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Skyscanner - flight search

Good morning,
Today i was surprised when trying to book a flight that the top cheapest ones will constantly direct me to a website ( that made me introduce my personal data only to tell me later that there was no abailability for that selected flight and suggested others that were dearer and made ridiculous scales.
This has slowed down the process of booking increadibly, not to mention that i have introduced my personal details for nothing.
I have had a very good experience with skyscanner in the past and my family and i are frequent travelers. I really hope you stop working with pages like because they render the service you provide futile.
Many thanks

Skyscanner - travelup

We boooked return flights to Greece via Skyscanner and through a company call d TravelUp. The cost was about £600.
At the airport we was advised by BA that our seats had been cancelled and money refunded to TravelUp. We was not advised of this and was left with having to pay BA £1800 for new tickets. We have contacted TravelUp via phone, email and Facebook but have not had a response. They have kept our original payment with no refund. Therefore we have lost a lot of money.
Can you assist?
TravelUp should be taken off your website, it's complete robbery!

Skyscanner - poor customer service didn't receive my travel tickets


I browsed through the wesbite for flight tickets from london to mumbai for 3 adults and 1 child . Got a call from Sky Scanner team Yash and he gave me cost options I made a bank transfer for 760 pounds as advised for tickets on 15th May since then following up for the E-tickets for Oman Air haven't received any. no one is answering calls his direct line no was [protected]
whatsapp now is simple ringing - [protected]
Oman Air confirmed they dont have any booking in my name
PNR Shared says Oman Air has not received the payment

Please help me get my money back

I'm tray call this mr Steven Jonh e change is number my go report this man police station is fraud is doing

Check my invoice 10046

Hi I'm paulo teodoro I'm pay for my tickets from 15/12/19 to 2/1/2020 london to curitiba parana Brazil f899 pounds a 1 October look for my invoice 10046 to mr Steven Jonh one week later a 5/10 /19 Mr Steven Jonh ask me again for £899 pounds +£180 pounds e sed to Skyscanner is go send me back my £899 +£180 And send me for home my tickets this man is doing fraud to customers
I want my money back and my tickets my father have cancer is birthday is a 17/12
I want make a surprise for im.
This money Mr Steven Jonh take me off is for pay my bills
Please I'm no want goto police station report this gentleman Mr Steven Jonh
My number [protected] please call me thank you for your attention

Skyscanner - someone trying to obtain money by deception.

I am so highly upset & totally disappointed as you have an individual within your company stealing or trying to steal people's money for their own benefit & gain.
We made a flight enquiry today via your website & had interaction with a representative who eventually tried to pretend to take the booking & advising that they will send through their bank details for the money to be transferred for the payment of the flights.

His name: Akash nanda, if that's even his real name
His number was: +[protected]
He called off of this number: [protected].

I look forward to hearing your response & I hope that this matter is dealt with urgently as he could be doing this to alot more people.

Kind regards
Ms Latoya Drummond

Ms Latoya Drummond

Skyscanner - your use of


I'm a journalist and recently bought a one-way ticket to JFK from Edinburgh on May 30 through Skyscanner, which linked me to

However, the company is totally incompetent and a quick Google search will show their score is one-star and below, with myriad complaints.

I went through the booking process normally enough but then the badly spelled and scam-sounding emails started, first asking for a photo of my passport, without specifically stating why they needed it.

I provided that, then they said they were about to take payment.

Two hours later, another email, essentially threatening me that if I didn't call them right away my flight (which I thought I'd already paid for) could go up sharply in price; a direct breach of Trading Standards.

I couldn't get through on the phone and no one answered my subsequent emails, so the next day I called again, and over nearly an hour, a man said that the ticket I wanted was a ‘special ticket' that ‘needed to be booked with an hotel' though it said this nowhere in the booking process.

As I pointed out I live between Scotland and New York and don't need an hotel, there was an on-hold of around 20 minutes, then he said: "I'll tell you what, I'll give you the ticket if you do a favour for us? We see you're a journalist and when we send you the link to the ticket, there will be a Trustpilot link at the bottom, I need you to write a good review because I've fixed this ticket for you, yes?"

Blackmailing a journalist - nice one! Also illegal!

I agreed because I wanted my flight (knowing full well the only review I'd be giving them was a bad one in the national press). He promised I would have the flight confirmation in "2 - 3 hours max".

Nothing for 24 hours.

I then write again, asking where my flight is and it finally arrives, but it's not just my one from EDI to JFK. There's also, bizarrely, a return flight from JFK to Orlando and then Gatwick for Jun 11. It is appearing in ‘my trips' on Delta's website.

I specifically asked for a one-way ticket from Edinburgh to JFK and now I have these extra flights and airfarenetwork is not answering my emails again.

