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for a massage advertisement on april / amazon gift card error

523004 I try do massage advertising on backpage on April and I use a amazon $200 gift card to buy credit, I never received any credit from backpage . I tried email to customer service no...

trying to post but checkout is only showing cryptocurrency not my credit balance or payment options just the cryptocurrency option

When I go to post ad it only gives me the crptocurrency option not the list of payment options like usual so I can't post please help me my # [protected] email [protected]


Someone is posting two different sex ads of me with my phone number. I did not do this and I want them removed!!! One of the ads id number is [protected]. Please take this off your...

gift card error

Everytime I use a Walmart gift card an error pops up . I have emailed about this several times and nobody has contacted me back. Usually it will show the error a few times and...

completely scammed by “bitcoin friendly” escort

Found cute girl on backpage offering 50% discount for bitcoin ($150 dollars for hour massage and date, pretty good deal). Transferred coins to her and then drove to the location...

I never received 100$ credits from

To whom it may concern, I never received 100$ from back page, BP official provider of credits. It happened twice already. I tried to contact them twice via email, but...


Found this girl on backpage utah. The pic looks nothing like her. She charges $200 just to come to you. Then asks for tips for adult her adult entertainment. She was the worse...

a review some girl put about me

this girl i went to see on backpage wrote a review on mr number about me saying i told the front desk that they robbed me and i said i didn't like her kind. That is a lie. what...

my pictures are being used without my knowledge or consent

Hi there, I was notified earlier today that the poster of this ad...

a job posting

Resumes are being emailed to our company general email. I did not post any kind of ad with you. Please remove ASAP. My boss said that he had deleted the ad, but if it's still...

adult listing unauthorized posts

523004 I was recently threatened by someone who uses your site that she was going to embarrass, destroy me etc. I be lieve she got her hands on close or fully nude pics of me from dating...

underage child number on inappropriate website

my child's number was accidentally used on a (women seeking men) website on the website the number used was [protected] i would like my sons number removed as this i...

wrongful charges to account

The three years I've been posting with Backpage and I've been charged for ads that have disappeared within minutes after posting them. When I ask Backpage why they never respond...

backpage credits with gift card

I have used three separate Walmart gift cards and still have not got my credits. They all have a balance on them. Why the hold up? I've been trying to get these same credits since...

pictures posted of me illegally without my consent I want these gone

My Ex Boyfriend Kevin Johnson has posted vulgar pics of me on Backpage with out my knowledge. I want these taken down immediatley I do not wish to be on the website im horrified...

massage service

523004 Address is acacia st in San Gabriel. Ad is for massage and date with a girl. It is a scam, they send you address and menu and when I arrived at the house it was a different girl...

The website listed by Backpage as a suggestions for obtaining Bitcoins ( is a scam. I purchased 10 credits for $20 on November 1st (transaction number: 0YG22026ET720625A) and despite numerous contacts with customer service, the Bitcoins I purchased have not been transferred to my account. I request a refund. Additionally, I request that Backpage suspend this false advertising. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Ashley Troxell

  • Ka
    Kathleen White Jan 23, 2018

    Bitcoins for Backpage is a scam! They got my credit card number and took my money and I never got my Backpage credits! I sent multiple emails and made multiple phone calls and never got a response from or Backpage or Bitcoin for Backpage! Furthermore I am suddenly unable to post an ad on Backpage although I've been posting for a year-and-a-half under massage services now they want a link to my Facebook page. I do have a Facebook account but I do not use to have a link to my personal Facebook page! This is not only an invasion of privacy but it's discrimination! I have sent multiple emails to Backpage with no response! What the hell is going on?! Does anyone have an answer?

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  • Ka
    Kathleen White Jan 23, 2018

    @Kathleen White I had the same experience with Bitcoins for Backpage! They got my credit card number took my money and I never got my credits despite multiple emails to both Backpage and Bitcoins for Backpage! It is a scam! Bethpage should be ashamed to have a link to that site!

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I am receiving texts and phone calls soliciting prostitution. I did not place any ad like this but my phone number is being used.

Beginning January 16, 2018 I began receiving calls and text messages soliciting prostitution. I did not place any ad of this kind on backpage or any other site. I want my number removed from backpage as soon as possible.
These calls and texts are coming from Dallas, Fort Worth, Tyler, Arlington, and other cities in Texas.
I tried to contact Backpage myself, but there is no customer service phone number or any other way to contact anyone to remove the ad.

