000 series bed and it has been the worst bed I have ever slept in. I keep reading about people wanting to bring a class action law suit against this company and I think we really need to do it. I am going to contact a lawyer today. I have had my crappy bed for 5 years now it has broken three times. They kept sending me the wrong parts. And it is not easy to have to fix this bed yourself. Well the third time it broke I went to unzip everything and found MOLD on the air chambers. I have been gettting sick lately and now I know why. I have been suffering for months with sinus problems, sore throats, eye problems, coughing, and now I know why. MOLD from this terrible bed. I called the company and there are going to send me all new replacement parts, but I went out yesterday and got a new mattress. I am saving the old one with the mold on it for this lawsuit. I wake up feeling worse in the morning than I did when I went to sleep. My back and head ache. I want my 3000.00 dollars back and we all need to come together and sue this company. I dont want anyone to have to go through what I have gone through.

  • Fi
    firefighterwek Dec 22, 2009

    Im in.. I can't stand them.. I haven't had a good nights sleep in 3 years.

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  • Ch
    Chula Vista Jan 19, 2010

    January, 19, 2010
    Please contact me when moving forward with this lawsuit. I was on several inhalers, sick for several months until we discovered the mold in our mattress. Wow, what a difference a bed makes...no more inhalers once that bed was out of the house!
    We have 2 select comfort beds packaged to be returned for refund and I held on to them with hopes of a lawsuit.

    I can be reached at [email protected]
    Feel free to contact.

    Sincerely, Sylvia Tapia
    San Diego, California

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  • Si
    SickfromSleepnumber Aug 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a new Select Comfort bed, bought May 2010. The day we set it up, oh the smell...but no worries, its new, out of packaging, will go away...well within 10 days I had a massive respiratory infection, WOKE UP CHOKING on mucas, then bronchitis. Now, 3 months later, every single night I take Tussinex. I told my doctor, who said I have massive swelling of sinuses. Said this only happens at night right? Did you get a new bed??? I said YES, 3 months ago, well we checked my infection down to the day, and guess what, BINGO!
    I am on prednisone and rhinocort, slept decent first night without coughing, choking in months. I am calling the company and they will refund. I definately want in on a class action, they KNOW this has been an issue. [email protected] Rebecca

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  • Ed
    edwardo151 Jun 03, 2015

    We bought a 7000 in 2008 and I never had a good nights rest on my side. Wake up weith back pains etc. so we are selling it. Paid over $4000 for it and selling for $250. Sleep Number beds are a rip off and nothing but a high dollar junk air mattress.

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outrageous cost of replacement part

I'm writing about the Select Comfort Sleep Number bed. We've had ours for 4 years. We wanted to replace just the pillowtop (top piece that zips off). However, we were told by customer service that we can't buy just the top part, that we have to buy the entire shell and pillowtop with a cost of approximately $700!!! This is ridiculous. I have talked to Customer Service several time and even asked for a supervisor and still no break in price. I think their customer service is terrible. They just want to rip people off!!

  • Aa
    aag5625 Oct 22, 2009

    The mattress is sewn as one piece. I actually have attempted to zip the top cover onto the bottom of several mattresses when I worked for that company. I haven't worked for them in several years. I can honestly say that it is darn near impossible to put two pieces of bed together that were not sewn together at the factory. People need to realize that with a traditional bed, you would never have the opportunity to replace any part of it, so when one thing wears out, you have to get a whole new bed. That said, I worked for the company when the 20 yr warranty was not prorated. I think that it's a shame they have gone to proration but just about every company does. The bed is comfortable if you buy the right one to start with and maintain it. We have had 3 in our family since 1999 and have had almost no issues with any of them. I would recommend buying a piece of quality memory foam if you have a Select Comfort without it and put the foam directly on top of everything, then zip top cover on. It will look odd, but it is more comfortable for us.

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  • Pa
    Pam L. Dec 13, 2010

    I could have written the "complaint." My bed is appx 4 yrs old as well and the pillow top is coming apart in several places (you can see the batting material). I thought I would get a quote for a couple of hundred dollars (and would've swallowed hard at that but would've purchased it), but instead it was quoted $641.95 plus tax and shipping. When I replied that I thought it was a crazy amount, within 24 hrs I got a one-time offer of $481.70 plus tax and shipping. My god, people, I still have (and use) the Italian mattresses I bought for my twins when they were about 7...they slept on them for 14 years with NO material degradation. Let me also add that I am not a large person. At just under 5'2" and appx 120 lbs, I certainly cannot be THAT much of a strain on this VERY EXPENSIVE bedding.

    To the comment that with a traditional bed one would have to replace the whole thing upon degradation of one part...well, with the cost of the REPLACEMENT of something SO minor on the Select Number bed, one could actually buy a new mattress and box spring (on sale). AND that these mattresses boxes are made purposefully so defective parts alone cannot be easily replaced reflect upon the company's greed and WASTEFULNESS! Why on earth would you want to send to a landfill an ENTIRE mattress box when in actuality it is only the cover that is "garbage." Select Number has a money-making, anti-green racket business philosophy (in my opinion).

