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Reviews and Complaints

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air service

Dropped in 1.50 to get air for tires, it didn't turn on. Attendant named "Sharp" said to NOT drop money in next time and that he will turn it on. I waited for a minute, it never came on. I went back and told him its not working and that I would have to push a button. There was no button but the machine turned on. I was able to pump one tire and it turned off. I went back and asked him to turn it back on, but he said I would have to buy gas or pay more. I told him that I already dropped 1.50 and no air machine has ever turned off in after one tire. He implored that all stations are like that, I asked him to go for a ride to show him he's lieing. He refused of course and told me to buy gas, else 1.50 is good for about 30 secs.