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I was lured into purchasing five of the milkshakes for $1.99 today off of the MTO service. It was the signage in front of your store that got me.

My 5 children, my wife and I were eating on the road as we had picked 2 of our boys up from summer camp. (Typically we don't eat out much, which probably colors our perception some). We like ice cream, but it turns out your product isn't really a milk shake; it's more of a sugar shake really.. while we enjoyed the slider, none of my kids really enjoyed their treat and we threw 1/2 of most of them away. I hate wasting money so I drank 1/3 of my daughters small strawberry "shake" with whipped cream topping. I was feeling sick to my stomach within 5-10 min and felt uncomfortable for about an hour. When we got home we checked your ingredient list and no wonder we all were so sugar shocked by your product. Holy cow... those things are a chemistry experiment in a cup. I can't even believe you call that a milk shake. Please change your labeling to reflect what that product really is.

(By the way, I'm writing this 2 hours after our dining experience and my 14 year old son just came in groaning and holding his belly. He had a large peanut butter shake with Oreos and swirled pb..)

I should have thought twice when "frappe" mixture showed up on the touch screen instead of ice cream. I will never purchase another of those and will tell other parents to be careful. I would recommend a local ice cream stand any day over your place if it's a fozen dairy treat you're looking for.
I just can't believe how much excess sugar is in your product. No wonder our society is suffering from obesity and diabetes...

I am a health care provider and have really been looking into the relationship between what we eat and how we feel. Occasionally I eat what my patients eat and tonight is one experience that confirms my suspicions. While I do want to commend you on the healthy choices that are right there in front of the MTO touch screen, I was not impressed with the pricing. This is one reason my patients struggle - the stuff that is literally killing them is less expensive and you get more for your dollar with it. Plus it tastes sweet - at least in the short run. In the long run... seeing them loose toes, then feet, then legs from the complications of their diabetes calls the cheap food options into questions. This is well documented in the film "Food Inc." which you should watch if you haven't. Then watch "Supersize Me", Katie Couric's "Fed Up", and "That Sugar Film" by Damon Gameau. Watch these then look at what's on your shelves and going around and around in your dispensers and flagging down customers in the 3 foot tall posters spaced every 15 feet leading into your store.

Is there anything you can do about pricing the real food so far above the fake stuff? $3.69 for about a cup of berries is just too much. Especially when you know in grocery stores it's $2.50 for 3 cups - and that's not even wholesale pricing (that I assume your volume purchasing allows).
Really, you guys do such a tremendous business in so many communities. You've got a huge opportunity to affect the collective health of our communities. What you put out there for us to buy is in some way reflective of your values. Pandering to our collective sweet tooth almost exclusively makes it tough to eat well.

I appreciate that you've put a ton of money into things like community youth sports or the health center at Penn State Altoona. BUT, if you are conditioning the taste buds of those little league players with so much excess sugar it's only a matter of time before I'm seeing them in my office trying to treat their chronic pain, circulation problems and other obesity related issues.

Honestly, I've probably put more here than you wanted to hear, but please consider this. I have 5 kids.. If I put candy bars and donuts out for an after school snack, they get eaten. But if I put out better options they get eaten too.. because if you're hungry and not into preparing your own food you eat what's available. It's the same situation a lot of your customers are in - hungry and not able to prepare something for themselves. We are all pretty tight on spare time and taking healthy food on the road is not a top priority
Whole s and Trader Joe's have sort of trademarked eating healthier while not sacrificing flavor. Could you maybe get a little of their market by putting better, more healthful, less processed options out there.. AND make them affordable? I think you could. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's won't be selling gas. But their customers will need to purchase fuel somewhere. Maybe you can capture some of their business by expanding your offerings. Honestly, one small container of (very green) bananas and apples stacked up against all those cases of donuts, cookies, Twinkies, candy, etc... And a small 6 foot case of expensive prepared fruits and veggies against "the soda cave" and all that liquid sugar lining the exterior walls... you can only get better. Take a good look at the profiles of the people buying the sugar saturated stuff. Look at the way they walk, or struggle to. Look in at your employees. Look at everyone your business touches. We are getting larger - and there is huge cost associated with that. I know it's a tough thing to overcome. You are one chain of stores, but you've got more potential for impact than I do in a small community practice. Plus, your executive folks know people.. they can talk.. this idea can catch on. It has to...

Please, talk about this amongst yourselves. Please send this complaint up the chain to your policy people. I don't want a refund or anything like that. I want change. It's feasible and it will fill a niche that is sorely lacking. My wife and I grew up running to your stores for gas and snacks and the occasional meal. Now that we know what we know we're pretty much just coming for gas...

Thanks for your time.
Please contact me with feedback. It would totally make my year to have these sentiments acknowledged in some way.

Ken Zook, PA-C
401 south 21st street
Lewisburg, PA 17837



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    ShawnTEspenlaub Jan 03, 2020

    Wow. Very well said. And I have watched the Food inc. and Super Size me. Not the other 2 though. I love your outlook and I agree, the food you serve, or anything you serve reflects your values. I would have to assume, their values are $$$$$$ and $$$$$$. They serve what the customers already want. It would take a change in our overall society and food industry to change Sheetz' menu and what they sell. They're always going to sell junk. Plus, they don't advertise as being a health fitness nutrition-conscious environment anyhow, so, can't really put that guilt trip on them. Some people pay $150 for shoes that cost $3.50 to make and the shoes hurt their feet which in turn over time gives them bad backs. But the shoe company isn't selling othopedic shoes because the customer didn't want those kind, they wanted the $150 ones. They'd went to a different shoe company if they wanted comfotable shoes that's good on the back. So if they don't sell them, someone else will and then they'll be the millionaires instead. $$$$$ is always the priority in business. If you want health diets, you must shop on your own and create your own stuff for on the go. When you buy and eat trash, you feel like trash!

    I have always agreed with your most heart-pounding comment though. It's drives me furious. I can't stand that healthy food cost 3-4-5 or 10 times what junk food costs! I am soooo discusted about that harsh reality. Heck, even the health food now days over time causes cancer or something because of something that is in the product when grown, or in the seed itself because they do that to make the seed "immune" to certain outside elements. Arrrr.

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