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Shell Customer Service Contacts

+31 70 377 9111 (Netherlands)
+1 888 467 4355 (United States)
+44 800 731 8888 (United Kingdom)
+44 207 934 1234 (United Kingdom)
+61 893 386 600 (Australia)
+64 44 714 519 (New Zealand)
+43 800 080 299 (Austria)
+45 79 203 522 (Denmark)
+353 972 7100 (Ireland)
+31 900 202 2710 (Netherlands)
+351 214 200 400 (Portugal)
+27 119 967 000 (South Africa)
800 727 5270 (Brazil)
Carel van Bylandtlaan 16
The Hague
Netherlands - 2596

The United States
1000 Main, 12th Floor, Houston, TX 77002

The United Kingdom
Shell Centre, London, SE1 7NA

400 de Maisonneuve Ouest, Suite 200, Montreal, QC H3A 1L4

562 Wellington Street, Perth WA 6000

New Zealand
Level 10, ASB Tower, 2 Hunter Street, Wellington

30F, China World Tower B, No. 1 Jianguomen Wai Avenue, Chaoyang District

Tech Gate, Donau-City-Straße 1, 1220 Vienna

Egeskovvej 265, DK - 7000 Fredericia

307 rue Estienne d'Orves, 92708 Colombes Cedex

Embassy House, Herbert Park Lane, Ballsbridge, Dublin D04 H6Y0

Via Vittor Pisani, 16 – 20124 Milano

Rua Sanches Coelho, nº 3 – 8º andar, 1600-201, Lisboa

Paseo de la Castellana 257, 6A planta, 28046 Madrid

Av. Paseo de las Palmas No.425, piso 3, Torre Optima 3, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec C.P. 11000

Av. das Américas, 4.200, Bloco 6, Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro - RJ

United Arab Emirates
P.O. Box 46807, Abu Dhabi, UAE

16F Pacific Century Place Marunouchi, 1-11-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-6216, Japan

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Shell Gas Stationlack of courtesy, and respect

On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, I walked in the station crying and upset because of being lost in town. I spoke to the Clerk asking for directions, which, on purpose gave me wrong directions. I asked the clerk if I may use the phone, because I didn't have one. Clerk said No, at first. I then told him I didn't know what to do and asked again. Clerk told me only one phone call. He then asked me what number is and started to dial. After receiving an answer, he told the person on the phone that I wanted to talk to him. As I was talking and getting correct directions, I then asked the clerk what the address of this Shell station was, he refused to give it to me. Clerk asked me if I was done and rushed me off the phone. I then Thanked him for the use of the phone, and in return he said "I'm busy, I have customers". I left crying. I did find out the store was # 31.

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    Shell Oil — closing because they don't want to hire someone to pump gas at night. and theft!

    They have been closing at night because the "owner" doesn't want to hire anyone and he doesn't want to pump...

    Wolf Creek

    Shell — customer service

    I went to the location of 2931 Charleston Hwy in West Columbia, SC 29172. The employee name is Joyce. She'...

    Shell gas station in Tallahassee FloridaGas pump credit card charge

    My credit card was charged 10.00 for fuel but I never pumped 10.00 in gas and the funds where never reversed back to my credit card. The date was September 4 2018. I would like my 10.00 back. My statement from my credit card shows that the transaction is still pending.

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      Apparently, over the Labor day holiday weekend, my bank card was used at the Ahoskie NC Shell gas station multiple times. Oddly enough, my bank never notified me of the multiple fraudulent fill up's and being almost 200 miles away from my home, never figured my cash being depleted was an issue because I was using my card at home. While my bank cannot tell me the exact cause, someone should have video at this location of the Fraud being committed. So much for chip cards being secure.

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        Shell11:39 am service to cigarette sale september 5th

        Shell on I-40 & US 66 East in Grants, NM zip 87020. The two women were at the counter and I asked for cheapest Red 100's cigarettes they could not get it right. They did not have prices labeled and offered me shorts without telling me price. They were going to proceed with purchase WITHOUT ASKING For ID to prove AGE. Until I told them they can't get it right. CALLED me rude and denied service. And a friend got it for me and they were rude to him what he stated.

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          I work early in the A.M I wanted to get gas and coffee I go into the store and no one is in there I yell Hello noone so I proceed to go out the door there on the side of the building I see a young lady smoking. I asked he can I get some help she proceeded to continue smoking told me ta wait a f***ing minute. So no I got into my car and went across the street to the Marathon better service. Didn't get her name but I will be contacting BBB.

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            Shellcustomer service at shell service station

            My partner and I stopped into the Shell service station on the corner of Princess Highway and The Boulevarde in Kirrawee NSW 2232 at 12pm on 02/09/2018. We filled up my partners ute and went inside to pay.

            As soon as we walked into the service station, the attendant was watching us very closely for some unknown reason. We grabbed some drinks from the fridge and went up to the counter. We asked if we could please pay for the fuel on my partners Shell fuel card and the drinks separately. She was instantly rude to us and stood there crossing her arms. The fuel card declined, even though my partner had used it a couple of days previously and there has never been any issues. She was very rude about this but he tried again, thinking maybe he entered the pin wrong. But no it declined again. The attendant tried to make us feel embarrassed about this and we were just thinking out loud about why it's not working and she turned around and snaps 'well you need to find another way to pay!'. As if we didn't have any money... my partner said to her 'I'll just go get my other card but you don't need to be rude about it'. To which she replied 'I wasn't being rude'. Which was a total LIE! She was treating us like complete scum.

