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Skechers USA Complaints & Reviews

[Resolved] Skechers USA / non slip shoes

May 21, 2018

Ive bought 3 different pairs of the same pair of shoes in the last year or so. The first ones were okay but fell apart fairly fast. The second pair fell apart in the same spot way sooner. The third pair are terrible. I got them about a month ago and i slip all the time at work and ive...

[Resolved] Skechers USA / shoes

May 20, 2018

hii, my name is Rajesh, i am your customer from india i purchase a runing shoes from prozon mall, aurangabad located in maharashtra state after some days i see some defect in my shoes and accordind to your policy my shoes must be exchange but now you say that my shoes canot be exchanged. this i...

Skechers USA / İmportant

May 08, 2018

Dear Authorized Person, I bought a pair of Skechers Sneakers from "Ayakkabı Dünyası" which is located in Nautilus Mall in Kadıköy / İstanbul at February 10th, 2018. But I was only able to wear them for 2 months. Because each of my shoe has ripped. I delivered my sneakers for investigating to...

[Resolved] Skechers USA / sneakers

Apr 29, 2018

Last August 2017 I purchased a pair of your sneakers Sketchers D'lites. I am so disappointed in these sneakers. Within the first month the seams started to come undone, then the fabric on the sides of the shoes came undone. Within several months after the purchase the sides came completely...

[Resolved] Skechers USA / glimmer lights

Apr 26, 2018

I just bought these shoes on Saturday 4/21/18 It's now 4/26/18 and she has worn them 3 times total. One shoe is not lighting up at all the other side is just fine. The store will not take them back because they have been worn outside. Hoping to get replacement for her. Sad that we bought them...

[Resolved] Skechers USA / energy lights-90606l sneaker, black

Apr 23, 2018

To whom it may concern I bought some shoes on Amazon march 23 2018, the shoes are energy lights-90606L Sneaker, black size 2 for my 8 year old son.My son only warded the shoes 2 times when one of the shoes stop livings up any more we left them to charge and still nothing my 8 year old i...

[Resolved] Sketchers / sketchers reggae sandals

Apr 10, 2018

I bought a pair of Sketcher reggae sandals at Belk in March. I have only worn them twice and the stitching that holds the two pieces of side strap to where the buckle piece is has come undone. The whole side of the sandal has come apart and can no longer be worn! I have only worn them...

Skechers USA / tennis shoes

Apr 10, 2018

I am very disappointed in my shoes. I have bought this same style for years. This pair I bought within the last 3 Mo this and my leather is cracking already. The shoes are not subjected to harsh conditions. Rarely worn for that matter. For the price I paid for them I wouldn't expect the...

Skechers / sneakers

Apr 04, 2018

I purchased a pair of sneakers approx six months ago. I have been buying sketcher sneakers for approx 25 years and always buy a new pair every year and use the old pair another year for about a year and never once have the front of the sneakers blown out in the front. I am extremely...

Sketchers / shoes stitching coming undone

Apr 03, 2018

Purchased sketchers D'Lites 6 months ago and the stitching has come undone across half of the toe exposing interior of the shoe. You can see when compared to the other shoe where the stitching has come open. I do wear them almost every day but do not abuse them. I have had sketchers many...

Skechers USA / skechers sneakers

Mar 30, 2018

I submitted a complaint but believe it may have been lost in MS World somewhere. I have worn and have now other Skechers shoes. I have many pairs of shoes including Nike and Ecco. Is there something you can do for me with this shoes. I did not expect them to fall apart with so little use. I...

[Resolved] Skechers USA / horrible customer service

Mar 19, 2018

I usually shop at sketchers. I was waiting on someone to acknowledge me for about 10 minutes. I asked a Man named(he was the closest employee to me) Hector for assistance, he didn't acknowledge or even look at me he automatically yelled across the store asking another employee to help me...

[Resolved] Skechers USA / policy not fair for regular customers

Mar 17, 2018

My friends and I were buying several pairs of shoes at Skechers in Camarillo outlet. When we got to the counter there was this gentleman who already rang in all 15 pairs of shoes when this lady who the man addressed as Alexis butts in and tells us that were only allowed to buy 3 pairs for...

