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Z Aug 17, 2018

I tried to use online renewal on my cell phone but it made me change my password. After changing my account's password, most of my regular prescriptions required me to phone the store. (What's the point of online if we have to phone to say fax the doctor?) Since I had to use my phone to call, I moved to my computer to access the online account. The account refused to accept the new password that it had required. Had to use the old one. What the heck? Fine, I eventually got into the account and reordered the ones that still had refills available. When I finished ordering them, I started double checking to see the ones for which I would have to to call the pharmacy. I don't know if there is a time limit, but the window changed to the one for signing in,
I gave up and called the Leamington Pharmacy and was very polite because I know that the piece of garbage software is not their fault. I wanted to explain what had happened in case some of the prescriptions I reordered went through. She was rude, snotty and kept cutting me off, so fine, I simply reordered everything. My main complaint is about the worthless software. I hope somebody fixes it so it actually becomes usefull.

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