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Skype is a fantastic service, when it works. Pray that you have no problems because support just does not exist. They copy and past default answers, my guess is that they dont even bother to read your message prior to sending junk back.
Skype is not free, I pay about 40CAN$ every month and expect to get a decent support if needed.

My problem is that SKYPE IN is not working weel when it forwards the call to my mobile (Skype out). And they send solutions on how to test my computer's speakers... what the hell???? Even with my computer off the problem happens, can't blame that one on windows...

Check my message and their reply on top:

Hello Rubens,
> Thank you for contacting Skype Support.
> We apologize for the delayed response. Our goal is to respond to all
> customer e-mails within 72 hours, however due to a recent increase in
> inquiries it has taken longer to respond to you.
> Thank you for your understanding and patience.
> We are concerned to hear that you are experiencing sound quality
> problems while calling with Skype..
> I have compiled a list of different solutions for you that resolve some
> of the more common problems relating to sound issues while calling with
> Skype.
> NB! These steps can be carried out separately and in any order, so if
> you are unable to complete any of them just move on to the next one.
> First of all, can you please test if your microphone is working properly
> in MS Windows. You can do this by going to:
> Start > Program Files > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder and
> make a short recording (make sure there is something to record, your
> voice or music etc.) then play it back. If you can hear what you just
> recorded then everything is working as it should.
> Next, please ensure that the following are up-to-date:
> ? Windows with the latest Service Packs and updates, available from
> ? Device (sound, video, motherboard etc) drivers (those can be found on
> the device manufacturer's website - contact the manufacturer/vendor of
> the device for more information)
> ? DirectX - the main multimedia part of Windows. The newest version can
> be found at:
> Once you have done all of the above it is time to make a test call to
> see if your problems are sorted. Here are the instructions for test
> calls:
> Log in to Skype and search for the username "echo123", the Skype Call
> Testing Service, from the ?Search Contacts? cell and call then follow
> the instructions you hear. At the end of this call the sound issues you
> were experiencing should be resolved.
> You may need to make sound adjustments during this call. If this is the
> case, click on the "headset" icon at the right of the call window to
> open the sound settings. Adjust the settings in the new pop-up window
> till you have the correct device selected in the drop-down box and the
> respective ?slider? starts flashing green, indicating that sound is
> detected and working. You can also access Skype?s sound settings by
> going to Tools > Options > Audio settings.
> .
> Sometimes these problems remain doggedly persistent, in which case go to
> Tools > Options > Audio Settings and uncheck the box ?Let Skype adjust
> my sound device settings?. You may need to restart Skype for this
> settings change to take affect, after which you should repeat the call
> to ?echo123? to see if this has solved your problem.
> If after carrying out all the steps above you are still experiencing
> sound problems, then it is likely that the problem lies within MS
> Windows (or alternative OS) itself. You can find detailed instructions
> for sound improvements in Windows here:
> We hope this has resolved your issues and we greatly appreciate your
> patience and understanding regarding this matter. Should you need any
> further assistance or have additional questions please do not hesitate
> to contact us again.
> Thank you for choosing Skype to call the world.
> Best regards,
> Oliver - Skype Support
> Skype Customer Support
> Visit for latest news, updates and tips.
> Original Message Follows:
> ------------------------
> Name: rubelfort
> Skype Name: rubenelfort
> E-mail:
> Topic: Technical
> Subtopic: Other
> Subject: Skype in problems - 3rd request for support
> Message:
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> I have sent 2 messages in the past and got no help. This is VERY BAD
> My skype in / skype out is not working. I have a number in Brazil and
> for about 2 weeks now when people call me the call does not work. I see
> the incoming call on my computer, then my mobile rings (the call is
> forwarded) but I cant hear and people in Brazil cant hear me. It takes a
> few calls to complete.
> Last time I asked for support you asked for detailed time when the
> errors occurred and despite sending the information got no answer from
> you. Skype support is very bad, you should improve it.
> My skype in number 55 11 37xx-4695
> Las call detail:
> [1:23:19 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:23:21 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:23:28 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:23:30 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:23:48 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:23:50 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:24:26 PM] rubens belfort: Call again, skype is not working well
> [1:25:04 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:25:06 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:25:21 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***
> [1:25:23 PM] *** Call ended ***
> [1:25:36 PM] *** Missed call from nani cel. ***

Resolved business control panel service sucks

Skype service is best for personal use, but businesses really need to be well-aware of the low level customer responsiveness that skype offers.

they offer unlimited long distance package to us/canada. $2.95 per month for 10000 minutes, when you can use the service for 6 hours of dialing BUT cannot dial more than 50 numbers a day. for an end user, this is pretty ok, but for businesses, this doesn't work although they have a business control panel offering.

