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my names is Robyn Hillier and l have been with skype for quite a while now. all of a sudden this week, it has got stuck,
no one can call ad l cannot call them, as my skype is telling everyone öff line with voice mail"l do not have voice mail and never
had. l have family overseas who l talk to skype to skype and it is exceptionally annoying that this is happening to me. The symbol
will not disappear from my screen. Hope this can be fixed soon. l have been withot t nearly 4 days now.
thank you
Robyn Hillier

  • Ba
    badi Baniab Oct 24, 2009

    i subscribed for unlimited landline phone and got charged 12.95 for it but i did not get the service;please cancel the service and return my money

    10/26/2009 WWW.SKYPE.COM INTERNET $12.95

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  • Fa
    Fabio Esguerra Jan 05, 2010

    I had been charged the same amount $84.80. for the same product that, up to this moment I can't use because they have problems with the password I was given. After e few tries the program is not longer in my computer

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  • Ze
    Zed350 Mar 26, 2010

    Did you try to contact their support? Just ask for a refund. If they won't give you then file a complaint to your credit card.

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  • Dy
    dyana007 Dec 29, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have never been a customer of Skype yet multiple debit charges were made without my knowledge or consent. I reported fraud to them and they have refused to refund my card. They are only reachable by email, if youre lucky and they send idiotic responses claiming they are the victim. In addition, they confirmed I have no account with them. Duh!4f33c

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  • Ej
    EJlife Jan 05, 2011

    The same thing happen to me just recently, I had 3 charges to skype on our business account.WHAT!!! Good thing i caught it before the bank cleared the charges.
    What idiot would be so stupid and how are they getting this information when we don't even have a skype acct???

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  • Sc
    Scezzan Apr 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Their forums are filled with complaints from users who can't use their CC to buy more time, with the lack of anyone to talk to, with the lack of anyone telling them what's wrong, with declines on the CC when Skype actually billed them. This all happened to me as well. They stink as a company when you have a problem that they cause. Stay away give your money to a Company that cares.

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  • Bo
    Bowerole Apr 13, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My Skype account doesn't work. Skype automatically charged my credit card. Skype provides no customer service whatsoever. I can't say anything good about Skype.

    I have given up on this company completely.

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fraud or scam

I just received this email... Dear GE Money Bank customer, A charge of 11.34$ was made to Skype Inc. from...

banned from site

I know Skype is free, but they treat their customers like hell. There is no way to delete your account, contact customer service (if any) or anything else for that matter. Today I opened Skype and it kept crashing, so I went on to see what I can do so I found out their "Support Network" and submitted a ticket, I received several e-mail from Skype saying I got a response back from a user named "Tamim" (Valued Contributor) I tried to open it but it said I was banned from the site, so I went to the site that is provided by skype support page; and it said the same thing. How sick and disgusting skype is I will ban them from my life and delete the app forever. Do not get Skype I swear they are the worst so called Internet messengers out there I hope the US banns them and Microsoft does something about them since they bought them.

banned from site
banned from site
banned from site

unable to check my usage and balances

I just spent half hour chating with customer service trying to obtain a
detailed ongoing balance of the usage in my account.
the rep gave all kinds of worthless information that did not answer my
The reason I started the call to Skype customer service was because I notice
that the balance in my account seems to go down faster that what it should.
And my going around with the Skype did not get me an answer. I had to
extract it from her that "Skype does not provide an ongoing balance before
and after each call. Obviously in that way I know exactly what I pay for the
Today I called Costa Rica and when I noticed a big deduction in my balance.
I called Skype customer service. According to what the rep said my call was
.347 but the deduction was .697. When I inquiry she said that is because I
made 3 calls. However when I look for the charges there was only one charge
for .347 and my account was deducted .697
When I said I did that because the other person could not hear me ( which it
happens practically every time I use Skype)
She argue that that was my internet. I responded that it could also be their
system but didn't go anywhere. (again, every time Skype fails, I have to pay
for. ( I am sure it is a common problem with Skype)

Also I had cancelled auto refill, but every time I did a refill myself, the
system will put me in auto refill. That is not a good practice.
Somebody need to look into the way Skype is charging the customers.
I requested a transcript of the chat but, so far nothing.


