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Shopko Stores Operating - stephany the cashier was very rude and didn't help me.

I asked Stephany if she knew where the pizzas were. Stephany replied in a snippy voice we don't carry any. I politely replied that they are usually near the registers. She replied, well I don't know...

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Shopko Stores Operating - all shopko employees were disrespectful and disregarding as well. one employee named marissa.

My family bought a tree online with a 15% discount and they gave us the wrong one so we had to settle for a different tree in store which was a huge mess to figure out because the employees would not work with us and were being rude from the start. We also had a discount when we bought the tree online and then they wouldn't give us the discount so we had to pay full price even though we had the discount applied prior to the situation and it was NOT OUR FAULT that they gave us the wrong tree. So the first employer to ring us up, Marissa, said that she would NOT help us and told all of us to screw off and then she ran off and left her work station and we had to wait until someone else came to help us. I would like this resolved as soon as possible. Once it is, please contact me as soon as possible at [protected]. Thank you.

Do you have any real proof that an employee actually said this to you? I'd question that any employee would state something like, "Screw off."

Shopko Stores Operating - boxed sports cards

This is the 2nd time that I purchased a sealed box of sports cards & upon opening the packs found them to be apparently previously opened & cards removed from the pack & then the pack was resealed...

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Shopko Stores Operating - troy manager at shopko in gothenburg ne

My son Chandler was trying to get some phone numbers to find someone to fill in for him at work and Troy the Manager wouldn't help him with this. Then he proceded to tell my son that he doesn't put...

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Shopko Stores Operating - setup to fail!

This is in referance to the Mountain View Wyoming store #765. I was an employee for nearly two years, I left to focus on health issues but was set to return in October. As the store manager began my...

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Shopko Stores Operating - not eligible for rehire

Back in 2014 of May I worked for shopko Pharmacy in De Pere! I worked there for about 3 months ! I ended up having to quit due to getting foot surgery. I put my two weeks notice in and my manager wa...

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Shopko Stores Operating - customer service / coupon issue

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, I visited the Columbus- Hometown in Columbus WI. I had a non-expired (good until 11-4-17), $1.00 dollar off coupon for any cover girl lip product. While shopping in...

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Shopko Stores Operating - manager

I had a job interview at shopko today and he scheduled it for 10 am at 10/31/17 and I over slept and I called and he said I could rescheduled. Joey, the manager, said 1 pm on 10/31/17 and I showed...

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Shopko Stores Operating - sale products not available

I am really upset that the day of your sale 10-19-17 we were in the store shopping. we could not find 24 pks. of Pepsi products, the flavor mix multi packs of Frito Lay (4.99 each) After searching we could not find a sales rep. so we went to the service counter, only to be told that they were sold out, weren't getting any more of the sale items and we could not get any rain was before 11 o'clock in the morning!!!

How can you be out of sale items the day of the sale and it is still morning.

I do a lot of shopping as you can see when you check my account, I guess I will have to look closer at Walmart. They at least honor their sale items.!

Shopko Stores Operating - our dress code

I dont think our managers supervisors or coworkers who dont think they should follow the proper dress code should not follow the dress code. There should be no exceptions that some people no matter...

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Shopko Stores Operating - customer service

We had a horrible experience at the Wausau, WI store tonight (10/08/17). We picked out a dining room table and matching chairs to purchase and brought the barcode ticket to the checkout register. We paid for everything and checked out at 7:01 pm, according to our receipt. We ended up waiting in the parking lot outside with our children for 29 minutes for an employee to bring our items out. He brought someone else's TV out first (the man was BEHIND us in line, so it was very frustrating that his item would be delivered first, and it looked like it could have fit in the man's cart) and stated that he was the only employee on the floor carrying items out and we'd just have to wait. When we finally went in to talk to customer service for help, the woman claimed she just got off of her break and had no idea what was going on and couldn't help us. When our table and chairs finally did come outside, everything was all packaged in one ginormous box that would not fit in our van. We had to call a friend with a truck for help after waiting half an hour for our purchase already. This was a nearly $400 purchase and probably the worst experience possible. A different store/staff would have provided a much more professional, acceptable experience. We would appreciate any sort of giftcard/compensation for this inconvenience and feel that this should be addressed with the staff at this store.

Shopko Stores Operating - pharmacy

There has been 2 times that I've gone into Shopko hometown to get my pills filled and were told that it will be ready in 20-30 mins, and returned and they weren't ready, today 9/20/17 I did not get back to the store till 3 hours later and I my pills were not done. I am thinking of switching pharmacies, but the next pharmacy I'm willing to go to is 54 miles from my town. to keep me there they either need to get more help in the pharmacy or keep track in what order the pills need to be filled.

