C Aug 12, 2018

On 8/12/18 I stopped at the sheetz on 800 east main st around 430. I order a pepperoni pizza and when I got home it was burnt. So I called [protected] and asked if I could talk to a manger the lady said she was. So I proceeded to tell her I order a pizza and when I got home it was burnt I told, her I was not happy about it that I was tired and I just wanted to eat and not have to go back out. She said she was sorry but the pepperoni pizza always burns, like that.i told her if I would of knew that I would of taken my money else where. And that they should have it on the menu that it burns, like that she said she has no control over that. Plus they messed up my daughters order. I am unsatisfied with this situation and I feel they did not help at all. I would appreciate some free food coupons or something I am not happy. My address is 111 missoura st apt 3 somerset pa my name is paula.

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