Shoppers Drug Martmanagement

1 Jan 11, 2020

Recently with the new manager at shoppers at the Jane and Finch location there has been alot of stress in the work place. There are incidents where staff are being fired and replace with favourable ones (people of their own culture), staff who call in when they are sick are ask without any compassion to get someone to cover their shift, and if they can't find another colleague to cover their shift then they are being told they have to come in to work. Basic cleaning supplies, or a box of tissue is not available, overall there is alot a pressure, stress and micro-managing in the workplace. Its not a healthy, safe or workable enviroment at the moment, and some staff are not treated fairly because there seems to be discrimination aganist some staff lately. There are too many changes in shifts and staff are not able to accomodate all the changes, this cause stress on the workers. Things have changed drastically and not for the better but for the worst.

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