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Complaints & Reviews

phone number used by another person for wechat

Singapore, 18th Jan 2015
Hi Sir or Madam

I want to complaint against SingTel with the breach of my personal mobile number as my registered number that has been registered with SingTel has been used by another person for WeChat messenger for phone and Messages. This is probably not the only app that this person used my registered number for, I am protected by personal data protection act in Singapore which means that my mobile number should not be used by another person for wrong purposes or any third party applications. I am also registered in the Do not call registry for sms, text, phone with the DNC provision under the umbrella of Personal Data Protection Act. I have spoken to the Customer Service Officer and they do not even care about what happens to me as they are a call centre that is located in Malaysia so they do not care to give any solution and they just told me that we can terminate the number and there will be an early termination charge. I have used this phone number under post paid registered plan since 18th Oct 2014.

The Customer Service On Duty Supervisor was so irresponsible and his name is Navin and his customer service representative is from Pakistani, his name is Benson. I think I will bring this case against Singtel for not protecting my personal data and breaching it. I do not feel comfortable using my existing number knowing that another guy can possibly use my number for any apps that we do not know of. Because of this reason, I do not mind to terminate my number and plan and told them I am not responsible for early termination fees, as this termination was not meant for this to happen but happens for the insecurity of another person could be using my number for any wrong purposes especially when phone number is relevant. With this if SingTel would not be responsible I would like to bring this case against SingTel. There has been way too many misconducts that SingTel has done damaged to the customers

I would write in this case to Personal Data Protection Commission to ensure that Singtel do not take this lightly and make sure law and justice is done. I would like PDPC to look into this case and take a mesurement actions against that as I have been breached on my personal data protection and dnc ( for someone to use my number for unknown multiple third party act)

Since the SingTel are not responsible about this I would need to look into this matter lawfully and will need to sue singtel for this case against SingTel

I have the evidence that this number is used by another person on we chat and would ensure that SingTel rectify this issue.

Please assist with this complaint for the next level course of Actions. Thank you.


Seliana +[protected])

mobile overseas charges

I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus and chose Singtel as the network provider. I also added the additional monthly...

lousy & unprofessional serivce

First and foremost, I would like to apologize if I might sound harsh.
As I am really feel extremely irrigated, frustrated, unhappy and disappointment with Singtel Service! I regret having 2 years contract with Singtel, I believe I will terminate the service once I fulfil the 2 years.

During 18th Dec 2014, I was having network distortion. My 1st call to your customer service 1688 around 10am, not to say I was being hold for several minutes. The officer that picked up my call, simply told me there is some network problem and got to wait for 2 hours. However I explained to him that it couldn't be. As I have colleagues surround me using Singtel and we are at the same areas, I believe we share the same coverage but why only me facing this problem. I told him could it be my SIM card problem? As recently I bought a nano SIM card, however I din activate that SIM card as my hubby's phone was spoilt therefore I am letting him have my IPHONE, and currently I am using NOTE 3. Is so obvious nano cant be used on NOTE 3! AGAIN he put me on hold for several minutes, finally he told me yes it was because my OLD SIM CARD has been deactivated and if got to reconnect I got to pay S$10. As a customer I feel being cheated, is not because of the S$10, I feel cheated why I was not being informed that the OLD SIM CARD will be deactivated and Singtel is just going to earn that S$10 out from me for nothing? Why Singtel can msg though my mobile nos guiding me how to active NEW SIM CARD why cant it msg me saying my OLD SIM CARD will be deactivated? I don't mind to pay that S$10 if msg was bring across in the 1st place! That Officer promise to return my call in 2 hours time as he need to check with his mgr if that S$10 can be waived. GOSH I don't know why he need 2 hours!

Please take note this is my company line, and I am a sales personnel. Remains un-contactable shouldn't happened to a sales personnel. 3 hours, I waited for 3 hours and I decide to call back 1688. AGAIN was hold for minutes, another officer picked up the call told me that my request was still in processing, and my line should be able to reconnect around 3pm. Well HOPE was given to me again. And I asked him will I be charged for my NANO SIM CARD, I am not using that SIM CARD definitely I wont be paying for a thing that I am not using. Your kind officer told me that SINGTEL is doing promotion as long I bought it online I wont be charged. He said he confirmed that it wouldn't be charged! I am being such a fool to believe him and I keep on and off my phone when reaches 4pm. Well I waited patiently as I cant stand to call SINGTEL 1688 as I know I will be putting on hold again.

