Shopkothe pharmacy / pharmacist paul

J Sep 15, 2018

I have a siezure disorder and I am on disability for 18 years, I get prescribed "Lyrica" for it. I called Shopko on Wednesday, September 19 for my refill, a worker said We'll have them ready for you. Friday the Pharmacist (Paul) only gave me a small amount cuz he said they ran out of Lyrica and to check back in a few hours. I called back and a worker said "yes we have the rest of your script" but then Paul interrupted and told the worker to LIE and say No, we can't fill them till tomorrow at 10 A.M, I called on Saturday but a worker said No, we don't have "Lyrica" try back on Monday! My friend called and Shopko told him that they had Lyrica! I'm good friends with the worker in the pharmacy and she told me that Paul told her to basically LIE to me and that it happens Alot ! Paul also won't fill my Gabapentin cuz he said I don't need that many! He won't fill any Gabapentin over 120 a month to Anyone so people are going to Walmart instead, Paul s playing Doctor and making Alot of people upset, your loosing Money every day to Walmart cuz of Paul. He also called me a Junkie right in front of Everyone!! He's messed with me like this for over a year and he needs to be Fired cuz he's a Bad Man!! There's Alot more stuff he's done too, I might sue along with 5 others.

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