  • Updated by Zsigmondovics · Jan 19, 2018

    I have confirmation from two text messages that my number was obtained from backpage.

credit purchase

523004 I was sent $500 value money order in 11/09/2017. And u guys cashed on 11/16/2017. But I still did not get the credits. I was try to call this number [protected] and sent several...

an add

Hi I had a problem couple months ago where an ex took some prove photos of me and put them on your site and tried to Solicitate me( on backpage). I have contacted you guys before...

social media spot

Wtf do u want and need to pit in that spot ?! I have made up my stagename..a facebook page a twitter account and a link for kingdom99 and it says im wrong ! What gives?! Because of your bs im losing my apartment ! Ill be homeless with 3cats with nowhere to go because i have no money and i cant post anywhere!!! I will sue the fck out of you guys for other things ...

an old ad

I had posts up on your site over a year ago and now my old posts and some fake reviews are all over some random [censor] website ESCORT Babylon! I have people still contacting me and harassing me! I went through your site over a year ago and now these posts are now put on somewhere else and they are saying you allowed it and gave it to them???!!! I need my info and posts off this site ASAP or I'm gonna have to take further steps to look into this and I'm sure it's gonna get a lot of people in trouble!!!

your phone number cannot be used as only physical mobile devices are supported.

I have been using the site Backpage for years now & have never had this problem before. My ad expired & this phone number verification has caused me not to be able to use your site properly anymore. I don't understand why my number can not be verified. Please help me in fixing this problem so I can use the site again without this interference. Thank you.

a girl stole my money and left.

Through the backpage, I contacted a girl in Las Vegas in January 01 to come where I stay and have fun together. When she came, she asked for tips and I told her that I don't any more money to give her tips. She accepted to get $160. After she hold the money, she threatened me to call the police and she left the room. She did not do what I wanted from her. And at the same time, I was afraid if try hard to get the money back, she will call the police and I don't want her to do that. I'm very sad she threatened and stole $160 with no any providing services. So, hopefully, you can contact me through my phone number and see how we can solve this problem. Also, when you give me a call I'll give the girl's phone number to contact her.

My phone number is : +[protected]
My email address is: Florida.[protected]

unable to edit my ad

523004 I have been unable to edit my ad therefore having my heading stuck as available Monday 11-4pm which is affecting my business for almost 2 weeks now. I have even paid to move to...

backpage money order credits

So from what I see, backpage is stealing your money! I'm also a victim. I bought a money order for $30 and mailed it in in Dec 13 2017 well that credit is still not in my account...

misprint in ad listing

There has been an add posted on backpage with my phone number as the contact. I've been getting numerous text messages because of this and I am not happy about it! Please have this ad removed ASAP. I've had to block numbers that have been texting my phone and it's very frustrating and uncalled for. I would like this removed right away. I'm tired of having to block numbers or reply to text messages of people I do not know looking for some kind of woman to satisfy their needs! This is NOT ok!!!

backpage no title, body, or location

This Is Really Affecting My Business As I Live In Chicago. I Am Posting In The Women Seeking Men Dating Section And Not Being Able To Post A Location People Are Calling From All... — ask for credit

290817 I was sent the value $ 600 best gift card and $500 money order the same day on 11/09/2017 with certificate mails, only gift card the value $ 660 were received on Thursday. But the...

my ads are not removed

I I removed my adds on backpage but they are still available on Google. I dont know what i need to do to make sure everything is delete.I would like to remove it all on backpage...

backpage ad chicago illinois

I woke up this morning several calls stating crazy things .someone created an ad using my phone number can you please remove it . [protected]. I am a mother this is not me in the photo I never gave anyone. Any permission to use my number . I would gladly appreciate if you reach out or remove the ad because it's not safe for me or my family. My phone will not stop ringing

backpage ad chicago illinois

women seeking men dating posting ads

Posting ads on backpage under women seeking men is getting ridiculous. Within the last three months I noticed the ridiculous changes that aren't helping people who want to post on...

fraud identity theft and no copyright on photos that were stolen and abusing real people with changing their numbers and exploitation

My account is [protected] Devon hunt my ex boyfriend is havin his white hoe to get into my account and upload fake posts and use real people phone numbers she is alway...