However during 7pm I cant stand it any more, I made another call to SINGTEL. AGAIN I was on hold, but this time round the 3rd officer asked me for my SIM CARD NOS. He said without SIM CARD nos my OLD SIM CARD cant be activated! Well can you see for the 1st 2 call, I was treated like a fool? Although the 3rd officer guarantee me that he will do a closed follow up with the case, still I insist to speak to his manager! I explain the whole thing to him, and I asked him to give me a satisfied answer. His name is Mr Emmanuel, all I can said he take his initiative to call me and update the reconnection status. Though I was treated like a fool by SINGTEL almost whole day nevertheless it cool me down. I din expect that I will be dropping this complaint email to you till I receive my bill on 26th Dec 2014. Guess what I was being charged NANO SIM CARD! AGAIN I WOULD TO EMPHASIZE I DON’T MIND TO PAY FOR THING THAT I USED! WHY SINGTEL IS TRYING ALL MEANS TO EARN THOSE MONEY THAT IS NOT WELL DESERVE?

WELL, pertaining on the waiver of my Bill, I manage to get attention only after my 2nd call to SINGTEL 1688! 1st call promise to call me back but nothing has been done. Till my 2nd call!
Honestly, I am also using M1! At least at the moment M1 is not giving me such a router customer service! if you were me will you still subscribe to SINGTEL?
ALL I can say is lousy & unprofessional customer service, mostly importantly we might even can billed for those unknown thing!

Can anyone give me a satisfied reply pertaining all the above? Or singtel is having a large customer based by loosing one or two customers is alright?

Lastly, I don't understand why my name can spelt correctly in the mailing address but not the details charges. From this we can see how professional SINGTEL is.

rude customer service name jasmah bte abu

Called singtel fr the past 2 days dd since 18/12/14 & today dd 19/12/14 @5.45++pm. My call was being transferred from 1 person to another (4person altogether). Lastly i was being served by lady called Jasmah Abu. Her voice tone was yulk and very unpleasant manners. I told her off that ifshe cant tolerate frustrated complaint from customer then its best that she resign from her current job. She's not helping much but make me more stress coz she dont even know how to explain properly. Very very disappointed with Sintel services. Was being charge unnecessarily from 3rd party of $175 & no explanation given.. plus RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER NAME JASMAH ABU.. pls someThing wiTh ur services & ur Customer Service too...

conversion to cis plan cost

Have been on Singtel CIS plan for > 20 years. Renewed contract online and was told that I had to pay a conversion fee of $80+ to change it back to a CIS plan. This cost was not stated upfront nor mentioned. To add to all the inconvenience, I was asked to go all the way to Comcentre and I waited 3 hours before I was attended to. Parking costed me $7.50. None of the staff, online chat, customer service, etc could tell me the rationale for charging >$80. If Singtel had clearly stated upfront on the website that there would be a cost of conversion, nobody in their right frame of mind would have done a recontract. I am being penalized for Singtel not being able to process a CIS plan online unless its their intent to extort $ from their long time customers. Service has been really terrible, with Singtel's integrity at stake. I am extremely pissed off with the extortion and great inconvenience Singtel has put me through

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delivered iphone with scratches

I recontract my phone to easy mobile which I have no choice but to get my phone by delivery. They delivered my phone last saturday night but the delivery guy don't want me to check the phone before I pay even if I insisted. He said I can call singtel if theres any problem. I paid it anyway because I didn't think there would be any problem. After that I found out that there are scratches on the back of the phone, I called the customer care but they say they will just contact me after 3 days, but shes not sure also what to do. I went to nearest singtel shop and the guy said I should go to comcentre and so I did. Then the guy who spoke to me say they cant replace my phone because its not hardware defect. How could they not replace my phone when its not my fault at all?? They already caused me trouble by giving me a damaged phone with my hard earned money then they still don't want to replace it?? I cant believe this is the kind of service they're providing!!!

delivered iphone with scratches


incorrect billing

I've been waiting patiently for Singtel to resolve this for over a month before it was transfer to email correspondence. It has been another month since our first email correspondence. There must be at least 10 email exchanges and phonecalls but yet there is no suitable resolution proposed. Why is that?

This email to Singtel summarizes my complaint.

I have been a Singtel customer for a long time and the
recent episode have left a bitter taste in our mouths. We feel hard done by

This is my perspective.

1. Singtel representatives came to our home to offer
'upgrading' services. They explained that this is part of their scheduled runs
to upgrade existing customers to the superior fibre services. We declined the
upgrade as we were happy with our current plan with Singtel.

2. The representatives then went on to reassure us
that there will be no increase in charges for both the act of upgrading and
also the subsequent contractual agreement with Singtel. With that assurance, we
invited them in for the upgrade.