Following our chat support session, here's a copy of our chat history.
1:29:05 AM oct127 oct127 begins session with: Payment methods
(how to pay)
1:29:05 AM SYSTEM Presentation Script "Thank you for contacting
Skype Customer Support" ended.
1:29:14 AM oct127 Hi,
1:29:32 AM You Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is
Ramona. How may I help you?
1:29:44 AM oct127 Seems to me that is getting increasingly
expensive to use the phone service
1:30:08 AM oct127 Also I was not able to find a way to keep
track of my ballnce
1:30:20 AM oct127 balance that is
1:31:38 AM oct127 I need an statement of my available balance
every time I make a call
1:31:57 AM oct127 in that way I now exactly how much the call
cost was
1:32:20 AM You I understand your concern with regard to account
1:32:31 AM You I would be willing to help you with your
1:32:35 AM You Before we go further, may I have your name and
Skype username, please
1:32:42 AM oct127 thank you
1:32:53 AM oct127 oct127
1:32:56 AM oct127 Octavio Suarez
1:33:31 AM You Thank you.
1:34:17 AM You To check your avalaible balance, you can always
sign in to the my account page and your balance also shows on the Skype
1:34:35 AM oct127 I know that.
1:34:44 AM oct127 I will explain again
1:35:20 AM oct127 I want to be able to see in a statement how
much you deduct it for the call
1:35:42 AM You We're you able to check your call history?
1:35:55 AM You To view a detailed list of the calls you have
made and how much they cost, sign in to your account:
1:36:11 AM oct127 yes but that does not tell me how much you
deduct it
1:36:43 AM You The total call charge per call to a number is
what we deduct on your balance.
1:36:44 AM oct127 can you tell me how much was the last call I
just made today to costa rica?
1:37:03 AM You Sure.
1:37:04 AM oct127 yes, were is it showing?
1:37:07 AM You Just a moment.
1:38:20 AM oct127 HOw much was my balance before I made the
call and how much was after the call?
1:40:42 AM You The last call you made for calling mobile in
Costa Rica is $0.347.
1:41:03 AM You That was made on Dec. 21, 2011./
1:41:14 AM oct127 thank you and how much was the balance in my
account at that point
1:41:29 AM oct127 before and after
1:42:08 AM You Prior to Dec. 21, 2011 your account balance was
1:42:41 AM oct127 thank you. Does that match tha deduction?
1:44:57 AM You After the call, your account balance top up for
$10.00 leaving your account with a total of 11.400.
1:45:56 AM oct127 So that is a total of.70 right?
1:48:16 AM You Sorry for the confusion, your total call charges
on Dec. 21, 2011 is 0.697.
1:49:26 AM oct127 so how are you telling me that the call was
.347 when you are tellin me that the total charge was .697
1:52:34 AM You On your call records, you have made 3 calls to
number [protected].
1:53:12 AM You First call - 0.175, second call - 0.175 and the
last is 0.347.
1:53:23 AM oct127 I see, that is correct.The reason I had to do
it. The other person could not hear me.
1:53:32 AM You A total of 0.697.
1:53:59 AM oct127 Which is another issue I have with your
service. every time your service is flawed I have to pay for
1:54:18 AM You Please be reminded that your auto-recharge is
1:54:39 AM oct127 No it is not
1:54:46 AM You I would like to clarify that you have not been
1:55:53 AM oct127 All I am asking is that I am able to see call
by call how much was I charged. were do I go for that.
1:56:21 AM You Please check your My account page now and your
order history.
1:56:47 AM You To view a detailed list of the calls you have
made and how much they cost, sign in to your account:
1:57:05 AM oct127 the histroy does not keep a balance of my