The worse part is that there is no technical support number. if you read the forums on skype's own site, you'll see thousand of complaints of the business control panel being blocked without notice from skype and then there is no one to resolve the matter. you cannot call any helpline. you only have two options, either to post your problem on skype forum, or contact customer service by mail. you get an acknowledgement of receipt of complaint promising a resolution within 2-4 days. but weeks pass by, and you dont hear from them. your mails are never replied. you'll be really lucky out of the lot if you hear back from them.

i lost around $4500 as incidental damages, which i cannot claim, but at least i can suggest others not to use skype for your businesses. trust me, you'll never get any support.

  • Da
    Daud Kahan Apr 21, 2009

    I have suffered financially using Skype. They billed me excessive amounts and then whenever I attempted to make call they were always denied. After a long struggle on emails, most of them were never answered, I gave up. I am now using Gizmo. Excellent quality and no FU's so far.

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  • Ty
    tyler1 Jan 22, 2011

    hey they need to fix login i put in my user or skype name in login and my pass $%^%^^%^*& it said it was wrong so i said forgot changed it to $%^&%^ it said wrong then it said that 3 more times and said too many times tommorow butt hole

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  • Cl
    cloa513 Mar 09, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I found Skype awful too as a consumer. I have Premium and there is supposed support for that. A "Next" button to press after using the help but there is no "Next" button to arrange contact. Premium says unlimited access to all Landlines (without any exclusions other than fair use in their small print) but I couldn't call a 1300 land line number. They say somewhere they exclude non-geographic numbers (which you wouldn't have clue if the number you want to call is one of those- no informative description or online number checker such as also the numbers you can't call at all by Skype). They are also ridiculously easily accept money- without saying how do you wish to pay- to confirm the payment and no clear cut immediate confirmation of payment- any slight glitch could give them multiple payments. You need to keep logging in over and over- a real nuisance- no save details. After this month, I will only use them for free. I had to deal with another sucky company Quickflix urgently so I just put some credit in my account.

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Resolved worst support and money gone

So..long story, I'll try to keep it short.
On dec 8 2008 I recharged my wife's Skype-out using paypal.
On the 12th suddenly I see another payment go off my paypal.
Seems they invented 'auto-recharge', which was not apparent when loading, and is on by default.
I contacted paypal to get refunded, logged a complaint that the payment was unauthorized: they referred me to Skype.
Logged a complaint with skype asking for a refund.
They blocked my wife's account then...
Since then have written tons of mails, and get a reply if I'm lucky after a week, apologizing for the inconvenience, and asking for the same info over and over again (transfer ID, skype ID etc.) which I put in the first mail, and have the whole mail-string attached every time I write a new one.

It took support 3 weeks(!!) to unlock my wife's account.

Then they claimed the second autocharge payment has been refunded to paypal, and if there still is a problem to contact paypal.
So I contact paypal, who claims payment is on hold with skype. Same company, right? Both E-bay...

Now, 8 weeks later, still get send from one to the other. Replies on mail still takes 1 week for Skype, paypal generally within 2 days.
I'll be happy to provide the immense mail-string if needed.

I used to think Skype was the best the internet had to offer, but now treat this no more serious then a toy, and would certainly not recommend anybody to depend on it, neither to spend any money on it.

Some cold shower..
Surfed the net for skype complaints, found tons of similar stories.

  • Ca
    CallingForTruth Jan 31, 2009

    BEWARE OF PAYPAL!!! It could get WORSE for you, as it has with others!!!

    Paypal (owned by ebay) has amended it's user agreement and now allows Paypal at it "sole discretion" to withhold users funds for 21-180 days! Paypal has NO real arbitration process, allowing Paypal, iteself, to be judge, jury and executioner of your held funds!

    You can thank ex-ebay CEO, Whitman and current ebay Inc. CEO, John Donahoe for a huge number of detrimental changes due to their "Disruptive Innovation" scheme against users of ebay Inc. (includes ebay, skype, Paypal, etc). To learn more about their plot against the users, search the internet for "eBay's Disruptive Innovation, How's that workin' for ya? — GenuineSeller".

    While you're at it, please view the petition to remove Donahoe from ebay, by searching the internet for "Ebay Stockholders and Sellers Calling For Immediate Termination of John Donohoe CEO Petition" at petitiononline.