3. Their first attempt of upgrading was unsuccessful
(We couldn't receive BPL and there was a big match of Liverpool vs. Man City).
I then told them that I want to keep to our current plan and do not wish for
the free upgrade. They told us that they can arrange another visit and again
reassured us that it will be at no extra cost both the act of upgrading and
also the subsequent contractual agreement with Singtel.

4. As they were about to leave, they told us to acknowledge
certain forms. They did not run through the form with us nor did they bring our
attention to the change in subscription fees. I honestly believed the Singtel
representatives that the upgrade to fibre was free. Until I received my bill.

As I have told the Singtel representatives, we
are happy with our current plan with Singtel and have no need for fibre
services at this point. Please advise on a suitable resolution on this matter.



  • Hl
    HLChan Jun 27, 2015

    ATTRITION is a standard SingTel tactic to frustrate and delay customers. No one has time or is too busy to check the detailed billing BUT you must because that is how they nickle & dime all their customers.
    Imagine $2.00 from every customer, every month.
    No wonder, SingTel CEO pays herself $5.6m per year because of the ""profits"" she generates.
    Remember - SingTel was Singapore Telephone Board was Singapore Telecoms - a state communication body which paid for its infrastructure with tax payers $$$

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  • Lm
    Lmc 123 Mar 03, 2016

    I am just as disgusted with Singtel. Imagine 3 months and still not resolved. They went back on their words. I could understand if it is the lower mgt but ridiculously how you could expect such devoid of commitment even at managemnet level at comcentre at 68383388. Took a long time to find out who their CEO are. Disgusting lot! Can even tell me now that it took so long because they dont agree. Then straight away cancel the whole deal instead of into months! still awaiting for scheduling for their ceo yuan to meet up with. Couldnt believe these guys even at mgt level!! Disgusting!!

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singtel worst customer service

I called the customer service to clarify on my mobile data billing charges. Worst ever experience - the call went on for 45 minutes wherein I was placed on Hold for 11 times by the Singtel Customer Service Officer. Its hightime Singtel must improve on service quality - being the largest telecom in Singapore. The billing charges were incorrect with no proper explanation on the call regarding why I have been charged this amount. I would rate it as substandard compared to other Telecom providers.

over charging

I would like to file a formal complaint for Singtel. I was very disappointed. I have two mobile accounts with them. Last April I called their hotline number to cancel my accounts since I have completed my 2 years contract. Later did I realize they did not cancelled my two accounts and only cancelled one. What's worst I overpaid them & when i asked for a refund they told me they have not cancelled the other line. This is obviously disappointing. What's worst they still charged me when I told them to cancel. Very disappointed.

bad service cso dept

CSO dept singtel service sucks
I am very frustrated with the service with Singtel. For more then a week my line was not working. Many calls and long waiting before get through the CSO which 9 0f 10 are foreigners who keep refer me to senior manager again a FT but nothing coming up. On 27/5 about 10:30 first speak to CSO and promise me a senior officer will call me back. At 3 pm so call senior officer call spoke for not more then a minute he told me he will ask a technical officer to call me, just like previous day no call received and my line still down. With so many FT in Singtel is this the standard of service we received? Can someone tell me what so I do to get my tel line back? This line has never had outstanding bill before. It all happen when we wanted to install fibre and was told it need to change from analogue to digital and the digital line was activated on the 23/5 but till today our tel line still not working.

data roaming usage

Just received a bill from Singtel charging us a crazy amount of 5k plus and additional 1k plus based on a DAY of usage for "pay as you roam surcharge" and DATA Roaming Usage.

2 points to being up.
1) This number does not travel overseas.
2) if we were to use roaming, Singtel as a unlimited data roaming service that charges as low as $15 a day.

It's ridiculous how data usage are being charged by Singtel. I dun think we need to explain more.

  • Me
    Meenuaarvee Nov 13, 2013

    Yes ita money grabbing technique singtel use..Is there any way we can get rid of this useless policy

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  • Ch
    chrishye Feb 24, 2014

    I have been traveling in the region for more than 8 yrs. Some places i use singtel roaming pckg but most of the countries i switch off roaming. This trip in vietnam i choose to switch off roaming bcoz i am using local sim on another phone TO provide the internet. Just got Shock just now when receiving a msg frm singtel that i Have incurred $50 on pay per data... BUT my phone's data roaming s OFF!!! How did data being consumed???

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  • An
    Annn1 Jul 17, 2014

    I would to know the reason why Singtel guy is coming to my house? He was ringing our door bell and banging HARD on my door repeatedly like a debtor that causes my dog to bark.
    My neighbours even came out to see what's happening.Regardless of what purpose, he shouldn't bang and press the door bell repeatedly causing nuisance to my neighbours.


