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scott toilet paper

Just so you know your toilet paper now makes the perfect hair setting paper. It is so thin that I will no longer be buying it to use as toilet paper. Please do not think people do not notice the terrible changes you have made to your brand. I have been using this toilet paper for over 5 decades and have never felt more let down by any product than yours. Just so you know I will no longer be buying your brand until you correct your problems. Toilet paper is suppose to be smooth not the consistency of sand paper.

lawn services

Scotts lawn service of northern virginia is a big scam, watch your bill. They have been servicing my lawn for 3 years. Each january they send a service renewal notice and each year, I call them to cancel the lawn aeration and seeding from the scheduled services, and agreed to engage them for the turf builder pro.

January 2016 I had called and made my own notes on the renewal letter that I will not sign up for aeration this year.

Today the technician aerated and seeded my lawn, my husband called to tell them that we did not sign up for it, instead he was told that we owe them half of the charge. My husband's name is not on the contract, and he did not agree to anything.

I informed them that I am not willing to pay the bill, because I had called to remove this service item in january. They insist that I did not cancel the service, and that because my husband agreed to pay the half (Which he did not) I am now liable for the amount. I said that the call my husband made or whatever they claim he agreed to was irrelevant because the aeration was not a mutually agreed service to begin with. They threatened that they would keep the amount on my account. I insisted that they should be more vigilant with their records and that any amount due should be removed. They did not offer a compromise, what scammers.

I wish I never used their lawn care service

I wish I never used your service. I signed up a service package this year. After the crabgrass prevention applied, new grass were came out after I applied Scotts seeds. in March and April I saw bermudagrass and crabgrass came out and called the service. They just continue came to apply the fertilizer and weedgone!!! Now my lawn is full of the weedgrass!!! every time I called for service and compliant it, I was told the service manager will call me back but never did!!! instead, they just came to apply more fertilizer!!! Now those weedgrass roots are so big and STRONG while I thought that I paid someone would take care of it!!! This must be resolved ASAP!!!

annual lawn care program

1. August 2007 we bought a one year old home in a wonderful 150 home development. This home has a 1 acre...

billing for a service which wasn't delivered

Late summer 2015 we signed up to lawn service (cus# [protected]) under agreement that if we were dissatisfied we could cancel the contract and wouldn't have to pay first visit. The first visit (9/9/15) lasted 6 minutes, was carried out in 90+ degree heat (when many fertilizers don't work), and was unable to be fully completed due to the 'drought stress' the lawn was under. We were advised that our lawn needed extensive watering prior to anything else being worthwhile. We were dissatisfied with the lack of treatment received on the first visit, and would not have signed up if we were told this initially, and therefore opted to cancel the contract and not pay the bill (as per initial agreement). However we were informed by Scott's when we called, that not paying was not an option, and none of their team would say we didn't need to. We proceeded to contact them via email 3 times to complain since we had such a poor response by phone, and have never received a response other than an automated answerphone message to ask ME to call them. We continue to receive bills for the first visit. We would appreciate Scott's to contact us directly and honour the agreement we took out with them initially.

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weeds weeds weeds

Date of incident - All summer
Client Number -[protected]

I was referred by my neighbor to try Scott's service in 2014, 2014 her lawn was beautiful, 2015 I got the service so my lawn could look better. This was a big mistake, my lawn now look worse than before, and now 2015 my neighbor's lawn look just as bad as mine, you need to retrain your techs and for the amount of money I'm paying a month someone should evaluate my lawn periodically to confirm your service, I should not have to wait 3 weeks before someone can come out to address the problem, how would you know what the problem is, and I would have liked to have the same tech so they could learn my lawn. Scott's Service is a joke, you should be shut down. I'm requesting a refund.
I will be contacting the corporate office.
yellow flowers all summer, when sun comes out
bushes of different kind of weeds in lawn all summer
lawn has never been green, even when it rain for days
brownish spots all through the lawn

Check your records I have called several times

  • Am
    Amanda @ SLS Oct 12, 2015

    I understand your local office has been in touch with you and they have set up a time to meet with you.

    Scotts LawnService.

