Skyscanner.netthis company is bad news, stay away

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I reserved 2 rental vehicles in Florida. In the confirmation email from skyscanner, the price for the rentals was higher by 50% than what I had reserved. I canceled the reservations within 7 days of making them. Also the cancellation was more 48 hours prior to the time I was to pick up the vehicles. According to their refund policy, this should have qualified me for a full refund. Instead, they kept $113 of my money! I sent them polite emails asking for their help. Never got a response. This company is bad news. Stay away!

  • Updated by Naiem kalam · Sep 07, 2019

    Please have a look into this for me


  • Ba
    badrugbyplayer Jun 23, 2011

    Hmmm ... Skyscanner do not take bookings, so the complaint is not valid IMO.

    They show prices from lots of different sources and then you click out to make the booking.

    So your issue is with the car hire provider, not skyscanner. Really quite unfair to tarnish their name, given that you did NOT book with them!!

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  • Go
    Goh Suhan Jun 29, 2018

    @badrugbyplayer Skyscanner list travel agents that are frauds like Tripsta
    It's your responsibility to check the vendors that you list for your followers. If you list scam vendors then you are in cahoots with them which makes skyscanner a fraud too.

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  • Sa
    Sam from Jul 06, 2011

    Hi Onida - thanks for your feedback.

    Skyscanner are a comparison site for flights, hotels and car rental.

    We compare hundreds of prices then present these to the user, who then goes on to make their booking directly with the airline/hotel/car rental agency.

    As a comparison site - we at Skyscanner are not involved in any transactions. All bookings are made direct with the supplier, hence this issue should be directed to them rather than Skyscanner.

    However, we have investigated this issue for you which was made with CarTrawler and have found that refunds were made in line with CarTrawler's cancellation policy ( ).

    We believe this has now been resolved, but please contact CarTrawler directly if you have any further issues.

    kind regards

    Sam Baldwin


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  • Bi
    Billy hate scanner Aug 27, 2012

    Skyscanner is unreliable, they do nothing wrong directly, but the facilitate too many false prices. They need a better filtering system as most prices jump 50% when you go to the website.

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  • Ia
    Iain UK Jun 26, 2013 is a useful tool in one way, thou on the otherhand rogue companies use there name to promote cheaper prices. An example is recently i was looking for a direct flight from London heathrow to Hong Kong direct, both British airways and Cathay Pacific came up with good pricing, i cross checked four companies that were trading on there website with consumer reviews and the feedback was appalling. I went to British airways direct for piece of mind and found them to be cheaper. My confidence for using skyscanner in the future is nil void until they regulate who uses there website as there are far to many scam companies.

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  • Rl
    RLH2013 Jul 22, 2013

    Skyscanner, you need to stop from using your site. I have been trying to change my husbands flight for a week and they don't respond. Have called them in office hours and said hey have left for the day. I live in New Zealand and got up due to the time difference. My only option now is to pay for a new ticket. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. Thy also hung up on me 3 times last week for no reason. Best booking directly with an airline which is what I usually do or through reputable companies such as expedia.

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  • Am
    amandabloom2005 Aug 20, 2013

    Skyscanner takes no responsibility when something goes wrong yet. It's too easy, they always say that it's the travel agent's fault. They advertise in tehir website "No hidden fee and no agent fee". I purchased a ticket through skyscanner. The price of the airline was correct and airfrance charged my the correct fee but the travel agent charged $16!. is a SCAM. I contacted both companies and skyscanner sends me to airfrance (they did not do anything wrong they charged what they were supposed to). hop2 says it's a ticketing fee not an agent fee. Nowhere did it say that they was a ticketing fee to be charged. Wither way, they say no hidden fee. = SCAM
    Skyscanner=SCAM unless they oblige their partners to follow the rules.

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  • Qi
    qian Dec 16, 2014

    I booked my tickets via skyscanner, then I need to change my flight date. I checked that Skyscanner is not responsible for changing the flight date. so I emailed to [email protected] last week to get some guidance about how I can change my flight, but up to now, I have not received any email back. It is very urgent!!!

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  • Mi
    MinkersM Jul 24, 2015

    I was scammed on the Sky Scanner website, it looked like I was booking through Alaska but somehow this travel company called travel2be took over the reservation and when I got my receipt is was $150 higher than it should be with no detail of the charges. I was horrified to lear they were in Madrid. It took 24 hours to get a response and they said they were unable to call me, red flag. So I called my bank and am working on a claim. I am still emailing with travel2be trying to get them to reverse the transaction. Total Scam. Once I got the detail, they were charging a bogus service fee and fee for seat selection which would have been free on the Alaska site. Not sure what my bank will do but it was very tricky how the website switched during the transaction.