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  • Ke
    Ke Li Aug 08, 2014

    My sister had enough of Singtel and wanted to change service provider to StarHub after her contract ended.
    She wanted to retain her number for it was a lot of hassle to get a new number. You will have to update banks, friends, etc.
    After days it was still not transferred. We called StarHub and they said they sent requests to Singtel to release the line but was rejected. They did not know the details. It might be better for us to call Singtel to find out.
    Singtel said my sister's line is under my father's name. That was history. Money was paid for the transfer of name and they had been billing my sister under her name for years. We were not even able to see their record and they were not even trying. Only trained to say sorry.
    Now It is their internal fault and they are causing pain and inconvenience to consumer. "It is not the customer service department's fault, out of our scope so we cannot do anything about it. You are a small customer and we don't value you. You are at our mercy. Try leaving us and we will sabotage you." This is the impression I got. They were trained to follow the books. I am not asking them to think out of the box. Just be more flexible and less rigid. Try having all the small customers leaving you at one goal.
    100% their issue but because they are too big an organization and they don't communicate between departments and they have lousy system so we had to bear the consequences. There were no protection for us and we had to be subjected to their terms and conditions.
    We need to compensate them for early termination etc. Why weren't they compensating us when it was their fault?

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internet connection and phone line

Previously on 15th May 2013, made a call at 8am to Singtel and was waiting for someone to pick a call for about 15 min and spoke to a lady with regards to my frequent disconnection issue. Was advised that she will check and revert after 2 hours. No callback from her and I need to callback on my own at 12noon. Was assisted by a male this time. Repeat the whole story again. Did some changes to the settings and was told to monitor for 2 hours. This time round it works but is only for the 2 hours. Unfortunately for me, when the person calls, it works and thought case closed but after the call, the same problem happened again. I have to call again near the evening and someone arranged for a technician to come to my house to check the next working day. However, the next working day, the technician come up with a reason saying that he is held up by something and explained that the disconnection problem is due to a server issue at their end. Since the connection is fine on that day, we accept the explaination. Right now the connection is slow. Speedtest result shows around 4mbps and when I called Singtel again, they tried to explain their way out saying connection that I should be expecting should be around 8mbps and I can never get 10mbps. I stated my point clearly that a few days ago when I called, I did a similar speedtest and gotten more than 10mbps but with the disconnection issue. The Call Centre staff this time wasn't that friendly or patient but still managed to arrange for a technician tomorrow. However this service should not be tolerated and I feel their standard has dipped tremendously.

internet connection and phone line

  • Ag
    Agnes Perera Jun 17, 2013

    RE : Land line 67792615
    My name is Mdm Agnes Perera NRIC No S1279883 and i would like to write the sequence of events that let to my disappointment
    with your staff. Having explained to your call centre staff to reconnect my land line that has been disconnected without my knowledge
    since Thursday 13/06/2013
    My Husband Mr Nelson Anthoney did receive a call from Filipina supervisor on Thursday evening, who apologised for the inconvenience caused and agreed to reconnect with all charges waived and she also said that i am a valued customer. On the 16/06/2013 Sun, Mr. Belal from Mio TV assured me of my reconnection and that he will call back but never did. To date my line remains disconnected and i am very upset with Singtel's Services. I have used Singtel for the past 30 over years now i seek your assistance to reconnect my phone line ASAP.
    My Mobile No is 96525695 or My Husband Mobile 96378595 (Nelson)
    Thank You with Regrets Only
    Agnes Perera

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poor internet connection

I am subscribing 200Mbps Singtel fiber service but the actual speed only around 10Mbps and even worst for this few month which can go as low as 3Mbps. Been called to Singtel for few times but the issue still repeating. They ask me to restart everything and performed the speed test but after the phone conversation the problem repeating again.

poor internet connection


poor service

Poor service 1
Went for re-contract but was not told that plan price has been increased and caller ID has to be charged at per month of $5.
Multi-line discount has also reduced from 15% to 10%. If I were informed of the changes, I will not have done the re-contract as it is not beneficial in the long term.
Poor service 2
Called their customer service hotline on this issue and the whole duration is 28 min with most of the time waiting. 1st guy who answer the line is courteous and answer to all my questions. But not the 2nd guy who is tasked to "explain according to the contract signed". Arrogance and bad attitude is very bad when answering to customer grieves. They shall have apologized first and then provide explanation. Customer satisfaction is very important for Singtel to retain market share as the price plan is no longer competitive.

