Skyscanner Complaints & Reviews

Skyscanner / 24 hrs late

Oct 18, 2019

On 10/11/18 I went to the airport of Larnaca (Cyprus) To take the flight W63482 Destination Cluj-Napoca but it is a party with an hour late at 3.40pm, Consequently in Cluj I took into consideration the flight W63381 which took me to my last destination, that is Milan Bergamo. In reality the...

Skyscanner / flights booked on skyscanner website

Oct 17, 2019

I booked a flight from LAX to Atlanta on Australian search engine . I chose a price which was in AUD. When I clicked and proceeded to booking page, I chose the Spirit Airlines. I went over Skyscanner site and Spirit Airlines site to ensure I understood the prices . There was nowhere to...

Skyscanner / malpractice / payment currency

Oct 12, 2019

Dear Sirs I would like to complain for the malpractice of Your supplier from whom I bought yesterday a flight ticket the cost of which all the way to the payment page, appeared in AED. Without any notification or information provided on the payment page and as there wa... / edreams

Oct 03, 2019

I researched a flight from Berlin to TLV (one way) and found the cheapest option, at 169 Euro, and went to checkout without adding ANYTHING AT ALL, so I quickly clicked on "purchase" and it ended up to be about 230 Euro, about 60 Euro difference! I have a screenshot of the price 169 Euro, and...

Skyscanner / ticket

Oct 02, 2019

Dear. The Serbia airlines cancel my flight from Milan to Cairo. And I make this reservations by skyscanner from go to gate one month ago And 3 weeks ago I got mail from air Serbia that they cancel my reservations And now the airlines approved full refund but go to gate refused to make...

Skyscanner / flights

Sep 27, 2019

I booked return flights from Dublin to Oslo with Skyscanner Return | Dublin - Oslo Dublin - Oslo, Return This option combines two single tickets Dublin - Oslo Booking No.: U4LVFN Departure: Wednesday 18 September, 2019 From To Departure Arrival Flight Airline Dublin Ireland Oslo...

Skyscanner / flight search

Sep 19, 2019

I used Skyscanner to search for flights to and from Paris, it was for myself and my 2 kids. Somehow in the transfer from Skyscanner to Opodo the people requirements were transposed, it became a booking for 2 adult and 1 children. I didn't notice and booked the flights. When I got the...

Skyscanner / pricing differs from purchase

Sep 13, 2019

We bought a ticket was showing. lesser amount I believe one way Bali Denpasar $430 and I took the flight through Kiwi and locked in the price all the through to purchase it said $430 and when I checked. my bank receipt and the final receipt they had charged me $700 .In 46 years of travel...

Skyscanner / booking and payment

Sep 12, 2019

I have booked a ticket from London to Salt Lake City. I was told my payment had no been processed properly and I had to pay a further £449. I have received no refund or confirmation of a ticket. I have now lost £898. I have called countless of times trying to find out what is happening with...

Skyscanner / opodo

Sep 11, 2019

skyscanner has directed me to opodo for tickets purchase. i have bought the tickets but it was a worst experience. they didn't deceived me but also issued me a fake insurance number to get the money. i have complained them so many times. wasted my 100+ bills to call them but all the time...

Skyscanner / deducted money from my account without my permission

Sep 08, 2019

I have tried to book a flight from Ljubljana to New Delhi on 7th September 2019. While doing the payment I have received a message that my payment has been declined. But, they have deducted 25 euros from my bank account. So, I am charged with 25 euros without receiving any services and...

Skyscanner / overcharge on booking price

Sep 03, 2019

Hi, I have booked today a return trip for which the price on the website was 212.95EUR. After filling all the information required, including my bank account details, I paid, with the amount shown being 212.95EUR at that moment. Right after this, I received an email that my booking wa...

Skyscanner / False information

Sep 02, 2019

I recently book the tickets from your website from mumbai to ahmedabad on 11 November 2019 my E-ticket number is [protected] As per your information in the website i should get 25kgs of luggage on this flight but after the booking of this flight its straight away showing 15 kgs You guy...

Skyscanner / improper flight itinerary, misleading customer

Sep 02, 2019

I quite often travel to Uzbekistan via different airlines, like Uzbek Airlines, Aeroflot, and Turkish Airlines. I usually purchase my ticket via Expedia or other search engines. This summer I decided to buy tickets through Skyscanner which gave me an itinerary through Europe. I wa...