1:58:01 AM You Your account balance is stated on the welcome
page of your my account page and on the Skype application.
1:58:44 AM oct127 I know that I am talking about a detail
statement of how much was deducted for every call.
1:58:56 AM oct127 were do I see that?
1:59:47 AM You Once you made a call, it automatically deduct to
your balance and it is posted on Skype application beside your name.
2:00:29 AM oct127 were do you keep a recordof every deduction
2:00:50 AM You We have that on our end.
2:01:00 AM You You can alos check that on your account.
2:01:05 AM You **also
2:01:11 AM oct127 what is that please
2:01:30 AM You It is on the link I gave you.
2:01:41 AM oct127 would you guide me there so we can do it
2:04:37 AM You Before you made a call, observe your current
balance is $11.400.Now try to make a call and check the balance after.
2:06:08 AM oct127 I already said that twice. I want to see it
in writing an ongoing balnce not befoe and after only.
2:06:22 AM You That option is not available.
2:06:46 AM You I will forward it to the development team so
they can consider it on future releases.
2:07:53 AM oct127 Well you finally said it. That is not the way
to do business. If you cannot send me a detail of my money deductions I will
have to look into your business practices.
2:08:32 AM oct127 I am amzed that you don't have it .
2:09:42 AM You I apologize for the inconvenience this has
caused on your end.
2:09:56 AM oct127 Also, If I recharge my account, it
automatically sets me up as a auto recharge
2:10:33 AM oct127 I had to go there and change that after I did
a refill this morning.
2:10:44 AM You All right.
2:10:45 AM You Is there anything else I can help you with
2:11:08 AM oct127 That is another practice that is not
friendlly and very convenient to you
2:11:38 AM oct127 How do I get credit for the bad connections
that you charge me for
2:12:21 AM You Record shows that you have successful calls.
2:12:38 AM oct127 yes, bad quality
2:12:59 AM oct127 I need it restart the call so the other
person could hear me
2:13:12 AM You Please be reminded that calls are rounded up to
the next minute: for example, a call lasting 00:35 minutes is rounded up to
1 minute.
2:13:30 AM oct127 what is you rpoint?
2:14:06 AM You Before making a call, ensure that you have
stable internet connection and your audio/video settings is set up
2:15:02 AM oct127 mi internet was stable. It may be your
2:16:00 AM You We do not have control over your out
going/incoming calls. If everything works fine on your end then the other
might have the problem.
2:16:11 AM oct127 Obviously you didn't resolve my issues. And
is not personal but your company policies.
2:16:29 AM oct127 I will follow up about this.
2:16:59 AM oct127 Can you send me a detail statement of mi
usage and account balances
2:17:48 AM You We are unable to provide that since it is all
listed on your call history.
2:18:23 AM oct127 can you send me a transcript of this chat?
2:18:30 AM You Sure.
2:18:41 AM oct127 thank you
2:18:49 AM You You can keep our session ID: 657020.
2:18:56 AM You You're welcome.
2:19:08 AM oct127 were do I go with that #
2:19:56 AM You You can keep that as your reference for our
2:20:44 AM oct127 you are sending me the chat though?
2:20:49 AM You Yes.
2:21:05 AM oct127 rigth now?
2:21:06 AM You May I have your email address, please?
2:21:22 AM You I'll be sending it in a while.
2:21:29 AM oct127 [protected]
2:21:35 AM You Thank you.
2:21:41 AM oct127 thank you
2:21:44 AM You It's been a pleasure speaking with you today.
Thank you for contacting Skype Live Support, have a great day.

