Shakey's Pizzacall center agent

J Jul 21, 2019

Very poor customer service. Lazy & doesn't know how to explain well. At first, she asked me if i'm willing to wait for 75 mins. due to bad weather & i said yes. She hold me for a minute told me that the branch that will cater our delivery address has reached their maximum order so they won't accept orders anymore. I told her that there are 4 branches near our address, its impossible that not even one branch can accept my order, then she hold me for a minute again & asked me again for the 2nd time if i'm willing to wait for 75 mins. Cause the store is asking for additonal minutes to deliver & i said yes again. After i placed my order, she said the time now is exactly 4:10pm please expect delivery on or before 5:55pm. I questioned her why 5:55pm? I thought you said 75 mins. only so it should be 5:25pm not 5:55pm. And her tone of voice changed, she sounds irritated. Is that the way a call center agent should talk to customers? I think she's in the mood to take orders thats why she told me that there's no available store to cater us, i'm the insisted that its not possible, thats the time she find alternative stores to cater us.

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