Shaw Communicationschanging an address

L Jul 15, 2019

It took 1 1/2 hours and 3 representatives to change an address. Still not changed as I had to hang up while being placed in hold for the 6th time.
1st phone call: advised that my husband had to put my name on the account. Called husband and he called Shaw. Done
2nd call: changed address affective July 25. Done! Was told to plug everything in and good to go. I thought...hmmm way too easy.
Shaw called back 10 min. later: Sorry, but you don't have fibre optics at new address, need to connect you to a different department. On hold...rep comes on "This is Justin, the person you call when you have trouble with fibre optics and I can't make apt. to bring you a modem for coaxial cable at your new home until you change your address. Let me connect you" on hold!
3rd Rep. : "Let's change your address and verify your account. Your name is not on the account!" WHAT??? Call husband again and place my cell phone to my landline and now my name is on the account for a 2nd time. Placed on hold and waited 15 min., but had to hang up! All this to change an address!
Will try again tomorrow morning! Let's hope my name is still on the account!
Louise Stuart

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