We value your feedback. Please be aware that we will ask you a few
questions after closing the chat window about your experience with us today.

Once you are ready please click on the "Exit" button.

Should you need more assistance, feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,

Ramona C.
Skype Customer Service

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fraudulent credit card charges

I was a paid member of skype. I had a plan to call unlimited in canada. I never agreed to have take money on my credit card whenever they wanted and for some reason, I ended up with two plans to call unlimited in canada at the same time, both were charged on my credit card without my approval. So on june first there is a 8, 92 charge on my cc and on july 31st another charge but that time 19, 92$. So I go to check the details and I see that I have two distinct plans overlapping but to call both at the same country. Wth???

I contact them, asking for answers and reimbursement. I get reimbursed but I never can speak to someone by chat, because i'm not "premium" member. What is that? You are stealing from me??? And the worse is that I could not exchange emails with the same person, everytime I replied to the goddamned email it was another customer rep who replied with canned messages.

Be careful with skype, they will take money on your credit card several time without your consent and they will tell you that when you sign up, you agreed to it in the tos. Dude, I agreed that you would decide for me when to renew?

When it took money in july I was already fine until november 30th. I don't think it was necessary to take money on my card yet again.

Unhappy customer.

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misleading advertising

I have been using skype for many years now. About 1 year ago I decided to get an unlimited world subscription.
For $14, 99 it gave me calls to certain countries, voicemail, call forwarding, and 3 on-line numbers .
The other day I was on the skype website and clicked on the "special offers" section.
I found out that I could save 15% by paying for 12 months up front. As I've had the subscription for over 1 year, and wished to keep it, I decided to click on the link and take advantage of the saving as any other loyal customer should be able to do.
The process made me cancel the current subscription in order to start the new one.
No-where was I warned that I would loose my 3 on-line numbers.
Skype support was useless in this. They bounced me from 1 person to another for support 18 times.
End result- I will have to pay $18 every 3 months for EACH online number I had free before. So $216 extra per year, on top of the normal subscription price.
This is not fair. It's called cheating and misleading customers!!!
I tried many times to get my old subscription back, with no luck!! What can I do? I'm obviously not happy!!!

video calls

Ok.What can I say about Skype.I have read lots of complaints about Skype so these are my complaints.1.I removed my number from Skype and a few weeks later it was still there.2.There are to many major call issues and Skype doesn't seem to be fixing the problems.3.when I am making a call im only on the call for a few seconds then the call suddenly drops this happens every day.4.When I am making a call my camera sometimes doesn't work.5.I am using my own webcam for Skype video calls because my Skype cam stopped working and I couldnt get my Skype cam to work anymore.6.When im making a video call I cant hear the other person and the other persons sound is fine.7.when I recieve a video call the other person cant see hear me.8.when I recieve a video call the other person cant see me.9.when I recieve a video call the call cuts off all the time before I get a chance to answer it.10.when I am sending messages to the other person they dont recieve some of the messages even though they are online.All this happens everyday and im tired of this happening everyday.

  • Re
    Reviewer65822 Mar 01, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In a long distance relationship, our weekly Skype calls are very important. We do not usually have issues, but this specific call would not allow us to use our video 90% of the time and we were both basically pixels when we could see each other. It cut out every 30 seconds and was extremely frustrating. We will not be using Skype again due to this, but I hope in the future, Skype is able to improve the quality of the call for other poor souls who have the patience to put up with this absurdity.

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  • Mi
    miaa.chii Mar 22, 2016

    My friend was trying to video chat in a three-way call on her mobile device. It did not give her the option to turn on her camera, and she could not see us other two.

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phishing scam

Have you ever heard the word skype, if no then certainly you should know what is skype and what are the latest updates on emerging skype scam. In terms of technical language skype is the program code or software which is used to make free voice calls over the Internet. Sometimes also referenced as making cheap phone calls or video calls all around the world.
It should be noted that skype work in similar with (VOIP) Voice Over Internet Protocol services a boost telecommunication tool for business end users. But certainly due to it’s vast and massive popularity it is on radar of cyber criminals thus resulting scams .Skype when installed, works with your other default programs stores on your computer It means it is activated when after your computer is booted and ready for use.
Moreover after it’s activation on, it display the status of the user of on and off if available or offline. Now taking this advantage scam artist are smart enough to inject the malware links (which are also know as spam links, badlinks ) via Internet in the form of email attachment or pony websites .
Remember in such cases Fake antivirus programs are too responsible for releasing phishy links.

  • La
    L:aurence Apr 26, 2011

    I had left my Skpe on today as I was expecting a call from my daughter. The call tone sounded and it was from "Computer Security" that advised me that I had a computer ID Number and that I would need this to activate a programme which would get rid of a harmful virus. I was to send money etc. I cancelled the call.
    How did they get my contact name? Should Skpe impove whatever security that they have? In which case how do I tell them as they are remarkably rewticennt n their web site?
    L. G. Measey

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  • Ia
    Iamspartacus Jul 05, 2011

