Servpro Of Southern Saratogashady service to customers

M Jul 29, 2019

I'm a former Manager of SERVPRO Of South Saratoga for 6 years this franchise is the most shady franchise of them all not only do that pad the invoices/ estimate at completion of jobs to squeeze ever penny they can rather it is right or wrong most of the time wrong. Example adding lines items to final invoice that was not done or completed, especially when owner is hurting for cash or about to go on a family vacation or coming back from one. They are under staffed and hire people's off the street and pay them under the table not even pay them minimum wage and treat them like [censored]. Half of their techs couldn't pass a drug test If giving on the spot. Not only do the tech steal medication out of customers medicine cabinet and out of bed room some of them double back to homes they done work in and entry thru unlocked doors that the know customers is on vacation and trust them to do services. Even the guys that they hire off of the street steal from customers home, credit cards, children's pig banks, customers liquor and even eat customers food. Most of the guys that they hire off the street can not past a back ground check or a drug test and a few had outstanding warrants while working for SERVPRO Of Southern Saratoga But the owner didn't care as long as he got a check from the insurance companies. There was many customers complains for some of these action that I as a manager I cleaned up because of the relationship I had with the customers and the respect.. I spoke about this matter to the team and it was swiped under the rugs. Some customers was putted off by owner hoping the matters at hand will go away but it was not right and I kept my mouth shut afraid of losing my job because I got a family to feed. But I not longer work for this shady ass company. And no I wasn't fire I quite because this company treated it employers like [censored]. When I first started work for this company I moved up quick to management because I'm a hard and loyal worker and we ha d a staff 12 good hard working soldiers and we was family but of course the owner [censored]ed on everyone because of his greed and shady ness and now there is on 5 techs left and all but one is new hire and 2 of them is thinking about leaving as I type this. You can verify some of my concerns by former customers of Servpro by go on /Servpro-is-serpro-a-scam. I never image it would be the Servpro that I putted 5 long hard years in to try and make it better but it is not my company.

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