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As a regular sky sport watcher and avid Wolves fan. I am both disappointed and disgusted with the amount of...

jamie carragher

Why on Earth do us license payers have to put up with listening to that [censored] Jamie Carragher. He is an X footballer for christs sake & his playing days are long over. We don't need these hangers on in todays football no do we need all this Analysis [censored]. Football clubs have managers to analyse the game their players have played in & try to sort out where they went wrong or where to improve on their next game. Also what's this Front foot [censored] they talk about. NO such thing, it's know as ATTACKING (that's kicking the ball forward as quickly & as accurately as possible in trying to score goals for your side. Also there is no such thing as Back foot either, that's knows as DEFENDING (getting as many players back to DEFEND as quickly as possible in order to try & stop the opposition from scoring goals. Enough said. So, sky, get rid of Jamie Carragher & all the other hangers on that have had their day & let a Commentator do his/her job talking about the game as it happens without all the interruption from [censored] like Carragher etc etc. Then perhaps i will be able to watch a football game without my remote in permanent MUTE so as not to listen to [censored] like Carragher. Get it sorted Sky or it's BBC forever for me & the other millions out there who haven't got the bottle to speak up like i have done. Perhaps they'll read this & act the same way i have. Get it sorted Sky, regards, Kenny Shaw

Commentary of Sheffield Utd v Crystal Palace

Regarding the Sheffield Utd vs Crystal Palace game.

Your commentary of the game was shockingly bias against Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace didn't play well and as a Palace fan I recognise this, but from the off Alan Smith used constant negative language towards Palace and positive for Utd.

When Palace had good spells he did his best to spin it for Utd.

Please ask him to be impartial and professional.

Not Sky Sports greatest hour

gary neville

Why does Sky Premier football employ Gary Neville to comment on premier matches? He never remains neutral, shows bias particularly when Manchester sides are engaged and has clearly demonstrated this today during the coverage of Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. If you want to use quality former players then find anyone better than this guy. He was one of the worst full backs I have ever seen and when playing for England it was often that goals scored against us came from the left wing which he was meant to protect. The guy was elevated way beyong his ablility and left to me he would have been lucky to have played in a Sunday Pub side league. Get rid of him and find someone who is impartial and genuinely understands the game of football.
Steve Slade

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    Kenny70singer Aug 19, 2019

    I agree with your comment about gary neville. what happened to the days when football had just the one commentator. good days & a pleasure listening to the game being commented on as though you were a blind person having to listen to the commentary. what really bugs me is why on earth do sky use that twat jamie carragher. he's an x footballer for christ sake & will never be a commentator. he talks a load of crap all the time what doers he know about football. when he last played, football was football. now it all about tactics & the bullshit like front foot (what a load of crap, there no such thing as a front foot or back foot, it's called attack & defend) the day that sky sports get rid of jamie carragher will be the best thing they have done & will mean I will be able to watch a game of football that's being commented on by a single commentator who talks about what's happening in the game & most importantly, I won't have to watch games (where that twat carragher is rabbiting on about a load of rubbish during a game) in silence (thank god for the mute button on the remote) get rid of these hangers on we don't need them or the analysis shit. that's what teams have managers for, to analyse the game their players just played in & try to sort out where they need to improve their game etc etc. carragher, go take a long walk of a short pier. you playing days are over, you made enough money to retire on, no just f.. k off our tv screens & leave football to those who know how the game should be played. kick the ball forwards (known as attack) & get back in numbers to stop the other side from scoring (know as defending) enough said!

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I am astounded that David Gower's contract is not being renewed. Gower is a tremendous anchor and one of a number of great players that commentate on Sky. Kumar Sangakarra being the latest to join the team. The fact that Isa Guha has also joined the team makes things even worse. She witters on and on when less words would very much be a case of less is more.

alison whitaker awful golf commentator.

