Singapore Airlineschanging of flight schedule

S Nov 21, 2017


I would like to share my recent expirence with SQ.
We had our booking (TMXHXS) in early nov for a flight to Xiamen from 14 to 17 jan 2018.

Earlier this week, i then received a sms from SQ stating that the returned flight was rescheduled to 18 jan 2018. I accepted the offer unwillingly. For this, i do Need to make arrangement for my work.

Just yesterday, I received another sms from SQ. This time round, it states that my flight to Xiamen is rescheduled to 15th Jan 18 instead of 14th Jan 18.

This makes me wonder if SQ do reschedule thier flights so frequently?

I'm utterly disappointed with the service provided by SQ, who claim to provide top notch services with strong credibility. However, changing flight schedule within weeks back to back does not justify the image protriated!

I called in to SQ customer service and yet they provide me with no solution on flying on 14th Jan 2018 to Xiamen. They just fend me off, saying that they can do a full refund.

This is utterly ridiculous. I will never ever board an SQ flight again.

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