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  • Ms
    mstrato13 Jul 24, 2015

    William Mumper · Supervisor at Grand Rapids Press
    I just used your site for the 1st time and did not like it. My search from Tampa Fl. to Rockford ILL & area airports, one-way, came up with no results. I know SW fly's from Tampa to Milwaukee Wis. Also, Allegiant fly's from Clearwater to Rockford, ILL. Would these not be surrounding airports. I did a search from Clearwater to Rockford, ILL and your search engine found Allegiant, One-way for $93
    I can get that same flight by going to the Allegiant website for $86. I realize it's a savings of only $7, why would your site not give the $86?? and why does your site not show any flights from Tampa to Rockford, ILL / surrounding airports, Clearwater & Milwaukee??
    Thank you for reading my long winded post:)

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  • Pi
    Pipstop Sep 18, 2015

    I booked flights through Skyscanner and realised I had put Penny rather than Penelope and was advised to cancel the whole booking at a cost of £100 rather than contacting the airline who would have just altered the name over the phone and no one from Skyscanner will respond to my emails and i think their customer service is shocking

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  • Tr
    TriArun Oct 18, 2015

    I booked a flight from Dalian to Singapore, according to the sky scanner the flight Departs from Dalian 8 PM but after booking I received booking confirmation email form Air china where it has the Departs at 8 AM. I dont know how to make time change with Skyscanner got frustrated . I spent a 670 RMB to do the Change with AIrChina customer care. Air China also told they are no way responsible for the mistake done by skyscanner .
    what a bad Customer service they are doing

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  • Re
    Reviewer76303 Jan 03, 2016

    Sky scanner used to be a reliable site for finding flight prices . However I have found recently that their quoted prices are unreliable . Moving from their site to the booking site involves an increase in the prices so what is the point.

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  • Ca
    Canute Apr 07, 2016

    I booked the flight ticket from abu dhabi to chennaithrough skyscanner and diducted money 3times the ticket is booked and they are not giving reply..

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  • Ca
    Canute Apr 07, 2016

    I booked the flight from Abu dhabi to chennai using skyscanner and the booking site I diducted money 3times for same ticket

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  • Tu
    Turdy Blake Sep 10, 2016

    Do not use Skyscanner or any sites they send you to for airfare. I booked a trip to Las Vegas, paid for it and received a confirmation number. Just happened to check my old email and saw "cancelled" in bright red letters. Being that I didn't cancel, I called the site and was told Frontier cancelled my flight because seats were sold out. Total BS. I'm calling credit card company to make sure I wasn't charged. Complete scam so don't fall for it like I did. It was recommended by a friend so will be telling them not to use Skyscanner.

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  • Ta
    Tali Atia Apr 08, 2018

    Total ripoff
    Changing amounts even changing dates last min. After 3 months I printed my itinerary and saw all the mistakes. Called for over 6 hours costumer service very bad. Don't take responsibility for nothing. First and last time ever using this site.

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  • Je
    Jeehan Fadila Sep 30, 2018


    I know SkyScanner is "only" a search engine but they facilitate fraud travel agents hence the same as cooperating for the fraud itself!

    The site shows flights from Jakarta, Indonesia (CGK) to Mouscron, Belgium (MWW) visa NusaTrip but AFTER I buy it the DESTINATION changed!!!

    Mouscron, Belgium (MWW) changed to MALINAU, BORNEO (MWW). What the hell?

    I contacted NusaTrip only AN HOUR after I bought the tickets (I bought tickets for January 2019!) and they charged me 50% for cancellation. What a rip-off!!! I am sure this is an organized scam!!!


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  • Bi
    Biju Kulathumthala Dec 11, 2018

    I have tried to book flight through skyscanner. The cheaper flight was from Gotogate. But towards end of the booking, Gotogate increased the price by £156 and say that airline has increased price.

    If the airline has increased price they should say it at the begining.

    Please advice Gotogate to show correct price


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  • Ya
    Yasemingizem Jan 22, 2019

    I bought my ticket from 'Go to Gate' agency. I wanted to change my flight date and sent them an e-mail.They provided me a phone number for Turkey and for China
    the number for china does not exist. The number for Turkey no one answer. I informed them many times but no solution for 4 weeks
    I really need your help

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  • An
    Anju Garg Jan 23, 2019


    we booked two return journey tickets (No. 6182993339324 and 6182993339330).

    We wish to cancel the return journey tickets.

    We contacted Bestjet through email but no response.

    We sent reminders still no response.

    Please help as Travel date is approaching.


    Anju Garg

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  • Ba
    ballbag Mar 02, 2019

    flights cancelled Londonderry to standstead and return March 16th - 19th paid for by Marks and Spencer credit card £126 This as paid to esky for flights on BMI regional

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  • Da
    David Rowland May 22, 2019

    Paid for a flight with Travelgenio via Skyscanner.
    Flight does not exist with Travelgenio and they have charged me £10 for one 7 minute phone call - Please note that Travelgenio customer service website states that their peak rate call charge is £0.04 pence per minute - this is a total scam!!
    This company should not be linked via Skyscanner

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  • Ni
    Nizar A Sep 03, 2019

    I suppose have a flight from Trabzon to Istanbul at 4.55 am . When I arrived to the ticket checker he said the flight was deported which at 1.30 am .

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  • Na
    Naiem kalam Sep 16, 2019

    I flied to Marrakesh on the 28th August and my flight back was 4th September both booked in the wrong date by skyscanner I had to pay £114 with my own pocket when it wasn't my fault please look in to this for me both wrong time

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  • Em
    EmChloe T Sep 29, 2019


    we purchased two tickets from london to dublin at heathrow terminal 5 for 20 september 2019 but when we got to airport we realised the dates had been switched to 20 december. we had to pay 60£ each for switching dates of flight, so should be refunded 120£.

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  • Ri
    Riadh Ben Nov 09, 2019

    Dear All,
    I booked few hours ago through Skyscanner that provided me a booking through kiss and fly but no tickets received ABD several wired emails about delays !!!
    Kindly update me and let me know
    If there is any contact number please provide it for Followup.

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