  • La
    LadyAnne19 Nov 29, 2011

    I went to 3 different Singtel outlets in the same day and did not get what I wanted. As recommended, I returned to an official outlet to purchase a replacement iPhone screen protector. At the outlet where I bought my phone, there was no separate counter for purchase of accessories as opposed to purchasing a line and I was requested to take a number. After more than 15 minutes, I was not served and left to meet an appointment. This was the outlet at Bishan Junction8.
    At Takashimaya's Singtel outlet at B2, the cashier refused to assist me with placing the screen protector or to have someone in the store assist me. She claimed that it was not in their job description. I left without buying the item I wanted. I am extremely disappointed in the level of service provided. When my contract runs out, I am seriously considering switching to another service provider.

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  • Vo
    Vong88 Mar 06, 2013

    one of the worst service in singapore NO ONE know what they are doing!

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terrible customer service

I would like to lodge a formal complaint against the service we experienced at your Singtel Shop in Tampines Mall yesterday (26 Dec 2012). Here are details of the event:
• 3:30pm – We came to this outlet to return our MIO TV console and to terminate our Broadband service.
• 4:26pm (one hour after) – We received a queue ticket (#S2164) and were told that it would take 3 hours to our turn.
• 7:00pm – We returned to the outlet, and the queue was at #S2147.
• 8:00pm – The queue was at #S2149. The outlet was packed with customers waiting and new queue tickets were still being issued out. We demanded to see the Manager, Desmond Lin, who came out from the back office. He told us that there were 110 people ahead of us at that point.
1. We asked him how he planned to clear 110 tickets by closing time at such slow rate. He replied that they would remain open as long as it took until the last ticket was cleared. We told him that we already waited 3.5 hrs and did not intend to stay through the night to be served. He merely shrugged and said that it would be our choice whether we would like to wait or not.
2. We asked him what would happen if we chose not to wait, and whether we would be given priority to be served the next morning. He said new tickets would be issued, and everyone would queue all over again.
3. We asked him why there was no segregation of queues to make things more efficient as in the case of STARHUB (e.g. one queue for mobile service, another for TV, another for broadband, etc.); he said this is the way all Singtel outlets are run, and there was nothing he can do about it.
4. We further asked him why they kept issuing new tickets when there were already 100+ tickets yet to be served; he said he could not stop people from queuing.
5. When someone else in the waiting crowd told him that service in the Orchard branch was much more efficient, he just shrugged and said that all outlets are run the same way.
6. Throughout the entire conversation, Desmond Lin was rude in answering our questions. He claimed that all the staffs were doing their best, so I asked him why he was not out in the floor to help out. He replied abruptly: “for your information, I was on the phone with a customer”. I then asked him which customers are more important: those in the shop or those on the phone. He became speechless and simply walked away and ignored us. He never attempted to even apologize for the delay and nor offered any solution.
7. They started to skip queue numbers only at this point.
• 8:30pm – The staff started pulling the shutters for closing and no solution was given to all of us who were still waiting. One lady came out to tell us the exact same things that Desmond Lin did, and we found out that she is another manager named Catherine Kwek.
• 9:12pm – I was finally served. At that moment, the lady standing next to us was holding ticket #S2220 (54 numbers away).
The shop was packed with people waiting in line when we left. We even took a photo of the scene and would be happy to forward it to you. Or, you can take a look at the CCTV camera.
Here are my views on our awful experience last night:
1. Your business processes are severely flawed and inadequate.
It is appalling and unthinkable for a customer like me to have to wait 6 hours in total to return a MIO TV box. It is definitely NOT industry standard because I was able to be “in and out” of STARHUB within 1 hour (inclusive of queuing time) to sign up for new mobile lines and broadband service. Your managers can shamelessly tell us that they were being “fair” by not turning anyone away (even when they knew the queue was severely bottlenecked) and by promising to clear all tickets “as long as it took”. Obviously, they had no consideration for the fact that we have work to go to the next morning, and that our time is also VALUABLE.
Taking the Tampines outlet as an example, it is utterly disappointing to see the way the shops operate in comparison with STARHUB. A customer who comes to open a new mobile line definitely requires more time than one who comes to return a MIO TV box. How do you expect to provide efficient services when everyone has to wait to be served through the same queuing system? This is so fundamental in business operations, and yet it is lacking for such a large organization.
It is so ironic that Singtel pledges customer loyalty and satisfaction in your Sustainability Report every year. You even publicize on all your printed ads that you “ranked #2 in the world for CUSTOMER SERVICE”. That is false advertising because our actual customer experience is far from it. No amount of marketing and PR efforts can compensate for our bad experiences. Your lip service is over-rated and your overall services are getting from bad to worse.
I used to have all-in-one bundled services with Singtel, but decided to switch my mobile service to STARHUB because I was treated rudely by your service staff when I came to renew my mobile contract in July this year. I only waited until now to cancel the rest of the services when my MIO TV contract ends in December.
2. Your 2 Retail Operations Managers (Desmond Lin and Catherine Kwek) are absolutely incompetent and an embarrassment to your organization. As the ones in charge, they are responsible to ensure smooth operations of the shop and to find solutions instead of hiding behind counters. Yet, they were clueless (or was it that they couldn’t care or less?) to what was happening in the shop. To allow the queue to continue one hour before store closing time while knowing that there were at least 100 outstanding tickets was UNIMAGINABLE. They are wasting customers’ time and doing everyone dis-service.
Worse of all, they did not appear at all apologetic to those in waiting and remained aloof to our grievances. They pushed everything to your company’s policies and systems. Is this really the case? Is your top management so restrictive that your front-line managers are not empowered to make decisions? What good are they then, to just sit around and repeatedly tell customers it is our choice if we wish to be served?
I wasted so much time typing up this long complaint letter; in hope that something good will come out of this. You should not be oblivious of what your customers have to say; of which I am certain you already know by the number of customer abandonments. Do not rest on your laurels because words get around!