    I was sent something like that a week or so ago. But i never answered it but ended the call. Then something was happening last night as talking to my husband on Skype and kept was telling me to recharge and I did and then the money was there and then gone but came back up again. Today I look and I have 10c. I look to see where credit went and it seems I have been hacked. Taiwan calls up to $184. went for hours who ever made the calls. little shite head.
    How do they get my account details? How do they by pass their security which I really think is flawed. However now SKYPE say not liable. I have asked how many people per day, week, months, year have their credit stolen and they (SKYPE) collect it? They said I was asking private questions of the individual account holders and not permitted to know. I said I didn't want names I wanted numbers.
    I also mentioned did they realize that THEY are receiving stolen monies from Fraud? They said they will give me details of everything and but their investigation into this is internal.
    I am going to hound them until they tell me some answers.
    Anyone know how to start up your own VoIP peer-to-peer program?


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unauthorized charges

Two unauthorized charges against my credit card were made by Skype. First time since I had signed on for FREE acct option in August 2009.

  • De
    Debd Nov 03, 2009

    they charged $30.95 to account w/o authorization - I WANT MY MONEY BACK -have no way to

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  • Ch
    Chinnok Nov 08, 2009

    I may suggest you to contact the BBB and file a complain.
    Skype has already a Rating of F
    This is an excerpt from the BBB in regards to Skype:
    "Company Rating F
    Our opinion of what this rating means:
    We strongly question the company’s reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law’s licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company’s industry is known for its fraudulent business practices. "

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  • Ma
    mark.schoonhoven Mar 09, 2010

    I have charge in Feb as well. I going to leave you my email Address ([email protected]) I have report this to J.A.G., and Because that stealing from the US army. You need to contact me to make payment back to me.


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  • Fe
    fed up in WI Feb 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had TEN unauthorized charges from Skype after using the service for a couple years. They were for $25 a pop and happened on Valentines day, 2011. Not a sweet deal! I alerted Paypal and they did investigate and say they are getting a refund (haven't seen it yet) but what a wake up call that this company's billing process is at best flawed, at worst FRAUDULENT.

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  • Wi
    Willem F Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I payed skype $10 and used $2 Now i have NO credit left over and they charge you a Exchange fee for the credit card service since they are in ???? Luxembourg ???? Can't get a hold of them No response on E Mail and for sure NO PHONE. SKYPE THE RIP OFF,

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  • Hi
    HISENX Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I topped up £10 credit yesterday, and today they charged me £10 again saying that it is automatic recharge when balance is low?? Excuse me SKYPE, I have never intended to open such a service, and even under your terms and conditions automatic recharge applies when credit is less than £2, I have £10 in my account sir! What is worse, you spent my credit without my authorisation on the bl**dy worldwide phone call subscription? Thank you but I DONT NEED IT !!! You have wasted my money and precious time.! this really irritates me you are violating my consumer sovereignty

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fradulent charges

This company has allowed someone that stole my debit card information to use it. After emailing back and...

unauthorised transaction

I have found a card authorisation for the amount of 24.99 AUS Dollars on my Bank account which has been placed on 11th of Septemeber 2010.

I have not authorised this transaction and believe it is a mistake. I do not have anything to do with Skype either at home or at work.

I am finding it a little disturbing that some way someone may have accessed my credit card details.

Could you please contact me regarding this as I believe it needs to be amended asap.

Kind Regards,


  • Ba
    Barbara A. Osborne Mar 26, 2009

    I did not order / internet.
    You been charging my bank credit card $25. 00 for 3 months now, and i want it back. All of it, and lose my credit card. Cancell it please.
    One time i seen a double payment. I want that, too.
    Thank you,
    Barbae a. Osborne

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  • Jc
    jcrai123 Apr 15, 2010

    I was charged two charges of $15.66 I did not authorize

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misabuse by nigerian fraud agent

I suspected one friend I know from is misabuse Skype to claim himself is from United Kingdom.
He has his skype account. But that is not the account for his phone.
His phone starts with +4470, and this is the famous international call divert service.
What you discover about the line for the fraud, is when you try to call from skype, it blocks you from calling the line. Then after that you will discover the line cannot sms too.
When you ask the person, he will claims he don't know about this. and will check with communication service.
I spend quite sometimes to get the data, so I would like make everyone aware of the fraud.
I am lucky that I never being cheated for money. But I do not wish anyone being abused by them.
They are actually from Nigerian scam group - go into dating network such as, to know you.
Then telling you fairy tales, and make you fall in love with him. And also post very modellish photos. After that will tell you, have to nigeria for business. Followed by tragic like being robbed, hospitalize, and then also kidnapped. Do not send money but email to nigeria police, or uk high comm. He will tell you, he has no family people to help him, you are the only one that can help him. Just be aware with the tricks.
Just have to be careful: as long as the person tells you he is in London, he should be using normal UK line, not +4470 which is divert line.


