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I rented a car with Sixt for a couple of days though the hotwire website while in vienna. Upon returning the car and checking out at the front desk, the agency said that there were some "scratches under the bumper" which obviously were not visible to us when we first got the car. Since we were covered by insurance, the agent, who was quite crass, told us it probably doesn't matter. Months later, after returning back to the states, I got the notice in the mail to fill out the accident report, which we didnt have, since there were no accidents. After which, a bill requesting to pay for the damages of EUR 622 came, which is now escalated to EUR 955! I cannot believe the audacity of their blatant shady business conduct! I have not seen picture or any evidence that the car was damaged, and the number that they bill seems completely arbitrary! I will continue to fight the claim. Do not rent from sixt!


  • Gary Coughlan Jan 15, 2013

    Did you complete and return the damage report. If you were not responsible for any damage to the vehicle and have nothing to report then you should state that in the report.

    I can 100% reassure you that you are not the victim of shady business. You have been contacted for an explanation after new damage was found on the vehicle.

    Thank you for sending through details of your query by e-mail, I will request some additional details from you. I am sure we can take care of any misunderstanding.

    Gary - Sixt Customer Service Team

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  • Gary Coughlan Jan 15, 2013

    Thank you for forwarding the details by e-mail.

    Let me reassure that Sixt does not operate a "Shady" business. You were contacted for an explanation for what was considered to be new damage. I am sure we can clear up any misunderstanding.

    I have requested some additional information from you and look forward to hearing from you.

    Gary - Customer Service Team

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  • Nu
    nuroots Feb 21, 2013

    I returned the damage report stating there were no damages and liability, yet that did not change anything. the agent did not explain in plain simple words why the insurance through hotwire did not cover the alleged damages, which i never saw.

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  • Ja
    Jayomatic Mar 18, 2013

    I had a very similar experience. I even had full insurance and they charged me for damages i hadn't done. Now over 1.5 years and months proving to their lawyer i had the paperwork showing i wasn't responsible, they just charge my credit card anyway.

    I'll be warning every person I know to never rent from this fraudulent company.

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  • Xb
    xbboss Apr 30, 2014

    Try to stay away from Sixt, they will try to scam you any chance they get. I rented a car in Austria in December 2013. It was the holidays, so I was a victim of circumstance. I didn't take the full insurance, since I haven't ever caused an accident in my life (over 10 years of driving and owning my own car). I also returned the car out of office hours (a service Sixt provides). I received a bill in the mail a few days later. A month later I received the first email about a scratch on the door and an accident report to fill out. Since I haven't caused that damage, I refused responsibility and was treated with rude responses from Sixt staff (Mr. Bernard Knapp from Sixt damage department). After demanding proof of damage and explanation why wasn't I informed of this damage the day after returning the car, I received an unsigned pick-up report and some low quality photos without date or time. After a few months of communication with Sixt and still refusing the damage, I received a bill for 1000 EUR for repainting the door. I paid the bill to get rid of Sixt as taking this through legal paths would only incurr more charges in the end. But I will never do business with Sixt again. A month after paying the bill for damages, there was no response from Sixt (no confirmation). I contacted the Sixt customer care twice, also with no response regarding this matter. I will never recomment Sixt to anyone and will also be warning people to stay away. There are other more reliable rental companies out there.

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  • Ro
    Router92 Oct 01, 2014

    I have been renting from Sixt for 9 years now and never had a problem till my last trip to Germany in August. Rented a Golf with automatic in April and paid for it. Got an Audi A7 Avant and was assured there were no extra costs. A few days after my return to the U.S. Sixt charged my credit card over $450 extra for the upgraded car. Took a months to get that cleared. While in Germany I avoided a head on collision - other car in my lane passing a parked car - and hit the curb. Front right tire was damaged! Filed a report with Sixt and got another car. Today - 2 months after this incident - I received a bill from Sixt for the tire for Euro 1100 which is almost $1500. I actually priced the tire etc while I was in Germany and the highest price for that exact tire was Euro238. Emailed Sixt demanding an explanation for these charges and also told them that I sent this entire matter to our attorney in Germany!

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  • Te
    Texas Stephanie Nov 06, 2014

    I had a similar situation and submitted all of my receipts and documentation via email and the company honored the original charge and refunded to my card. I encourage you to reach out and have your ducks in a row and perhaps hey will accommodate you as well.

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