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On jan, 18 2010 I filed a claim with signal insurance, I had dropped my htc touch pro off a roof while working. I was approved for my claim and as of today, I have been sent 5 phone, the first phone the screen was busted so I was told to sent it back to them, the next phone that I received would not charge, so again I was told to send that phone back then I received another phone and the program was bad so I had to send that phone back, I then received the fourth phone, that phone would not even turn on once again I was told to send it back before they would send another replacement phone. I'm starting to believe that they keep receiving my phone and trying to refix it. If I am paying for insurance, I think I should be getting a new phone and not one that they repair after someone else have file a claim on, that’s how they are saving money. If I go wreck my car and total it they don’t send me another car that’s been wreck and repaired the government have laws on that i’m sure so they should have them on phone insurance company’s as well, plus every time they send me a bad phone I have to drive to fedex to send it back and make sure I don’t keep my loaner phone to long or I get charged for it. It is now feb, 20 2010 and i’m still waiting on my phone. I am really getting tired of this company and us cellular. If this keeps going on I am canceling my phone with us cellular and going with another company, that takes care of their customers. Paying on this insurance for 4 years and this is what i’m dealing with; I really don't think it’s right.


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    jsil Feb 26, 2010
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    After years of paying insurance through Verizon, we just found out that when the phone got damaged, there was a $50 deductable which would allow a reconditioned phone to be sent to us to replace it. How does that ever work to assist the customer. ALL those monthly deductions added up---I could get 2 brand new iphones!

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  • An
    Annonymous101101 Mar 31, 2010

    I agree. I have cricket and they use Signature run by Assurant Solutions too. I lost my cell and filed a claim. They sent me to the store to pick up my replacement with an insurance claim number. When I got to the store the girl tried to give me a refurb with a cracked screen. Now the phone I had was BRAND NEW (only 2 months old). I understand that insurance companies will give out refurbs but they are supposed to give them out in "like new" condition or give a new phone altogether. Needless to say I did not accept the phone so I launched a compaint with corporate. Soon as I got home I also contacted Signature and told them what happened. The rep advised that she will cancel out my claim, issue a new one and just mail out a phone replacement (one better than the one offered at the store). When I get the replacement it is not "like" the phone I had. The phone I had was a slider phone with a keypad. The rep explained they no longer carried the same model phone I had but they will send out another slider phone with key pad similar to what I had before. The phone they sent was a FLIP model phone. I contacted the insurance company again to complain but they said they were all out of sliders and that I would have to take what they have available. Of course I sent the phone back. In the service agreement it clearly states if they cannot replace my phone with one of "like KIND and qaulity" then I am entitled to a cash settlement worth the value of the phone they are unable to replace. I am still fighting the insurance company for an acceptable resolution.

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  • Co
    consumer0204 Apr 07, 2010

    I would like everyone to really read and understand their contract. The insurance or protection allows for you to get a replacement that is the same type of model or a comparable model that your carrier has approved as that comparable model. Also, not everything will be covered under your insurance or protection. Depending on what happened to your phone and or the circumstance. Works just like your health insurance - You pay a monthly fee, and if you need to go see a doctor or get a prescription filled, you have a deductible. I read through it and understand and I have never had problems. Sure, once in a while I need to return the replacement phone, but they have never given me grief over it. I don't know why we complain when we don't have all the facts.

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  • Ve
    Verizon Wireless Sucks Apr 07, 2010

    Ok, so our phones are now going to be owned and operated by the governement - just like they are taking over the health care system. We are all in a world of hurt!

    One of these days when you've paid hard earn dollars only to not get what you're promised, we can tell you to stop complaining!!!

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  • Ma
    Madder Customer Oct 06, 2010

    SIGNAL ASSURANT SOLUTIONS SUCKS I am now going on my 4th replacement phone from them. They keep sending me faulty phones and have to kill a day to deal with it every time. This is completely redicuolous. I requested a complete redfund of all of my insurance money along with my deductible paid in so I can go buy a working phone and they would not do it. This place and their insurance is a RIP-OFF so do not spend the extra money on getting insurance through these jackoffs! Put it in a savings account and then you can go buy an updated phone with the money you have saved! They will give you the run around and then send you a phone that may or may not work (in my case I have gotten 3 so far that have all had problems. I am fixing to cancel my service with US Cellular if they do not stand behind it.

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