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I have not missed an f1 race in over 35 years and have heard all the commentators on various channels and David Croft is by far the worst.

He talks way too much, never uses one word where 10 or more will do. I am currently watching the Russian gp and have been timing the dead air from him on the stopwatch on my phone. I was going to share this with you at the end of the race but unfortunately I just stopped it accidentally. This means I can share my finding with you early.

To lap 49 there was precisely 1min and 48 seconds of clear air where I could hear the cars.

With engine noise a factor in current f1 it would be good to hear the engines at least once every 5 laps or so.

Ask him to stop blustering, flapping and making up stories.

Restrict him to only 1 statistic per race, tell him to just use driver surnames instead of giving a full name each time. Even that would give us some quiet time.

I was really saddened to hear that he was back this year and am hopeful to hear rumours of his exit in 2020.please be true.

Sky, you are the only live coverage at the moment, last year I would switch to ch4 just because of him. I would watch all the pre and post race stuff with Martin etc but as soon as the race statlrted I would switch.

Even on the other shows he busters, buts in and upsets the rhythm.

I don't want to see anyone lose their job but This man could make a snooker match sound like the grand national and I am tired of it.

Please switch it next year somehow.

Sep 29, 2019
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      Oct 13, 2019

    I agree, david croft should go and also Ted on pit lane and the Scottish guy who you can barley understand(he should go to broadcast school to learn how to speak on TV).


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