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Same as others in our home 17 years lost my job. Citi mortgage would not work with us at all they sold our loan to selene finance and now selene finance wont spend any money to keep us in our home but will spend $15.000 00 to $20.000.00 to kick us out so weres the the help to keep poeple in there homes please help us thanks scott newton


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    MMN Jun 20, 2016
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    Selene is slime and the ceo was responsible for the derivitives scam which hit homeowners hard and was used to steal homes.
    He is college dropout filth. He continues to lie saying he regrets what he created while now creating new hedge funds to buy homes
    in false delinquency at pennies on the dollar all with the desire to steal all your assets and livelihood. Pure and utter filth

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    bayuchica May 13, 2013
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    Our post, may not address each complaint directly, but we are trying to spread the word on this horrifying company & hopefully, someone will pay close enough attention & karma will come knocking at Selene Finance's doors.

    SELENE FINANCE should be thoroughly investigated on every level possible & every one of the loans it holds, it's banking practices & beyond, audited to the fullest at the highest level possible!

    To mortgager's that have become victims of SELENE FINANCE (or your loan was sold to them - if sold to them, you are now a victim of their horrifying practices) ---- hopefully you will find the below information helpful, if not all, maybe some helpful. Selene Finance is, and if not yet, will be the worst company you will deal with!

    Make a long story short - they thrive on you NOT paying your mortgage! Yes, the make money off of fee's. They have a set of fee's that they have made up themselves. You don't pay, you'll see what's called "Corporate Advance Fee's" & these fee's can be anything they wish them to be. They also buy up troubling mortgage loans pennies to the dollar! You would be floored to learn what they actually paid to obtained your loan - it's sickening (this information provided with proof via documentation from an inside source of the company) They make the most money on the fee's they apply to your loan. IF you pay your mortgage & they are not able to continue to add their fee's (and they come up with some doosy's, that's for certain) they will then sell off your loan because if they can't apply fee's to your mortgage, they are losing money! Their fee's, they should be against the law & furthermore, investigated at the highest level!

    But ----- First, to try & avoid the woe with Selene Finance's piss poor customer service, their fee's, their harrassment if they don't see your payment in by the 1st (you do have a legal 15 day grace period but they ignore that) they will call you, they will call your family members, they will even call your work... they are the epitome of harassment when it comes to the word! Selene Finance loves to add up the fee's on your mortgage too & make sure you document each & every time you may imposed each fee! Simply put though, if at all costs, try your best to just move up your due date (a mental/physical note, really) on your mortgage payment to allow for room for emergencies & such. If you're not late, they will get rid of you & be glad they do!

    Secondly, as for those that have contacted the BBB, Selene is not BBB accredited so you are wasting your time & nothing is being done really to get the proper attention on this company that needs to be. Do better than the BBB (Selene Finance LP isn't a BBB accredited company anyway) - Contact your local Attorney's General Office, the Federal Trade Commission, your local government officials, Selene Finance's local government officials (Houston Texas - Selene Finance's main office) & contact the Attorney Generals office where Selene Finance is located (Houston Texas).

    Thirdly, it never hurts to speak with an attorney if it ever gets to that point. Educate yourselves as thoroughly as possible. Selene Finance, is a strange run company & they will take advantage of those that lack appropriate knowledge with regards to their mortgages. By all the statements & complaints all over the place, this company should not be able to remain. Their customer service is awful & they will hound you horribly if you do not pay your mortgage on time. They will apply fee's to your mortgage, as mentioned before... lots of them, at their own discretion! Keep very close track of those fee's too!

    Bottom line, don't give them a reason to make life miserable on you. By bumping up your mortgage due date, mentally & physically, you will save yourselves a lot of heart ache. Plus, once they see you appear to pay on time & regularly, you are of no good to them & they'll sell your loan because they are not interested responsibly payers.

    And GAWD for bid... stay away from them Forbearance program! Do NOT fall for their tricks! Sell your home before you let them talk you into their Forbearance crap! Just research, you'll learn very quickly how many people have been taken for a ride with Selene's forbearance programs.

    If you do not pay your mortgage with Selene, they will send out a privately hired vendor (inspector/spy) to inspect your property. Know your rights!!! These thugs will try to tell you they need to access the interior of your home along with walk around & inspect the property. You do NOT have to let them in your home, nor allow them on your property. In fact, you can, by law, ask them to leave your property & never return on the premisses. Talk to your local county police department as laws may vary slightly state to state. But... even though, after asked to leave, they will sit on the roadway, take photos of your property & even go as far as to sitting down the road to see if there is activity at the residence (they will also attempt to sneak around on your property which is illegal). Basically - Selene Finance actually hopes you vacate your property because they can then take ownership of it, change the locks & claim it was abandoned. What ever you do, do not give them this opportunity. Rent your place out if you can not afford it! Do not just leave it unoccupied!