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they changed the price and conditions of our agreement

We signed the contract with the company Basically, the made the work on time and it wasn’t bad at all. But they haven’t charged us we agreed. Also the price has been changed and no one warned us. We called to their billing department, but they only promised to sort out this situation. After that they continued to take money from us. Terrible services and you can’t trust this company.

poor service, lies about service

I finally called headquarters because I was being harrassed for a $39.90 balance, however, the service was never provided on date of question. No proof of it. Yard and shrubs supposed to be sprayed on regular basis. Never saw them after I requested to be called when they would spray my yard. I personally feel I was being billed without the lawn and shrubs ever being sprayed. Weeds, bugs, fungus over ran my landscape. The customer rep BILL is rude, cold- hearted, uncaring and lies. Don't waste your money on them. I learned the hard way.

Resolved non authorized service

My letter to the local scott lawn service:
This service was never authorized by me and in fact I refused it when solicited by phone!
I responded to a phone call asking if I wanted the service; when I was told of the price I declined saying I had a local person who has been doing for me for $225.
In addition, Michelle, or someone at the office was to call to schedule each service; I received no call for this service or the previous service.
When I called to complain I was told by Michelle that the manager would be in contact. This never happened. She did say she would cancel further service calls.
Last week I had to stop one of your techs from doing anything to my lawn. He said he would ensure I would not hear from Scotts again.

In summary:
1. My lawn was seeded when I had declined during the phone solicitation.
2. No one called in advance, as is the procedure, or I would have declined again.
3. After telling Michelle I did not want any more service, a tech showed up weeks later; again without a call ahead.
4. On a previous service call, again without a call ahead, the tech spread fertilizer and weed killer even though my lawn was torn up to put in an irrigation system and level the uneven areas, can’t believe anyone would do that without ever mentioning the condition of the lawn.

I am totally disgusted with the lack of communication and procedural screw-ups.

I would like to speak with the manager before I forward this complaint to the BBB.

  • Pe
    peterdpham12 Nov 11, 2014

    I have the same problem. I signed up to have an estimate. They asked for my credit card and told me I will not be charged until service is done. I said to them "no, I will not give you my credit card." She said: "It is OK."
    Few days later, suddenly the guy call me for service. I said: "I have to check with my wife if she agrees to do it or not and I will call you back."
    Now I have received the bill for $70 and $7 dollars for late fee.
    Today I got a letter from American Profit Recovery, it is collection agency asked me to pay for this amount.
    What should I do? Any help million thanks. Please help me by send me email: [email protected]

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  • An
    Ana Figueroa Jun 21, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes...I have same problem..always they call me for extra service ...always I say No..Thanks...last time I take a few days out of the country wen I come back I have a Bill on my door for $150.00...I call spoke to a Customer Service and she want me to pay for..I cancel complete the service...I will report this issue to the Government same complain for a different customers..

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Resolved poor service

We noticed last summer our back yard was not looking as healthy as our front yard. We had been using Scotts for awhile. I called to ask for an extra service call, only to find out they had not been servicing my back yard. NOW they were charging me for the complete service, even though the tech knew he was only doing half the job. They issued some credits, and were told once the year was complete we did not want them back again. In April, I came home and it looked like someone had ridden a four wheeler thru my yard. I found a notice on my door from Scotts saying they couldn't do the service in my yard due to the dogs being in the back. I called and told them they weren't supposed to be servicing my yard- we had hired someone else. I was told they automatically came out, but we had told them not to. Now I am getting a bill for a supposed service in Feb. We have called for over a month and have been told that Steve the manager would call us back. After 4 weeks of messages we are now getting a letter saying they are sending us to collections because we have not contacted them!! So of course, if they did any service to the yard it was only half a service due to our dogs being in the back!! They are dishonest from the inside out!! Do not use this service. They do not stand by what they sell.

Resolved fired for being a good employee

The GM fired me because he was caught running the trucks in very bad conditions. I told him my air condition belt was squealing at least two or three times. When confronted by a higher up he lied and said I never told him. I am an honest Christian hardworking individual and stood up for myself. To save his own job he fired me on the first day that I would not be considered a seasonal employee anymore. When I asks for an explanation Larry Vallier claimed he legally did not have to tell me anything. Later that day he admitted to other employees that he lied. This company is a joke and run by a bunch of greedy Yankees who have no business coming to the south and messing with the financial stability of good people. Don't work for them, and if you are a customer watch the tech the entire time they are on your property. They are only concerned about placing a bill on your door and would rather you not be home while they work. The south will rise again...