I had recently checked out the Skype website to see what it entailed, but never signed up for it as I was in the process of moving and knew I wouldn't have time to use it immediately. While checking out my bank account statement online I noticed two pending charges from Skype to my account for $12.93 each. I immediately called my bank but they said because these were still pending charges they couldn't do anything about it until they cleared. They suggested I contact Skype, which I did. I kept getting letters back from them saying they needed the first 6 and last 4 digits of my credit card. I tried numerous times, unsuccessfully, to tell them that there was no credit card involved, that it was my checking account. They must have sent 10 letters (all of which I responded to) stating that they still needed my credit card numbers. No matter what I did they couldn't get it that there was no credit card and no way in hell was I giving them my bank account number. When I told them that the bank was now going to be investigating fraud charges against them amazingly the charges disappeared from my account that day. I wouldn't trust Skype for one second! They're not the brightest in the world!

  • Jt
    jtchan Feb 12, 2010

    Unbelievable that a technology company can't perform a simple business transaction.

    My credit card company sent me a new credit card number because of a
    potential security compromise. As a result, this required the merchants
    of recurring charges on this card to be notified so there could be a
    valid number.

    When I tried to change my credit card number for my Skype Unlimited, I was told I couldn't do that, and that I would have to cancel my subscription and make a new purchase. Really stupid. Worse is that my old rate of $9.95 per month will now go up to $12.95 per month. Hmmm...

    When I asked for help to make this simple change, I was just stiff armed and some idiot just parroted back policy.

    This does notseem right at all...most companies allow for changes in credit card
    information, especially for recurring charges, and DON'T force the
    customer to make a new purchase.

    I'm going to be looking at other options now...sleazebags!

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debits without call connection

SKype is consistently deducting my creedit when I try calling even though the line is NOT connected and the line does NOT ring on the other sided - everytime i do call landline, my credits disappear before my eyes without me ever having spoken and communucted with the person I am callin - funny when I call mobile number it goes through - I want a REFUND and EXPLANATION for why this money is debited despuite the fact UI am NOT HAVING A CALL OR conversation repeatedley. Also there is no callc entre or any other means to take this complaint up - uncontactable SKYPE - imagine if I am one of 14 million people feeling miffed at losing a few dollars each time I try calling a number and SKYPE deducted my credit without connection, how many $$$$$ SKYPE is making from other users across the world having experiecned a similar problem - multiply this by days adn weeks, m - who is scamming who !!! this is not a connection fee but actuall call charges for a call I am not having and yet Skype charging me for this - who can I contact to take this uop and get a refund for around$30 worth of similar "non-calls" deducted from my skypue out credit balance ?

  • Ze
    Zed350 Nov 03, 2010

    I think the explanation was, our providers also connect to other providers and thus sometimes when we call and the other provider said "yes" that a connection has been made, your provider will start charging your account. Skype should credit those minutes back but the problem is, they don't have phone support and most of the time, email or chat isn't enough. This is the most common complaints about Skype and phone support is very important part of customer service.

    This is the reason why I chose my current long distance provider,, because aside from email support, they also have 24/7 live phone support. Their rates are cheap and call quality is good but Onesuite 24/7 phone support is the deal maker for me.