[Resolved] Skechers USA / my shoes (lft & rt) have glue dripped on them in multiple places

Mar 16, 2018

My shoes (lft & Rt) have glue dripped on them in multiple places Skechers Women's Galaxies Athletic Shoe - White Size: 14.0 x 4.5 x 6.0 Color:White, Shoe Size:8.5, Width:Medium Condition: New Sold by SEARS Sears Return Policy Item# 07609536567 Mfr# 22889 Part# 07609536567 KSN...

[Resolved] Skechers / sports shoes

Mar 13, 2018

I had bought a pair of gowalk 4 series shoes around 4 months ago and the cushions have already gone flat. These shoes feel like any other normal shoes which i would have bought for one-fourth the price i have paid for them. I even mailed the customer care about it and the company refused...

Skechers USA / poor quality shoes and turkey skechers behaviour

Feb 25, 2018

purchased Skechers Flex advantage 2 for my kid on 13.08.2017, shoes were torn from various places. Returned to skechers, due to quality issues and asked for replacement on 25.12.2017. Received a reply saying that this is a user fault. There are torns inside the shoes and also on the...

Sketchers, Inc. / tennis shoes for walking, poorly constructed, poor workmanship

Feb 19, 2018

Sketchers, I purchased a pair of Sketchers walking tennis shoes about two months ago. It is the third pair in past four or five years. I have been happy with their products in the past. After 6 weeks I started to get a sore heel on my right foot. Two bumps have worked up at the very back of...

[Resolved] Skechers USA / go walk 4-black (54156ewwbbk)

Feb 04, 2018

We visited sketchers at premium outlet stores on sunday jan 28 we purchased two pair of shoes as they were buy one get one half off. The womens pair was half off due to lower in price. On friday feb 2 my husband noticed that the inner memory foam in shoe was moving up the inside of the...

Skechers USA / shoes/thongs

Jan 31, 2018

Hello My name is John Lirosi and I am from Melbourne Australia By way of background both my wife and I have bought Skechers runners and shoes in the past and have never had problems with them before. In August 2017 we went to HAWAII on our holiday and bought a number of pair of shoes from...

[Resolved] Skechers / sketchers casual shoe

Jan 24, 2018

Dear sketchers, I bought a pair of shoes from you years ago. I very seldom wear them because they are something that I only wear on occasions where I need to look dressed up but not too dressed up they are one of my favorite pair of shoes.and I have pictures that shows that the bottom...

Skechers / skechers work boots/ shoes

Jan 24, 2018

good morning my name is Allan Massaro Jr im writing you in reference to my skecher work boot/shoe with memory foam inside of boot the reason I'm writing you is cause the memory foam pads are wore out and starting to tear the boots are less than six months old that should not be happening...

Skechers / poor customer service, failed to deliver the shoes even in 14 days

Jan 24, 2018

Hi, I paid for the below shoes in Sketchers Store located in Grand Central Ajman on 10th JAN 2018, this shoes was not available in the branch where I paid the full amount. The salesman clearly confirmed this shoes is available in Ras Al Khaima branch in Naeemia Store. He promised to deliver the...

Skechers / customer service

Jan 18, 2018

I wanted to buy Skechers shoes online but wasn't being given the discount I was supposed to get under the Elite program. (Salespeople at Skechers convinced me to join Elite for discounts!) So I emailed customer service on 1/12/18 and got an automatic response same day that my email wa...

Skechers / problem with your staff

Jan 09, 2018

I am in the process of contacting the national press about a problem I am having with one of your employees. I have also contacted Mr. Robert Greenberg twice but I have had no reply. For this reason I am taking it further as your customer service is appalling. The original problem (I can...

Skechers / manufacturing defect in a new shoes

Jan 08, 2018

I bought this shoes from SKECHERS Egypt - Cairo festival mall's branch. Date: 23 Dec 2017 after used it for just 3 times I surprised with a serious pain and then injury for my right foot (Achilles tendon) I checked the shoes then I found a problem in the right one (Manufacturing defect) The...

Skechers / horrible customer service naples, fl

Dec 29, 2017

I tried to buy 2 pairs of sketchers today Dec29, 2017 at your Naples Florida store. I asked to see 2 different pairs, 2 associates went into the back room to find them. After waiting for 15 minutes I asked where the 2 girls were with the shoes, I was informed that they had left the store...

Skechers / online order

Dec 20, 2017

I ordered shoes online and noticed that it was processed twice. I received an email from the customer service team to call and verbally confirm the order as it was on on-hold and there was no option for me to cancel the order online contradictory of what their FAQ section advises you to...

