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Never rent a car with sixt in europe. I rented opel astra with sixt for 10 days in november. I paid 309 euro for 2 drivers with full insurance for opel astra. I returned it on 23 of november. All was ok. The deposit after month was returned on my account. But on 16 of january I received the attached claim that our car was damaged by a marten. Marten gnawed some cable of engine sensor. And I have to pay 197 euro for repair. I wrote that the car was ok when I returned it and claims after such long period of time can't be accepted. So please do not disturb me again with such unfounded and proofless claims. On 04 of february I received one more surprising letter from sixt (Attached). They writing that I confermed damages when I returned the car. Omg, I didn't confirmed anything. If I confirmed why sixt returned the deposit? And the funniest thing that payment date postponed on 16th of february of 2016. This was very weird. I tried to find fax and email mentioned in claim. And find confirmation that this is real sixt fax and email. I called to local sixt to check number of the claim and they didn't find anything in the system. So I understood that this is fraud for sixt workers who have access to sixt database. I wrote claims on fraud on international customer service in uk and germany. After month I received answer from lauren mckay customer services agent:
"please be advised that this appears to be a damage claim, and therefor would need to be handled by the franchise in your local office. You can contact them via the following email address and telephone number:...
Sixt uk will be unable to assist further with this issue, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this may cause."
I descreibed all the situation one more time, ask them to check the situation asap and send me some reponse on my fraud claim.
After second claimd on [protected] and [protected] I am receiving the 3rd letter from fraud email [protected]
"please accept our apology regarding the mistake about the date. You are right, this shoulnd't have happened.
Nevertheless a damage occured during your rental.
We kindly ask you to settle the amount until the 14th of march 2015"
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fraud from sixt workers
fraud from sixt workers


  • Sp
    S.P. Mar 09, 2009

    In the Frankfurt Int'l Airport they said to give me a diesel car. In the night when I filled it up with diesel I realized they were wrong! OK, I should not have trusted them and better checked for myself. Now they deny they instructed me about diesel, and make me pay for cleaning up the engine.

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  • Se
    Sergey P May 04, 2011

    When I was renting a car from Sixt in the Frankfurt Int'l the lady at the desk persuaded me it was a diesel one. It had the papers in German I have no idea about. I am not a car expert and cannot tell a diesel car from a gasoline. So I trusted her. Only when I filled it up with diesel somewhere in the night I realized she was wrong! Despite that, Sixt forced me to pay for the repairment job.

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  • Gary Coughlan May 09, 2011


    My name is Gary Coughlan and I am the Customer Service Manager responsible for the U.K

    I am really sorry that you are unhappy with the charge and I would like to help.

    Please could you forward some details to me [email protected]

    Best regards

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  • Je
    Jen F Canada Mar 24, 2015

    I had the same experience with a SIXT car rental from the Malaga Airport location in early March 2015. No one pre-inspected the car with me when I picked it up from a dark corner of the parking garage. Upon dropping the car off I was told that there was a VERY MINOR 1-inch surface scratch on the driver door. It was only noticeable because the car was now under a bright overhead light. The SIXT representative said it was so minor they wouldn't repair it. I signed the electronic device and didn't get a copy of what I signed -- I would NEVER have signed if I thought I was agreeing to 'damaging' the car, because it wasn't damaged, and I have no idea if I had done it or if it had already been there when I picked up the car in the dark.

    I flew home, my rental deposit was refunded to my credit card, and when asked, I gave SIXT an excellent online review because my rental experience had been positive. Then all of a sudden last week I received an email from SIXT with an invoice for 230 Euro for repairs for a DENT in the door. Total crap! I can't help but feel scammed and lied to by SIXT, and wondering what recourse I can take. Any advice?

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