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Shopko Stores Operating - proven winners specialty annuals

On Sunday, May 14, 2017 Shopko, Green Bay East had the plants on sale for $4.99 and I am from Sturgeon Bay and purchased 3 plants. When I returned home I read in the paper that Fleet Farm had the exact same plants on sale for $2.99. Since my husband had to return back to Green Bay on Monday, May 15 to pick up his mother from the hospital I asked him to see if Shopko would compare pricing since Shopko had the plants on sale still $2.00 more.
Either your plants are over priced to begin with but that is quite a big difference and over the years I have purchased plants from you.
They informed him that they could not adjust the plants. He called me by phone and informed me that you would not price adjust. So I asked him to go back and return the plants. Now Shopko informed him that they cannot accept sale price plants returns when they are on sale and returned home with them.
I know it is only a $6.00 total difference but that would have allowed me to purchase two more plants. Is it possible for a refund?
This will be the last time I purchase plants from Shopko and now see how overpriced your garden center has become.
My member # [protected], Beverly Schopf, 327 N. 19th Place, Sturgeon Bay,
WI. 54235

Shopko Stores Operating - employees treating me poorly

I went to Shopko today and was treated poorly by two employees there. I also over heard them talking bad about me when I was shopping. It was very rude and unprofessional. I did nothing wrong to be...

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Shopko Stores Operating - l'oreal perfect match foundation

I was very disgusted when I bought L'Oreal perfect match foundation from Shopko and that night went to use it to find there was NO seal! Anyone could've used it, nowadays put something in it?? So I had my receipt, was going to return it or exchange for something else. Nope, the manager of shopko (which looked like she was 12) said "we don't take make up back because we don't know if it has been used or not", I said my point exactly!! No where on their website for return policy says no return on make up. So now I am out my $12.00, I should have just thrown it out the window. I will make it a point not to buy L'Oreal or shop at Shopko.

Shopko Stores Operating - Management store 547

I am employeed at shopko. I have been confronted by the store manager a couple of times with a loud voice of disrespect . In front of customers and behind closed cash office door with other employees outside the door all within ear hearing distance. All times I didnt realize I had done any mistake. We all make a mistake once in awhile. We are human. I explain what I had done. Manager said "NOPE this is what it was!" Doesnt want to except my explanation. VERY DISRESPECTIVE. Then the next week schedule my hours have been cut. I wish to be ananymous thank you.

Shopko Stores Operating - managers

Bill and Karen at store 1 do not know how to take care of things. Karen has put many employees in tears many times. Bill is trying to cover himself by letting people apply but telling them without looking at their application that they aren't being hired. Karen also said that they aren't hiring when clearly they are. It is not right for managers to be lying and it better stop. They need to either be fired or get a warning

Shopko Stores Operating - home

My grandaughter bought a set of bowls for a xmas present.
Upon opening one of the bowls was cracked. She went
back to Shopko with her receipt = they did not have those
bowls anymore and said that they went on sale after
she bought them and they would only give her back the
money of the sale price (even though she had a receipt)
so she said ok and then they told her she would have to
take in store credit for it -no refund. She of course was
so disgusted =she said forget it. I am a frequent shopper
of shopko and i am very disappointed how they handled
this. I will curb my shopping there in the future.

Shopko Stores Operating - pharmacy

I have attempted to use my Idaho Prescription Assistance Program Discount Card twice at the Shopko Pharmacy in Orofino, Idaho. They have refused to honor it although it clearly states that Shopko...

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Shopko Stores Operating - pharmacy tv ad

I find it deplorable that you'd have a TV ad for your pharmacy featuring a young boy "USING HIS TONGUE" in an elevator, to select the floor where he and his Mother want to get off . Then an adult male gets into the elevator and does the same thing.

Your "message" is if it weren't for germs we wouldn't get sick. So, therefore go to Shopko pharmacy for all your medial needs. DUH - how many people do you know that would ever use their tongue to do such a thing. Who would even conceive of such an option to begin with - it's so disgusting.

REALLY - that's the best you've got! I sure hope you're not paying your Marketing Dept a lot of money because they sure missed the mark on this one.

Update by up2u2
Jan 17, 2017

Agree with above complaint.

Shopko Stores Operating - eye glasses

I took my 8 year old daughter in for an eye exam and she needed new glasses. Her appointment was 11.23.2016 at the fond du lac wi store. We ordered her glasses and were told 2 weeks. After 4 weeks of not hearing back I called to see if they were in. They were going to check and call me back. No one called. A few days later I called again and was told they sent the order in wrong and had to redo it. I was told 2 weeks. It has been over 6 weeks now and no calls and no glasses. Very dissappointed.

Shopko Stores Operating - pharmacy staff

I am so dumbfounded on the incompetence from some of the pharmacy staff. I went to pick up my 4 prescriptions and the staff member told me my total was$25.87. I expressed my concern to her that the price seemed a little high as I usually only have a $2.95 or $7 something copay. She told me that my insurance denied saying my policy termed and wrong group number. I asked how that could be, are you sure you used the right insurance information. She said they used what was on file, I said what do you have and she said, you tell me what it is on file. At this point she said I would need to call my insruance. I was so angry at this point, I just said fine I need my medications for tonite I don't have a choice. My daughter was in the car with me and she even commented on the sarcastic comment from the employee. I got home and called the insurance who assured me I was indeed still active and she called the pharmacy to verify the correct information. She stated they did indeed enter a wrong group number and the pharmacy personnel would work on resending and crediting me. The worst part of all is that I am disabled and have lung problems, so the cold air is not good for me but I had to run back out to get my $13.81 discount. When I arrived at the pharmacy I asked if they could tell me what the group number was they were trying to submit to and all I got was they have the right one now and take this paper up front and they will refund you. RUDE RUDE RUDE! If I could switch pharmacies I would but this is the only one in this small town. When is this pharmacy going to get it together??