            Anyway my partner got his card from the car and came back in to pay. She asked if we still wanted the drinks and we said no don't worry about it. Then she said 'well look who's being rude now?'. This was very disrespectful and not the way to speak to a paying customer! The second card then declined which was impossible as we had just used it an hour before. We were positive there was an issue with the machine but she just insisted we couldn't afford it. Eventually the card ended up going through after a second go.

            Once this was over the manager came over and the attendant proceeded to complain to the manager in front of us, claiming we were upset the fuel card didn't work and becoming angry about it. But the fact of the matter is we were upset with the way we were spoken to! The manager stood there not really knowing what to say so we just paid and walked out.

            The attendants name was Kerry. I am very disappointed with how we were treated at this service station and it's unacceptable. I would appreciate if someone from Shell could contact me to discuss the matter further.

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              Shelldouble charging of fuel

              I have been charged twice for fuel consumption at the Shell petrol station N Central Exp 75243 Dallas/Texas US.
              This happened at August 16, 2018 when I filled up the tank of my rental car. Enclosed please find a copy of the receipt.
              Please credit the USD 24.- to my credit card
              you can reach me via [protected]@fossil.com
              thank you very much
              best regards
              Christian Würger

              double charging of fuel

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                Shell Gas Station — gas station - del norte/rose ave (rose shopping center)

                To whom it may concern, Hello I'm enquiring on 2 separate shell gas stations one located on down North a...


                Shell — owner treating his employees like dirt

                The Owner yells at his employees in front of customers. Never ever see the same employees, Its been like thi...

                Shell Gas Stationperson on duty

                Husband was going to buy a sandwich, dude wanted to charge for ketchup packets for the sandwich. He was also asleep when we arrived. As soon as we walked out he was asleep behind the counter again. Also was very rude! So needless to say we left and went to Exxon. Very unprofessional, poor customer service. This guy should not be in customer service. We we're at the Georgetown, DE store, at 645 am.

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                  Theres a female cashier named Amber with long dirty blonde hair with TERRIBLE customer service!! She was extremely unprofessional and rude. She appears to be very unclean. I watched a customer walk in with a lit cigarette and she didn't say anything to him at all. When I was in line behind him she was too busy flirting with him to realize a line of customers was building up. When it was finally my turn to check out, I asked for a lotto ticket and she huffed her breathe, rolled her eyes, and basically threw it at me. I will no longer be doing business here.

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                    I recently got gas at a Shell station located at 115 s. Temple Ave. Starke Fl 32091. When I pulled up to the station the sign read $2.79 per gallon. I went inside to pay using my fuel rewards card. this should have taken .05 cent of the price. when I received my receipt after prepaying for $20.00 worth of gas I was actually charged #2.849 per gallon. I brought this to the attention of the manager who said my receipt was wrong. However, it was clearly stated on the receipt I was charged $2.849 I am very upset as I was charged .10 cents more than I should have per gallon. This location has done this to me several times. I would appreciate someone looking into them oro overcharging us. Either they are pocketing your money or they just offer false advertising. Either way, I am very upset and refuse to do business with any more Shell stations until this can be resolved. I am tired of being overcharged.

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                      Shell — race due to my color

                      I want into the store to buy something. I had money for my item. I didn't know the guy at all. Mr. Jack...


                      Shell Gas Station — being discriminated by the store manager

                      On 8/22/2018 at about 12:30pm the manager of the Shell Station located in Prescott, AZ had offered me a part...

                      Shellnot getting my gas

                      On August 24 Lorillinda and Desire helped me. The cashier was straight up rude! I paid for my gas with credit card went out to the pump and was unable to pump my gas NOTHING CAME OUT. I went straight in the gas station and asked her to fix it it is not pumping. She went straight to the register and said well it says right here you pumped it... I said I was just in here a second ago how could I pump it that quick? It was 20 dollars worth of gas. I did not get my gas the tank is still reflecting the last persons transaction of 56.00! She said well that is not what is says here ma'am you already pumped your gas... IN A VERY RUDE SARCASTIC MANNER... as if I was a criminal trying to get free gas. I said I did not pump my gas and I am not leaving here until I get my gas or my refund or I speak to the manager... she said there is no manager on duty. I said ok well I am not leaving until I get gas money or he manager I will wait. She called an assistant manager down after waiting for a while. The assistant said that the gas was already pumped there was nothing they could do. I said ok then come and check my tank and check what it says on the gas pump. She did and realized that the attendant put my money on the wrong tank someone pulled up pumped it and left... I said well I gave you money I did not receive a product I'm not leaving till I get it. She said there was nothing further she could do. I told her call the cops for starters it sounds like someone stole your gas. I said well I need the customer service hotline... they gave me the wrong number she handed me a cell number...

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                        Shellprice at station

                        Shell station on Griffin and volunteer Road in Davie Florida
                        Price of premium $3.99
                        I have checked the prices of the premium gasoline at eight other stations in the area and they are more than $.60 higher than any other station.

                        I did call there to try and speak to them and ask them nicely why the price was so high and they told me that if I don't like it not to go there so I plan on doing a lot more than that

                        Thank you for your time

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                          Shell Service Station — gasoline

                          This morning I used my debit card at a Shell Gas Station on Whittle Springs Rd, in Knoxville, TN. 37917. I...


                          Shell — shell station at 3002 n. water st decatur il 62526

                          I went to that shell station on 3002 N. Water st Decatur IL 62526. 8/23/2018 at 3:41 I have a shell card the...

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