I've never dealt with such hopeless incompetence in my life. Trustpilot and the rest have hundreds of complaints, many of which blast Skyscanner for continuing to list them. They have a strong point. It does you no service whatsoever, and makes me fear I'll get another bunch of shysters next time I use Skyscanner, so I probably won't bother.

The company claims on its emails that it's based in Leicester, but it's clearly an Indian call centre because, every time I call, I speak to any number of heavily accented men who call themselves 'Ross' or 'Heath', or another 'British' name that is clearly a lie. It doesn't inspire confidence. Neither does their modus operandi.

I would like you to tell me if you're going to dump this company from your website and get your press office to give me a quote. My email is [protected]

All the best,

Boo Paterson

Skyscanner - agent akash nanda

I was looking for a flight for my family in the website of skyscanner, then the next day name Akash message me in whats up saying he's an agent of skyscanner and he's found out from skyscanner that...

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Skyscanner - the skyscanner website booking process

On 26 April 2019 I searched for a flight London- Moscow on skyscanner and tried to book this on the site. At the end of the process a pop-up box came up that sais something lile " oops, sorry, there is a problem, we cannot proceed with your booking, however, you can still book this directly on the British Airways website, here is the link to follow". I did this, booked the flight, but have now been billed twice, apparently, Skyscanner had processed the booking after all!
I want this refunded. BA say this is a fault of the booking website and not thier problem, so they wont refund.
Skyscanner has no way to contact them and this issue is not included in their automated "helpdesk" function. There is nobody I can contact.

Here is the booking information:

Hi Reinhard
Thank you for booking your flight with British Airways on Skyscanner. Please note this is NOT your invoice or proof of purchase.
British Airways will confirm your purchase and email your flight information shortly. Your booking reference with British Airways is M9NBH5.
In the meantime, if you have any questions about your flight booking (for example, billing, cancellations, or changes to the booking), please contact British Airways:
If your flight departs within the next 24 hours and you have not yet received your booking confirmation from British Airways, please contact them immediately.
Booking summary

Depart LHR > SVO
Sunday, 30 June 2019. Direct

10:55 LHR London Heathrow > 16:50 SVO Moscow Sheremetyevo

Return SVO > LHR
Sunday, 07 July 2019. Direct

18:10 SVO Moscow Sheremetyevo > 20:20 LHR London Heathrow

Payment summary
Flight price
Fares (inc taxes and fees)
Card payment fee
Total price

Skyscanner - flight reschedule (transit/layover)

In an Email, On Friday 3rd May 2019, it said that they will make my Layover/Transit 6 hours whereas it was 1 hour 25 mins. I was not happy with this because it was unexpected and my Mother is very sick and I need to get there as quickly as possible. I would like to request a refund if that is okay. If possible, could you make it as soon as possible because I am leaving at the end of July/beginning of August. I would like this at the middle of May or at the end. If the refund is not possible, I would like a flight with either, Eithad, Emirates or Qatar and a layover no longer than 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Yours Sincerely,

Sheikh Alam

Skyscanner - air tickets

Hi, I have taken a ticket but there is a difference in orignal and final value.
It was 778 AED BUT I got it at 814 AED. why it happens.
Well at the time of booking it shows 745, then finally after luggage and all it went on 778. At the end when I pay the deduction is 814, which is intolerable. What is the use of this all if you guys are playing with us like this.

Skyscanner - booking confirmation didn't appear

Tired booking flight from bom to lko thru website. After submitting my details when I clicked pay, new page came showing that please wait your booking id... is being updated. I waited for 5 mins but nothing happened. I tried it 3 times but same problem appeared everytime. Finally I had to book thru another agency. I had to waste 15 mins only for confirmation which is too much. One of booking ids is [protected].

Skyscanner - skyscanner - flight and customer service

Trying to change flights booked through Skyscanner. Absolutely no contact details available only an on line form which i have no faith in. Sky scanner advertise that you must contact the airline, the airline insist they can't do anything without speaking to Skyscanner first. Surely they should have this sorted before customers book flights. There seems to be no communication at all between the two organisations and as a customer I now have nowhere to go. I will contact the ombudsman and make a complaint as this is a disgraceful service. All seems to be fine unless you need to make any changes then no one seems to be able to help. Things change in life and changes need to be made, you should not be running a service based on no ability to follow up after a booking is made.

Until basic stuff like this is sorted, I would urge no one to use Sky Scanner.

Skyscanner - Unethical behaviour

Unethical Behaviour

On the 15th February 2019 at 17:55 I paid to rent a vehicle for 17 days through Skyscanner. I have used Skyscanner as a search engine over the years for many of my flights and now car rentals and having had a good experience around the world I had come to trust this company and the companies they were allowing to show on their site. Since Monday 4th March 2019 I now have a bad taste left in my mouth due to a Company (Green Motion Car Rental) you are allowing on your site whose ethical behaviour is questionable. Will I use Skyscanner again? That will depend on how this situation is dealt with.