    Learn what ebay's own employees are saying about the extremely poor upper management of ebay by going to glassdoor (dotcom).

    ebay's discussion boards are being SEVERELY censored and users are being suspended and restricted for being HONEST on those boards, BUT if you search through the ebay discussions at "Seller Central", "The Soapbox", "Payapal" and "Feedback" posts and threads, you'll get a better understanding of what is REALLY happening to ebay and it has nothing to do with the economy. In fact, discount venues on other sites are all showing remarkable resilience to these trying times, as people search for more "Deals". They are no longer on ebay.

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  • Tm
    tmr Feb 01, 2009

    skype "blocks and bills". i paid for unlimited skype calling. skype blocked my account, then kept billing me. sending email to skype is useless, it takes skype 1 or 2 weeks to reply, and it is with boiler-plate answer. i am ok with skype blocking accounts or choosing their customers, but to continue billing on block account is wrong. where is our attorney general now?

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  • Ui
    uighur Feb 13, 2009

    My account was blocked too, Skype is the terrorist, i got 2 month unlimited plan., no reason given. blocked account. do not use skype. ebay is the horrible company i have ever seen.
    very upset.

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  • Ja
    jason Feb 16, 2009

    My skype account was supposed to reload when the credit balance falls below $2. Believe it or not, I still got more than $60 yesterday and out of the blue, skype just charged my paypal for $250. My blood pressure shot up knowing that there's little we can do considering their horrible customer support. Perhaps they have some liquidity problem and they are doing this in the guise of honest mistakes. For everyone out there, you must disable your auto-recharge. Or better do away with skype as much as you can.

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  • Sh
    ShqTth Mar 19, 2009

    I think skype just tries to scam US.

    We invest money into skype (skype credit) or buy an subscription. Then our accoutns get blocked, meanwhile skype makes interest on all the money/credit people can't use up. So think of how much they make in interest!!.
    Also, if you buy an subscription and they block you here and there, its in effort for them to save money. Think of it, you buy a few moneys, but can use the subscription for a week, they save a lot/make a lot on all the users this happens to.
    I cant figure why else our accounts get blocked. A lot of time they say another person access our accounts etc, but we know that is BS. No one has been in my email account, so why would they magically be in the skype account? I don't think skype security is that bad anyone gets in with little effort.
    Every time my account gets blocked, I ask them why they keep giving me the same story. The customer service just act brain dead. I think most of the time the customer service has no clues what happens with the skype system so it takes them so long to reply. And there is so few of them. So, if our accounts get blocked, due to the small amount of customer service, only a few of the accounts get unblocked, leaving skype with a lot of money they scammed from people, and also saving money on customer service.
    I find skype service is like 'take it or leave it, my way or no way'.
    So many times I have been blocked for BS reasons, they know I am a good customer, and they could of easily offered me skype credit for waisting my time, but they never did that.
    So far skype has made me loose a few seeks here and there, so maybe 3-4 weeks in total no service since december.
    So I am unhappy with their constand blocking...
    If this is how they treat good customrr, I wonder how they treat ordinary customers?
    If you have not been blocked, count yourself lucky, enjoy the time while you can as I garantee skype will find a way to block you too...
    My skype account is unblocked now. Took customer service 1 1/2 weeks to get back to me, up to 48 hours for a reply my ###!!!
    I don't see how ebay could buy an company for over a billion, if aparently, they must only have 5 customer service represenative working for them WHat a micky mouse company. Does the office of this micky mouse company still reside in the basement or a small closet?
    I use to recommend skype to all my friend and family and customer. ANd since I have a computer store I have a lot of customers. But do to skypes constand blocking me, and not providing me compensation in the way of skype credit for waisiting my time, I will now do my best do discourage people from using skype whenever I can. And since I have a website/review site, I will for sure post an article here and there about how bad skype is. Just put it this way, i just don't want other innocent people to go threw the same things I have gone threw. I always stand by the products I recommend to others. ANd how can I recommend something if it is a product/service thats bad? Customer service is a big part of a service. ANd skype really needs to get its act up together. billion dollar companies have no excuse for taking 1 - 2 weeks to reply a customer. And really no excuse for not having a phone number.
    anyways I am happy my skype is back, but really unhappy skype sucks. Cheaper rates does not make up for bad service!

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Resolved cheating, not deliver the promise service

I purchased the "Unlimited World" program from Skype, that offer conferencing service, for one year on April 27, 2008. They also have “Fair Usage Policy”; subject to a fair usage limit of 10, 000 minutes per user per month. Once this limit is exceeded Skype will charge normal SkypeOut rates and a connection fee for any additional minutes used. In July 2008, they suspended my program and at the same time they charged me for all calling. I had be charged extra $50.00 in July, extra $80.00 in August and extra $25.00 in September. I could use ONLY for few days in October 2008 and January 2009. When I complaint about it. There is no way to reach them but email only. It usually take a week for getting respond. Their answer stated that if they found that calls make from account more than 6 hours in a day. They will suspend the account. But they didn't refund the money.