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unauthorized deductions from creditcard

The following amounts were deducted unlawfully from my credit card.
875234 76.00
875338 76.00
875401 76.00
875460 76.00
2010-02-08 PAYPAL [protected] 000LU
87590 6 7.00
2010-02-08 PAYPAL *SKYPE [protected] 000LU
875984 79.00
2010-02-08 PAYPAL *SKYPE [protected] 000LU
876068 79.00
2010-02-08 PAYPAL *SKYPE [protected] 000LU
876122 79.00
2010-02-08 PAYPAL *SKYPE [protected] 000LU
876171 79.00
2010-02-08 PAYPAL *SKYPE [protected] 000LU
876222 79.00

  • De
    Desiree Jan 07, 2009

    I have an unauthorised charged of $10.20 on 1/5/09 from my us bank (non pin) and another charge of $10.00 on 1/6/09.

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  • Mc
    mca Apr 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    An unknown and unauthorized charge of $2.95 was carried out on my Bank Of America account on the 03/29/10.How do Iget my money refunded?

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  • Ba
    Barbara Hanselman Nov 26, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 11/19/2010, WWW.SKYPE.COM INTERNET withdrew $39.87 twice from my account with no authorization.

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  • Ke
    kentuckylynn Mar 02, 2011


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  • Al
    Allan Begg Apr 27, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had unauthorised deductions from the US
    ( live in Australia) and presently trying to get a reimbursement from my bank.
    It's a debit card...which has the first card now gone into credit?! My bank only recently informed me.
    Fortunatley have another account from which I can access cash.
    I did this so I had a backup account should this occurr...
    The card with illegal deductions I keep for Internet stuff mainly; it's easier to find illegal deductions this way and only on that card.
    There are cockroaches out there so be on guard!

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I do not even know where this company is located. I ordered a Freetalk Headset. It took a month to get to me. It came broken. When I emailed them that it was broken, they said that they would give me a refund which would take 24-48 hours. It has now been over a week and I still don't have my refund.

The worst part of this is that I have sent them about 15 emails asking them to contact me and give me my money back and they don't. I have asked to talk to a manager and I heard nothing. I have asked for a phone number to call so that I can find out what is going on. Nothing. All I want is for them to do a refund which takes 5 min. But more important, answer my emails.

How do businesses like this stay in business? They are on Skypes website. I wonder how Skype would feel about this as they recommended them.

Be aware of this company. Do not buy anything from them. Spend the extra $5 and buy locally. At least they care.

theft of online number

Skype (or their partner- Level 3 Communications, L.L.C. ) stole my $60 one-year subscription for a SkypeIn phone number approximately 6 months after initiating. After a few weeks of 'radio-silence' from my business and social contacts I thought to 'call myself' from another land-line, only to hear the sound of a fax machine attempting to negotiate a connection. This theft of my Online Number for the purpose of re-selling it to someone else for use as their fax line occurred without notice or forewarning. Skype 'support has been only 'lip-service' responsive. They say they are waiting for an 'update' from their VOIP service partner - Level 3 Communications in Apple Valley, MN. This is a 'one minute and a few keystrokes' thing to fix. It's been two months since I first told Skype support of this issue and possibly 3 months since it occured - and counting.

  • Ze
    Zed350 Nov 03, 2010

    Did you file a complaint...maybe at BBB? Or FCC? Go to forum, I believe you will get some of the best advice on that forum.

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unauthorized charge

A charge appeared on my credit card for $18.00 from this company. I do not have a skype account, don't have it downloaded on my computer, have never used it. I have filed a complaint with my credit card company, Capital One, and I hope they are able to get the charges reversed.

  • Zi
    ziggaboo Sep 27, 2009

    I have had the same thing happen to me and Skype took some money out of my account also. I have tried and tried to find out a phone number so I can get in touch with someone. But I can't find a number or anything besides emailing them and that's useless. So if anyone knows the number to Skype please email me because this has got to stop.
    Thanks Amanda
    email address
    [email protected]

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  • Kb
    kbelle Oct 02, 2009

    I recently had two charges from on my checking account. I have never even heard of the company so I definitely don't have an account with them. Luckily my bank reversed the charges but today I see another pending charge from Skype. As a result I am cancelling my debit card and another one is being issued. Once the pending charge post to my account, I have to file another claim with my bank. I also tried to find a number on Skype's website and was unable to do so.