terrible customer service

  • Go
    Goh Ken Lin Feb 13, 2014

    Dear Sir/Mdm: My SingTel Mobile account N0.29424339, mobile N0. 96319100.
    I was wondering the statement of account quoted the Allterco-ATLC charges all in
    S$120.00. However, yesterday I have spoken to the customer officer (Ms) who has agreed to waive the S$120.00 .Frankly speaking, I do not understand AT-aVericomm
    charges, please verify .For your information, I am a member of Yahoo, Google, Facbook, , Hotmail, outlook, window live, twitter, Sumsung, Apple, Spotlight, Element 14, RS,, Ebay,, ipad, NASA, microsoft outlook and other. For
    this reason, I have received a lot of E-mail from these outlets, if I open any E-mail
    from these outlets whether I have to pay for the charges. my existing plan cover with
    12GB local data Bundle (Lite), 550 local SMS/MMS, Local Incoming calls. Please verify.
    Thank you. Best regards
    Goh Ken Lin

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  • Nu
    Nurliyana Binte Zailan May 09, 2014

    i received the same one to.can anyone look into account no 36391512. My id no 0022. please veriy.

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  • Zh
    Zhang WenHui Jan 30, 2015

    Dear Sir/Mdm, my SingTel a/c number: 48827986 Mobile No.90270222 Bill ID: 0123 & Date of bill: 22/01/2015. I was charged of S$96 from Allterco-ATLC for Content & Services for 4 weeks from 22nd Dec to 12th Jan. I was only aware of this charges when received the bill on 30th Jan. I have stopped the service immediately. However, there will be another charges for the 3 weeks service. Although this line is under my name, but it is used by my son. We did not subscribe any kind of service from this company. I would like to request Singtel to waive this charges fully. After checking in internet, I just realised that a lots of people have been cheated by this company in the past. Hope Singtel can investigate on this company to prevent more people fall into this scam. Please call me on my mobile number: 83826199 Zhang Wen Hui- SingTel customer.

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  • Qi
    qiu May 28, 2015

    Dear Sir/Mdm, my SingTel a/c number:16385019, Mobile No 97826726, Bill ID: 0064, & Date of bill: 28 May 2015. I was charged of S$120 for this Allterco-ATLC for Content & Services from 25 April to 23 May 2015. i am aware of this charges when i receive this bills on 28 May 2015. I did not subscribe any kind of service from this company and i have no idea what it is i would like to request Singtel to waive this charges fully. Please contact me (Qiu Yan) at 97826726, Thank.

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  • Fe
    Fenny Chee Mar 08, 2016

    been encounter mobile data leakage problem since last year, and been paying unnecessary data excess charges for a year ! Been contact SingTel numbers of time, however the customer service attitude are all really bad, they are aware of the mobile data leakage issue, however seems like no plan to solve the issue ! will never ever recontract with this kind of telco !

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inadequate services

Recently, all 3 Singapore telcos fined S$10, 000 for inadequate 3G coverage. Do you think this is enough?

After watching the News, this let me recall about my dual sim card phone was loss in the bus 2 weeks ago, on 24 November 2012 at about 10pm. As I have 2 sim card concurrently running on my phone, which is Chinamobile Prepaid Card and Singtel Prepaid Hicard. Immediately rang I call Chinamobile (24hrs) hotline to report loss of my mobile sim card and was informed to get my replacement upon visiting China on my next trip (This is the 3rd time I lost my chinamobile prepaid card). Then I follow up calling Singtel Hicard customer service hotline but was regret to be informing by Singtel pre-recording system that they are only operating from 8am-8pm daily. As there is nothing I can do, so I have to wait for the next morning to come.