[Resolved] Skechers / skechers order skxau000036913 australia

Dec 10, 2017

Hi there, I ordered a pair of shoes in Australia which arrived without any problem. The size, however, is too large and I wish to change it to a smaller. And here comes the complication. :( I tried to initiate an online return process but the system has many faulty functions. I couldn't...

[Resolved] Skechers / a skechers slippers which I bought from a retailer

Dec 04, 2017

Sir I would like to bring your kind attention towards a problem which i faced after purchasing a pair of slippers from Skechers Retailer shop no.102, Center square mall, M G road, Kochi. The brand was rather convincing for me that i bought it for an offer price of Rs 2400/- on 20th November 2017...

[Resolved] Sketchers / customer service

Dec 03, 2017

We recently went into a sketchers store hoping to make a purchase, but the sales associate we had Lauren was very rude. She seemed like she did not want to be there. When asking about a product she was leaning on her elbow at the counter rather than standing up straight giving us her full...

Skechers / sketcher air cool alteraine shoe stitching came out

Nov 29, 2017

We bought these shoes in August from the Folsom outlet in Folsom ca. After a few short months the stitching came out. My husband works in the office 90% of the time and maybe 10% out in the field. We always by sketcher. I would expect this shoe to do this as it us a hiking shoe. Please let...

Skechers / shoes

Nov 25, 2017

Dear sir, Ive bought a shoes from skechers with an industrial defect and when i sent them the issue they told me to change the shoes woth another one with price 1000L.E and when i came to change it i found the monmum price is 1700L.E with a shoes less then mine and the one equal to mine...

Skechers / blais bixford dark brown work boots size 10

Nov 24, 2017

Dear Sir, In April I purchased a pair of sketchers work shoes from sketchers store in Queenstown Maryland at the outlet center. I work in a very light industrial environment and the shoes lasted approximately 4 weeks before they started to come apart at the toes, I took them back to the...

Skechers / very rude and arrogant manager at nashville, tn store

Nov 23, 2017

Worst experience ever in a Sketchers. Till now I had a very good impression on Sketchers. Due to some arrogant sales-person/manager my decision changed and never gonna come back to Sketchers. I visited the store 534 at Nashville, TN and asked for Black Friday Savings before purchasing...

Skechers / there’s a peel off happening at the straps of my flip flops

Nov 21, 2017

I bought a pair of slippers which is under the name Skechers on the go with memory foam. I bought it on 24/10/2017 and it's not even been a month since I bought these. I can see a peel off at the straps of these slippers and I am really upset. This pair costed me ₹.3799/- and me as a customer...

Skechers / cashier at skechers at outlets at barstow

Nov 18, 2017

A lady cashier at this store location is very rude. She was with her phone while we were waiting. She did not say any welcome words or even thank you when handing the receipt back to us. She treated us very bad and her facial express and activities are unacceptable. I feel sorry to shop at this store. I never have any problems with Skechers before.

Skechers / skechers - (model - burst with air-cooled memory foam)

Nov 17, 2017

Dear Sir, I have bought the shoe from your Janak Puri New Delhi Store in the month of July -17 for sum of Rs 5, 000/- (Model- Burst with Air-Cooled Memory Foam) I have bought the shoe for comfort, after one month i found that all foam which is ankle area will get rolled and hard. So purpose...

Skechers / complain about defective shoes

Nov 16, 2017

Myself Rashmi Kangane +91 8087172566 from India Mumbai, Maharashtra. I purchased Sketchers GOGO MAX sneakers for my dad on 4 November 2017. Although its my 3rd purchase.I have been purchasing sketchers shoes for years due to his lite-weight. Earlier he was wearing Memory-Foam Lace-Up Sketcher...

Skechers / poor service and quality

Nov 13, 2017

Hi I have bought skechers shoes for my mother as she has knee problem. There was a scheme going around that pay more 1000 and get skechers slippers. So i went with the scheme but with in one month slipper broke. I went to the showroom and asked for replacement they said it will take one...

Sketchers / flexi appeal leather trainers

Nov 11, 2017

I normally buy your flexi appeal fabric trainers as i love them im constanstly wearing them as they are so comfy. I work as a Nurse assistant so needed leather shoes so i decided to get the leather ones thinking they would be really comfy but after a week my right toe had pain in it, i can...