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  • Jo
    John Santos May 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I work for a company that makes replacement pillow tops for Select Comfort beds. I am the one who sews them and they fit like a glove. They are $225 with free shipping. It takes specialized mattress factory equipment for the zippers to line up to Select Comfort's unique offset zipper, and we have perfected it. You can talk to someone about your situation and I know that they can custom make anything to solve your problem. The company is Magic Sleeper, and their website is magicsleeper.net.

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  • Ca
    cathybrealtor May 29, 2011

    I'm gonna check out magicsleeper.net

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  • Te
    Tentoumushi Sep 27, 2015

    My problem has been on the bottom of the Select Comfort mattress encasement. The under side is not really a "fabric", it's more like pellon interfacing! Ours is disintegrating (starting after year 5) causing the side supports to bulge out. I have tried sewing it back together but it just splits somewhere else. Instead of the high dollar replacement case I am ordering a generic zippered mattress encasement to fit for $50! I definitely won't be buying another Sleep Number bed!

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can't deliver

Ordered a select comfort tree weeks ago, they won't work with our times for delivery.
My husbanb is only home on friday & Saturday.
They want to deliver Tue. & Thur. they did set a time for this fri. Then called at last min. to say thei'r
truck broke down. They said that they only had one truck for the whole state of Ga.
We told them to rent a uhail. They still came back & said they wouldn't deliver till next Tue.
We finely just gave up, and cancel the bed that we couldn't get delivered

I can't sleep without being in pain!

I very rarely use the word HATE but...I HATE MY BED!! I've been suffering from severe back problems so I...

back problems

I purchased a Sleep Number Bed 18 months ago and haven't slept on it for the last 9 months. The reason? I developed sciatica back pain and leg pain after using it for several months. The pain gradually worsened until I finally realized that the cause of the pain resulted from rolling to the center of our Sleep Number queen mattress. My husband, who always had a bad back, also will not sleep on it. Don't let the one month return policy fool you. It takes time before you eventually realize what it causing the pain. I was actually tightening one side of my body so I wouldn't sink in toward the center of the bed. Complaining to Sleep Number customer service only led to them sending more stupid foam that never solved the problem of sinking into the center. I have worked with a chiropractor and had physical therapy. When I still didn't improve, I ended up at a Doctor of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. I needed traction, physical therapy, pain relievers, and a shot in my spine to finally relieve my pain.. After explaining to the physical therapist what I thought was my problem, he told me to get rid of the bed! He had also purchased a Sleep Number bed, said it was "junk", and gave it to charity.

  • Mi
    MikeJ May 13, 2010

    I have had the same problems with my select comfort bed. The air bed holds the middle of my body up too high regardless of the sleep number used. This causes my back to arch while I'm sleeping and results in back pain all day. I have resorted to sleeping in my old bed with a foam pad on top. That's not perfect, but much better than the high priced select comfort bed. The trench in the middle of the bed is annoying too.

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replacing chamber

We purchased our Select Comfort king bed about 12 years ago. Overall we have been happy with it.
We purchased it before it became "Sleep Number" though it's the same concept.
HOWEVER... We have replaced one chamber AND the pump, and now the other (?) chamber needs replacing (it is deflating now).
We went through the drills they have you do - cap it off and see if it deflates, check the black O ring, switch the hoses, etc.
OK - we have determined (we already knew this) that YES - it needs replacing.
Now we find out that it will cost us over $200 to replace. The last time we replaced the chamber it was $87.
We are NOT willing to do this again and told the company we would be getting a different type of bed, that they would be losing a customer.
"BLAH BLAH BLAH" (think Peanuts when the adults speak)...
We cannot for the life of us understand how/why the price of the chamber would more than double within a few years, as it apparently has.
"But we are covering the pro-rated warranty blah blah up to 35%".
Well - whoop tee doo.
Again - we have been quite pleased but now - are not.
What a shame.

  • Co
    Colorado Consumer Nov 30, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    After the first 3 years with the Select Comfort Double Classic Mattress things started going wrong. In 10 years I have replaced 5 air chambers with each one costing increasingly more. I received a replacement 3 years ago and noticed it was stamped REFURBISHED. At that time I was told that they only replace with refurbished chambers. And yes, I went through the drill every time of switching the air tubes with the chambers, etc. and this is getting increasingly more irritating as I get older. And I really don't need to be quized about having to many electrical appliances close by or an ionizer or weather that changes as reasons for why I have had "so many chambers go flat". If these are issues with these air chambers there should be some sort of disclaimer to the consumer.

    But the last straw was this last call where I was told that if I didn't want a REFURBISHED chamber I could buy a new one for apx $110. I decided to invest this money in a new mattress elsewhere.

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