Sephoracustomer service


I was in one of your sephora stores today in Pembroke Pines and went to redeem my birthday gift which was from August 26th. I have not had a chance to go in person and redeem it and than we had he hurricane as well. I spoke with Niomi at the counter and she told me I only had August to redeem it and continued to say no and just had such an attitude. My mom asked her well what is the gift anyways and she showed us and said other wise it will cost you 100 of your points and I said that's fine I'll use them because I really wanted my birthday gift... Which technically defeats the purpose of a free birthday gift and my mom told her, "she just wanted to feel special on her birthday". She didn't say anything, she gave me the item and receipt after deducting my 100points and I said thank you and she said your welcome. The whole time she had such a horrible attitude with horrible customer service, yet the person she dealt with in front of me, she was very friendly with. I normally don't complain in general, but it was totally uncalled for. I always have great customer service too. I don't expect anything, I just thought someone higher needed to be informed. Thank you.

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