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Skyscanner - Third party flight provider flight network

I booked flights to New Zealand from Melbourne to fly in August 2021. I searched for the flights using Sky Scanner and a third party company called Flight Network was who I booked with. I paid extra...

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Skyscanner - eDreams Scam

On 28 October I made a reservation from NYC to Cairo on Skyscanner portal that lead me to your vendor eDreams. I made the reservation with ref. [protected], then cancelled it on the same day. I called them many times and they said I will be refunded within 4 days. Now, almost a month later they request status has not changed and they are not responding. I found out that there are a lot of complaints against this company from numerous travelers, and wonder why Skyscanner would keep such shady business as an associate of theirs.

In case you have a response, or a means of action I would appreciate a reply on [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund

Skyscanner - Changing a booking

I made purchased a flexible booking on BA via skyscanner for departure afternoon of 7th Nov. I contacted SS on the 5th Nov at 1.07 pm to advise that I needed to change my flights. I had contact with SS everyday since then trying to reconfirm new dates for departure. Every day I received an email from SS thanking me for my patience and that they are working with the airline (BA) to rebook dates.
This afternoon I was advised that my ticket has been cancelled as I was deemed a no show? I don't know how this is possible given I purchased a flexible ticket and I advised SS 48 hours in advance of the departure of my required change.

I have the full email trail from the 5th Nov to today 12 Nov. and all phonecalls are recorded.

The email I received this afternoon 12Nov at about 16:30 said there is nothing they could do as I was a no show, the person on the phone was again asking me to wait 4-6 hours for them to resolve the issue.

Desired outcome: Some sort of refund.


Skyscanner - Your -e-ticket SKWUK-0441042

I purchased the above e ticket and wanted to change the return flight.

I was told by skyscanner that this would incur an administrative cost of £50 as well as any additional airline charges.

I feel the administrative charge of £50 is punitive and undeserving and makes me never ant to buy a ticket through skyscanner ever again. UYour policy is unfair and unreasonable

Gerard O'Donoghue

Desired outcome: Change such an unfair policy; let people know up front before they purchase; I feel cheated by you.

Skyscanner - No refund for canceled flight

Skyscanner refused refund a flight that has been canceled and my friends have been refunded.

Booking ID

Ticket number: [protected]

We have got informed that the return (inbound) flight (Flight number: AT272) has been cancelled on 08 September 2021 ( the date of outbound ) and I checked the flight status on that date and found that it was actually canceled on 08 September 2021, so we didn't travel. All my friends that were travelling with me got refunded (they booked with Skyscanner is replying to me that this is not applicable instead of helping me with my case for the refund. There is no logical reason not to get refunded, and I have the evidences that people have got refunded.


Skyscanner - Travel look provider reference Id REF068924967

I trusted Skyscanner that they only promote reputed providers, but a company called travel look is a fraud they don't book tickets and keep your money. It's been 10 days I m still chasing them for my refund. Since I m a old customer of Skyscanner and I only book my tickets through to that application. I request to Skyscanner please block them and help me to get my refund.


Jul 09, 2021

Skyscanner - Refund for cancelled flight

RA Number [protected] Skyscanner [protected] Booking Number [protected] Flight Melbourne Australia EY461 to Manchester EY21 Email address - The ticket was sent to our daughter 's email addre...

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Skyscanner - Withholding refunds

I purchased a ticket for my mother-in-law to fly with Air North here in Vancouver and quickly realized that I had booked the flight for the wrong day. Due to an inability to reach each other, my...

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Skyscanner - Chasing a refund

Booked flights to Cairns, which were cancelled due COVID etc but am getting no joy with getting any credit as was booked thru Gotogate. Very minimal email contact, telephone numbers which are not connected. Using spurious emails when booking flights, so not real customer service. email saying credit attached but PDF opens as a picture. Would like something done about these scam artists & why do they appear on your web page. How do I get any monies or credit guaranteed? This needs to be addressed soonest.

Desired outcome: Money/credit note to me

Skyscanner - Refund

I sent the following email to Skyscanner on 16th June 21 Good Morning With regards to the booking reference SKWUK-0058140, 4 tickets from LHR to DXB return on 5th April 21 I telephoned Skyscanner...

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Skyscanner - Travel2be / travelgenio

On 20 May, my partner and I attemped to purchase return flights from Brussels International (Zaventem) to Bari, departing 2 August via Munich with Luthansa and returning 14 August direct with...

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Skyscanner - Gotogate

I purchased two flights from third party provider Gotogate, while at the same time paying extra for cancelation protection. Later I wished to cancel my booking so contacted the by email. I was told I needed to contact the airlines directly to cancel, which I tried to do. The airlines will not talk to anybody but the third party provider about my booking. Gotogate insist that I must do this and tried to get more money by claiming cancellation fees are required. I actually paid them £20 extra to make two phones calls to each of the airlines. They told me I would get a minimal cash amount back from one of the airlines which would actually be less than the cancellation cost. They didn't bother ringing the other airline. Plain and simply they avoid talking to the airline to extort money from you. Please ban this 3rd party provider from your platform. I will sleep better knowing this is hurting them in the pocket too.

Desired outcome: Gotogate removed from Skyscanner

Skyscanner - I need help from you regarding my ticket refund..

I booked ticket from travel genio.. But due to covid 19 my flight was cancelled. I am trying to contact travel genio but they are not responding me.. They are cheaters.. Here is my ticket below
TICKET:080-[protected] - KUMAR PIYUSH
TICKET:080-[protected] - MS AKANKSHA
Please help me to get my refund..
Plese help me because I already waited more than a year..