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costumer service / support

Skype is a fantastic service, when it works. Pray that you have no problems because support just does not exist. They copy and past default answers, my guess is that they dont even bother to read your message prior to sending junk back.
Skype is not free, I pay about 40CAN$ every month and expect to get a decent support if needed.

My problem is that SKYPE IN is not working weel when it forwards the call to my mobile (Skype out). And they send solutions on how to test my computer's speakers... what the hell???? Even with my computer off the problem happens, can't blame that one on windows...

Check my message and their reply on top:

Hello Rubens,
> Thank you for contacting Skype Support.
> We apologize for the delayed response. Our goal is to respond to all
> customer e-mails within 72 hours, however due to a recent increase in
> inquiries it has taken longer to respond to you.
> Thank you for your understanding and patience.
> We are concerned to hear that you are experiencing sound quality
> problems while calling with Skype..
> I have compiled a list of different solutions for you that resolve some
> of the more common problems relating to sound issues while calling with
> Skype.
> NB! These steps can be carried out separately and in any order, so if
> you are unable to complete any of them just move on to the next one.
> First of all, can you please test if your microphone is working properly
> in MS Windows. You can do this by going to:
> Start > Program Files > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder and
> make a short recording (make sure there is something to record, your
> voice or music etc.) then play it back. If you can hear what you just
> recorded then everything is working as it should.
> Next, please ensure that the following are up-to-date:
> ? Windows with the latest Service Packs and updates, available from
> ? Device (sound, video, motherboard etc) drivers (those can be found on
> the device manufacturer's website - contact the manufacturer/vendor of
> the device for more information)
> ? DirectX - the main multimedia part of Windows. The newest version can
> be found at:
> Once you have done all of the above it is time to make a test call to
> see if your problems are sorted. Here are the instructions for test
> calls:
> Log in to Skype and search for the username "echo123", the Skype Call
> Testing Service, from the ?Search Contacts? cell and call then follow
> the instructions you hear. At the end of this call the sound issues you
> were experiencing should be resolved.
> You may need to make sound adjustments during this call. If this is the
> case, click on the "headset" icon at the right of the call window to
> open the sound settings. Adjust the settings in the new pop-up window
> till you have the correct device selected in the drop-down box and the
> respective ?slider? starts flashing green, indicating that sound is
> detected and working. You can also access Skype?s sound settings by
> going to Tools > Options > Audio settings.
> .
> Sometimes these problems remain doggedly persistent, in which case go to
> Tools > Options > Audio Settings and uncheck the box ?Let Skype adjust
> my sound device settings?. You may need to restart Skype for this
> settings change to take affect, after which you should repeat the call
> to ?echo123? to see if this has solved your problem.
> If after carrying out all the steps above you are still experiencing
> sound problems, then it is likely that the problem lies within MS
> Windows (or alternative OS) itself. You can find detailed instructions
> for sound improvements in Windows here:
> We hope this has resolved your issues and we greatly appreciate your
> patience and understanding regarding this matter. Should you need any
> further assistance or have additional questions please do not hesitate
> to contact us again.
> Thank you for choosing Skype to call the world.
> Best regards,
> Oliver - Skype Support
> Skype Customer Support
> Visit for latest news, updates and tips.
> Original Message Follows:
> ------------------------
> Name: rubelfort
> Skype Name: rubenelfort
> E-mail:
> Topic: Technical
> Subtopic: Other
> Subject: Skype in problems - 3rd request for support
> Message:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> I have sent 2 messages in the past and got no help. This is VERY BAD
> My skype in / skype out is not working. I have a number in Brazil and
> for about 2 weeks now when people call me the call does not work. I see
> the incoming call on my computer, then my mobile rings (the call is
> forwarded) but I cant hear and people in Brazil cant hear me. It takes a
> few calls to complete.
> Last time I asked for support you asked for detailed time when the
> errors occurred and despite sending the information got no answer from
> you. Skype support is very bad, you should improve it.
> My skype in number 55 11 37xx-4695
> Las call detail:
> [1:23:19 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:23:21 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:23:28 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:23:30 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:23:48 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:23:50 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:24:26 PM] rubens belfort: Call again, skype is not working well
> [1:25:04 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:25:06 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:25:21 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:25:23 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:25:36 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***

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