Select Comfort Sleep Number Bedmisleading and hidden info on financing!


I had been looking at the sleep number bed for some time and had received informational material from them. I was at Woodland Mall while waiting for my car to be worked on. I stopped in at the Select Comfort store in the mall looking for some more info before deciding if I wanted to buy. The store manager, Jean, took a great deal of time to work with me. I told her that at present I did not have the funds to purchase a bed. She suggested their financing.

I told her that I was recovering from Bankruptcy and probably would not qualify. She encouraged me to fill out the top half of a block form and she would check. I never paid too much attention to the form since I was sure they would not approve my request. A short time later jean comes up to me and tells me that i was approved for $3000 of credit. I say okay. Being a retail store I figure financing would be about 22%.

After making my selections and choosing the Queen 5000 bed which I was told was on special being a closeout bed. At no time was the financing package explained to me nor was I given any paperwork that outlined the terms. I just received a receipt and some business cards of the store manager. On the receipt it stated the customer agrees to pay according to the finance agreement. I did not think to ask about it thinking that it was similar to those of JC Penny's and Sears which I have had in the past. Jean also indicated that there was no interest for the first 90 days. I had explained to Jean that I only had approximately $100 a month available for payment and she assured me that the monthly payment would be less then that.

After the first 90 days was up I send in my payment on November 3rd. When I get next statement I see $200+ added to my account plus a late fee. I noticed that my payment was not credited to my account until November 12th. I contact Select Comfort and they tell me there is nothing they can do and in fact are very unresponsive to my complaint but instead instruct me to contact the finance company. In this case HC processing in Arkansas. They tell me that my payment must have got delayed in mail and therefore I am late. I find out that my finance rate is now 29.75%. In subsequent correspondence they tell me that I should have received information on the financing at time of purchase, which I did not. If I had been informed about the ridiculous terms I would have never purchased the bed. They also tell me that the 90 days without interest is a special. What good is it when I had clearly told the store manager Jean that I only had about $100 a month available for payments. In order to pay off without interest I would have had to be able clear more then $800 a month after all other obligations were satisfied. Clearly very deceptive and not straightforward in informing the consumer (me) about their financing terms.

I am very unhappy and even more so both Hc Processing and Select Comfort's lack of interest in trying to satisfy the customer. I worked in retail for several years and even when the customer was wrong we did what was necessary to make them happy even if it meant a complete refund.

My advice do not purchase a Select Comfort Bed using their financing. They are bent on cheating you. There on-line bill payment is bad as well. they only allow for electronic checks drawn from your checking account. They use a third party processing company so you are not credited with any payment until it clears with the thrid party vendor. Again this delay will cause you to be delinquent resulting in another late payment fee. Very Dishonest.


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    Mike May 02, 2008

    I have experienced a similar situation with Sleep Number/HC Processing. In the store at the Mall of America, the terms I signed were no interest and no payments for one year. Before my bed arrived I was switched by the vendor to 3 months of deferred interest, just like you.

    The first I heard of this was when a collector called asking why I had not made my payment. I have worked with both the store that I purchased the bed from, as well as Select Comfort's corporate customer service and am still working on getting relief. These collectors are relentless. They call me at home, at work, and they even harass my retired parents in Chicago.

    The worst part is that I have paid off the bed in full according to the terms I agreed to. They are after me for delinquent penalties and interest. It is bait and switch, plain and simple, and bait and switch is illegal.

    They are making negative marks on my credit while I am trying to buy a house. Instead of caving to their extortion and bullying tactics, I may just hire an attorney, since my credit report now needs repair. I also saw a class action lawsuit against them that I might be interested in joining.

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  • Ia
    Ian Thielke Jun 04, 2008

    Hi Mike,

    I'm Ian from Select Comfort, creators of the Sleep Number bed. I apologize for the mistake that may have been made when your finance application was being processed and I apologize for the inconvenience it has caused. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we intend to help any way we can. Please call us at 800-472-7185 or email us at [email protected] so we can help resolve your issue right away.

    Sleep well,


    My Sleep Number is 60

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  • Ut
    uthmama Apr 20, 2009

    I did not purchase a sleep number bed, but a treadclimber, much the same way though. I put in a finance request thinking I would be turned down. I didn't receive a confirmation and thought I wasn't approved. As my husband and I were walking out the door a year ago, the UPS driver was dropping off very heavy boxes of treadclimber equipment. We didn't sign a contact either. We didn't receive any contract or paperwork form HC processing in the mail (as they claim). We were leaving town, decided we'd deal with it when we got home. Got home, they refused to come and get it.
    HC processing has called my neighbors and harrassed us and our interest rate is somewhere around 29% as well. Also, our balance is up $1000 from the purchase price!! how is that possible?
    I have called treadclimber, with no luck. I have spoken with HC Processing to try to settle, no luck. I make my monthly payments and probably will till we die. I would like to get in on the class action lawsuit but cannot find it anywhere. Please let me know how to get in on this lawsuit.

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  • Ni
    Nicholas Jackson Nov 19, 2016

    Your comments have been greatly reviewed. Now I know not to buy a sleep number bed.

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