Shopko Stores Operating - services

I've been going to the Shopko here in Bend for years. This last time was the last time. I've never been mistreated, harassed, or treated as bad as your employee Sherri B. Not only did she yell and use vulgar language she also did it in front of my friends kids. I will not shop there ever again. I will tell everyone I know about your "customer service". Hopefully for your sake you fix the situation for others. I'll never go back

Shopko Stores Operating - bath towels

Store #0123 Purchase date 10-24-16 Scu # @ bottom of sales slip [protected] Product #[protected] I shop at Shopko in Houghton, MI often and have always been satisfied with the product...

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Jun 10, 2016

Shopko Stores Operating - lost my money!!

Ordered several items from and when I received my order and opened the package I saw that some of my items were missing and replaced with something that I did not order.
After contacting ShopKo customer service I sent the whole package back in order to get a refund. They said that I'll get my money as soon as they receive the package.
Weeks passed and they kept telling my that nothing arrived so refund was not possible! Then they just stopped replying to my messages!
What a terrible company! Lost my money!!

Shopko Stores Operating - service mistreatment/ stocking of items

I was just at Shopko, Albert Lea for the 99th time for an item I've had a rain check for about 3months. Every time I'd stop in (about once per week) the item was still not stocked. There was only a small space for about 4 of the item (dishwasher tablets). If they go on sale more should be stocked like what a joke best sale ever- but you can't have any, ever!
I told the cashier and she got her supervisor who told her how to override it and give me the sale price since some where in the 3 months I had lost the rain check which I made a point to hang on to forever. That was great.
What wasn't great was her going to the next register and commenting to that cashier about it under her breath and getting her and her customer to give me dirty looks as I left the store. This was the same manager that would tell me to stop back for the item 99 times instead of holding one at the desk for me. I did not catch her name trim woman about 5'5 or 5'6? possibly in her 50's lots of blond highlights in her short hair. I could only catch the name tag of the woman she gossiped to "Karen" but the supervisor was already walking away so I could not get her name.
This type of gossip and bullying should not have to be tolerated by customers. If they are too stupid to tell an honest person from a dishonest one they should at least keep their stupid Midwestern judgmental thoughts to themselves. I love Shopko but if I am ever mistreated by employees there again I will tell them myself what their problem is and I don't need that stress. I just found that I'm pregnant for first time and was diagnosed with scoliosis yesterday and suffer from another chronic illness.
You should fire them or send them to sensitivity training since their mothers never taught them to shut their clucking mouths.

Sep 04, 2015

Shopko Stores Operating - not in stock, bombarded with spam

I ordered some things for Christmas. Never recieved them. Called to find out what was going on. Customer service was clueless. Finally got someone who know what was going on. The item was out of...

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Shopko Stores Operating - wrong item delivered

I hate Shopko online and will never ever order there again! I ordered a car seat online that was on sale, but the wrong car seat was delivered (btw a cheaper one... and it was too big for my child). Before I sent it back, I called customer service about a refund for the return shipping and they granted me that I would get a refund... Ha! I'm still waiting for it, for almost 3 months now and a lot of emails. They stopped responding and now I'm stuck. At least I got the refund for the car seat I sent back. But shipping a big box is very expensive. I'm really mad.

I finally got the refund for the shipping from Shopko - they called me right the next day after this post. I don't understand why I should not complain about stuff like this. I paid over $50 for shipping because of their mistake. Sometimes it's worth to invest some time and nerves, foxygrandma ;-)

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Shopko Stores Operating - grand opening

They had the grand opening today & had advertised the store would open at 9:00 & first 200 would receive $10.00 coupon. We had got to store at 8:35 doors had already been opened & all coupons were...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Shopko Stores Operating - didnt recieve my order

Made an order for xmas, checked on the website to see when it would come. Said it shipped, got a tracking number only recieved one item. I called them and they said the other 11 items I ordered were not coming they didnt have them anymore. I asked why they took my order and charged me they said if you order something and someone else orders the same time you wont get it they will or some such garbage. They didnt notify me that my order wasnt coming, I recieved no email. So if I hadnt called I wouldnt have known my gifts werent coming. Now have to shop elsewhere and hope they get to me on time. Bad business practices, never shop there again online.

Shopko Stores Operating - wrongly accused/ theft/ deprivation of rights/ maltreatment

On Sunday April 15th, I was in shopko and had gone to exchange two birthday gifts which were two rings each at a cost of 59.99. The store aid without a receipt they could be returned or exchanged...

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Shopko Stores Operating - online shpping is horrible

Shopko online shipping is HORRIBLE!! Don't ordered anything unless you want it weeks later. I ordered the first time it to 2 1/2 weeks to get my package. It claims no more then 10 business days. I...

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