payment with walmart card

3 weeks ago I bought a $ 200 Wal-Mart card to pay for ads, I entered it on my backpage account and it said it had to verify the card. 3 weeks later and it's still hasn't been...

w4m posting

Why aren't I allowed to post an ad with with words or a title.. it's now only my number.. first you started to require a social media site, and now u can't even put my own words to make myself or my ad stand out. So what the hell am I paying be $7 an ad for..
Someone please help me.. hell I can't even put a location in it so now all they see is city of Denver. Denver is huge and people are calling and just eating my time as well as their own time because they don't know my location.. so again can you please tell me what the hell am I paying $7 to post for..

  • Es
    Escort101 Dec 10, 2017

    The site is dying. there are a ton of alternatives. start investing in different sites. backpage is under investigation for how they handled their site... for [censor] that had nothing to do with the average escort. they [censor] up, and are now making us eat their mistake. smh.

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  • Mi
    Mikey Dreyer Dec 14, 2017

    Also why/ how can certain people still have a full title while im only allowed #? I haven't found any paid options to get a title / traditional lay out...Is there some trick im missing? Anything other than phone number disappears asa i click to next tab

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  • Ch
    Chris Cobb Dec 15, 2017

    The ads with the full texts like the old days, are old ads. Once they expire & have to be renewed, it will look just like yours.

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  • Es
    Escort101 Dec 20, 2017

    Ya, once theirs renews, it'll be a number only format. The last of mine just did this. I have also noticed that backpage is falsely and prematurely deactivating my ads anytime I transfer money into my account. I had many live ads tonight, which were set to expire next week, and they were live until they got the deposit. They were LITERALLY deactivated the moment I got credits. It's so [censor]ing shady. I paid for those weeks, WITH EXTRAS, for all those ads. However, they shut them down so I would have to pay to renew them if I wanted them all. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it 1st hand. As of late, I'm only sending in tiny amounts because I'm using other sites like eros, which gives me a better audience than backpage. I'm so [censor]ing over backpage and all their [censor] games.

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Why are you making us have a physical phone number do you understand how many people you're putting at risk and how much [censor] you're bringing into everyone's life? I'm pretty sure you guys have lined your [censor]ing pockets with our money, it's about time you stood up for us and stop making our life so difficult by using your stupid [censor]ing ad.
Because eventually we're going to get sick of it and then we'll move onto another website just like what happened with Redbook. You are replaceable.

  • La
    LaylaMorris Dec 20, 2017

    I cannot wait until they are completely obsolete. We should really start making this move now. Twice i’ve been burned on my credits and paying for bitcoins is ridiculously expensive. I’m so sick of their [censor]. I paid for credits with a walmart gift card and never received the credits but they did use my gift card at walmart. I tracked the card. It was in cali somewhere spent at samsclub. If anyone knows about some good sites in florida or period lmk. Let’s put bp out of business. They’re not going to stop [censor]ting us

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harley quinn, escort posting in albany ny

I, m a disabled Vietnam vet., wheelchair bound. made plans for this girl to come to my place for 2hrs, she showed up 1 1/2 hrs late, came to my room demanded $400 up front then...

First off taking the location off of the ads means they can't tell where we are there calling for 40 minutes away the calling say I post on the northside the whole northside on a...

ads changing again - for the worse!

I honestly don't understand why Backpage feels the need to once again, change the way we can post an ad under the dating category. Why are they taking awy the option for us to post a clean ad to help ourselves stand out? My ads have gotten flagged, community removed (and were clean, with no vulgar language or pics) but yet I see tons of these types of ads in the feed. WTF??? With all the money they make, I know they can stop this from happening. Instead, they are now forcing everyone who puts up a new ad to use a phone number. There is no way anyone is going to make money like this. They are hurting people who need to put food on the table and at a bad time of year. What they're charging $7 per ad in NY, is a complete rip-off as well, especially to end up posting a lousy phone number which will get overlooked by the title ads that are still running. I can not believe it has come to this with BP and advertising. I hope something is done about it. If you are reading this, please please start a massive complaint to BP about this. The only way change can take place is in numbers. They are messing with people livelihoods.

posting in wfm section

Why is the dating section posting requirements always changing? Now its just a phone number that shows up. There is no room for a title. WTF am I paying for? Before that bp wa...