SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Sixt Rent a Car / overcharging, refusal to rectify

Details of dispute as follows:

1. Car Hire booked with Sixt Paris through

2. Car picked up from Sixt, 10 Rue De La Paix, Paris, 75002 on 21/08/2019, at 9am, returned damage free next day at 8am. My Bendigo Bank Mastercard details were taken and a hold of, I believe (the amount was never confirmed), €250 put on my credit card. Upon returning the car, it was inspected and the Sixt Rep agreed it was in perfect condition, emailing me the condition report confirming this a short time later.

3. Car returned with a 3/4 empty tank of fuel. Normally car would be returned full, but we were unable to locate a fuel station after driving around for 90 minutes in Paris. Car Rental rep advised this was becsuse all fuel stops in Paris are on the outskirts. So we agreed that we would be charged for the fuel at their higher than retail rate (approx 50% higher). So with about 50 litres of fuel at the higher rate of about €2 per litre, this charge should have been around €100. So this total would be around €350, which I believe would equate to the AUS$550 charged to my card.

In other words, they have processed both the holding deposit and the fuel cost. The fuel cost I have no issue with.

After numerous emails, Sixt say they released the holding deposit after 4 days, and that it is actually my bank that isn't releasing it. I also filled out an online enquiry form to Sixt customer service which I never received a reply to.

Sep 10, 2019

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