    Lastly.. pay your mortgage. If you just are not able to afford it, time to consider selling is truly in your best interest. Hardships are awful & some just can't find a way out of them. There are options, but the willingness to exercise those options will make or break your future as a home owner.

    BEST OF LUCK to all that are with Selene Finance. We are no longer with them, THANK GAWD!!! We refinanced with another company & we're sorry we didn't do so a long time ago! If you are able, refinance & get away from Selene Finance.

    This company, SELENE FINANCE, deserves the highest level of an investigation into every single one of the mortgages they hold & have sold to other companies! They are committing fraud & it's just a matter of time! Hang in there in there folks :) There is light at the end of the Selene Finance torrential tunnel!

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    kelly bentley Apr 28, 2013

    I would like to know if there is any class action law suit against selene finance. Please post info if there is one. thx

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    the tippster Oct 04, 2011
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    Selene Finance is a huge profiteer Servicer, they picked up bad mortgage loans pennies to the dollar. Mortgage Lenders securitized our loans before we even had signed on the bottom line, they moved the loan fron a UCC 3 type of loan to a UCC 7 Type of loan to meet SEC ( security exchange commission RULES 2.01 to become a MBS in wallstreet. The Mortgage companies profited on your loan without you being aware or withjout your knowledge... SO HARDSHIP AND BLAMING OURSELVES IS NOT THE ISSUE, THE ISSUE IS FRAUD AND WE NEED TO GO ON THE OFFENSIVE AND SUE THEM WITH THE HELP OF OUR ATTORNEY GENERALS AND THE LAWYERS "WHO GET IT"MOST LAWYERS DONT GET IT.

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  • Selene has helped many others, and the ones that are complaining are the ones who wants them to make a miracle happen over night when you have not paid your morgatge in over a year. YOU CAN NOT LIVE FOR FREE AND THEN EXPECT SOMEONE TO HAVE PITTY ON YOUR SITUATION. We are all adults and you are held responsible for all decisions you make in life, this is including when you signed your name on that dotted line and agreed that you would be able to financially support your monlty payment. SO NOW YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT! AND IF YOU ARE PAYING LATE HELLO IT IS YOU NOT THEM! and maybe you should Shortsale since you cant stick and abid by the terms of the agreements on the contracts that you signed and NO ONE forced you to sign! WHY ARE YOU BEHIND ON YOUR LOAN? Dont use "Due to the economy" because it is no longer a Recession this is what it is going to be like from here on out that is why you plan and save for times like this. SO PEOPLE STOP PLAYING THE VICTIM AND BLAMING EVERYONE BUT YOURSELF FOR YOUR HARDSHIP. We as Americans sometimes live above and beyond our means that is why a lot have been hit and suffered so hard because they did not plan and save!

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    Stuck in misery with Selene Dec 14, 2010

    I just got off the phone with Kevin Wardlow and he is definately not understanding. They have had my loan under a foreberance plan for 2 years. I have made all 24 payments, some late, but ALL paid. I have been told repeatedly that I could refinance and it would take 30 days, but that never happened due to missed documents that I faxed many times, me of course paying my payment a few days late caused them to stop the refinance, and whatever else they could find to stop the refinance it seemed. Mortgage companies at least give you a 10 day grace period!! Going into this forebereance hasn't help our credit, because we went into it behind on payments, and now with foreclosure looming, mortgage payments 30, 60 and 90 days late for the last 2 years showing up on our credit report, even though we have paid, it is almost impossible to get help on a refinance from a decent mortgage company that can lower our interest rate and get out credit moving in the right direction . Now I was told tonight that they will short sell, which he kept pushing, by the way, and last but not least foreclosure. We have wasted money with this company and time we could have spent building our credit with a decent mortgage company. It is truly sad how companies are treating people in these hard times and even more our own fellow u.s citizens scream "pay your bills" . To all you folks that are going through what I am, I understand. We are obviously people who are kind enough to let this nation's government and its counter-parts take complete advantage of us. If there is anyone out there that can help, please contact me.
    Sad in Georgia
    [email protected]

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    L.K.P. Jun 21, 2010
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    I don't really know yet. Citimortgage certainly doesn't have any of my respect. I started the process with them April 2009. I don't usually say mean things but the right hand has no clue what the left hand is doing and neither know what's happening at all. I stopped talking to them in April this year. Still no further ahead. They about drove me out of my mind. I spoke with OVER 50 different people. (I have almost all of their first names) They all told me different things to do, not to do... Pay late and you will get first attention...etc I finally got someone who was told to make things happen and right away they were working on it and BOOM they sold my mortgage. So as far a Selence Finance goes as I said at the start - don't know yet. Guess what? Citimortgage sent me an overnight letter yesterday. They want me to hurry and fill out more paperwork and sent it to them because I have a "definate" deadline of 7/10. Hmmmm they sold the mortgage and they don't even know it!! -- Linda--

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