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Singles50 Complaints & Reviews

Singles50 / unauthorized credit card charges

Jul 07, 2019

Hi janice williams here. I have just had on 1st july an unauthorized credit card payment processed. I did not authorize this payment - I would like it refunded straight away. I did not even know that my account was still operating. Please cancel everything. I do not have this sort of money...

Singles50 / harassment to pay - unauthorized charges

Jul 05, 2019

My sister was a member of this website.. for a brief. Of about 2 months did not like the site and did not meet anybody there so discontinued her membership. She did not sign up for auto-pay and did not sign up to further her membership. She is a registered disabled person on a low...

Singles50 / dating service

Jul 04, 2019

I signed up with Singles50 for a period of a month. An initial amount of R396 was deducted on the 31st of May. On the 1st of July an unauthorised amount of R1, 999 was deducted, for which I don't believe I gave permission. From: Customer Service Date: 04 July 2019 at 12:56:32...

Singles50 / possible scammer

Jun 26, 2019

Hi there, I am a premium user on singles50. I have started communicating with a lady named Gaby ( 50 ) that states she is from Gisborne ( New Zealand ) She now tells me she is in Mexico City. I asked her how she got onto the New Zealand site. Her response was that you have the option on...

Singles50 / data protection

Jun 16, 2019

I am Tolley and I am a premium member of Singles50. A few days ago, I noticed that someone calls Williams has access to my account details. He could access my personal characteristics such as changing my date of birth, height, photo... Even access my master data. I did not pay more $170 to...

Singles50 dating services / unauthorized credit card charges

Jun 08, 2019

I just want to cancel my membership with Singles50.IE i am not happy with the service and i am not happy being threatened with debt collectors either, I think that is a disgrace and a downright cheek, Can you please get them to contact me and get this sorted immediately, I dont want to be...

Singles50 / premium membership cancellation

May 25, 2019

I actually met someone through Singles50, but my experience has been soured by the difficulty in cancelling my premium membership. I found the cancellation details on their FAQ page and followed them explicitly only to be advised that there is a 14 day minimum cancellation period. It...

Singles50 / closed account

May 20, 2019

on sunday 19th may I closed my account with because I didnt set this account up I also informed them that a large amount of £191.76 had been taken from my account from this company. I have tried to contact them and had no reply. Iwould like to be assured that my account is now...

Singles50 / reporting a scammer

May 19, 2019

There is a man named Fred 62 from Tasmania He writes with broken English has told me he doesn't live in Tasmania but in Parramatta Sydney. Now he has asked for me email and had asked me not to contact him on the Single 50 site but to only speak via email. This is strange and I have alarm...

Singles50 / charges from my bank account

Apr 25, 2019

I have availed of Singles50 service and paid a small amount to try the site. Never availed of premium service . I deleted my account to them but with great difficulty and eventually notices stopped coming to my email. I assumed that it was all finished and dealt with. Last January 2019 I...

Singles50 / singles 50

Apr 21, 2019

My personal information for the second time has crossed over onto someone else's profile. I cancelled my profile the first time on this site for the same reason and it has crossed over to the same person again! I just paid 6mths subscription again and it's not my profile so I would like a...

Singles50 / falsely created profile

Mar 26, 2019

This is my last resort, as just as so many have been complaining of a non-response from the customer service department, this has also been my experience. I have NEVER visited your website, and certainly NEVER created a profile page. Was it not for the emails in my inbox from strangers, I...

Singles 50 / online dating service

Mar 20, 2019

Singles 50 dating site has withdrawn funds from bank account without permission! $194.00 was withdrawn from bank account without permission! We want the money refunded and dating site closed! We don't know how they got our bank details! The bank and local police are looking into this site!...

Singles50 / false billing refusal of refund

Feb 08, 2019

be2 S.à.r.l. 13 rue du Commerce, L-1351 Luxembourg Commercial Register Luxembourg B123206 Managing Director Laetitia Pateau VAT IDs Luxembourg: 2006 2454 440 European: LU 215 36 271 They advertise R99 bill you R396 and next month want to bill you R2000. They refuse to refund you even...

Singles50 / premium subscription

Feb 01, 2019

I have been charged an amount of GBP 80.18 (EUR89.70, VRATE 1.1495 FGN PUR FEE 2.15) The date of the transaction is 29/01/2019. Supposedly i subscribed on 27/10/2019 @ 16:25. I maintain I did not make this subscription - I recall that i was taking a bath from 16:15 until 16:50. For reference my...

Singles50 / online dating service

Jan 21, 2019

I signed up for a 4 week trial period with singles50 site for $29.00...They then proceeded to deduct $99.00 NZ$ from my credit card...I called my NZ bank cancelled my credit card informed them of why and sent many emails to singles50 expressing my dissatisfaction... I informed them via...

Singles50 / dating service company

Sep 04, 2018

This dating company appears to be a total scam. It let's you register for a 14-day trial and promises that your subscription is automatically ended and it's only later that you suddenly have access to very different terms and conditions. They then take 99.99 a month from your credit card...

Singles50 / dating site

Jun 06, 2018

I found this site through a promoted post on instagram. I signed up and was required to subscribe to a free trail with automatic renewal after 4 weeks at a fee of €18.64. It clearly states in terms and conditions that if you are not satisfied with the site you cancel the automatic direct debit...