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This occurred at the sheets on Bryce road in Reynoldsburg in Ohio. At 11:45 PM. I purchased from the late night. Specials ordered 2 chicken sliders and the order of fries. When I received my order. I got a small fry which normally cost 269. FOR $3. When I realize that I went to the pick up line and ask them. What size fries the late night special came with? Nobody had any idea. I went to the cashier and asked them. How much a small fry cost to which they told me 2 dollars, 69 cents. I showed them that I had paid $3 for that. And no one seemed to understand what I'm saying. After I showed them what was charged on the receipt they finally understood. I asked them what would be done about that hoping that maybe I would get the medium fry or have the price of the fries taken off. After the manager argued withat, I should just call. Corporate and I insisted that I had been charged wrong. At this point, the manager said fine, I'll give you your money back. I stated that I didn't want my money. I just wanted it back for the fries. The manager gave me my money back. Insisting that he'll give that all to me. He proceeded to tell me that he realized. The charge was incorrect and then spent 5 minutes. Telling me what an awful company's sheets was to work for, And to please call the 1 800 namber. Stating that he had already filed a complaint with the better business. Bureau about this store. I tried to send an email to the compand one of the required headings was Subject which would not allow you to print anything it would pop-up for a quarter of the second and then go away. So I was not allowed to even send an email to the company. So here I am.