Singapore Airlinetreat economy class passengers as second class citizen [duty manager]


Date : 25 sept sq182

I has unpleasant experience with singapore airline flight no. 182 on 25 sept 2017.

As frequent travel I has done on line checked in before the flight. Unfortunately I am late. Economy class counter has closed for sq182 flight.
So I went to "first class / business class"counter to seek for better option which expect they can help me and good service.
The counter staff has called to duty managers for approval let me board the plane. But was rejected twice even I kept pleased her. Then I went to the duty managers counter personally to please him to get approval to board.
Here is the truth case I felt like I am treat as second class citizen.
He was showing his unhappy face in front of other passenger that half way checked in. And keep saying no you cannot and you not allow to board. The reasons : gate is too far away you dont have enough time. And I pleased again. He showing black face again to me and said "you have to take your own responsibility if you can make it to the gate" I felt so helpless. He has a duty manager never even offer helps there is buggy, or personally help me get my bag or go with me together... Never.

I had file to complain, as usual the email I think its standard template how they response to passenger when they complain.
They was mentioned is your fault, there are rules this and that.

But I am after the duty manager attitude how he treat economy class passenger like and as a second class citizen.

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