Having been Sky customers for many years and avid Golf viewers, why do we now have to endure Alison Whitaker an opinionated woman with a terrible loud Grating voice/accent that makes my wife an I look for the mute button! Her grammar is awful and she continually introduces booming interferences of Sky's excellent commentators. How do people as bad as her manage to find their way on to a Sky platform?
Please replace her ASAP.
P and M Murphy

sky sports news

Kaveh Solhekol tweeted that he 'hates Tories'. As it was Tory voters that helped build Sky into what it is today I would have thought you would have more respect for your customers. Solhekol clearly only cares about himself - what he said was deeply disrespectful and unprofessional. Someone offending such a large number of clients in any other business would be sacked. I expect him to be disciplined and Sky Sports to make an apology on air.

tv cameras not following game

Why do TV cameras on Sky Sports football matches not follow the game?
So often, we miss what is going on when the ball is in play, since the camera is switched to one which is looking at a player who is nowhere near the ball, or to a manager, or to a linesman, or to the crowd. Why do this?
I have paid to watch a game of football, I don't want to watch an individual who isn't involved in the immediate action.

sky sports championship football

the new championship football highlights programme of 30 mins is ver poor.what happened to the one hour programme with a studio and presenters etc. no interviews with managers after game .its an insult to the thousands of supporters of championship teams and most of all sky sports watchers and dissapointed with sky sports as coverage of football is usually first class.dave a sheffield wednesday email is david.[protected]

sky sport/now tv

I have paid £8.99 for a day pass and the last 20 minutes coverage of the England v Wales rugby match is appalling. The image is unclear and ruins the ability to concentrate on the match.
I am not happy with the level of service you have provided and this is not worthy of the £8.99, nor does this bode well for future matches this month and your intended sponsorship and coverage in the future.

sky sports commentary team

How disappointing that I tune in the watch Arsenal V Newcastle commentary but the team is made up of ex players known for there disliking of Arsenal and only talking about Liverpool ans Man city??? How limited are sky sports to have the same pundits each week with such limited knowledge of each and every football team in the league. I think I'm going to Cancel my sky and get BT because they have a team that reflect each match...not happy

sky sports soccer saturday

Why oh why is Sky Sports employing that irksone, incoherent, thick as a plank Clinton Morrison? Won NOTHING in football, worse than Merson in his use (or lack of) the English language and comes across as a complete dimwit. There are far better, well-versed former players Sky could employ, so why the company persist with Morrison is beyond me. I've turned off now, back to 5 Live, time to re-consider Sky subsription.

leeds united

Good Afternoon,

As a sky customer for over 8 years I find it absolutely disgusting the amount of times Leeds United are shown live in sky sports. Just this season, they are on 3 times within 10 days. That's their first 3 games all live in sky when Yorkshire derbies like Sheffield Wednesday v Barnsley get overlooked. The league 1 team Bury are struggling for money and have had to postpone there EFL Cup game v Sheffield Wednesday, the tv money they would of got if Sky had chose to show it live could possibly have saved them but instead they have chosen Leeds, AGAIN!!

As a football fan I don't believe it is fair to not only give this much air time to a single team, but also all the TV money that comes with being on Sky as much as they are, it simply isn't fair to the clubs that get overlooked week after week. There are smaller clubs in the championship alone that could really do with that money and as Leeds' spending over the last few transfer windows have proved, they do not need the money like those teams do.

I am sure I am not the first person to make this complaint as it is something I see on social media throughout the season.

I look forward to an explanation from Sky regarding this complaint.

Kind Regards,

John Whetton.

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    Peter 48 Aug 10, 2019

    I completely agree with this comment, it felt like they were on live every week last season, and so far this season they have been. Its an absolute disgrace, am sick of it, get a grip please sky sports.