Skyscanner / no confirmation received

Aug 29, 2019

Booked ryanair flight from cork to faro mon 16th sept and received no booking confirmation contacted ryanair said booking made but ye seemed to have sent it to a different email address than mind my email is [protected] 3 passengers travelling rose quaid david lee geary and...

Skyscanner / virgin atlantic flights

Aug 29, 2019

Hello I booked a return flight with Virgin Atlantic last week and Skyscanner automatically filled the name of the passenger incorrectly. I have since been on the phone to Virgin Atlantic several times and I have been informed that I am unable to change the same and they will not give me any...

Skyscanner / Happy easy go

Aug 26, 2019

We have booked flight tickets on 'Happy Easy Go' on 26/08/2019 after being redirected from SkyScanner India; as they were showing cheapest tickets from London to Mumbai on the website for the day 07/11/2019. They took the payment and didn't issue the ticket; while emailing that they need...

Skyscanner / flight ticket from happy easy go

Aug 19, 2019

Today i have booked one ticket from Chennai to Ahmedabad on Indigo Airline on Happyeasygo website throught skyscanner but that ticket was not possible due to airline sold out which i come to know after 02 hours from that website due to i have called so many times that customer care. i...

Skyscanner / Hutchgo input wrong name for flights

Aug 19, 2019

I booked to and fro tickets between Shanghai and Japan via Hutchgo on Aug 17. Their platform on IOS had and still has a glitch that automatically duplicated my input in the space for name. And when I realized the name mistake and asked for full refund of tickets. They said only tax can be...

Skyscanner / I am complaining about ticket cancelation ion

Aug 14, 2019

SkyscannerI booked ticket for myself and wife with cancelation option and payed extra but when visa rejected I tried to cancel as I have bought insurance option of ticket but people from budgetair sending email that it is not refundable, what are they a doing this is not acceptable at all why then...

Skyscanner / ticket booked via skyscanner

Aug 12, 2019

SkyscannerHi, I booked an urgent ticket from Singapore to Delhi last night but via skyscanner but i didn't receive any ticket. Because of medical emergency i had to book another ticket. I tried to reach out the number given over 20 times. Today morning just before 3 hours of flight i have been sent...

Skyscanner / I rent a car in turkey

Aug 11, 2019

Dears, I rent a car for 5 days starting from today till 16th. The company debited the advance payment from my card, now I'm waiting in the airport and called them, they are saying your reservation is not confirmed, I logged in to their website using a link from they confirmation email, the...

Skyscanner / flight booking

Aug 09, 2019

Booked a flight via Skyscanner booking reference PTB183337 via best price travel. Booking was confirmed and received email confirmation. Few hours later received a call from the agency advising booking has been cancelled because my starting point was outside of Australia. I've asked where...

Skyscanner / flights

Aug 09, 2019

Hi, In March I booked a flight from LBJ to DPS. The flight was booked for 16:10 on the 30th July (i have the booking confirmation if you need it). We arrived at the airport on the 30th to find that the flight never existed and instead we had to board a different flight at 18:35. This caused...

[Resolved] Skyscanner / I paid for seat selection, but was not given those seats on the flight

Aug 07, 2019

I paid for seat selection, but was not given my selected seats on the flight. The airline could not move me as the flight was full. I selected the middle section as I was with my partner and being in the middle section on the plane we would not be bothered or have to bother another person...

Skyscanner / a travel agent used by skyscanner

Aug 05, 2019

My complaint is not about Skyscanner, but by a travel agent that came up on their website which I ended up booking flights with. I booked flights to two destinations. The first was from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. Kiwi. Com told me the airline had changed schedule by 4hrs. My daughter arrived...

Skyscanner / flights

Aug 04, 2019

Booking reference : [protected] We booked a flight with the above reference number via Skyscanner website. The provider was Opodo. We were very careful not to add any extras. The price was £855 pp. However once the payment has gone through, Opodo has charged £871 pp. When contacted customer...

