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G Jul 28, 2019

Sixt HQ Customer Service Worldwide
Subject: Sixt rent-a-car Croatia RES 9875672596 RA 9406656943 & HR567070550
Dear Sir,
I am writing to your board to complain about Sixt Car Rent - Croatia Branch's unfair treatment of my case. If the email is not correct, please forward this email to Sixt HQ Complain Center- Customer Service Worldwide. Thank You.
The detail is as follows;-
When I returned the car in Zagreb Airport at 7 am on 14 June 2019, I asked Sixt employee to do a joint inspection before car returning and to make sure everything is fine. However, they asked me to leave the key behind and the car return process is done.
To my surprise, Sixt charged an amount of 8250 HRK to my credit card and did not send over any invoice and any evidence. After I called them, they sent an invoice and photos and stated that there are defects on the car but I am extremely sure they are all dirty marks. Before I returned the car, I took photos of the car and they all showed no defects (only dirty marks).
I have explained it to Customer Service Croatia that I confirmed that all the scratches mentioned in your report are dirty marks. I took photos of all four sides of the car when I returned (please refer to the attached photos). You can zoom in for further verification. Before the car was returned, I cleaned the car using a wash broom at a Gas Station. The water might not be clean so some dirty marks were left on the surface of the car which might result in them mistaken as scratches. I suggested to Sixt Customer Service Croatia to arrange an one more inspection by a different employee and take new photos or videos to make sure that defects are real and specify the locations of the defects after the car is washed. From my perspective, I am very sure that there are no defects.
Unfortunately, Sixt Customer Service Croatia did not follow up and make further action to resolve the problem. Also, I asked Sixt Customer Service Croatia to provide an invoice stating the cost of repair car in order to claim my own insurance. But they are unable to provide it and the reason is that there is no defect on the car.
I am a frequent traveller and have always taken extreme good car of rental cars whenever I travel. I am very sure the car was returned in good condition.
Today, I hope your board to ask Sixt HQ Customer Service Worldwide to look into this extremely unfair case and I look forward to a good resolution asap.
Best regards,
Gavin Wang
Email address: [protected]

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