The next day morning, I rang and inform the Singtel Hicard Hotline, the customer officer give me an unreasonable answer and informed me that they unable and can’t allow me to get any replacement for my loss mobile sim card as they don’t allow prepaid sim card to be replace once loss! I also request them to assist me to print out all the incoming and outgoing call record for me as I am a business man and I need to keep track all my call for record purpose. But the customer office replied me that they can’t provide me any record as their system are unable to keep track any prepaid card from their system and not even any operator in the world can do so. I wonder how Singtel going to explain or solve dispute whenever all mobile customers encountered.

I told the Singtel Hicard customer officer that I also lost my China prepaid card on the same day and informed him that the China mobile operator can allow me to get my prepaid sim card replaced any time at anywhere in China mobile service counter in China. I also informed that I can even login to and with my China mobile ID and Password to view all my mobile record with detail like date of all incoming and outgoing call with number, call duration, place of call and all incoming and outgoing call individuals charge detail since 10 years ago. Since 10 years ago, Chinamobile already allow all prepaid card to view all incoming and outgoing call details and apply any value added services online anytime anywhere. The “” (ID & Password provided) provide services like Prepaid card balance with full details all call, Online top-up, Choice or Change of prepaid plan, Point rewards, Webmail, Web Messenger, Roaming activation or deactivation and more.

I am so helpless and wonder what is happen to our Singapore nowadays? Country like China is catering for 1.4billion population which is huge market with only 2 mobile operators who can offer such impressive website (online web e-operator) services for all mobile users for more than 10 years. Small country like Singapore claimed to be everything to be the first especially in Information Technology and now none of our mobile service operators can implement full e-mobile web services.

I strongly believe that will be great help and benefit to all million of mobile users in Singapore who don’t have to waste unnecessary time in long queue for long hours or long call waiting with the customer hotline or even too much unnecessary manpower and operation cost.

Anyway, when is the day that our government or IDA can assist us with full web e-operator services in Singapore? Whereby I believed many countries have already implemented e-operator many years ago. Country like China mobile has already implemented it for more than 10 years ago and when will our Singapore mobile operator will be able provide us efficiently services with modern technologies?

inadequate services
inadequate services
inadequate services

Singtel Prepaid Hi-Card
  • Ol
    Oldmanjohn Dec 02, 2019

    Today I call the CS Hotline n spoken to Ms. Van(Pilipina) pertaining to my Hicard no. 93706879 main acct had been reap off 0 balance. She was kind enough to check for me. I waited for few minutes n she spoken to me that my balance is $49.10 cannot be refunded in full only 50%. I was not happy that due to whatever the reasons. Initially I had explain to her in details. But the Supervisor name Ms. Kriv said that only 50% will be refunded. As a long time user Im shock I even told her that I will be sending a feedback. I had another Hicard no. 90528815 which I had paid for the internet services per month 2 GB for $13 for long time. I even told Ms. Van that if I recieved 50% which I had already in my main acct. I will used till whatever balance n will stop using Singtel Hicard no. 93706879 n 90528815.
    Sorry for me to send this feedback.
    John Koh

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internet connection

I am very disappointed in singtel internet service. 2 years ago my internet connection had been disconnecting almost 3 to 4 times a day and we had call for 9 technician to come down to my house to fix it., but all of them say the disconnecting problem will not happen again but after they went back, at night the internet disconnected again.Recently i change my internet to 100mbps, but still the internet is lousy and it keeps on disconnecting. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED ON SINGTEL INTERNET SERVICE. Please do something about your internet.

  • Ha
    hannahjoe Oct 17, 2012

    I think singtel is the worst one i have never experienced, i spend so much on them, this year feb i went china and asked the service staff turn the date roaming service on for one month on my bb, and it should be 72 dollars a month and i only needed that month, and after i came back it was still one i found out around june wonder why i always end up paying 200 dollars bills and i never make lots calls. and i have my phone contract for 99 dollars a month already . so i called 1866 and the lady sounds nice at first, told me she will fix it, and she try to ask me all the those question like do i remember which staff i talked to, and on what date, and all those little things i can not recall, and she sounds troubled and made me feel it is my problem did not call back after i return in singapore, but i clearly told the staff in feb i only travel one month a needed one month data roamong plan, how clear is that !? and july i called them again cause i never see they return my credits as the first female staff promised. and the second staff has bad english and but she also promised will reture the bredit or i do not have to pay the bills until the money is even, until now i still paying 72 dollars a month without not using it .