Shopko Stores Operating - shopko optical

I had set up apt for my daughter (patient ref #49412) for today 9/2/17. When I called to make the apt I told them she was almost out of contacts and I needed to make an apt to get more. We had purchased the year supply last year and she always wears them a little longer than the 2 weeks so I figured we needed an apt since we were down to the last 2 pair. I was not told that we were not eligible yet for the insurance to cover the exam at the time I made the apt. I was not told until after the apt and we were pricing out 2 different contact lenses that we would be responsible for the exam and the insurance would not cover it. The lady that helped me said I should have been told when the apt was made and that she should have caught it when I checked my daughter in today. She said she was not eligible until November. We would have waited and just ordered a few more pair of contacts if I had been told this. I was very disappointed in this and the lady said there was nothing she could do about it. Just sorry I was not told. I paid out $115 today for the exam. I realize that there was a cost of $25 and a cost of $26 on my bill that I most likely would have been responsible for anyway, but the $64 for the exam I would not have had to pay. It was not an emergency that my daughter be seen today, just needed more contacts and we would have waited until November. It would be much appreciated if something could be done to help me with the cost of the $64 I paid for the exam today. My information is located under the patient reference number 49412. Thank you very much for your consideration of making this right between myself and Shopko Optical.

Shopko Stores Operating - pharmacy customer service

Employee Brandy is very rude, disrespectful and can not deal with people. She will cut you off when you are asking questions about prescriptions. I don't get my full prescriptions, she gives me an IOU on my bottles, tells me my scripts are not ready when in fact they have been for three days. She has not helped me to get my scripts all on same day, keeps telling me that's up to Medicaid. Sometimes I come up short a few pills on my scripts. She is always on edge and real defensive. I believe she should be u aide. Because of her poor attitude and rudeness i have switched pharmacies to avoid anymore conflict and to make sure my scripts are filled when requested.

Shopko Stores Operating - poor customer service and racism

Hello I live in racine wisconsin and I was just at my local shopko. I went to customer service to but lottery tickets. When I approached the counter there was already an associate at the counter but...

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Shopko Stores Operating - service

This Morning my husband and our two children went to our local Shopko to pick up a few items, as one of the items on the list were the carpi sun's . There were none left on the shelf. So I told him, not to worry about it I will stop in after work and pick up a rain check, just to go ahead and pick up the other items.

So after work a few co-workers and I headed over to Shopko.
After picking up a few more items I headed to the service desk for a raincheck. The young lady said were not handing out rainchecks, for sale items. I proceeded to ask why? She then called for a manger to the front. Not really knowing if it was a manger because this gentleman had no name badge. I asked again and he bluntly said no rain checks because we have no clue what we will have in stock, plus we never do them on sales like this.

This is very frustrating as I went thought the whole ad, and there is not one thing about NO RAINCHECKS on the cari suns. As I see the no rainchecks for the pizza, mayo etc...

Not sure I will be returning.

It states in the fine print of the ad (right at the bottom of the page under where it shows the Capri Sun) that it's while quantities last and "sorry, no rainchecks". There are NEVER rainchecks on what equates to doorbuster sales - first come, first serve, end of story. Otherwise there would be thousands of people getting rainchecks and the Capri Sun on a normal day would be constantly sold out as everyone would be waiting for their "raincheck" for $1 a pack for months after the sale is over. Common sense...but I guess they really need to put this in larger type on every single picture of every single thing on sale so people would stop feeling so entitled to their rainchecks of a limited-time special sale.

Shopko Stores Operating - senior wednesday discount misleading advertisement

I was driving near the Shopko store in Orem, Utah 8/2/2017 and noticed a banner on the front of the building advertising a 15% discount for seniors on that Wednesday. I parked and went into the store...

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Shopko Stores Operating - online ordering

I placed an online order at, basically because I thought if anything didn't fit or work out I'd be able to return it locally. One item I ordered after submitting payment I received an...

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Shopko Stores Operating - service

Me and my daughter walked in we looked at the time to see what time they closed figured they were closing early it being Fourth of July it said six it was 5:30 when we walked in no one greeted us which is fine but the girl that was mopping right there at the register said be careful not to fall which I didn't think she should be mopping with customers roaming around in the store a customer walked in after us and I heard shanail the girl mopping say hello you have 15 minutes before we close I just think it's very rude to be mopping and it's very rude when someone walks through the door to tell them they have 15 minutes to shopthe lady ringing us up never even spoke a word to us beside our total

Shopko Stores Operating - service

Went to shopko today and was flowed around like a thief. The 2 guys apparently had a slow day and were bored. I however wasn't impressed. I'm a slow shopper, I had mine and someone else's things to buy and I don't shop there much. I was never asked if I needed assistance they just made their self known that they were following me. Now they could have asked me if they needed to look through anything. But no.. upon checking out I was not assisted with a 6 storage shelf when I carried it to my car. I had to leave it and come back because my first trip my hands were full. I will NEVER shop at this particular store again. Very very unprofessional and a wonderful way not to do business! I will spread the word!

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