Skyscanner / opodo online travel agency

Aug 01, 2019

I used Skyscanner to source flight from Manchester to Stockholm. One option they offered was flights that could be booked with Opodo. Our return flight from Stockholm to Manchester was rescheduled to an earlier time, Opodo did not notify me of this, consequently I missed my flight. Norwegian Air...

Skyscanner / flight booking.

Jul 22, 2019

SkyscannerHello there, I recently booked a Ryanair flight via sky scanner. Skyscanner quoted me £186.63, so I went ahead and booked the flight believing that the Bulgarian quote it was showing me on the Ryanair website was the exact converstion. However, upon booking it, Ryanair have charged me £236.17...

Skyscanner / green motion car rental - unethical behaviour

Jul 22, 2019

***GREEN MOTION CAR RENTAL *** ***PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REMOVE THIS COMPANY FROM YOUR PLATFORM AS YOU ARE ADVERTISING CON ARTISTS TO TOURISTS COMING TO EDINBURGH*** Hello, Please please please take Green Motion Car Rentals off of your site. I've always enjoyed using skyscanner over the...

Skyscanner / skyscanner and partners

Jul 18, 2019

I attempted to book a flight on 13th July to LAX From London I entered my details FIVE times and each time when I had submitted my credit card information they then said the flight was not available. I finally got a flight at a more expensive price, around £400 - but I now find I have been...

Skyscanner / not cancelling flight and processing refund

Jul 17, 2019

I booked a flight with gotogate (found via skyscanner) from Kiev to Bangalore (via Instanbul and Muskat). Order number is KWN5X5. I wrote them couple of times to cancel the flights and process the refund for past couple of weeks but all I got is empty promises (case number [protected]...

Skyscanner / wrong connecting flights given

Jul 14, 2019

Elliot Green Flights sourced through Skyscanner Valencia to Palma Tues 9th July 20:55 Ryanair FR7214 Palma to Bristol Tues 9th July 00:20 Easyjet EZY6044 Flights from Valencia were too late to connect at Palma . These were the flights booked through skyscanner . A train back to Valencia . A...

Skyscanner / ticket sales

Jul 11, 2019

I paid a large sum to Skyscanner through Akash nanda, have not received any confirmation from him and can not get through to him he is one big scam artist I fear he offered very cheap business flights to Bangkok which seemed to good to be true, much correspondence done through WhatsApp so beware or you may get scammed

Skyscanner / misusing my credit card

Jul 03, 2019

I have book the ticket from UAE on 1st July 2019 The ticket cost is AED 3119.25 The ticket from Trip this is sub agent Problem is today the trip misuse my credit card yesterday debit AED AED 65.50 This is cheating please transfer agine that amount to my card Booking order KXBFQ7 Booking...

Skyscanner / flights

Jun 28, 2019

SkyscannerI urgently need to change my return flight dates with Travel Trolley and According to their terms & conditions they need to charge me £150 per ticket per booking however they have now said to my husband it's going to cost £275 per ticket. When I personally called their office before my...

Skyscanner / airline tickets issued by gotogate (link provided by skyscanner) not valid

Jun 26, 2019

We had booked a Moscow to Delhi flight (Aeroflot - Moscow to Dubai and AIr India - Dubai - Delhi) for INR 1.37 lakhs for 23 June 2019 - 4 tickets The order number of our booking was KWYS0A and our booking reference number for Moscow to Dubai was AVBKQS and Dubai to Delhi was EJBNBL. When...

Skyscanner / flight search

Jun 24, 2019

Good morning, Today i was surprised when trying to book a flight that the top cheapest ones will constantly direct me to a website ( that made me introduce my personal data only to tell me later that there was no abailability for that selected flight and suggested others that...

Skyscanner / travelup

Jun 04, 2019

We boooked return flights to Greece via Skyscanner and through a company call d TravelUp. The cost was about £600. At the airport we was advised by BA that our seats had been cancelled and money refunded to TravelUp. We was not advised of this and was left with having to pay BA £1800 for...

Skyscanner / poor customer service didn't receive my travel tickets

May 20, 2019

Hi I browsed through the wesbite for flight tickets from london to mumbai for 3 adults and 1 child . Got a call from Sky Scanner team Yash and he gave me cost options I made a bank transfer for 760 pounds as advised for tickets on 15th May since then following up for the E-tickets for Oman...