Growing up and surrounded in business I learnt it takes years of hard work to build up a business and one bad review and article to destroy it. I understand it's not easy when you are having to rely on letters such as this before you are made aware of the behaviour of some of the companies you are working with and their unethical ways of working. I trust in Skyscanner and hope together we can put a stop to these sort of companies treating customers in the dreadful, unethical manner they seem to have gotten away with for years.

I feel discouraged that you would have companies such as Green Motion car rentals on your site. Having read many articles and reviews of this company since my experience on Monday 4th March 2019, I can't believe I too am now a victim. Please search this company and read the articles, my experience is almost identical to many of the other victims.
On the 15th February 2019, once all forms were filled in for renting a car in the little porto cabin office at Edinburgh Airport, signed and the full amount paid I was informed at this point that the only car available was a Peugeot 208 and not the Golf. I asked at this point if they had any other cars as I wasn't keen in renting a Peugeot 208. The owner of the franchise ‘Vinay Pala' offered me an "extremely" competitive price of an upgraded car therefore I accepted with this offer on the Audi Q5.

Jackie one of the representatives went out with me and my friend (Mr Christopher Nelson) to check the car over and hand me the keys. Whilst I was pointing out many scratches, dents and nicks on the vehicle, she assured me that they were superficial and wouldn't be counted. It was dark, windy and slightly rainy and I felt pressured to stop checking as she reminded me that I had until 10am the next morning. I was keen to check then and there rather than putting off, however Jackie again said the dents and scratches were really nothing to worry about as they "weren't big or deep enough". Due to unforeseen circumstances in the morning (isn't this normally the case hence why they use the phrase "you have until 10am tomorrow morning to get back to us with any damages" rather than checking there and then with the customer if the customer is eager to check at that point) I was unable to check over the vehicle, hence why I was keen to do it at the time of handover but I can't stress enough how uncomfortable I was made to feel checking over the vehicle at this point.

I made sure I looked after the vehicle whilst in my possession, being the only driver. There were no opportunities for these dents and the nick in the tyre to happen.
When I returned the vehicle on Monday at 13:35pm, one of the valet representatives came straight over to check the car (I had hardly parked it and got out the car and he was there), luckily, I had organised myself prior to dropping off the vehicle unlike others who have luggage for onward flights. The employee "instantly located" the tiny (need a microscope) damages that I supposedly did, which immediately made me think ‘something is strange here'. Particularly when Jackie had repeated herself several times in front me and my friend "those scrapes are tiny and only superficial" only 17 days before at checkout.

The representative took quite a bit of time checking over the vehicle, however when I was handed the car over 17 days previously, the representatives didn't have the time to go over the vehicle whilst I was voicing my concerns. This raised immediate alarm bells on Monday at handover.

The dents and scratches noted instantly by the employee on Monday were noticed and pointed out by myself to Jackie on the 15th February however I was assured by Jackie and I quote ‘these are only superficial and wouldn't count anyway'. How foolish I have been to have faith and have trust. This company are doing many of these rentals daily, I am only renting a vehicle once or twice a month, however I have never had a situation like this the world over. I feel extremely disappointed and let down and that it is in my own country that this is happening to our visitors. I have booked car rental three times with Sky Scanner for rental companies in France and Switzerland and have had no issues, I will certainly have issues going forward if it's companies like this (that have many articles and reviews almost identical to my complaint) who are being advertised and recommended on their search engine.
My witness Christopher Nelson who was with me at the handover confirms that the damages which I am disputing were noted to Jackie at handover on the 15th February. I have cc'd Mr Nelson into this email.

On Monday, with all the alarm bells ringing that I had now fallen victim to a car rentals unethical behaviour and dealing in business to make extra money, as soon as I returned home, I switched on my laptop and began to read many reviews and articles in shock which are show casing similar circumstances to my complaint. This company is behaving in an unethical manner, time and time again and are getting away with it.

Having had a wonderful experience driving and enjoying the use of the vehicle I now feel extremely disappointed to find myself in this situation.
I have written to Green Motion on Monday to dispute that I was responsible for the damages noted on the return of the vehicle and look forward to my full deposit being returned to my credit card.

Further more I took photographs of the damage that I am being accused of. When I parked the car, and the employee (car valet chap) instantly located the two damages he then led me back to the office where an office representative took over. Once some paper work was filled out, I then said I'd like to take photographs of the damages of the car. I went back outside and they were already washing the car. I waited for the vehicle to come out from being washed when I took photographs.

