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Rc Oct 01, 2019

After years of caring for my mother, and picking up her Rx's prepackaged in blister packs and some not, from Jason Shaw. I was forced to place her in a nursing home in January 2019. With all the legalities and back and forth I found myself late to file her taxes. This back and forth included two more hospitalizations that questioned her ability to go on living. Some pretty serious reasons for delays... To finally file her taxes I needed a copy (printout) of her prescriptions for 2018 that I PAID FOR and PICKED UP for YEARS. When I walked in Jason Shaw who at this point knew me by name and knows my mom. Refused to provide a copy of the Rx's printout for me to file her taxes. Stating that he needed something in writing, while knowing from her prescriptions that this was a person struggling with dementia Alzheimer, anorexia nervosa with a Rx for Resource 2.0 who was teetering on death at 59 lbs with the last prescription we filled for her there... LUCKY for me I had a POA (power of attorney). Immediately after he refused, I was forced to drive back home and get it to allow me access to information he gave me all along the way in a summary form for easy tax filling... Heartless and ridiculous, NOT everyone would have had the POA.
DISGUSTING! I'm sorry that both his work family and home families would have profited for so many years from my dying mothers illnesses without ever caring for the individual or those caring for her by doing the leg work, dr's appts, hospitalization, GP visits and Rx adjustments, drop off and pick ups for NOT A CARE IN THE WORLD to be given in the end.

If anything negative CAN happen to Jason Shaw's pharmacy to help him wrap his mind around compassion and client care. I think this calls for it!

Date of event: 08/18/2019
Client: [protected] because that's all she ever was to Jason Shaw... [protected]!

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