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advertising / presenters

Why are you advertising with the premier league trophy without putting the champions colours on it, also do you have shares in Liverpool as you would think they won the premier league not city or is it just city the whole of sky don't like, they are one of the best teams in the world and all you do is put them down you never give them the credit with what they have achieved but big up Liverpool and others around them and Liverpool won a cup you don't televise and you wonder why people try not to pay for the football you show


At any fotball match with Liverpool playing why, oh why do neutral viewers have to endure such a biased commentary (term used very loosely) by somone who would easily qualify as the head of the Liverpool FC Appreciation Society. I find his unending criticism of match officials, managers and players by somebody who was nothing more than a priveldged player of the game is totally unacceptable. Bring back unbiased commentary by experienced commentators please.

football commentary

Looking forward to the new season but STILL have to listen to the commentators prattling on about things not relevant to what is on the pitch. Tyler and Carragher. Ended up with the mute button on for much of the game!
Why can't the pontificating be stopped and concentrate on action on the pitch. Examples, discussing how pre season training was conducted over 10 years ago, and what they did in the off season - how is that relevant to the first match of the new Premiership season ?
Annoying considering the amount this service costs, enough to consider cancelling the sports contract!

  • Pd
    PDavies Aug 11, 2019

    Why do Sky Sports take no notice of its customers? I see i'm not the only one who is driven crackers by Martin Tyler & his endless drivel. He babbles on about anything apart from the match & when he is put with Carragher it is awful. Why can't you in this day & age have a choice of commentators, then perhaps you could employ someone in the David Coleman mould who just concentrates on the match in a succinct yet dramatic fashion! Tyler has to be the worst football commentator ever yet you employ him year after year, why??

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complaint about sky sports f1 commentator nico rosberg

Nicole Rosberg is continuing his tirade of abuse and hatred towards F1 5 times world champion Lewis Hamilton, is this really allowed? I know presenter commentators are allowed to give an opinion on a drivers ability but it's happening off the show to such an extent it borders on hatred, he states things like Lewis's illness was not due to flu but the lewis Hamilton show, and that he is not as good as max Vestappen, and anyone could beat Lewis in a Mercedes, if you would like to read some of this awful rubbish you will find them on the Lewis and Valtteri Mercedes website Lewis Hamilton 44 site, formula 1 fans, formula 1 fans forever, the daily mail sports pages and more! Just because we have to pay to view sky sports f1 does not mean we expect to hear hatred towards Lewis Hamilton! Especially from rosberg, all this shows is intense jealousy, not a little rivalry or bias towards another driver, it is abuse, hatred and bullying!

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    Name addresses and phone numbers should not be necessary the complaint is sincere but the information should be between the complaint writer and the company because this leaves people open to more abuse and bullying

comment or on rugby league!

On the 9.8.19 Leeds versus Catalan as the young girl "Amy "walked the match ball out he commented Amy who suffers with Down syndrome.. how rude ! Yes she may have downs but that young girl was definitely not suffering and he shouldn't imply with downs you suffer ... very disappointed you sound very uneducated in what levels of Down's syndrome there is

sky cricket commentary

‘Who is that terrible woman?' asked my wife during the very first day of the mens ashes coverage on sky cricket. She was actually referring to the highly irritating witter of Isha Guha, a new addition to sky's commentary team, who unfortunately employs a kind of forced monotone delivery that borders on a shout. I have to report that since then it's a rush to mute the sound whenever that particular lady comes on to do her commentary stint. True, the lady is knowledgeable (having played the game at the highest level herself) and she appears to be an awfully nice person, but alas, her commentary simply comes across as someone trying extremely hard to be a commentator yet without the depth and creativity needed to pull it off and make it in the least bit interesting. In what appears to be an attempt to impress she talks far too much and more often than not simply ends up stating the obvious. All in all it seems that her appointment owns a great deal to political correctness rather than to any kind of aptitude.

ashes commentary

Why do you have Shane warren commentating he is so biased. Even if England play a good shot he talks about the Aussie bowler... where as the English commentary is very fair to the point some time harder on England. Get rid of the winging Aussie have some proper unbiased don't get the same when England are playing in Australia.. they are brutal.