Shopeeregarding my refund from shopee philippines

R Nov 26, 2019

Guys please help me. Is there a way I can get a refund. Its been a month since a requested for refund. But seems shoppee is ignoring me. I called several times. And followed up. But nothing happens.

Last oct 28 I ordered an item worth 10k from shoppee (seller), payed using my credit card. I need to wait until nov 8 for the delivery, after the said day, nov 9, no item was delievered and yet the status was completed. Thats the time contacted shoppee and requested for a refund, I followed it up frequently but seems shoppee is ignoring it. No follow up, no plans. All I got is referrence number. I am so frustrated. I dont know what to do.
The last conversation I had with this edhel [protected]) she said "wala na silang magagawa", because they already paid the seller (which was banned nov 2), how stupid of shoppee to give the money to a banned seller without the item. And they said that they need the seller to call them up to loft the account. For how long? Do u possibly believe that the seller will call back? I asked this edhel to call the seller but the guven number was not accessible. I asked for an option or any other plan to have my refund, and they said "there is nothing we can do" wow!!!...

Is there someone here who could help me to talk to the higher admins of shoppee. Or what are the options I need to do to solve my case.

I plan to sue shoppee and take legal actions on this case if no response or actions are made.

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