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  • Yo
    YOYOYANG Jun 05, 2014

    We just upgraded the WIFI plan with paying more every month. 31st May (Sat), their technicians came to install the new model and can't get Internet connection. They said that they need to go back to fix some internal network issue and asked us to wait for them to get back to us.Until 3rd June (Tue), still no Internet connection and no feedback from them. We started calling them since 3rd June(Tue) and the call center person keep saying that they will send the request to relevant department and will get back to us soon. We keep calling again and again, and they told us that the Cable in the house got problem; I was thinking that nothing was wrong before changing the plan, why after that, the Cable in the house got problem. On 5th June(Thu), when we called and they told us that the fiber box outside the house can not send signal to our home, and one guy called us to make appointment to come down on 9th Jun (Mon). I requested them to come down on 7th June (Sat), he said that he need to confirm if their staff can come down on 7th June (Sat) and will call me to confirm. Up to now, I didn't receive any call to confirm the appointment. From 31st May to 6th June, one week's time, we keep calling and calling, waiting and waiting. I don't know what to say, as Singapore's NO.1 telecom. Service provider, I don't see any work efficiency and problem-solving skills from its people. Seems, we can only wait and wait...

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land line down for more than 12hours

Singtel land line was down since evening of 4 Sep 2012. Started calling the telephone fault reporting 24-hr hotline 4 times. All calls were directed in the end to the voice mailbox after listening to almost 10 mins of music/ads per session. Was told to leave name and number and they would call back within 2 hours. Directed to voicemail and response was 'The mailbox is full. Please call back later. Bye (chirpy tone)". How ridiculous! A 24-hour hotline is not picked up and gets routed to a full voicemail. Finally got to speak to a human being on morning of 5 Sep and all she could say was "Oh sorry, underground cable down since last night and engineers are working on it". This was morning 820am. By 1052am, line still not up. Missed important calls during this time and IDD calls had to be made via mobile phones. Shouldn't singtel compensate me then?

  • Eg
    Egga Oct 17, 2012

    This is typical of how Singtel operates, and you will nof get any compensation out of them. Check out our problem at: and and

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poor 3g service!

Dear SingTel,
I've been experiencing a very very poor 3G service lately, especially when I'm at the mrt station and in train. It shows "No Service" along the journey and this problem occurs daily. Not only that I can't access to internet, I can't even make a simple call or sms while seeing those passengers around me get to surf and chat easily. Can you imagine how frustrated it is? My friend (M1 subscripber) travelling along with me does not encounter such problem. A friend told me that it is due to the 4G service SingTel launched recently and it is affecting most of its existing 3G user. I've tried turned off 3G and cellular data and it works but I'm not going to do so everyday. SingTel has been charging me the data service plan which they failed to provide. It seems like I'm paying for 3G Flexi Value subscription fee for a basic plan! I want my money back! This has been continuosly for two weeks and I hope that SingTel will look into this matter seriously and resolve it as soon as posible.

poor 3g service!
poor 3g service!
poor 3g service!
poor 3g service!
poor 3g service!


overcharge, horrible service

I have experienced the worst service from Singtel. I have always been a M1 user (have 4 mobile lines with M1, happy and still using). I had previous bad experiences with Singtel, but thought maybe I should give them the benefit of doubt and try again. I regretted doing is my story. In February last year I subscribed to Singtel because my son needed a new line, so decided to give Singtel another chance to see if they had changed over the years. The 1st few months went ok except that I had some problem with the 10mb data plan I had to pay because the bill more than doubled the amount of that subscribed. So I decided I should upgrade the plan to that of 'iphone' plan like those of my 4 other line with M1. The supervisor 'promised' he would have the change done in three days. Obviously, I was so happy for my son that I told him to use his phone to surf the net all he wants, because the bundle supposedly came with 12gig free. For two months, I did not receive the bill. Then when I did receive the bill, I was shocked to see that we were charged data usage of more than $800.00+ over a period of 2 months!! When I called at least 10 times, each time a different person handled my case, and each time I had to explain all over again, imagine my immense frustration! A lot of 'terminate line, pay amount first, recalculation, calls to Singtel' activities went by for a month or so. Finally, I was told that the supervisor who had 'promised' to change my subscription HAD NOT DONE SO! That was the reason for the charges, which I was not aware of! I told them to go back to the telephone recording of the conversation I had with that supervisor regarding that change I had requested...but as usual...Singtel will protect themselves, so they brushed that aside and gave me credit on my bill, but still charge me a substantial amount. I have since terminated my Singtel line (including the residential line), because I HATE Singtel service and their lack of professionalism, overcharging, and arrogance! I will never ever use Singtel again, and will tell my family members and friends never to use Singtel. I am warning those who subscribe to Singtel...SUBSCRIBE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Singtel is the worst of the worst service provider as far as I am concerned, they have the habit and are very fond of overcharging...wonder how that will benefit the staff who handled these subscription or plans, and how these gigantic hiccups will benefit the company.

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