sales people not giving correct info to lure customers in for their services

Serviceman and Salesman contacted us many times about their lawn service. Each time we told him that their services were too expensive. The other companies who had given us bids were much cheaper than his. After several conversations with him, he told us that he would give a plan for five app for $33.00 plus tax if we would let him do the service. We agreed to the $33 plus tax deal. He told us he would get this set up through their office and would begin the service ASAP. On 3-21-14, their tech treated our lawn. He left an invoice for $66.00 due immediately. I called the local company and reported what Steve had told us in order to get our business. The person in their office said she was not aware of this $33.00 program, but she would research it and get back to me. In the meantime, after several tries, Steve eventually answered his tele. I told him about the $66 bill that the service left. He said that is ok, I will get it straightened out when I go back to the office this evening. In the meantime, his supervisor called me. He tried to convince me that the amount of the cost either way would be the same. 5 apps for $33 each versus 7 apps for $66 each. How is this possible? I I told him that I could add, and multiply quite well. I told him to cancel the service and to send me a correct bill for $33 plus tax and I would pay the bill. Otherwise, I am not going to pay the $6600 because this is not what their serviceman promised us. This company is a rip-off. Beware when dealing with this company. Their salesmen will tell you one thing to get your business and when you get the contract or bill for the first treatment, it is totally different.

Resolved all around service

NEVER EVER USE THESE GUYS!!! The owner Will and I argued over service. First he starting insulting me, then...

Resolved service and product

I have contacted them to NOT renew my contract and sure enough, they show up and leave a bill. I was told that when you use their services, it is automatically renewed every year. I was told that they are like the cable company. What? How is lawn service like the cable company? I called in 2010 in 2011 and just last week! Scotts is not like the cable company, they are like banks that continue to charge over draft fees for charges you did not authorize and then act like bullies and say it is not their issue because there is no proof I did not authorize the payment. Paying for services does not indicate approval.

  • Am
    Amanda @ SLS Feb 25, 2013

    Hi Sadi,

    I am sorry to hear about your concern. Please drop me an email with your address and a little more detail. My email address is [email protected]

    Amanda Cordell
    Scotts LawnService.

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  • Ro
    Rockandroll Feb 26, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are the real pest.

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Resolved billed for no service

Billed for service that was not performed. Have talked to manager, (Chris) he has told me the service person...

scotts lawn services advertisement is a lie

Received a mailing with an advertisement of free lawn analysis. Requested this service online. I received a call from Scotts representative in Elgin IL and was asked if I want any paid services. I said that I want FREE LAWN ANALYSIS as advertised. They told me that it takes up to 2 weeks to send somebody out. And that if I am not home, they will leave analysis at my doorsteps.

Nobody showed up. I have a live-in babysitter who is around the house all the time. Called them back after 2 weeks. Was offered paid services again. When I asked them about free lawn analysis, they told me that a person was at my property and performed this analysis. Then I asked how I can obtain the results of this analysis they told me that I can not.

I never expected that such a big company like Scotts would be so dishonest and will not fulfill their own advertisement.

  • Am
    Amanda @ SLS Oct 24, 2012


    Please drop me an email with your address and I will be happy to look into this for you. we do offer a free analysis and provide you with the results.

    My email address is [email protected]

    Amanda Cordell
    Scotts LawnService

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  • Li
    Lied to in Seymour, TN Apr 29, 2013

    Do NOT use this lawn service!!! You'll regret it!!!

    A Scotts sales rep (Mark) knocked on my door (unsolicited )to pitch Scotts Lawn Service. I agreed having Scotts treat my lawn every 4-6 weeks at 46.00 a treatment which included the front back and side yards. I PERSONALLY walked the sales rep around the perimeter of the property so he was WELL aware of the area agreed to be treated on the service agreement. I asked Mark (sales rep) how Scotts could treat my entire yard for 46.00 per treatment, his response "we can lower the rates of treatments because we've canvased for and gained enough business in the Seymour area to do so."

    I signed up, the service technician showed up TWO weeks after, treated the lawn and DID NOT leave an invoice. I spoke with someone in the Knoxville office named Paul who stated that the service technician didn't leave an invoice because the square footage was WRONG on the service agreement. Paul insisted that the square footage was an "error" and to treat my yard in the future would be double. I suggested to Paul that this was deceiving and poor business practices. He insisted it was a mistake. It's NO MISTAKE... it's called bait and switch.

    If a Scotts Lawn Service Rep comes knocking at your door you're going to get RIPPED OFF!!!

