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Wanting to cancel my lifetime membership

I rang today to ask about cancelling our membership, which we have had over 20 years and it has been used once.
We are no longer in a financial suitation to keep paying this.
I don't want any refund I just don't want this.

Being told that I have to have this for life or that the only way to get rid of it is to sell it. Who would buy it.
Please Classic help us out of this.

Please can someone help me cancel this nightmare

Resolved unethical behavior and not providing service stated

My wife and I joined classic holidays after been given a scratchy at movie world on the gold coast. We were...

Resolved classic points membership - unconscionable and misleading sales

On the 2nd of July 2019 family members of mine who are long time members of Classic Holidays attended a sale...

classic holiday club

I send an email through my Classic Holiday membership account last February 2019. I am yet to hear from them...

classic holiday club

Paid $15, 000 for this membership that we felt would be the answer to our travel. But when push came to shove...

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membership in general. timeshare, unethical behavior.

My wife and I were given free scratchies at a Supermarket as their promotion and we scratched all cards with...

failure to provide goods & misleading information

We too are obtaining termination of membership based on breach of contract and failure to provide goods. We have been members less than a year, and have booked 2 holidays - both of which they have overcharged from the quote at the presentation, and one they failed to book what was asked (missing nights accommodation overseas).

We have been offered $7000 refund of our $10490 membership and after going to the Dept of Fair Trading and the Financial Ombudsman we finally have the 2 nights accommodation booked, and our transfer, but the stumbling block seems to be that we want to see the "cancellation deed" with non disclosure clause before agreeing to it and signing it. We were told the $3000 was an exit fee, which we have said they cant use that term as by their own PDS the exit fee is $315.

Leonie (Resolutions Officer) has done nothing to resolve the problem until the 11 hour with Financial Ombudsman. Like other complainants - she hides behind email and never rings, and fails to respond to emails in a way that would indicate that she has read the case thoroughly

Not sure why she is holding out, but we will stick to our guns, as this company is fraudulent in its presentations and there is no way we want to be associated with them, and dont trust them to provide the correct legal wording in the deed.

  • Updated by topsypops · Jul 23, 2019

    In the process of being resolved by NCAT

  • Updated by topsypops · Aug 13, 2019

    Classic Holidays has resolved my complaint, thank you

  • Ky
    Kylie_G Jul 27, 2020

    We are about to enter into regaining our financial freedom after being bullied into classic holidays 5 years ago!
    Is there any one out there that might be able to email me some advise or success stories on how you took on classic holidays please?
    we desperately need some help.
    Thank you

    [email protected]

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classic points membership

Hello my name is Vicki Fraser membership number 1307364 I wish to stop the membership program because my...

Resolved classic holidays membership

I have been trying to cancel my membership for the past 3 years. We were under the impression it was a 7 year membership only to learn today that it is for 40 years! We refuse to pay the membership subscription as we do not use the services but then risk getting a bad credit rating. Then also we get harassed by the finance company on the day the payment is due. It's such a joke and a really dumb decision we made. Especially when we can get much better holidays at a better rate through other online companies.


Classic Holidays has resolved my complaint, thank you.

  • Updated by Jo Cassar Iali · Jun 23, 2019

    Classic Holidays has resolved my complaint, thank you.

  • Ex
    Exit Timeshare Now Apr 30, 2019

    Hi! Our team of timeshare exit experts can get you out of your timeshare now. All we do is timeshare exits. We are not a resale company. Our timeshare exit service team assists timeshare owners with their timeshare cancellation. Contact us for a free no obligation consultancy. Free call Aus 1800 77 222 7 or get more information at

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classic holidays

My husband and I were approached by a salesperson at our local shopping centre and handed several scratch...

Parramatta Scam Contests

I am cancelling my membership from classic holiday

To whom it may concern, My name is Lillibeth Hullock of Unit 45/56 Farm Street, Newmarket Brisbane QLD...

classic holidays membership

Account 1555719 After being told I can get out any time I want at the sales pitch, I was told today that I...

Coolangatta Hotels


We were coerced into joining this group, paying thousands of dollars for cheaper holidays. My wife lost here...

are they for real

Have read alot of people complaining about how they are treated regarding the initial interview-signup process and the freebies and how people are upset about how it is a big scam.
My wife and I were obviously sceptical regarding them as we sat through this kind of thing 15years ago when it was at its worst. Not with Classic though. It was another company.
Can anyone here actually comment on there experiences with Classic after using there product. My wife and I do alot of travel overseas and based on our spend on accommodation this is a very good deal.
People on this forum cant get past the initial treatment and keep rehashing the same comments.
Yet no-one has stated or given feedback on what there experiences have been like using there holidays andthe experiences doing so.
So please, anyone can help with some feedback in that respect.
We have a cooling off period that ends in the next 5 days so hoping to hear responses .
Thanks in advance

cancelation and return of money

I sent the below email, to classis escapes complaints on 20/9/13 To Whom it may concern, We wish to...