Sears Brandskenmore gas stove

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Today August, 15, 2018 I turned on my oven, I waited and waited it never warmed up. I contacted the customer warranty center for help. Sadly the customer service man from India was unable to help. He did however set up a appointment for a technician tomorrow to come out. So what's the problem? My stove is 14 months old, out of the regular warranty coverage. So I can anticipate a minimum repair bill of at least 250.00.for a stove that is 14 months old. I have been told that appliances are not built to last beyond 5 years, but 14 months is just plain not right. I am sure this complaint is just a useless way to put consumers off. I will not be returning to sears/ Kmart anytime soon.


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      Aug 16, 2018

    Did you check your power outlet that the stove is hooked up too, most often early breakdown is due to being underpowered from a defective power outlet or a bad breaker. You will need a multimeter to check. Standards stoves require 120 volts at 20 amps, you may need to refer to your owners manual to confirm. If it has been underpowered then you will still need to replace heating elements on the stove, but at least after replacing the heating elements it won't breakdown again so quickly.

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