Mar 16, 2021

Skyscanner - Scam

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am writing to you to raise an issue about: Scam

The issue that I have experienced was: I booked a flight for my partner, Eoin Staunton, yesterday (15.03.21) for 23:20 from Da Nang to Ho Chi Minh City from Skyscanner that directed me to eDreams who charged his card 34$, sent a confirmation e-mail with ticket details and everything (I have everything saved and can send them through).

The flight was with Flexflight and Operated by VietJet, my partner proceeded to show up at the Airport at 21:30 to not find ANY flight with neither Flexflight nor Vietjet nor any other company as a matter of fact and had to spend the night at the airport and wait for Bamboo Airline's first flight the next day to make it back to his job on time and had to pay for a very expensive flight without hearing anything from you - who charged him for the non existent flight - or the airlines.

It occurred on: 15/03/2021

This meant that Well, we both didn't sleep, spent 34$ on a flight with you that was never there which seemed like a pure scam and had to pay the double of that amount to get him on the next flight, making him miss his first class at school back in Ho Chi Minh City, not to mention the frustration and tiredness from/of it all.

The least that can be done in this case is to refund the flight that was bought from eDreams that didn't exist apparently ( we have all the photos from the airport proving that attached). But in all honesty, we won't ever use your platform again if we're not compensated for all the stress, money and sleep loss you've cost us last night.

I look forward to your prompt response on this matter. As recommended by Trading Standards, I would like to keep a complete record of my case, so please reply to this email address.

Yours faithfully,

Myriam F

Booking Reference [protected]

Desired outcome: Refund

Skyscanner - Refund from

I booked and paid for a flight on 2nd April 2020 through .
They agreed to refund the ticket within three months but they did not do so and there has been no help or support line with a civil response of any sort only repetitive automated messages.
After I received notification of a refund within three months which didn't happen, I tried contacting them more than several times with no results.

Desired outcome: Full refund asap

Skyscanner - Your service

Ref [protected]
This ticket was issued four days ago and the BA flight to Johannesburg was cancelled the next day.
I took out travel insurance as well as ticket cancellation insurance on YOUR website. It was only when I got the certificates of insurance that I saw the insurance start immediately although my flight was only on the 20th January.

I have subsequently spoke to BA who stated that I should be refunded my ticket in full irrespective if I had insurance or not. They stated that you had not provided full information when booking the ticket so I would have to get the full refund from yourselves. You have agreed to do so.

I have spoken to AXA Insurance who state that the insurance must have gone through a third party and not with them direct. The certicate number you provided is not theirs. They also stated that I should be fully reimbursed and if the trip starts on the 20th January, that is when the insurance should start. I NEVER specified it to start sooner.

I have not contacted Colonnaide Insurance but intend to do so but presume that you again have not provided enough details for them to refund me.

I am shocked that you intend holding over £600 from me for this insurance and urge you immediately look into the matter and refund me.

Update by Linda01
Jan 11, 2021

I booked a ticket with BA via Skyscanner on the 7th January to Johannesburg. At the same time I took out travel insurance as well as insurance for a flight cancellation. I booked this insurance on their website .. there were no forms questioning my health etc. start and end date etc. to fill out for this insurance other than to complete instructions saying I required travel and cancellation insurance
The flight was cancelled the following day. Skyscanner are reimbursing me in full for the flight but refuse to do so for the insurance stating that the travel insurance started the day I took out the insurance likewise the flight cancellation. These two insurances amount to over £600.
I spoke to AXA Insurance who I subsequently found out were the insurers for the travel insurance and they stated that the insurance generally starts when the trip starts. I did not fill out any forms regarding the start date as there was no such form to complete. I insist on a refund of both insurances but Skyscanner state that the insurances started the day I completed the forms. I never requested this and certainly expect travel insurance to start on the day of travel.

Skyscanner - Price change of 4000%

Skyscanner currently advertising an offer from Geneva to London City Airport, 3rd of January 2021, at 120 GBP per person. When going through the flow of any of the websites, price at first doesn't change but when reaching the payment step (after including credit card details), the price jumps to 4, 900 GBP per person. Both Skyscanner and the third party websites should not advertise inaccurate pricing. I could have made that payment easily. Surely this should not be allowed?
Tried to attach screenshots to the complaint but cannot see if they got attached correctly.


Skyscanner - Online tickets sales

On 23.11.2020 I chose a ticket Istanbul-Tashkent priced 8083 TL, when process came to the payment I received message that I will be charged from my card 8608 TL. Isn't it stealing money? It is not acceptable. Trying to attract customers by cheaper price which is not real price.
I request price of 8083 TL as it is written on website of
Photos attached

Oct 27, 2020

Skyscanner - Air ticket refund / rebooking

I've been purchase a Malaysia Airline air ticket with through skyscanner website. Due to the impact of COVID-19, I would like to request a cancellation and refund for my booking. Unfortunately, Mas not allow for full refund, and Hutchgo informed me that i need to liase with Mas Airline for rebooking process.

in Fact, i have contacted Mas, I've been informed by Malaysia Airline, rebooking process need to be done thru Travel Agency not with Mas Airline, and i still not receive any feedback from Hutchgo.

this is totally not acceptable and disappointed of the way Hutchgo solve it with throwing the problem like a ball here and there.


Skyscanner - Flights and accommodation

Purchased 6 return flight tickets, Leeds to Tenerife South, 8/4/21 to 15/4/21. I also booked an apartment in costa adeje for the same dates. The transaction period went on for nearly 2 weeks, I received a skyscanner receipt for £600, still no tickets and no apartment confirmation. I have handed over £2, 340 and nothing to show for it. I have informed the police.
I have 3 phone numbers, one is a London office number And the other two are mobiles, one for the manager and the other a member of staff. Please get back to me regarding this matter in Skyscanner name.

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