On Monday evening I wrote a letter disputing the damage. I received a reply email from Green motion with photographs. Some of my photographs and Green Motion Photographs don't seem to match up and are questionable. (on your response I can send these photographs to you).

I look forward to your response. I hope this doesn't leave me having to go to BVRLA and Trading Standards. Many of their customers are tourists who would not know where to begin to fight this case. I will not allow this sort of behaviour to be carried out. They expect insurance companies to pick up these large bills, no wonder it cost me £219.33 for 17 days insurance cover, it costs me the same or less to insure a BTL property for a full year's building insurance. Why should insurance companies pick up the costs for wear and tear on these vehicles. It is unethically incorrect and it needs to be stopped.

I have since received a further email letter saying (in short) that I don't have a leg to stand on and that I should have checked the vehicle and had until 10am the next morning to check the vehicle over.

My instruction when I left the office on Monday afternoon (4th March 2019) was that I did not want them taking any money from my credit card until the dispute was cleared up, they took it upon themselves to take £586.52 on the 4th of March from my deposit.

Skyscanner…please do the right thing and together we can stop this type of behaviour.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,

Gaynor Nichol-Jelen


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Skyscanner - complaint

I searched flight option using skyscanner and set an alert, received a Wats app message from someone claiming to be arjun requesting dates of when I was looking to travel. I provided and fare was provided. I was then asked to provide names and dob of passengers so that booking could be made and was informed a few would be required remainder of money could be paid later. I asked which company and name to be provided and was informed he worked fir skyscanner, I responded saying skyscanner does not handle bookings they show bookings since sending this messsge I've had not communication this was a spam message?

I can confirm that this is in no way affiliated with Skyscanner, but please could you get in contact so that we can get some more details? Many thanks, Jon - Skyscanner Support

Skyscanner - gotogate give wrong name to airline

Dear skyscanner,

Hope this email find you well.

I would like to raise a formal complaint against gotogate.

I was browsing on your site looking for better agency where I can book our ticket for our trip to bangkok, where we plan to celebrate my child's birthday when I saw gotogate. Their site looked good with a reasonable rate so I booked our flight with them. I carefully place our information on the website to avoid problems but to my surprise, when gotogate transferred our information to the airlines, my daughter's 2nd name was omitted. When I found out about it I sent them an email to rectify the mistake but they dont seem to be cooperating and we are just going around circles without any resolution. I've been dealing with them for weeks now and as day passed they are becoming more and more frustrating.

I went to our airlines and they confirmed that only gotogate can correct my daughter's name and advised me to asked them to coordinate with gds helpdesk. The agent I spoke with denied that and only said that he will just give authorization to the airlines to add in the 2nd name which the airlines opposed since its not their usual procedure. He seemed to be avoiding gds helpdesk.

We are just a month away from our trip and I don't know how can we resolve this matter. This is causing so much frustration for us.

I look forward from hearing from you soon.


Meiko aguila


Skyscanner - flight ticket

Dear Sir/Madam, I bought round tickets from Amsterdam to İzmir from tripair by I paid it very well for my and my baby girl while purchasing. Then when ı came to airport Sunexpre...

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Skyscanner - changing flights - canceling flights - refunding flights

I booked a flight to return from Brazil to Ireland using Skyscanner, but I did not know I needed a visa to transit in the NY airport. I have only a connection in New York Airport and then another...

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Skyscanner - sky tours

We booked flights for 3 people through sky scanner using an agency called sky tours. We have since decided that we need to either change the flights or cancel them entirely. We have been very...

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Skyscanner - expedia

Good Day Never fly Swiss Air or Work with enjoyed a great vacation to morocco only to end it completely stressed out. I booked my flights via Expedia, an online travel agent via the...

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Skyscanner - redirecting

Yesterday, I saw an offer for an Olympic Air ticket JTR-ATH on 27 Dec 18 at 38 Euros. I joined Skyscanner and I was redirected on ESKY? I made a booking and was asked for 49 Euros. I paid through my mother's account, but I was never given a e-ticket. Today 26 Dec 18, I contacted them in Greek on a Greek phone service and I was told that there would be an increase of 52 Euros (total 101 Euros)! Of course, I cancelled the booking and, fortunately, was given my money back. A few minutes later, I joined Skyscanner again and bought a ticket through Viva at 46 Euros with no problems. I might have done something wrong, anyhow I would like you to verify and keep protecting us from unfair practices.

Skyscanner - travel trolley

This company should not be on a reputable search engine as they tell blatant lies are extremely unhelpful when contacted, even had someone ring us back posing as a manager when we requested to speak to a manager. They told virgin airlines that they had contacted them to try to amend our flight details a day before we even rang them!! I would like to speak to someone about how bad this company is,

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