Shoppers Drug Martchromebook & shampoo sale


Just had a bad experience at Shoppers Drug Mart Cawthra & Burnhamthorpe 700 Burnhamthorpe Rd. East, Mississauga. Came at 11:10pm on Aug 17 2018 Friday ad noticed on the ads and flyer that Shoppers is having a super sale and one of them was a Chromebook. We decided to ask one of the staff to take a look at it. At 11:11pm the guy took one from their back storage and showed it to us. We asked if we can put it on hold until tomorrow. He said they can't, it's first come, first serve plus there's only 3 left which he wrote down on his flyer. My husband was checking the tech specs then the staff said if u wait until midnight the item will be cheaper as the sale starts at midnight. We we're deliberating for a min when the guy asked if we're buying it now, we said we'll wait after midnight. He said he'll put it at the back cuz any computer type items they usually don't hand it out to customer until we're ready to pay at the register. So we went around the saisles to buy time. An hour later my cart was full of stuff worth a couple of hundreds or more. This was past midnight by the time we went to the customer service desk to ask for the Chromebook. We asked one of the staff there, the guy that helped us was not around anymore. It was a girl and she went at the back storgae but never came back. We then asked the manager named Rick. He said doesn't know where they are right away. We're like we just asked the other dude and brought one and showed it in front of us. Rick said I don't know where they placed it. He said everyone left already and he's the only dude around. I said don't you have a specific storage for electronics and why can't he check at the back. Rick said they have 4 storages and he already checked 2 storages and refused to check the other storages. He didn't even want to help the other lady that was asking another computer. He immediately said he can't find them. I was so disappointed and not happy. We waited for almost 1.5 hrs for the sale to start and then this dude refused to get the Chromebook. We told him that the other dude took one from the back and showed it to us and that there were 3 left. He said that's impossible he is the only guy (male staff) there and said he started at 11pm. I was like that's not true, we came here at 11:11pm and spoke to the other dude ad he shown us the Chromebook. Rick basically didn't want to make an effort to look for it or even call anyone to help. At that point I was really not happy so I asked what was their store #, he didn't even want to give it. He said look for it on the receipt. He's just damn rude and lazy. So I asked for the customer service # he said "go ahead call 1-800-shoppers" he even said it in with annoyance then before leaving him I asked for his name. He said it's Rick. We then lined up to pay for the rest but I was too pissed that I told my family that I don't even want to buy the retail of the stuff Bec I'm too upset. They just lost roughly $500 worth of sale! When I came home I remembered he was the same rude dude 2-3 months ago that I had a bad encounter also while I was at the shampoo aisle. I was buying 6-8 bottles of Shampoo Bec they we're on sale. Diff brands. He was restocking some items there and he came up to me rudely saying " hey there's a limit to those shampoos, only 4 bottles allowed!" Rudely. I was taken aback by how he said it. I was polite when I responded and ask if the limit applies to 4 per brand or 4 overall. He seemed annoyed and said I'm pretty sure it's for all. I was not convinced bec I'm an avid customer of shoppers drug Mart that I know they do 4 or 6 per brand not per kind. Since the type to not to be rude to people I said with a smile that I will just check at the register when they ring it I will know just to be sure. He was so red and frown at me and left annoyed and angry. When I paid for the Shampoo they we're fine and I even ask the lady at the register if there was a limit she said not that she knows of and said we'll find out when we scan them. She was pleasant ( tall short hair European night shift lady-she was nice). The shampoos didn't have limit. This same dude was Rick and he seemed like he doesn't want people to buy things at that store. I don't know what's wrong with him. He seemed racist Bec I'm Asian maybe? Or he's just damn lazy.

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