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Resolved fraudulent billing

My son hired Scott’s to treat the lawns at my vacant house in 2011. Whatever they did to the lawn wasn’t effective enough for us to consider rehiring them. In spring 2012 we found a plastic Scott’s on the front lawn, assumed it was trash from someone else and didn’t think anything of it. Then the bills started arriving. I receive threatening letters and phone calls regularly at my home in a retirement condo. I refuse to pay for a service which I didn’t order and have seen no evidence that it was ever completed. They have referred the $40 bill to a collection agency. Do not ever do any business with such an awful company.

  • Sc
    Scott Elliot Walker Aug 20, 2012

    MovieStop, suffers more employee & manager turn over than "movie Gallery" ever did!! (which is why their video stores closed down), these idiots are often rude to customers, and ripp off customers, by selling videos at higher prices, that other video stores, plus they refuse to allow returns, or buy back videos at a fair price, they refuse to hire blacks, and keep an incompetent staff to stay on at MovieStop, until someone quits (which they usually do), and their military discounts- SUCK!!!

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  • Am
    Amanda @ SLS Aug 20, 2012


    I am with Scott Corporate office in Ohio. If you would like me to review your situation, please drop me an email. Please include your street address in that email.

    Amanda Cordell
    Scotts LawnService
    [email protected]

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Resolved they are supposed to come when I am home, they have times, but came when I wasnt home, n did half my yard not enitre yard

When I called them to do my yard again this yr, *after a cpl yrs ago I was a little late on a payment, but it was made, they never came back out or called to finish my yard for the yr, but I thought I would try them one more time...I'm sorry I did now...these people DO NOT DO WHAT THEY ARE ASKED. They have the times when to come to my home, they came when I wasnt home, n cant do the backyard unless I am home...I have called for 2 days for a return call, which they haven't even gave me the decency of...They also sprayed for grubs, WHICH I NEVER AGREED TOO., THEN CHARGED ME 41.00 FOR A TINY FRONT YARD...THIS IS b/s...never again scotts...I am goin to home depot n get my yard supplies, save money, n do it myself, the way I asked you to, but you can't follow directions, so you are fired scotts, n as for the 41.00 you charged me, that WAS NOT authorized, you need to cancel it, I am NOT payin for something I didnt ask for!!! You people I see have MANY COMPLAINTS, looks to me like you need a new crew, that can follow direction, unless your in it to screw people over. WHICH AFTER READING ALL THE COMPLAINTS, I THINK YOU JUST SCREW PEOPLE PERIOD.

  • Un
    Unhappy customer in PA Jul 18, 2011

    Do not use this company for any services. They send you "junk mail" then show up and start treating your lawn. they hide behind the fact that they sent you a document stating they would start performing treatment on your lawns, show up, then charge you for it. I did NOT request for them to come to my home and treat my yard... BEWARE OF THEM!!!

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  • In
    intellex58 Jul 18, 2011

    Then grow a pair and tell them where to shove it, and to get off your property. It helps if you walk out with a 12 gauge slung over your shoulder they will realize you mean business.

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  • Am
    Amanda @ SLS Jul 18, 2011


    I am with Scotts LawnService Corporate. Please drop me an email with your name and street address. My email address is [email protected]

    Amanda Cordell
    Scotts LawnService

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  • To
    Tom Brady sucks Nov 21, 2011

    DO NOT GO WITH SCOTTS.. Theyre service is terrible and they could care less about your lawn.. All they want is your money

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  • Am
    Amanda @ SLS Aug 16, 2012


    I am with Scotts LawnService Corporate office. I am sorry to hear about your concerns. Please feel free to drop me an email and I will be happy to review you account and your concerns.

    Amanda Cordell
    Scotts LawnService
    [email protected]

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  • Ri
    Rita sangani May 14, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi, Today i seen invoice in my door. I was home but no one ring the bell.In invoice i seen they did service for trees and he can do service in 3 min.? He came at 8:01 AM and he done 8:04 AM. Temperature is 54 but he put 75 .weather is cloudy but he put sunny. And i did not asked for this service then why did they did? now i have to pay $ 50 for this ?. I told them i need service for grass and with out asking me they start service for trees and shrub.

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Resolved bill non-customer for service they never order

I have never been a customer of Scotts LawnService and have never ordered any service from them Start from...

Resolved poor service - won't stop

UPDATE - I cancelled the service months but these crooks keep coming out - I asked them to leave my yard, few...