  • Dr
    Dr. Anil K. Khari Jul 11, 2009

    Be aware of Skype's false international call plans

    I purchased the credit of US $ 20 fom Skype for international calls just a few days ago, and could hardly had called for US $ three, my account shows a balance of US $ 17 . Suddenly now i found that my account has been blocked and i can not make call anywhere. My balance of US $ 17+ still left unused in my account and Skype has blocked the account. It is not possible to contact the skype support, and they do not respond to your e mails.

    It appears as Skype is an organized cyber crime, they are cheating money of innocent people on the name of different schemes, cheap calls, false unmilited world plans to lure the people.

    Be aware befoere paying any money to skype, you may loose money and will be posting comments like me and many such others. Its a direct big cheating by Skype.

    Dr. Anil Khari, M.D. - Kingston, Jamaica

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  • Sk
    SkypeEH Sep 04, 2009

    Skype is dumb and the call quality isn't that great either. Their "Fair Usage Policy" is RIDICULOUS. If I make 100 calls and each call lasts 10 mins long on average, that's 1000 mins per day. That will break their 6 hour per day rule.

    Technically and legally speaking, if you quote "UNLIMITED" it means unlimited with no limitation and no restriction. What good is "UNLIMITED" calls if you are LIMITED by the "Fair Usage Policy" ???? This is just plain DUMB. It is like saying this: Eat, but don't eat. Turn Left, but don't turn left. Die, but don't die...

    Plain an simple, Skype VoIP is dumb.

    Skype's Customer Service is NON-EXISTENT. No person to talk to and no person to email to regarding the account and general inquiry and complaints. If this company does not have Customer Service, stay away from their business--Plain and Simple.

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  • Gn
    gnavi65 Apr 04, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i need to hear people who have had problems with skype unlimted world, namely that they took a subscription a while back and that subscription has not been updated to new countries that came after on the list of free countries
    please pm me on [email protected]
    thank you,

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  • Gn
    gnavi65 Apr 04, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    correct address is : [email protected]

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  • Ce
    cedarman May 10, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    be careful about unlimted world, it does not include all the new countries, u pay the same but don't get all the countries

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  • Ch
    chinghan Luk May 27, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    It is the 2nd time my Skype account has become inactivated and my credit inside has turned to 0. There is never a direct way I can raise my inquires. My suggestion to all users is stop using Skype as they will inactivate your account once you don't use it from 6 months. I credited it with my real money but they are acting like a thief. This company is not worth trusting.

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Resolved fraudulent practices

I bought skype 'unlimited US/Canada' plan for one year, but only after using their service for 2...

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anauthorized charges

Hi, I was charged the following charges without my authorization, Transaction Type: Debit without PIN...

Resolved overcharged by skype

Have made eleven calls to the Ukraine and to India for a total of seventeen minutes and 36 seconds, approx cost 36 cents pus 44 cents connection fees, they have charged me $4.52 cents... this is not correct and they will not correct it... please help...

  • Valerie Dec 22, 2007

    This is the third time and Skype does nothing, was just charged 50 cents for two minutes.. it should of been 9 cents with the connection fee... they are a SCAM, have written them, but they will not do nothing, out of the first ten dollars, should have at least eight dollars left, but constant overcharge to India and the Ukraine, my balance is 5.32.. was being charged before the person picked up the phone. THEY ARE FALSE ADVERTISING, the day dont pay over 2.i per minute that has never happened to me in all the calls to India and the Ukraine, sent letter to them and request a three dollars credit but they will not do it... they are a big company and we are just little people, PLEASE HELP US and other and put a stop to this SCAM.

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  • Ne
    needed Oct 14, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    my name is prashant singh my contact no. is 9874361142 problem is my skype is recharged every month automatic from my credit card. iwant stop this auto credit

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  • Li
    Linda Murphy Williams Oct 21, 2018
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am so

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  • Sl
    slothlover93 Nov 13, 2018

    The range of emojis are very poor, especially the lack of sloth emojis. Please can this be updated to improve the experience of Skype for myself and other users.


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  • An
    Anshul Gaurav Nov 14, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I subscribed for mobile callings and get mail confirmation that order had delivered.but when trying to call it fails by showing error like insufficient account:anshul.sharma955.i am pissed off.

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